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Morning Coffee Ch. 01

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Group Sex

Noticing a beautiful woman is one thing. Not being able to stop staring at her is quite another. Not only is it rude but it usually makes the woman who notices uncomfortable. So that Saturday morning in Harvard Square so many years ago was like any other until she came into my range of view. I was sitting at one of the coffee shop’s outdoor tables enjoying my coffee and bagel while reading the newspaper and then there she was just as I was about to start the sports pages, my favorite part of the newspaper.

I will do her an injustice by attempting to describe her. She was tall and thin. My tastes generally don’t go towards the particularly thing woman however she had these dark expressive eyes that were set off by her even more expressive eye brows. She had a wide mouth with pouty lips. These are lips that men and women dream of kissing. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a billowy white blouse and jeans which kept the details beneath them a secret for the most part. Yet her beauty was undeniable and as she sat down I saw more than one man twist his head to look at her. She looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s.

She sat facing me, only a table away, and I looked down at her hands. Her fingers were long and beautiful. I noticed a rather large diamond engagement ring on her finger in front of her wedding band. I thought of how lucky some guy was to have this beautiful creature in his life and how I hoped she was something more than just a trophy wife.

I really wanted to sit there and stare at her for a long time but told myself it was rude and cause her discomfort. But I found it nearly impossible to not keep looking up from my newspaper to look into her face one more time. Each time I looked up she seemed more beautiful than the last. Although she was obviously tanned it was equally obvious that she was naturally dark as someone of Italian or Spanish heritage would be. But as I kept looking I thought maybe she was Turkish or Lebanese. I played these little games all the time but of course almost never was able to satisfy my curiosity.

“Do I know you?” Her annoyance was quite obvious when next I looked at her.

“No.” I said remorsefully and in full blush.

“So why do you keep staring at me?”

“Because you’re so beautiful.”

“Well now there’s an original pick up line,” she said showing more annoyance and also holding up her left hand to be certain I could see her wedding band. “I’m married.”

I should have simply apologized and left before I made things any worse. “I know but you’re still beautiful.” Now I was annoying myself with the way I was talking. “I’m really sorry. I just find you particularly beautiful and I was debating something with myself.”

“What’s that?” she asked still annoyed.

“What your heritage is. I was thinking maybe you are Lebanese.” I was going to say Italian just to increase my chance at being right at something at that point but for reasons beyond me I said otherwise.

“That’s right,” she said softening her tone just slightly.

“I’m really sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t my intention. But honestly, I think beauty such as yours is relatively rare.”

“I guess I’m not so bad for an old broad!” She said smiling at me for the first time.

My usually ill-advised thought of presenting a woman’s age managed its way out when I said, “Being 30 isn’t such a bad thing.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” she said with a smile, “but I’m 43 and I’ll be 44 in a couple of months.”

I was flabbergasted. “You’re kidding me right?”

“No, why, do you really think I look 30?”

“Yes! Oh course I do. No way you’re 43.”

“Honey, when I graduated high school Fats Domino was talking about blue suede shoes.”

“You’re kidding me.” I said in almost total disbelief. She smiled in response. I couldn’t believe this beautiful woman was more than 12 years older than me and it was at that point I had to honestly admit to myself that I did have desires for this woman. But being the basic good boy rule follower I wasn’t about to act on my feelings. She was, after all, a married woman. But I thought if I could engage he in some sort of conversation then I could look at her without her becoming angry. “Are you meeting someone here?” I asked what I thought was a truly dumb question and wished I could withdraw it before it hit her ears.

“I am, I mean, I was, but he’s over an hour late so I guess I’m not.”

I was confused by what she had just said and it registered on my face. She’d been there only 10 minutes at most so who could she say that. My confusion showed as she replied to it by saying, “I was going to meet my husband here. He was supposedly meeting one of his business partners to have a brief conference over coffee and I was supposed to arrive just in time to get him off the hook as he put it. But I should have known that bastard didn’t have a Saturday conference.” Anger was rising noticeably in her Ankara escort voice. “He’s out with that fucking bitch and he think’s I’m so fucking stupid I won’t figure it out and what does he think? Does he think I’ll be the good wife and brush off his absence to,” she paused, “I don’t know what the fuck he thinks I should attribute it to!” Her anger and voice had risen quickly.

