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Mother Futa Ch. 07

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It was a warm September afternoon, and Adam Roth was resting on a couch in the hospital room of his girlfriend Katie. The day had been quite the ordeal for him. The 20 year old had just seen his first childbirth.

Last night, while they were watching television, Katie’s water had broken. Thankfully, they were well-prepared, and he and her mother had driven her to the hospital. Seeing his girlfriend during her labor period had been very educational; the screaming, blood, and placenta would be etched in his memory for the rest of his life. Finally, after hours of hard work, Katie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Gwendolyn Annabell Ridley was born at 5:23 AM on September 30, 2015.

Katie was resting peacefully in bed, while the baby was resting in the nursery. A click of the opening door made Adam sit up where he lay. Into the room came Katie’s mother, Martha. A tall, beautiful woman of 40 years, her blonde hair was tied back into a long French braid that fell all the way down to her waist. She wore a long denim dress, and a yellow, high-collared, long-sleeved blouse. Strangely enough, she was the one that had fathered the newborn.

Martha had been born a futanari, and last Christmas, in a fit of sexual frenzy, she had impregnated her own daughter. A few months after he’d started dating Katie, Adam had begun a sexual relationship with the both of them. They had spent months frequently enjoying each other’s bodies, sometimes with all three of them in the same bed.

Right now, when Adam saw Martha, he didn’t visualize her enormous breasts, fulsome hips and buttocks, or her 12 inch penis. He simply felt glad that Martha was now a proud grandmother…and father.

“I brought you some coffee,” she said, handing him a tall foam cup with a plastic lid and sitting next to him.

“Thanks. My phone has been blowing up. My parents are going to come by the house after Katie comes home. The guys at work also told me to take all the time that I need off.”

“How long are you planning on staying here?” Martha asked. “You should head home and get some rest.”

“I’m fine. I’m really glad that I signed up for less classes this semester.”

“I don’t like that you did that,” Martha said. “It’s important that you stay on track to graduate.”

“It’s okay. I plan on taking classes during next summer to help catch up.”

Martha sighed. “I hope you’re ready for this, Adam. Taking care of a child is a big responsibility.”

“I know.”

Martha got up from her seat and gave a yawn. “Laurel’s plane just arrived back from Utah. She was so happy to hear the news. She insisted that we send her the hospital bills, even though we have insurance.”

“That’s nice of her,” Adam said with a smile.

Laurel was Martha’s girlfriend, who was also a futanari. She worked as a high-powered lawyer, and had been dating Martha since June. Just the sound of her name was enough to make Adam’s cock twitch. Although futanari typically had high sex drives, Laurel seemed more sex-hungry than Martha. She had fucked him, Martha and Katie several times.

“You should come with me to the cafeteria,” Martha offered. “We’ll get some lunch.”

“Just go home, both of you.”

Martha and Adam gave a start to see Katie awake in her bed. She sat up and yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Though she had given birth, and wore a weary expression, Adam still found her beautiful.

“I’m sorry if we woke you,” Martha said.

“It’s okay. I’m serious; the two of you should go home and get some rest. You can come back tomorrow morning.”

Eventually, the two of them relented, and after Martha and Adam had gotten something to eat, they left the hospital.

“I’m beat,” Adam groaned as he entered the house and made for the stairs. “If I sleep too long, then feel free to wake me up.”

“Adam, wait,” Martha said, closing the front door behind her. “We need to talk.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No,” Martha said. “It’s just that…now that Katie has her baby…do you plan on staying with her?”

“You mean marry her?” Adam asked. “Of course.”

“That’s good. I’d always hoped that she’d get married after she finished school, but…this baby changes everything.”

“We’ve actually talked about this,” Adam assured her. “She’s already taking a semester off, but I’m going to keep working and going to school to help us save money for our own place.”

“Actually,” Martha said. “How would you feel about moving in with us?”

Adam’s heart warmed. “I’d love that.”

“I know it’s strange. Technically, I’m the baby’s father…but, I’d love for you to be her dad. I wouldn’t charge you two rent, of course, so you can just save money to pay for your schooling. Thanks to my job and the inheritance from my parents, we’d all be living well.”

“I’ll let my parents know,” Adam said. “I’m sure they’ll be fine with it. Mom’s been talking about turning my bedroom into a craft room for her scrapbooking.”

“Well, I’m glad we had this talk. Let’s get some Escort Bayan sleep.”

Adam started upstairs. “I’ll just crash in Katie’s room…”

“Actually,” Martha said, walking up the stairs towards him. “You’re welcome to stay in my room…if you’d like to.”

