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Mr. Big Ch. 10

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10. The Men They Couldn’t Hang

Thursday evening, I told Justine that I wouldn’t be back until late.

“Who ya fucking this time?” She didn’t sound pissed, just curious.

“No-one. Reuben and me are going to rehearse our routines for the club. He’s really hyped us up, so we need to be good. I’m going to his place for a dress rehearsal.”

“I see. Want an audience?”

“I — I guess yes. Let me just clear it with Reuben.” I reached for my phone.

Twenty minutes later, Reuben opened the door. “Hey, you must be Justine. Tommy’s been keepin’ you a secret, and I can see why. You’re one hot momma!”

Justine had applied some make-up and put on a tight top, a skirt and heels. Nothing too slutty, but just nicely and subtly sexy. By the look on her face, I could see she liked the look of Reuben.

“And Tommy hasn’t told me much at all about you, Reuben. And again, I can maybe see why.” She reached out to shake his hand, but he leaned in and kissed her. On the mouth. For several seconds. And her arms went around him, instinctively.

“Wow!” Justine said when they’d broken the clinch. “You’re a very direct young man.”

“Sure. People have called me worse than that. It sure beats ‘uppity nigga’. So Justine, can I fix you a drink?”

It turned out that Reuben’s range of alcohol was a little limited. Justine settled for a bourbon and soda, Reuben passed me a beer and then we headed to the bedroom to change while Justine settled into an armchair and read a magazine.

Five minutes later, we were back, in our cowboy outfits, both of us masked and with Stetsons and guns in holsters. (Turns out these were real, but not loaded). Each of us wore a kind of vest and a bandana, but no shirt.

“Mmm, pretty hot, but maybe start with the bandanas over your faces like outlaws,” Justine suggested. “What music are you gonna use?”

“Maybe Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive’,” Reuben replied.

“Cheesy. How about something by Clutch? Maybe ‘A Quick Death in Texas’?”

“Never heard it,” Reuben replied.

“I’ll get it on my phone. You got a Bluetooth speaker?”

A minute later, the song was blasting out of Reuben’s speakers. We listened, nodded to each other and I said “OK, let’s give it a try.”

So we started. We strutted, we circled each other, trying to act like two gunfighters sizing each other up. We faced off, swaying our bodies making mock-punches. Then we slipped off the vests. The music stopped.

“No, slower. Tease. The ladies want to get a view of those pecs and shoulders, but you need to reveal slowly. Face away from the audience, put your arms back and let the vests slide down and slip off. Then turn around so the audience get to see those bodies. Yes, like that. Wow, guys, that’s hot. The black and the white, and both of you ripped. That’s gonna moisten a few panties, believe me.”

We moved on, throwing the Stetsons away. “No, keep your hats on,” Justine suggested. So the next thing was the Velcro chaps. Some more mock fighting, then the gunfight bit, where we both drew out our guns, pretended to fire and both fell backwards.

“Guys, guys. Right, you need to lose the guns earlier. How about you draw, and then each of you knocks the gun out of each other’s hand? That means you have to wrestle. Two hunky guys, all muscles and testosterone, mock fighting in just their underpants — I’d pay to see that, and I reckon there’ll be a few fingers in panties while you’re doing it. Could you pull off each other’s chaps? Would that work?”

It was nearly an hour later, and we’d done the routine four times. Yes, the guns went earlier, we’d start mock-fighting, but we found we had to lose the chaps ourselves; it was too hard to remove each other’s. But the final part of the routine, which Justine suggested, involved each of us ripping off the other’s underpants, and then us both staring in amazement at each other’s cocks, before turning to the audience with looks of surprise on our faces, still wearing our Stetsons and holsters.

“You’ll need somewhere to put the tips,” Justine suggested, “and you can get more in a holster than just in a waistband.”

Another hour passed as we tried our ‘construction worker’ routine. This involved pretending it was hot and losing items of clothing along the way. The last move was ripping off our own underwear and mopping our foreheads with them. “OK, a bit weak, but you’ll be OK. You may have to mop up some woman juices as well.”

We ran through a couple of basic dance strips, one which involved Reuben turning a cartwheel, which we decided we had to do before he was naked, as his cock and balls flailed around too much.

“Tommy, could you do a handstand, or maybe even just a shoulder-stand?” Justine asked. I tried the former, but had to settle for the latter. I had the upper-body strength but not the balance. “Now both of you, get your underpants off and flip into a shoulder stand, side by side. No, turn your backs to the audience, then pants off, then shoulder stand — one, two three AND… Wow, Çankaya Rus Escort that’s an impressive sight!”