I wanted to respond but I hadn’t a clue of what to say. She got up suddenly and took the seat right next to me. “What is it with men?” She asked angrily.

“What do you mean?”

“Do they think all women are stupid? Do they think that once they’re married and have the good little wife the can do whatever they want. I’ve given him 15 years of my life! More if you count the college years and the years before we were married. I was blind. My friends told me he was little more than a gigolo but I told them they were wrong and even just a few weeks ago I told a my best friend she didn’t know what she was talking about when she said Harold was having an affair. I told her she was nuts and that I’d know if he were screwing around. I lied to her. I knew it all along. It’s not the first time either and I just sit back and take it.”

She was looking right through me as she let go of her vitriol and I heard it for what it was and didn’t take it personally. Then she moved her head slowly to one side then the other. She placed her hand over mine and said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t even know you and I’ve just dumped all my crap on you. You’re an angel. You must think I’m nuts. Well, I guess I am a little nuts but who wouldn’t be if they had a cheating bastard of a husband like I do! Oh my God I’ve been so stupid. I gave up my career for him! I put that bastard through law school and he promised he’d help me go back to grad school but did he, no! Has he done anything for me! No! He’s the selfish bastard everyone always said he was. God, to think I only married him because my father hated him so much. Daddy said he’d give me $100,000 cash if I wouldn’t marry him. Poor daddy. He meant well but all that did was push me towards the bastard and all mommy did was cry all day. I thought she was crying because she was happy for me at my wedding. People cry at funerals too don’t they.”

“Peter,” I said.

“Huh?” She replied a little confused.

“My name’s Peter.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’ve been unloading all my crap on you and I didn’t even have the courtesy to ask you your name. You must think I’m horrible. You probably think I’m nuts and should be locked up.”

“No I don’t,” I replied honestly.

“I’m Evelyn, Evelyn Hamel. My friends call me Evy.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Evy.” I didn’t have to force a smile because it really was a pleasure. I found being in the company of a beautiful woman who wasn’t full of herself to be a most pleasurable thing.

That day I met Evy I was 30 and married but separated. My wife had dumped me because she’d caught me screwing around with an 18 year old who I was supposedly tutoring which I was doing but it was in more than just US History. So listening to Evy made me feel a bit guilty as I wasn’t so terribly different than her husband.

Evy clutched my hand and asked, “Will you go to bed with me?”

So every atom in my body screamed “Yes! Yes!” But someone my mouth said “What?” I knew exactly what she’d said. I hadn’t misunderstood her and I know I was feeling disbelief at such a question. I guess I wanted reassurance but I also wanted, and I’m not sure where this came from at that time, I wanted to give her a chance to take a breath and think better of her question and withdraw it. And to be totally honest a woman of her stunning beauty was just a bit intimidating to me and I was a little afraid of not satisfying her needs.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly. “That was really inappropriate wasn’t it? I’ve never acted on impulse but I just had this impulse to take you to bed with me so I could for once enjoy sex with a man who wasn’t screwing around on me.”

I was looking down into her blouse which had fallen open a little as she leaned forward. I could see her smallish firm breasts encased in their white frilly bra. I knew she had caught me looking at her that way so I felt that I had to agree to go with her. I remember thinking it was the rare time it was nice to be caught looking at a woman’s breasts.

We walked to her house which was just a short distance from Harvard Square down Brattle Street and then up a side street. It was a large colonial sitting on a good size lot. I thought how her husband must make a lot of money to afford such a place. She had taken my hand as we walked from the coffee shop and hadn’t let go until we reached the side door of her house. I wondered along the way about being seen by one of her friends. I guessed it’s what she wanted and it certainly didn’t both me to be seen as being intimate with such a beautiful woman. In those days intimate to me meant holding hands with someone Ankara escort bayan you wanted to be close to.

