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Mother-in-law’s Discovery Ch. 02

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chapter 2

The time we needed.

After a couple of weekends of extremely hot conversation and encounters with Maryann, we were both left wanting a bit more. That is, more time to spend enjoying each other rather than the fast hour we spent in the morning during a couple of her visits. I was sure the opportunity would present itself—Carol, my wife, travels now and then for business—sometimes day trips, sometimes longer– so there was always that chance that a situation would develop, possibly even an overnight.

About a month had passed since Maryann was at the house, and that opportunity came. Carol had to travel, leaving early on a Wednesday morning and would return that Saturday, late morning. It was Tuesday, and Carol was on the phone with Maryann making plans for her to spend that weekend with us—they wanted to go shopping and have lunch together when Carol got home, then we would all go out for dinner Saturday night. From what I gathered listening to Carols half of the conversation, Maryann suggested to Carol that she preferred to come on Friday and stay over until Saturday—she did not want to rush that morning to get to our house. Carol agreed it was a good idea, then they could leave as soon as she got home. My cock was already twitching in my pants just listening to the conversation, and I politely added while my wife still had her Mom on the phone…

Tell your Mom she can come over whenever she wants in the afternoon—I’m only working until 12 and should be home by 1. And I would be glad to take her to dinner Friday evening, too if she would like that.

Carol smiled and told her Mom, then told me…

She said she’ll see you sometime in the afternoon and would be delighted to go to dinner.

Great. Hey you had better pack…your car comes very early in the morning.

Carol left on schedule, and Wednesday and Thursday seemed never-ending as I anticipated Maryann’s arrival Friday afternoon. Friday came, and I was filled with anticipation. Carol had left me a text that her flight would be on time Saturday morning and she’d see me around 11 AM. I texted back to have a safe flight, and that I had just walked in the house.

It was just after 1PM. The weather was beautiful and I decided to wait for Maryann out on the deck with a glass of wine, wearing as little as possible. It was unfortunate, but some neighbors had views into my property, so I could not be outside there completely nude. What I did often do, though, was wear a long t shirt an no underwear. When I sat or laid down, someone on the deck with me could catch a view now and then. My plan for the afternoon, evening and overnight, was to keep us both is some state of undress at all times. I couldn’t wait to play with her and have my way with her. And having suggested coming here a day earlier, I was quite sure she was hoping for the same.

I couldn’t have been 2 PM, when I heard her car door close in the driveway. She came around the side of the house and I sat up to greet her. She looked wonderful. This was not her usual way of dressing—she had on a little loose-fitting shirt, and tighter pair of jeans, a pair of heels instead of the usual sneakers, and a big smile. I was super surprised, impressed and excited. This was one really nice looking old lady, and I knew she had dressed this way for me.

Man, Maryann, you look great! And so happy!

Thank you, dear, you like?

I gave her a smile and a son-in-law type of kiss on the cheek and her hands were already wandering down to my cock…

Of course I’m happy–someone’s going to fuck my brains out! So good to see you too! You look comfortable. Is that the best you can do for a kiss?

I stopped her hand and held it for a moment…

Be careful–we shouldn’t out here—the neighbors! They talk, you know—there are a couple of spots where they might be able to see us. It’s safe, though, at night.

Then come inside and help me put my clothes away!

She turned and walked away as I picked up her bag. She smelled great and her walking in those heels, in those jeans, was already driving me crazy. Her ass and legs looked great. We were about 3 feet into the door when she turned toward me. I dropper her bag and we embraced and kissed long, hard and deep. My hands ran up from her waist, under her shirt, up her back and then onto her tits as out tongues wrestled. I could already feel her nipples harden through the thin bra she had on. Her hands had dropped down and she was already under my t-shirt pulling on my cock with one hand and squeezed my ass with the other. We continued kissing, our breathing getting heavier and heavier as we ran our hands over each other. I was now kissing her neck and began rubbing my hand over the cunt, but outside her jeans…

Ohhhhh, Jack. I needed this. I sooooo need this. It’s just been too long.

I know it has. I’ve been looking forward to this—I’m going to spend time making you crazy. I know you like being my secret slut, and I know what you need.

Oh, God, Jack, do what you want. Do what you want to me. I’m begging you to do whatever Ankara bayan escort you want!

