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Mr. C Gets His Wish

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Mr. Conway was a hard working man who knew what he wanted in life and where he wanted his business to go. He also didn’t mind doing some so called menial work to help things run smoothly at his studio. He also had a tendency to work late, but he aslo managed to get a nap in before locking everything up for the night. All in all, he was a joy to work with and a great guy to work for. Everybody loved him. Especially his assistant, Asia. She did everything in her power to make sure Mr. Conway didn’t burn himself out from working so hard. She would bring him his lunch, preview any demos he couldn’t get to, and she would even brew him his favorite herbal tea and make it just right. She was truly dedicated and Mr. Conway appreciated it very much. He also appreciated how attractive Asia was. She had a very comely body with nice, big tits and a round ass, but she didn’t flaunt it cuz she wasn’t vain like a lot of girls that looked like her. She was pretty and sweet which was a great combination. He really liked her as an employee and as more than that. However, their relationship had been strictly business up to that point. Well, today was his birthday and he was feeling confident enough to tell her how he felt.

Just as he was stringing his words to her together there was a knock on the office door. He sat straight in his chair when he heard Asia’s sweet voice through the door.

“Mr. C, is it all right if I come in?”

“Of şerifali escort course, Asia, come on in.”

Mr. C was surprised to see his assistant come into the door ass first. He wasn’t complaining about the view. When she was finally in the door half way, she pushed it open some more with her foot, then turned around to reveal that she had a birthday cake in her hands. It was a nice cake, not too big. Big enough for two people. One golden candle glowed in the center of the treat.

“Happy birthday, Mr. C!”

“Ahh! Somebody up in here actually remembered! Thanks, Asia!”

“You know I couldn’t forget you, Mr. C,” Asia smiled warmly. “Make a wish now before the candle melts away.”

“As long as you promise to make my wish come true.”

“I’ll do my best,” Asia replied with a smile and a giggle.

Mr. Conway closed his eyes and chuckled as he made his wish and blew out the candle. He gave Asia a wink before cutting into the cake.

“So, what did you wish for?”

“You really want to know?”


“You’re not easily offended, are you?”

“Not really.”

“Ok, promise not to get mad.”

“Ok, I promise.”

“I wished …that you would…let me lick your titties.”

Mr. C sat back in his chair, resting his hands in his lap, watching to see how she would react. Would she laugh, cry, or silivri escort get upset? He wasn’t prepared for how she did react.



“I said ok.”

“Stop playin’!”

“A promise is a promise, and I said I’d do my best to make your wish come true. I can’t go back on my word.”

Mr. Conway was stunned. Ths quiet, shy woman was gonna let him lick her titties? Was he lunchin’ or what? He finally realized that he wasn’t trippin’ when Asia pulled her top over her head to reveal her very big, very round breasts.

“What the fuck? Where in the world were you hiding those?”

“Do they really look that big?”

“Hell yeah!”

“They’re only D cup.”

“Man, I don’t know nothin’ about that. All I know is they are really, really nice looking tits. Better than I imagined.”

Mr. C smiled and his assistant returned the smile as she moved over to his chair to sit on his lap. She sat down sideways, so her lovely tits were right in front of him. She draped an arm on the back of the chair as he flicked and pulled at her hard nipples.

“Hmph. You wanted this, didn’t you Asia?” he asked as he suckled one nipple.

“Ummm, yeah, for a very long time. I was just too shy to ask.”

Mr. C’s mouth was warm and his tongue was so soft. She really liked how tender he was with her breasts. She could already feel şirinevler escort her pussy getting wet. Mr. C enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples in his mouth. How excited he was to finally be touching the titties he had admired for so long. All that licking and sucking was giving him a hard-on. He hoped Asia would let him get more than he wished for. As if she had read his mind, Asia stood up and lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. He caught the scent of her hot, wet pussy and decided his dick needed some fresh air. He unzipped his pants and set the beast free.

“Goddamn, I’m hard as shit!” he gasped as Asia bent over in front of him and played with her pussy. He rubbed his hand over her ass then gave it a playfull swat. “Come sit that pretty ass down on my dick, girl.”

Asia stood up then straddled his lap as he steadied his dick with his hand. He moaned as he felt her hot pussy engulfing his stiff cock. She was tight, warm, and wet just like he liked it. Once he was all the way in, he let her bounce on his dick. He couldn’t resist her tits jiggling in his face, so he caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard. For who knows how long the office was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and moans of pleasure. When Mr. C felt Asia’s pussy walls squeezing his dick, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He shot his hot seed up inside her, his mouth still clamped to her breast.

“Mmm, baby that was some good shit!” he whispered into her ear. He smiled when she whispered back.

“Mr. C, is it ok if I make a wish?”

“Sure baby.”

“Can you take me home with you so we can fuck some more?” Mr. C’s smile got even broader.

“Baby, that’s definitely a wish I can make come true!” Mr. C has been true to his word ever since.

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