We hadn’t said much as we walked. Evy gave my hand reassuring squeezes as we walked. I was torn between watching where I was going and looking at her. I tripped at least twice because I wasn’t watching where I was going.

She lead me right up to her bedroom which had a beautiful king sized bed in the middle, a couple of large dressers, a vanity, and armoire among other things. She took both my hands as we stood next to her bed and whispered ever so softly into my ear, “don’t move a muscle.” I could feel the heat of her breath on my ear and it sent good bumps all over my body. She took my head in her hands and gave me the lightest kiss on the lips possible. It was so nice, so sweet and so electric. As soft as it was it felt as if something had reached down to my groin and pulled a tightness from there back up to her lips. I didn’t need to be seduced but even I recognized this as seduction at its finest.

Evy very slowly undid the buttons of my shirt without moving an inch and whispered equally as slowly into my ear, “I am going to make you feel things you didn’t think possible.” Another chill coursed through my body. She pushed my shirt from my body and then slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and dropped it to the floor. The small distance that had been necessary for he to remove her blouse she quickly closed and then gently brushed her bra covered breasts back and forth over my chest once. The firmness of her breasts against my chest made me swallow and let out a low moan. I was already experiencing things I didn’t think I’d ever experienced.

Evy put her hands on my shoulders with her arms draped over my back and whispered into my ear, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“You’re gorgeous.”

“You mean that?” As she asked that question she dragged her fingers down my back scraping her fingernails into my back as she did so.

“Yes,” I replied with a sense that if I’d had any ideas of resistance they had evaporated in that moment and I was totally at her will.

Evy removed her tennis shoes by prying them off with the opposite foot and then undid her jeans a pushed them down over her hips and off.

“Wow!” I said standing there with my mouth hanging open.

She smiled a little and said, “Not bad for an old broad huh?”

“Not bad? You’re gorgeous!” I gushed. I couldn’t see an ounce of fat on her and although I’d always said I like girls with a “little meat” on their bone I had to admit to the allure of her type of body. I love big breasts and yet Evy’s smallish breasts seemed beautiful. As my eyes wandered down her body, past her panties and to her legs I thought how she had the most beautiful legs I’d ever seen. Long and thin, I was certain she must have been a model at one time.

“So were you a model once?” I couldn’t resist asking.

“You’re kidding of course.” She replied straight faced.

“No!” I replied, “You are absolutely drop dead gorgeous!”

“You are sweet but it’s not true. I know I’m pretty but gorgeous? No.” She sighed and said, “my husband never once told me I was beautiful. At least not while we were married. I think he said it to get me into bed the first time and it probably worked.”

Evy pushed me onto her bed and then dropped to her knees. She undid my sneakers and pulled them off, then my socks. I was happy I was so close to having taken my shower so my feet didn’t have a chance to stink yet. Then she undid my belt buckle while staring me dead in the eyes. And she never took her eyes from mine as she unsnapped the jeans and pulled them away from my body. She was hypnotic. She put her hands on my knees and then pushed them up over my thighs and into my crotch. Again she sent a series of chills through my body and raised lots of goose bumps. When she got to my underpants she grasped my hard cock in her hand and said, “So I guess you like what you see.” She was taunting me and I loved it. “So let’s see what we have here.”

At that moment I felt a bit of fear fall over me as I’d always thought I was a bit small in size and that this would certain disappoint a woman as beautiful as this who could have any man she desired. Evy pulled down my underpants and then circled my cock with her hand holding it ever so lightly. “Nice,” she said with a smile, “very nice and look what we have here.” She bent her head down and licked her tongue over the top of my cock. “You must be happy to see me, mmmm, tastes good.”

The surge from my balls to my penis was unmistakable and I felt certain I’d come within seconds. I didn’t but I was close. She put her free hand under my balls and held them lightly as she put her other hand at the base of my cock and slowly drew it upward. With it she brought a small amount of pre-cum to the tip of my cock. “Oh goody! More!” She said in a little girl voice. She descended upon the tip of my cock and quickly but noisily sucked up my cum.

“I think Escort Ankara I’m gonna come,” I finally let out.

Evy quickly leaned back and with her right hand slapped my cock hard. It hurt, I yelped and looked at her in pain.

