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Mother Dear Pt. 04

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“Look at me, baby girl. Let me see those pretty tear filled eyes.”

She looks down over the curve of her breast, over the ruffled top of her babydoll pajamas. Sees her leg up over the shoulder of her girlfriend Doris, feels her tongue lapping attentively across the lips of her soaked pussy. Mary reaches down with her left hand, pets Doris as her eyes open wide, sees then stare back up at her as she performs her ‘disgusting task’, the way Mary thinks of what Doris does for her.

“Don’t you stop. Keep that mouth working girl.”

She shifts her weight, moves one cheek slightly to the right and arches her back against the couch. She can see her naked little pussy licker perfectly, sees her butt pushed back and out, her raccoon-like eye makeup, sees it running down her cheeks, sees her stained eyes. Her left hand tightens in Doris’s hair.

“Now don’t you say a word. You just keep doing that real good. Listen while Mama tells you what you may have forgotten.”

Mary closes her eyes, sighs.

“Uhhh, yessss. Fuck, you are good at that, baby girl.”

She shifts her hips, thrusts slightly into Doris’s face, holds her tight by her hair. She gathers herself, places both feet firmly on the floor, looks down at Doris. She pushes her face away from her pussy, pulls her slightly by her hair off of her, makes Doris cry out.

She stands still holding Doris by her hair. She bends slightly and takes the belt from the floor, stands straight.

“I think what I’m going to say to you would best be said with you on your knees and me standing.”

Mary pulls Doris’s face back to her pussy roughly before she can say the obligatory ‘Yes, Mistress.’

“Lick, baby. Lick. That’s a good girl. Lick. Do your dirty little act for me, get that tongue moving just like that. You are a good girl.”

Mary looks at the two of them in the mirror. Thinks to herself that she really likes the shoes she’s wearing. They look good with her pajama top, she is pleased with herself. She thinks to herself she’ll wear this sexy outfit for her boyfriend, thinks about him fucking her with this cute outfit on. He’ll like that.

She looks down at Doris. Mary sees Doris’s eyes trained up and on her.

“You just keep looking at me, baby girl. Don’t you look away. Now listen carefully.”

She feels the slave like tongue run back and forth up the lips of her pussy, up and over her clit. She focuses.

“I don’t need you like this. You need me. You need my pussy, need my attention. We both know that’s true.”

Doris slightly pulls away, starts to say softly, mumbles, “Yes, Mis…”

The belt comes down across her butt up into the crack of her ass, curls and wraps, snaps against her exposed and wet pussy. She screams. Feels Mary’s hand tighten in her hair, pulling her back into her crotch, pulled up tight, face buried deep into her wet pussy.

“Shut up, bitch. I said you are to listen. Lick me and listen. Maybe I should Escort Bayan send you away. Don’t talk!”

She sees the tears form fresh in Doris’s eyes even before she finishes her admonishment.

“Shouldn’t your hands be cradling my butt?!?”

She laughs to herself, feels Doris quickly take both Mary’s cheeks into her hands, holds them so gently, licks Mary’s pussy fighting back crying heavily.

“Now shut up and listen. Learn something.”

Mary brings the belt down again across Doris’s butt. She jumps slightly, pushes her face and mouth up into Mary.

“Oooo, I liked that. Gave me the chills. I have to remember that, great technique, whip your butt and make you push up into me. I do like that.”

She lets the belt trail down, her hand over Doris’s shoulder, tip of the belt cradled into the top of her naked butt crack.

“Now, as I was saying.”

She looks down and stares deeply into Doris’s eyes.

“I let you do this for me. I don’t need this. Is it pleasurable? Heavens yes, dear one. But I have to tell you, I like it way better when men do this for me, like it much better than when you do it. I don’t have the need for girls like you do. But I do have the need for one special little girl, don’t I? One dirty little girl. One dirty little bitch. One slutty little bitch girl. Could it be one other than you? Maybe. I have the need for one little bitch that will lick my ass, take a whipping, know her place. I guess you could say I have that need, baby girl. Lesbian needs? No. Mistress needs? Oh yeah, definitely. And if I ever felt like I could get that from another little girl other than you you’d be the sadder for that, wouldn’t you? You’d be hurt, sad, it would break your little lesbian heart.”

Mary laughs, girlish giggle.

“Am I being cruel, sweetie, am I? Or am I being truthful? What I get out this is you, Doris. YOU. Owning you like this, it’s not about thinking about your pussy, not about thinking of making you cum. No. It’s about knowing I can tell you to do the most disgusting things and you do them. What woman would bury her face in another woman’s pussy, in her ass??!!? Not me, baby girl. Not me.”

Doris is openly crying, tears under her eyes running down her cheeks, eyes filled with tears. She stares up at Mary. Mary looks down at her, so stern.

“Mmmm, oh yeah. Oooo.”

Pushes herself slightly up and down against Doris’s willing mouth, up over her nose, she rubs herself on Doris’s face.

“Yeah, baby. That feels real good. Real good.” Mary closes her eyes for a moment. She loses herself to her slave girl.

She gathers herself.