I unbuttoned her jeans and reached into her panties, pushing my hand down the front to her warm cunt. She was moist and immediately pushed forward into my hand, lifting her head as I continued to kiss her neck. I rotated my fingers over her clit and she began pushing harder, then let up a bit…

You feel great, babe. Let’s take your things into the bedroom and get you settled in. Then we’ll take it from there.

Once in the spare bedroom, I put her bag on the bed and she began to unpack her things. I made sure to grab the panties she brought, and her bras, and held them all behind my back.

Hey, give me those, wise guy!

I don’t think you’ll be needing these—I want to be able to get to you whenever I want!

Are you kidding? I’m not going out on the deck dressed, or undressed, like you!

Oh, yes you are, dear. Yes you are. You want to be my slut, then you’ll act like a slut and dress how I tell you to dress.

What about dinner tonight. I can’t …

You’re going commando.

What? What the hell are you talking about? What’s commando?

You know, for a hot lady like yourself, you sure are out of touch! No underwear. Commando means no underwear! I want to know you’re nude under your pretty dress, understand?

Oh, God, Jack are you kidding me? Out in a restaurant with no panties? I don’t know about this!

You’re my slut for a couple of days. My ass whore. This is what I want. And once again, you have to trust me. This will be a turn-on for you like you won’t believe.

Not that this lady needed any more turning-on. She was dying to get here and it seems can’t wait to get started. She stared at me for a moment taking in this whole idea of being nude under her dress. I continued…

Now, why don’t you get out of those jeans? What do you have that will just about cover your ass?

Well, I brought a t-shirt but it’s not long enough. What do you want me to look like? I can’t go out there…

You’re going to look hot, like the slut you are. Now just do as I say. I’ll be right back.

I went off to my bedroom and grabbed a light pink dress shirt out of my closet and brought it into her bedroom.

Here you go. Wear this. I want you to take your clothes off right here and put on this shirt and those heels. That’s all you’re wearing. Then we’ll relax on the deck with some wine. Go ahead—get your clothes off!

With that, she pulled her shirt up over her head and then her bra, not taking her eyes off me as I watched her strip. I went over to her and caressed her breasts, kissing each one of them gently as she moaned bit. Her jeans were still unbuttoned and open…

Now your jeans and everything else…come on, let me see you.

She swayed her ass side to side as she shimmied out of her tight jeans, her small purple panties sliding down a bit with them, exposing a bit of her cunt. Then she stepped out of her heels. She slid her jeans off, then her panties and just stood there staring at me, silent. She was shaved clean and looking great.

Put your heels back on. Go on. I want your heels on and nothing else.

She obeyed and there was a smile building on her face. She was enjoying being commanded to be a slut. She looked so sexy completely nude with just a pair of high heels on.

You look beautiful, you know. And I see you shaved—good girl. Turn around now. I want to see the ass I will be fucking later. Nice. How nice.

She turned, her legs still rather close together, and I reached out and squeezed her ass cheeks, enjoying them. I kneaded them and spread them apart now and them, exposing her pink asshole. I ran my hands up and down the back and sides of her thighs, and again, with my thumbs, spread her ass and thighs apart just where they meet, to see her hole. It was beautiful, and it was mine.

Turn back. I want to examine your cunt. Let me see it. Good, you’re a good slut. Freshly shaved. Sit on the edge of the bed. Close to the edge.

Maryann sat at the edge of the bed as I got on my knees in front of her. My cock was as hard as a rock now and I was in the mood to eat her cunt. I had her lay back, and as she did, I took her ankles, lifted and spread them apart, pushing her knees to her chest.

Jack, what are you doing? God, you’ve made me such a fucking slut!!

Quiet. Hold your legs back with your hands. Let me see that cunt.

As she held her legs back, she was completely exposed to me, her glistening cunt and asshole staring me in the face. I eagerly put my face directly between her legs and began licking, sticking my tongue in and out of her wet cunt and flicking her clit as she let out a long moan of pleasure. I put my hands on the back of her thighs and pushed her body further back. Her legs almost as far back as they would go, and with the high heels on. This is what it’s all about. In this position, her asshole was even more exposed and I began licking and working on it, too.

Ohhhhhhhhh, Jack. Uuuuuuuuu. Uuuuuuuuu. Ohhhhhhhh. Lick Escort bayan Ankara my ass, Jack. Eat me good.