Over the course of around two hours, Justine had rewritten most of our routines and given us a whole bunch of new ideas. Reuben and me were sweating, while Justine looked a little flushed, and kept crossing and uncrossing her legs.

“Guys, that was awesome. You’re really going to crush it tomorrow night. Now, get showered and I’ll fix us some more drinks.”

It’s a little weird, showering in close proximity with another guy, especially when we were soaping each other’s backs, but that was as intimate as it got. “She’s quite a lady, that Justine o’ yours,” Reuben said as he was drying off. “She looks like she’s kinda strait-laced, but she ain’t. You still want another re-lay-sion-shit? I’d’ve thought you’d certainly have enough of the ‘lay’ part.”

“Justine is great,” I said, ignoring the invitation to talk about the sex, “but like I said, she’s a lot older than me.”

We went back into the main room with towels around our necks. Justine had put out two more beers and helped herself to another Bourbon.

“Now that’s how most of the ladies will want to see you. I guess you’ll be walking around like that. Will you be giving lap-dances?”

“Sure,” said Reuben. “That’s, like, a big part of the deal.”

“Tommy, do you know how to do one?”

“I — y’know, I’ve never thought about it. What do we do, Reuben?”

“Well, like, anything you like, but the lady ain’t supposed to touch you.”

“But you can touch her, right? With any part of your body. Any part? Am I right?” Justine gave Reuben a ‘frank’ look.

“Sounds like you seen this before, lady.”

“Once or twice,” Justine answered, teasingly. “But I’m concerned that Tommy doesn’t seem to know how to do it. Would you like to practice, Tommy. Or maybe Reuben can demonstrate how it’s done?”

I could see where this was going. “OK, Reuben. I think what Justine is saying is would you demonstrate on her how I should do a lap dance?” A shy smile appeared on Justine’s face. Reuben’s split into a broad grin.

To some R Kelly thing, Reuben gyrated in front of Justine as she sat in the armchair. His cock, now semi-hard, swung in front of her. He leaned forward, put his hands on the back of the chair on either side of her head and dangled the cock just inches in front of her face. Then he leaned back, spread his legs, straddled hers and ran the tip up her thigh from her knee to the hem of her skirt. By now he’d hardened enough to push it a little further, squatting down so his dick slid under the skirt and teased the skin of her upper thigh. A few slow thrusts under the skirt, and Justine gave a squeal.

“Ooh, naughty!”

Reuben turned to me and grinned, his cock still in the cleft between Justine’s thighs, most of it under her skirt. “Dirty gal ain’t wearin’ panties,” he informed me. “And she’s wet.” Justine gave a guilty smile.

He pulled back, and I could see that he was now fully hard and impressively big. He turned around, pushing his ass toward Justine’s face. Then he bent forward so that she had a real close-up view of his ass, balls and cock, which hovered close to the front of her t-shirt. Some more shimmies, as he switched around again and squatted so he was almost on her thighs, pointing his very erect dick straight up towards Justine’s titties. He moved upwards, running the tip over the front of her t-shirt, leaving a faint trail of pre-cum, then shifted to point his cock across her forearm, just skimming the skin, up and down. He lifted up and went around to the other side, and Justine sneakily turned her arm over. Reuben, grinning again, ran his cock down her forearm until he reached the open palm, and then slowly thrust it back and forward, almost daring her to close her fingers around him and give him a hand-job — which she coolly did.

After a few strokes, he moved behind her and draped his cock over the top of her head. She tilted her head backwards, and he swung his heavy dick across her face. Then Justine stretched farther back, stuck out her tongue and licked the tip.

“Hey, is that allowed?” I asked, surprised at what was going down.

“I guess we make up the rules, my man,” Reuben grinned back.

He let his cock rest on Justine’s face while she ran her tongue over the head.

“Hey, this is hurtin’ my neck. How about you come around and kiss me goodnight?”

So Reuben moved back around in front of Justine, squatted over her thighs and kissed her. The kiss went on for a while. Then Reuben slowly stood up, so his fully-erect dick was about two inches from Justine’s face.

“An’ you can kiss your hard friend goodnight too, ma’am. It’s, like, only polite.”

Justine’s smile was a picture. She leaned slightly forward, puckered up and kissed Reuben’s cock, right on the tip. And then she slowly opened her mouth, pushing forward until she had the head in her mouth. Reuben’s white grin split Keçiören Rus Escort his dark face like a huge gash in a coconut.