“So are you still gonna come?” She asked sarcastically.


“Good. You’ll have plenty of chances so don’t worry.” The stiffness of my cock had left slightly. Evy kissed the tip of it and I felt all the desire and more that I had had return. She kissed my balls and then the side of my cock and as she did so she pressed her bra covered breasts against my thighs and rubbed them. I had never felt anything quite so erotic and I was immediately convinced that she could make me come without fucking me. I was amazed by what she could do. My desire for this woman was huge and all I could think of was pushing my cock into her pussy. To that end I reached out and fumbled at her breasts.

Evy stood up, grinned and slowly removed her bra. She shrugged her shoulders to make the garment fall from her into her and onto the floor. I remember thinking that her 43 year old breasts would be prized by women half her age. Though they were smallish they were also full and without sag. Her areoles were very light colored and her nipples stood out firmly and proudly from her breasts. The little bumps all over her areoles and surrounding her nipples attested to her heightened arousal.

She next very very slowly pushed her panties from her hips to reveal her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to see there wasn’t a single hair on it and it seemed to sit so delicately between her legs. I had heard of women shaving the hair from their pussy but until that moment I had never experienced it. Now I knew why men liked it or at least I knew what I did. It seemed to call to me asking me to kiss it and lick it.

Evy put her hand between her legs, pushed it down between her legs and little and then drew it lightly back up. She had an evil grin on her face as she did this. “So do you approve?”

“Of course! I’ve heard of women who shaved down there but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it.”

“I don’t.” She said.


“I don’t shave. I’m one of those odd women who don’t grow hair there. No underarm hair either. I was ashamed of it in high school because the girls kidded me and called my baby Evy but when I got into college I realized what a blessing it was. One less thing to worry about you know? Actually I do have hair down there. If you look really closely you’ll see really tiny light hairs.” I didn’t say anything and I didn’t realize that she was her inviting me so she said, “So look.”

I got down on my knees between her legs a slowly moved towards her pussy. I could smell her light scent rising from her pussy. I wanted to drink it in. I got as close as I could and looked. I ran my hand over her pussy and noticed her legs seemed to shudder a little as I did it. I could see a couple of the small hairs she had referred to but more importantly I could feel the draw of her pussy. It had drawn me in and now, almost involuntarily, I stuck my tongue out and licked it. I tasted her for the first time and it was just as light and appealing as her scent. I was a little timid at first, wanting to do everything just right for her, but then I got more brave and spread her pussy lips with my hand so I could see and lick the insides of her pussy and her clit. Her clit was very hard when the tip of my tongue touched it and again she shuddered beneath its touch.

As I continued to lick her pussy Evy placed her hands on the back of my head and held my face to her pussy, not that I had any intention of stopping, I didn’t. At the time I didn’t consider myself particularly accomplished at licking pussy but I did enjoy it but for the first time I had this sense of power over a woman as Evy quickly became very aroused and it was obvious I could make her come this way. I was truly enjoying myself and didn’t care how long it took. But the Evy said something that surprised me.

“Get me in the ass,” she said.

I pulled away just enough to say, “What?”

“Please,” she said almost begging, “stick your finger in my asshole.”

I had never done this to anyone and prior to that moment when I had considered such a thing it seemed gross. Now, suddenly, it felt extremely desirable. So I ran my hand down Evy’s ass to where her asshole was and very slowly started to push my index finger into her. At the same time I resumed licking her pussy. As my finger slowly entered Evy’s ass I thought I could actually feel it from the other side as I licked her and then as I pushed just a little deeper I was certain I could. At that point I concentrated on suckling at her clit and massaging the inside of her ass with my fingertip. Each time I sucked in her clit Evy moved her hips towards me a little. As I sucked on her a little faster she kept up moving her hips a little faster. It wasn’t long, however, that she was thrusting her hips into my face and just as quickly I heard her saying, “Oh! Oh!”

After just a few of those she yelled, “Ohmygod I’m going to come!” She said that only twice before she yelled over and over, “Ohmygod I’m coming! I’m coming!”

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