MMMMMMmmmmmm. You like this, I know. You like when I eat you, don’t you?

Jack, Jack, eeeeeeat meeeeeee. Lick my ass. Oh Jack. Please, lick it gooooood.

I was so turned on I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to her next. The scent of her cunt, her light perfume, all of it, was driving me crazy. I continued to lick her, alternating between her cunt and asshole, both of which were very wet and warm. After quite a while of enjoying her and making her crazy, I stood up and began to rub my cock against her wet asshole and cunt, lubricating it with her juices as I pulled my t-shirt off. I made my way up onto the bed and positioned my cock over her face in a 69 position. She let go of her legs and guided my cock into her mouth. She began to suck on it, now and then taking it out to lick my balls. Her hands were on my ass cheeks spreading them apart. I was on my elbows and took her ass in my hands, pulling her ass and cunt open, while I was fucking her face, my legs far apart. I felt her straining to get her tongue to my asshole, so I got up a bit and slid forward so she could have access to my asshole. She licked it with abandon, and just when I thought I couldn’t get any harder, it seemed my cock was about to burst open. My balls were tight as she licked them, and now and then I put my head back down to taste her cunt, and even a bit further down to her asshole. Both of us had our legs apart giving full access to one another I felt her begin to shudder and shake, so I knew she was going to cum soon. I was there myself, so I slid back a bit, and told her to suck my cock. She took it back in her mouth as I fucked her face. She was gagging and slurping on me all the while moaning and trying to speak. I continued eating her…

MMMMMMMnnnnnnnn. MMMMMMnnnnnn. Ummmm. Ummmmmm. Jack. Ummmmmmmm….I’m… Going…to …cuuuuummmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhh……

With that she was shuddering, her hand at times slapping the bed, and I continued to lick her as she bucked under my ass, going through her orgasm.

Eat my asshole you slut….come on, eat me while you cum!

Now suck my cock and finger my ass—I’m going to cum in your mouth. Take my cummmmm! Ummmm, ummmmm, ummmmmmmm…

I pumped streams of cum into her mouth as she continued to suck and swallow while fingering my asshole. Her own orgasm was subsiding, as she was licking and slurping my cum–I looked down to see it dripping out of her mouth. I gave the last couple of jolts from my hips into her mouth as she slowly slid her finger out of my asshole. I let her legs go and slid my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her lips as she licked the head and shaft clean. I then got off of her and leaned down kissing her, the two of us playing with whatever cum she didn’t already swallow. I took the finger she had in my asshole and we both licked it as we kissed. Then I got on top of her, my wet cock rubbing against her cunt as we continued to kiss and just lay there coming down from this experience and whispering to each other.

Jack, this is unreal. I’ve never had this kind of pleasure. We’re doing things I never imagined, and it’s just so hot. I never thought I could do any of this. This was so off limits, and there’s so much I never even considered doing!

It’s hot, babe, for sure. Hot like I’ve never seen. I told you, we have so much to try. You’re my ass whore, my slut. You’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?

Yes. I told you…do what you want to me. I want to learn all about pleasure. I’m begging you for more. I’m your dirty girl forever, Jack.

Later…more later…now how about we go out and have a glass of wine? Get those heels on and my shirt. I’ll get the wine. Red or white for you?


As she smiled, we got up and tried to compose ourselves, both of us incredulous to the spontaneity of the whole session, and the raunchy, hot action we just had together. We wanted more time, and we blew threw another round of hot love making in an hour; we’re just hungry for this. There is nothing this lady won’t do for me, and we both want more. It’s going to be a very hot evening! I cleaned up a bit, then put on a loose shirt, just the right length to hide just enough of me, and my flip flops, and went to get some wine.

Maryann was doing the same, and getting “dressed”. I was in the kitchen pouring our wine when the phone rang. It was Carol.

Hi, I had a break from our meetings. Is my Mom there yet?

Hi! How’s it going? Yes, she got here a little while ago…she’s shuffling around somewhere. We’re going onto the deck to sip on some wine.

Sounds nice. Where are you going to dinner?

I called Martino’s. They have a table; I think she’ll like that. They always treat us well there.

Oh, she’ll love that. Thanks for taking her.

It’s no big deal. We’ll have a nice time. So I’ll see you tomorrow then.

Yes, tell her hello, and I’ll see her tomorrow.