Despite his fatigue, he couldn’t help but get a bit stiff. He didn’t even try to hide his arousal from Martha, who conspicuously eyed his crotch. He knew that once he entered her bedroom, they’d be doing more than just sleeping in her bed. Martha knew her invitation was pretty much accepted. Just as the two of them were about to go to her room, they heard a car pull into the driveway.

Martha descended the stairs, peered out of the window and saw wine-colored 2014 Chrysler 300 in the driveway. She told Adam, “Laurel’s here.”

“Oh, boy,” Adam said. “We’re definitely not getting any sleep.”

Martha opened the door and greeted her girlfriend with a kiss. The slim woman with golden hair looked absolutely stunning with her designer sunglasses and snappy business suit. Her arms with laden with numerous shopping bags.

“I’m so glad to be back,” Laurel said, dropping the bags. “I had my assistant pick up a few things for Katie and the baby; I’ll get more later.”

“She’ll love this,” Martha assured her.

Laurel took off her sunglasses after spotting Adam. “Well, hello, handsome. I trust you’ve had a busy day.”

“I sure have,” Adam told her.

“We were just headed upstairs to take a nap,” Martha said, closing the door.

“Really?” Laurel said, embracing Martha and squeezing her breast. “Because I’ve been thinking about you day and night, since I’ve been gone. I’d love to join you both for your…nap.”

Just as Martha was about to say something, Laurel put her lips to hers. Adam watched as the two futanari stood in the hall and kissed each other. His body warmed as he watched both pairs of hands roving wantonly, grabbing breasts and butt cheeks.

“Upstairs,” Martha urged, as she felt Laurel slide a hand down into the front of her dress.

The two of them looked over to see Adam taking off his shirt and throwing it aside. The trio hastily made their way to the master bedroom, where Laurel pushed a naked Adam onto the bed, dropped to her knees and began to use her mouth on his rod. Adam moaned as he felt the futa sucking him.

“Yes, that’s right, Adam,” Martha moaned as she unbuttoned her blouse while watching from afar. “Let my girlfriend suck that big dick of yours.”

Adam stared at Martha as she continued to disrobe. He felt an unparalleled delight as he watched her unclip her bra and allow her beautiful 36G breasts to be bared. The dress fell to the floor, showing her large control briefs, inside of which was an enormous, cylindrical lump.

“Ohhhhh, Martha!” Adam moaned, trying not to cum in Laurel’s mouth.

Laurel lifted her head from Adam’s crotch and turned around in time to see Martha drop her granny panties and let her hard cock grow to full rigidity.

“Hubba-hubba,” Laurel crowed. “Is that for me?”

“It’s for both of you,” Martha growled as she grabbed a condom from the nightstand and put it on.

Laurel giddily got to her feet and began to disrobe. Adam stroked himself as he watched Laurel drop her pants and underwear. His eyes gleamed as the extremely thick sausage jutted out from under her business shirt. Adam was puzzled that a Caucasian woman like Laurel had such a dark brown set of genitals. The 7 inch rod looked like an oversized cigar.

“Maybe I should give you a baby,” Laurel purred as she walked towards Martha, the pre-cum beading at her urethra.

“Don’t even joke about that,” Martha said, tossing her a condom.

Laurel rolled her eyes and rolled the condom onto her member. Futanari sperm was incredibly potent, and one tiny drop was enough to ensure that a female would get pregnant.

Once Laurel was properly sheathed, Martha tackled her onto the bed. Adam watched happily as the two futanari wrestled upon the mattress, but he knew in advance who would win. For years, Laurel had frequented gyms, so she had a more toned physique than the voluptuous Martha. Also, Laurel was well-rested, while Martha had been up since the wee hours of the morning with little to no sleep. Though she put up an admirable fight, Martha found herself pinned on her back as her girlfriend thrust her burly cock into her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh, you horse-dicked bitch!” Martha grunted as Laurel began to rape her.

“Yessss, go ahead and struggle. You know that’s the way I like it,” Laurel purred as she thrusted.

Martha moaned as her girlfriend roughly coupled with her. For the four months she had been dating Laurel, she had never felt so fulfilled. In her entire life, she’d only had four sex partners. The first was Lilah, Katie’s biological mother, and the second was Lilah’s husband Jeff. The third and fourth had been Katie and Adam, respectively.

But sex with Laurel was something different altogether. Bayan Escort Laurel was the first futanari she’d had sex with. And though they enjoyed normal dates like going out to restaurants and going shopping, Martha loved it when Laurel dragged her to bed and fucked her silly.