“OK, enough already,” I said. “This is supposed to be a cheap lapdance, not a full-blown blowjob. Let me have a try.”

It seems they were both a little reluctant when Reuben slid his cock out of Justine’s mouth and backed away, but it really was now my turn.

I tried to remember all of Reuben’s moves, but when I slid my rigid dick up under Justine’s skirt, she opened her legs and I hit something soft and very wet. “Oh, do that again, big boy!” she breathed, moving to increase the contact between my cock and her pussy. I slid up and down her open slit, and she let out a couple of contented sighs.

“Hey man, tease her, but don’t give her everything she wants. Remember, white boy; the lady has to pay for what she’s gettin’.”

I’d been enjoying the feeling of Justine’s pussy lips on my dick, so I reluctantly slid back, trying to re-trace Reuben’s route, down Justine’s arms — her palms up this time, so she stroked my dick with each hand in turn — and then across her face. I tried a variation, approaching from the side and rubbing my pre-cum over her cheek. And then she turned her head toward me and took a big mouthful of cock.

And about then, Reuben got down on his knees, pushed Justine’s legs wider apart and went in head first. I could feel Justine’s moan through my cock as Reuben’s tongue ran a wet trail up her slit. And a few moments later, her skirt was up around her waist and Reuben had his mouth and both hands fully engaged in Justine’s tight little slit as she gave me possibly the best blowjob she’d so far achieved on my dick.

Quite how it happened I can’t remember, but a few minutes later, Justine ended up kneeling on the chair and sucking my dick while Reuben fucked her from behind. With her mouth so full — and I promise you, Justine appeared to be trying hard to deep-throat me — all I could hear were muffled grunts and squeaks as Reuben really hammered away. But I noticed when she came; she almost bit my cock, and there were squeals coming from her throat. And then she got hold of my hips and kinda pushed me away.

“Tommy,” she gasped, her voice hoarse. “Switch around. Fuck me hard like Reuben did. Reuben, get the condom off. I want to suck you dry.”

I was pleased to see that Reuben had been wearing a condom. Justine and me, we had an understanding; bareback with each other, safe with anyone else. It seemed that Reuben kinda understood this too, or maybe he’d fucked so many women for money that every time he put his dick in one, he automatically rubbered-up first.

So we moved around a sweat-covered, panting Justine, a little like we’d circled each other during our act, and resumed our spit-roasting. Reuben had already stretched Justine’s nicely-snug pussy, so I went in quickly and easily. There was, of course, none of Rosa’s aversion to deep penetration, and I felt Justine come again only a minute or two after I’d started a rapid jackhammer routine, slamming repeatedly into the depths of her cunt and forcing her forward onto Reuben’s cock.

When the three of us finally separated, there seemed to be a lot of fluids around. In addition to two generous loads of semen, there was a mess of throat-goo and a pool of pussy-juice, all dribbling out of Justine. She seemed utterly spaced-out, and only seemed to be able to let out gasps and hoarse whispers. Reuben fixed her another bourbon and soda, which she gulped down, presenting her glass to request another — and then another.

That night, we slept in the same bed, Justine between Reuben and me. It felt a bit weird, but I’d certainly enjoyed this threesome a heck of a lot more than the one I’d had with Faith and Bryan. After breakfast, I took Justine home before driving on to college. She was very quiet on the journey, so when we got to her place, I asked Justine how she felt about the night before.

“Tommy, that was probably the best sex I’ve had in a very long time. My throat and pussy are both sore this morning, and I have a slight hangover from all the whiskey I drank, but I still get a little flushed when I think about what you guys did to me last night. I hope you don’t mind that I let your friend fuck me.”

“Why should I mind? You don’t object when I fuck other women, I’m almost certainly gonna fuck some more tonight, and I love it that Reuben gave you such a good time.”

“And you, Tommy. Don’t forget, that last orgasm was on your cock. You can always make me come, and I love that.” She leaned over and kissed me. “Will I see you before your show tonight?”

“Sure, I’ll come home and shower first.”

“Cool. I’ll fix us something light to eat. You wouldn’t want to strip — or fuck — on an empty stomach. And I guess there won’t be another cum-shower for me tonight?” She smiled.

“Sorry, no, baby. I need to keep it all in so I can use it for the paying public.” It was my turn to lean Etimesgut Rus Escort over and kiss her.