OK, see you then…

I finished pouring our wine and Maryann Bayan escort Ankara walked in. My God, was this old lady hot. The pink shirt I gave her was perfect. It just about covered her ass and cunt up and the slits up the side gave a perfect view of her thighs. She had heels on as I instructed, and even after what we had just done, I could feel my cock stirring again. This was like a dream. She came over to me and we kissed, again running our hands over each other’s bodies, under our shirts, my cock rubbing against her body. She let out a soft moan as I kissed her on the lips, then her neck. I whispered in her ear…

How’s my girl? Are you going to be ready for more? Do you want more?

Jack, I want whatever you’re going to do to me. Make me crazy with sex, please. Do what you want.

Let’s go enjoy the weather and have some wine. There’s more to come after dinner, you know. I have more I need to do to you.

Oh God, Jack. I can’t imagine more. I just can’t. I was getting wet and shaking just driving over here. My God, what are you going to do to me? You’re going to get me excited again now before the evening comes!

You’ll see—and you’ll love it. Let’s go outside for a while, then we’ll get ready for dinner. You’ll be excited all through dinner, and so will I.

Making love.

We walked out onto the deck. The clicking of her heels and the slight wiggling of her thighs with each step was driving me crazy. I wanted to put my tongue up her ass right there. She smelled great and looked phenomenal for her age. We sat across from each other and she smiled at me. Even her short blonde hair was perfectly done. We sat in a fairly safe spot—there are no real direct views from the other homes in this corner—at least none that were close enough to really see anything. I wanted to sit just here so we could feel less inhibited. We began to chat about what we wanted for dinner and of course, the conversation soon turned to what we wanted for dessert.

Jack, the restaurant sounds great. I’m getting hungry but it’s too early to go! And I’m really looking forward to dessert!

What do you want for dessert? Does this interest you?

I put one foot up on my chair and my shirt rode up to expose my semi-erect cock.

God, Jack, you look great. Of course I want that for dessert. You know it’s always been a favorite of mine! You look delicious—so tanned and in shape—you know I could love you 24/7.

And you, my dear, are beautiful. I don’t know of a sexier mother in law anywhere! And I’m pretty sure I know what I want for dessert.

With that, she opened her legs a bit, flashing her shaved pussy. She reached down and gently pulled aside the pink shirt as she crossed her legs. The shirt rode up her thighs on one side exposing the side of her thigh, right up to her ass. She then opened a couple of buttons so I could see her tits, just before her nipples would show. She was stunning and sexy sitting there with just the perfect level of undress, sipping on her wine.

You know, I remember you sitting next to me many years ago, doing something similar, opening your robe as you sat down next to me. You had red panties on. Do you remember? You let me stare at your legs and panties for quite some time. I was hypnotized that morning!

I do, Jack, I do remember. I did want you back then. I wanted to get my mouth on your cock! I was running very hot back then! But seriously, I knew we couldn’t act on it. Still, I was hoping something might happen between us. But I think you were afraid of me back then. My husband, as you know, treated me badly and I never knew what it was like to have someone make love to me. To really focus on me, and what I wanted.

I wasn’t afraid of you. I found you to be cold, and I think I just didn’t want the attitude or the danger. There were just too many people around all the time—and you were intimidating at times—I thought you would use an affair against me at some point. There was no way I could see us doing anything with any discretion or safety. But I was always very, very attracted to you from the moment I met you.

That’s nice to know after all these years, Jack. I wanted you, and now we have this. I could never have imagined this, and I could not imagine hurting you, either. And I wasn’t necessarily cold, I think I was more angry than anything else. I was just not happy with my life and that anger and depression came out often. Jack, even at my age, you’re teaching me the hottest sex I have ever experienced, and I absolutely love it. You make sure I’m pleased—even though you sometimes make me beg for you! You bastard! But where were we before this got so serious?… Do you want me for dessert, Jack?

Of course I do. Come inside with me. We have time before we have to shower up and leave for dinner. I want to show you something…

I put out my hand and she took it. I smiled gently at her as she nudged into my side, holding my hand and my arm. She was just so sexy with what she was wearing I couldn’t stop staring at her. This had been a pretty deep heart-to heart conversation—nothing we had ever shared before. After all the raw sex we’d been having, this was real, and showed a side of her I never knew. She really did have a lousy life with her deceased husband, and what we had seemed to be setting her free. She was happy.

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