“That’s right,” Laurel panted as she grabbed one of Martha’s large, bouncing breasts. “Moan loudly for me, my beautiful bed bitch!”

Martha did just that as Laurel gave her tit a vicious squeeze. She watched as Adam suddenly appeared behind Laurel and started fondling her breasts. Laurel turned her head and began kissing him.

“Yeah, you want to play, too?” she whispered.

“Absolutely,” Adam said, as he started unbuttoning her shirt.

Once all of the buttons were undone, she shrugged the shirt off and said, “Hurry up and take off my fucking bra. Quick!”

Adam quickly undid the clip, allowing Laurel to relieve herself of the bra. Adam surreptitiously grabbed the garment add read the tag. He saw noted the 36C measurement before throwing the bra to the floor and grasping at Laurel’s perky melons.

“Say, I’ve got a fun idea,” Laurel said. She lay her body down completely on top of Martha’s and then looked over her shoulder at Adam. “Fuck my pussy while I fuck Martha.”

Adam didn’t even give her a word of agreement or gratitude, but quickly knelt behind the dominant futa and entered her. Laurel’s body shuddered with pleasure as Adam began to thrust inside of her. Once she had his rhythm figured out, she synchronized hers while she continued to mate with Martha.

The two futanari were filling the air with a fragrant musk. When futanari became sexually aroused, their bodies emitted powerful pheromones that lowered sexual inhibitions. These pheromones were reducing the three of them to single-minded fuck puppets. In their current states, basic vocabulary was all that was available to them. They all followed their baser carnal instincts.

Even though her brain was submerged in a fog of lust, Laurel felt as though she was getting the best attentions. Right now, she was screwing her girlfriend while sucking on her enormous tits. On top of that, she had a handsome young man giving her pussy the reaming of her dreams. In what seemed like an eternity later, she heard the young man grunt, and felt her pussy being filled with hot spunk. She wasn’t worried about getting pregnant; only another futanari would be able to fertilize her.

Though winded, Adam was still ready for more fun with the two futanari. He pulled out of Laurel and crawled on the bed until he was near where Martha’s head lay. The young man crouched over Martha’s face and stuck his half-erect cock into her moaning mouth. Adam’s eyes fluttered as his girlfriend’s mother sucked his dick without protest. Moans escaped his lips as he felt the paradise of her hungry maw.

“Noooooo!” Laurel cried out.

She bit her lip as she climaxed, filling her condom with a gargantuan amount of semen. Though her mouth was still filled with Adam’s meat, Martha’s cries could be heard as she orgasmed as well. The condom on her twitching rod filled up like a perverse balloon.

“I need a breather,” Laurel panted, carefully pulling out of her lover and heading to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. The orgasm was enough to temporarily break the mind-numbing effects of the futanari pheromones, allowing her to speak normally.

Martha gently took Adam’s newly invigorated cock out of her mouth and got out from underneath him. She replaced her full condom with a new one and found Laurel in the bathroom, standing in front of the toilet. The sight of her girlfriend’s monster cock spewing smelly urine into the toilet was enough to get Martha hard again. She quickly got behind Laurel and grabbed her by the hips. With a snarl, Martha roughly entered Laurel and began to fuck her.

“Martha, please!” Laurel moaned, pressing her hands against the wall, her cock spraying piss everywhere.

“Be quiet, Laurel,” Martha moaned, reaching forward to grab one her breasts with one hand and her peeing dick with another. “On second thought, go ahead and make all the noise you want.”

Laurel’s ears burned as she felt her girlfriend violate her. She had to admit that she liked being fucked like this. Once she was done peeing, she fought to keep herself from cumming as Martha jacked her rod.

Adam walked into the bathroom, grateful for the sight of Laurel and Martha fucking in the bathroom while they both stood in a puddle of Laurel’s pee. The sound of both women grunting with each thrust made his dick sore. Suddenly, a perverse idea popped into his head.

He quickly ran over and sat down on the toilet. Laurel’s cock bounced a few inches from his face, like a fleshy microphone. Without any hesitation, he took Laurel’s dick into his mouth. He didn’t have to move his head, thanks to the thrusting of Martha and Laurel; he simply sat there, sucking on the massive cock while coating it with his tongue. Adam’s mouth was Escort filled with the taste of sweaty, urine-soaked flesh.

“Oh, Adam, thank you!” Laurel moaned. “Oh, Martha, keep fucking me! Make me cum inside this boy’s mouth.”