At college, I found it hard to concentrate on my classes. My thoughts keep going back to the previous night, and then forward to what I was going to do that night. Stripping for Justine, giving her a lap dance and then fucking her had been so hot, but I wondered whether I could do that in public. I guessed that fucking a woman in the open area of the club, in front of an audience of other women, was probably not allowed, but almost everything else would have to happen with many ladies looking on. Would I be nervous? Could I perform? Could I even get it up?

It didn’t help that I saw Brianna and Minnie in the hallway. Minnie smiled and said “Hi!” like she was pleased to see me, but Brianna just gave me a look and said “Next time you’re around, you must introduce us to your boyfriend.” I nearly suggested they come to see me at the club, which would’ve stopped the taunts for good, but it was more important to me, back then, to retain my anonymity than score points with a girl I’d refused to fuck.

So that evening, after showering, having a small dish of pasta Alfredo and getting a very hot and passionate kiss from Justine, I arrived at the club around eight. Reuben was already there, and my costume, which I’d left at his place, was laid out on a table in what passed for a dressing room.

I’d undressed and started to put on my costume for the first performance when the door opened and in came the cute girl from the audition. I remembered that the boss lady had called her Francine. I saw her eyes widen as she took in two semi-naked male bodies. She smiled.

“Hey guys, just to let you know. When you’ve finished your routine, it’s usual to head off the stage and circulate among the audience. I’ll clear the stage of your outfits and bring them back here.” She looked down and the bulge in the front of my underpants, then at Reuben’s dick, as he hadn’t started to dress. “My, I’m sure the ladies will be delighted with what you have to offer. Do you mind if I have a feel before you start?”

I looked at Reuben, who smiled back.

“Sure. Are you, like, a fluffer, Francine?”

She smiled. “Please call me Frankie — all my friends do. But no, not really. I just like the feel of dick. But maybe I could do something like that if it would help.” She moved between Reuben and me, took Reuben’s dick in one hand and slid the other inside my pants to stroke mine. It felt very good.

I’d heard people talk about ‘fluffers’, who allegedly worked in the porn industry, back in the 70s and 80s. They’d be employed to blow a porn actor who couldn’t get an erection before a scene. I’d be happy to let her perform that service on me, before or after the show — or even on stage if it was allowed. And the gentle hand-job was working its magic.

“Mmm, nice!” she said. “So big! You guys are really gonna blow the ladies away tonight.”

“Maybe one or two of them would like to blow me too,” Reuben said with a sly smile.

“You’re really pretty,” I said to her. “I don’t know what they’re paying you here, but surely you could earn more as a stripper.”

She smiled back at me. Yes, she really was pretty, and quite cute looking. She seemed about my age. She had long, blonde hair, a turned-up nose, big blue eyes, a petite frame with tits that seemed a little too large for her, slim hips and nice long legs. She had on a pair of denim shorts and a tight t-shirt. I could see no sign of a bra.

“I did work for a while as a stripper. I – I even turned some tricks, but the guys weren’t nice. Some were OK, some even tried to make me come, and a few succeeded. But are lot were skuzzy and some wanted to hurt me or treat me badly. I enjoy nice dicks, but I really don’t like nasty assholes.” She smiled. “And your dicks are really nice.” She said the word ‘really’ with a kind of breathlessness.

“If you’d like some later — not tonight, but when maybe we’re not busy — I’d be happy to offer it; no charge. And I’ll be nice to you. Promise.”

She smiled broadly. By now, she’d made me almost fully hard, and my cock was sticking up through the waistband of my pants.

“I’m sure you would. You seem a nice guy. Both of you do.” For a moment, she seemed to have forgotten about Reuben, even as she was stroking his cock. “But, ohmygod, I don’t know if I could — if I could take that!” she said with a wide-eyed expression. “It’s enormous. I mean, even Reuben here isn’t that big, and he’s pretty huge.”

I could see that Reuben was enjoying the treatment he was getting. I was tempted to see whether the pair of us should give Frankie a treat before the show. Then I glanced at the clock. Shit, we had just fifteen minutes!

“Hey, Frankie, I appreciate your help in getting us ready, but we need to get our costumes on now. I think if I let you do any more, the ladies out there are gonna be disappointed.” I leaned in and kissed her. It was a nice kiss. And her nice perky tits felt good through her t-shirt, pressed against my chest. Definitely later. And not too much later. She smiled at me and left.

It was hard to get my erect cock back inside the tight, tear-off underpants. I had to aim it sideways and refasten the Velcro straps. I could see that Reuben had the same problem. I thought ‘if I have a problem getting hard tonight, I’m going to remember Frankie’s hand-job.’

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