“I like the Mistress part of this a lot. No. I love the Mistress part of this. Remember years ago when we started all this? I do. College, the two of us, told me you wanted to ‘experiment’ with another woman, told me half drunk about that, tried to kiss me, remember? I remember. Long time you’ve been my willing little Bayan Escort girl. And Doris you are a willing little girl. Started eating my pussy that night, you’ve been doing that for me ever since, haven’t you? Our little secret. Wasn’t too long after that that I found out that you liked a very strong and resolute bitchy Mary. Liked being treated mean, you like my mean streak. I found out that I like treating you mean, abusing you. Didn’t I? Remember the first time I spanked you, locked you in the closet naked, left you for a day? That was a learning experience for both of us, wasn’t it, baby girl.”

Mary laughs loud. Mary is talking through Doris, pets her hair, stares through her eyes, stares deeply through her.

“I think things have worked out well. I think you have just what you need and I have…well, I have a slave girl. I want you to know I could get it someplace else if you ever disappoint me. I need you to know that. I need you to know that real bad. Cruel on my part? Oh, I hope so.”

She pulls Doris back off of her and looks down at her soaked face. She is covered with tears, covered with Mary. Doris is openly sobbing. She can’t control herself.

“Tell me you love me!”

“Please, I love you. Please don’t be through with me. Mary, you know I love you, will do anything you want me to do. I need you. Please…anything, anything. I love you. I love you.”

Mary stares down at her girl. Just stares and listens. Let’s her go on.

“I can do as I wish with you?”

Mary raises her hand as if to slap Doris’s face.

“As I wish?”

Doris grimaces, closes her eyes ready to be slapped.

“Anything, anything. Please, anything. You know it’s true.”

She burst into almost hysterical tears, sobbing.

“Pease Mary, please. You ARE my Mistress, please believe that, please. I love you.”

Mary brings her hand down across Doris’s face, loud slap rings through the room. She watches as her hand print turns red.

“Anything, Mistress, anything, anything…”

Doris is sobbing so loudly Mary can barely hear the words through the wet tears. Mary slaps her again.

Mary releases her hair, turns and puts both knees onto the couch cushions. She reaches back and flips her baby doll pajamas up over her butt, up over her back. She puts her arms up on the back of the couch in front of her, pushes her rear out.

“Lick my ass.”

She smiles softly to herself as she feels the wet face eagerly move up into the crack of her rear, feels the hot wet tongue concentrate on her tiny hole. She feels Doris’s tongue narrow to a point and start to push up into her..

“Doris, I’m not leaving you. Not in the market for a new girl. But I want you to never forget what we do, what we are. What you are. You belong to me, baby. Don’t think I don’t appreciate that.”

She feels both of Doris’s hands go to her cheeks, feels Doris hold her firmly in place as she starts Escort to ‘worship’, feed, as Mary likes to think of it. She says nothing for a while, moans softly as she feels the pleasure her slave girl willing gives her.

“Finger my clit.”

Mary starts to lose herself, feels Doris’s hand quickly move up between her legs, finger starts to rub her clit the way she likes in tiny rapid circles. She loses herself to it but holds back on cumming. She wants to make Doris work.

Half an hour goes by.

Mary pulls away and stands, wriggles quickly around and sits, facing Doris. Wants to cum with Doris up between her legs, wants to watch.

“Now, you’re going to make me cum, baby. Make me cum real, real good. Then we’re going to go shopping.”

Mary laughs. She sees Doris start to move toward her, sees her lower herself and move her face to Mary’s crotch.

“After Mama cums we’re going shopping for dildos. We are going find the perfect one for you to wear under your clothing. And learn to suck too. No discussion necessary, you are going to learn to be a good little cocksucker. No back talk. Every woman should know how to please a man, even a lesbian like you Doris. Mmmmmmmm, oh yessss…”

She closes her eyes, feels the first slight spasm of climax that Doris is so good at providing for her. “My son is joining our kinky little family, baby. You’ll learn more about that soon. Just know that I may need that mouth of yours to reward him from time to time.”

She feels her slave girl’s tongue do what it does so well, feels her clit being licked rapidly. She lets it all go. She concentrates on getting the feeling. Pulls her legs up on the couch, let’s her knees fall to the side, spread as wide as her legs will go.

Only sound in the room is Mary moaning. Then her screams as she cums all over Doris’s face.

After the second time she pushes Doris’s head away gently, pulls her up on the couch next to her. She says nothing. Thinks to herself maybe she’ll finger fuck Doris. Just a thought. Not today.

Doris is silent, sitting next to the woman she loves. Wants so bad to have Mary touch her, says nothing. She feels the welts on her rear against the couch cushion from the belt Mary used on her.

“Your son? Really?”

“Yes, really. This is going to be a good thing. All you have to do is keep being my good girl. As if there’s any doubt about that.”

Mary strokes Doris’s hair, kisses her cheek. She French kisses Doris deeply, feels her swoon.

Mary thinks about how badly she wants to get fucked. Very badly. That will have to happen later. They have to go shopping after the two of them clean up. Maybe there will be time for lunch and drinks with Doris, bring her up to speed on her son, after they get the dildo Mary has in mind for Doris. Mary has plans.

She thinks to herself that her boyfriend is going to love the baby doll pajamas and the heels she is wearing.

Her hand goes up between Doris’s legs, to her wet pussy. She decides to reward her slave girl after all. She’ll make time. She feels Doris start to melt as her tongue is pushed deep into her throat.

Mary thinks to herself, ‘There’s no rush. We have time for this.’

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