“That’s exactly what I want to hear, my big dicked lover!” Martha growled as she let go of Laurel’s cock and used her free hand to grab her other breast.

Once again, Laurel was overjoyed to be sandwiched between the strapping male and busty futanari. She was also surprised at how skillful Adam was at sucking her dick – Martha must have given him some practice. He wasn’t being shy, either, greedily throating her penis with all of his might.

Between the blowjob from Adam, and Martha fucking her, it was all she could do to stay standing. She’d been with a lot of futanari in the past, each of them unique in their own right, but, they were nowhere close to being as hung as Martha was. She shrieked as Martha delved into her cunt with her pillar of a penis.

“FUCK!” Martha hissed. “I’m gonna…OHHHHHHHH!”

Laurel laughed as she felt Martha’s cum filling the condom inside of her. Martha roughly squeezed Laurel’s tits as she came. She panted as she tried to come back down from her dizzying orgasm.

“Oh, my god!” Martha said, as she struggled to pull out of Laurel without spilling any semen from the condom. “I think my knees are going to give out.”

Adam took his mouth off of Laurel’s dick and asked, “Are you okay, Martha.”

“I…I just need to take a breather. I think my lack of sleep is catching up with me.”

Adam was nowhere near tired, and as he gazed at Martha with her tousled hair, heaving breasts, and her limp, hairy cock, he wished that he could have more of her. Martha made for the shower and turned on a stream of hot water to soothe her dirty, aching body. Uncaring, she let out a fragrant stream of piss from her futa-cock.

“Hey,” Laurel said to Adam. “Let’s get back to bed. Follow me.”

Laurel grabbed Adam’s hand, pulled him up and took him back into the bedroom. Once they had reached the bed, Laurel eagerly jumped on top of it, with Adam following suit. She immediately wrapped her arms around him and began kissing him passionately.

“Ahhh!” Laurel said as Adam’s hand found her balls. “Yeah, I love it when you touch me there.”

“If I keep sucking your dick, will you suck mine?”

“Of course.”

Adam quickly pounced on top of Laurel, with his face in her crotch and his crotch in her face. Laurel hummed with contentment as she felt him resume the blowjob he had started giving her earlier in the bathroom. Feeling his glans brush against her lips and staining it with pre-cum made her open her mouth and take him inside. The two of them noisily sucked each other off, relishing both the taste of each other and the pleasure of being sucked. They were rapidly approaching their breaking points.

“Oh my!” Martha chuckled, walking into the bedroom while drying her hair. “I can’t believe you two are still at it.”

With an audible slurp, Adam took his mouth off of Laurel’s dick and looked up at Martha with a smile. “Care to join us?” His eyes wandered down to Martha’s crotch, where he stared at her flaccid cock. He gasped as he felt Laurel smack his butt and give an angry grunt; she was obviously annoyed that he had stopped sucking.

“No, sweetie,” Martha said. “I’m going to the kitchen to get a glass of water. You two enjoy.”

Martha exited the room, not even bothering to cover her nudity as she went downstairs. By the time she had finished her drink and returned to the bedroom, Adam and Laurel were lying side by side in bed. She climbed in with them and got underneath the covers.

“I hope we gave you a proper homecoming,” Martha said to Laurel.

“Oh, there was some cumming, alright,” Laurel joked, giving Martha a kiss. She turned over and gave Adam a quick peck on the mouth. “Thank you, too.”

“I feel like I could sleep for 2 days,” Adam yawned. “We’d better get some rest.”

“Agreed,” Laurel said before turning back to face her girlfriend.

“Adam’s moving in with me and Katie,” Martha told her. “He’s going to be a full-time daddy for little Gwen.”

“That’s a great idea. Katie will definitely need all the help she can get.”

“You know…if you ever wanted to move in with us, you’re more than welcome to. It doesn’t make much sense for you to be in that house all by yourself.”

“We’ll see,” Laurel yawned. “I’m not sure how I feel about sharing a house with a baby that will be crying all of the time…but, it wouldn’t be so bad, since I would get to wake up next to you every morning.”

“Thanks, love,” Martha said, closing her eyes. “We’ll talk about it more, after I get some sleep.”

The three of them drifted off into sweet, contented slumber. They all knew that when they awoke, their lives were going to change. However, for now, it was nice that they were able to enjoy themselves.

Martha then had a strange dream. She was in the bedroom of a young woman, lying naked on her back. Atop of her was a beautiful young girl with platinum blonde hair, green eyes, and an amazing body. Martha groaned as the girl rode her, watching her enormous pecker slide in and out of the girl’s pussy.

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