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More Than Just A Coffee

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We meet for coffee, the atmosphere is electric between us and we both desperately want something to happen. The game is that neither of us on this occasion wants to make the first move, nothing to do with shyness, more a game of dare, your every move is followed by my eyes gazing at you, your eyes twinkling with mischief and anticipation. My wicked grin trying not to burst into a Cheshire cat like affair.

I crack a joke, and you touch my hand as you laugh BANG! That was like an electric shock between us, we both know the fun and games are over and the situation is going to get much more serious in the right kind of way. You cross your legs and I cant help but staring at your lovely stockinged thighs. Wench! You did that on purpose! I am mesmerized by your thighs as you cross and uncross your legs in a dreamy carefree way , I catch you looking at the growing bulge in my trousers. Hah! I closely take in every detail of your smart suit and white cotton blouse perfectly fitting where it touches, with just a hint of strain on the second button leaving a slight gap in the material and the merest glimpse of your lacy underwire bra.

This is too much. As I stand to go, nowhere in particular but out of the coffee shop, you mirror my actions. Wow, the chemistry is amazing. It is a form of telepathy; we both want out of here and now. I take your hand and lead you to the door, It is a surreal feeling, it is unlike me to be this forceful, and likewise for you to be so submissive in the circumstances. Maybe this is all part of the game. We leave, turn the corner, and both see the high wall around an old house.

The gate is ajar, nobody is looking, and an invisible force Sivas Escort compels us to enter the garden. Two steps to the side and we are under the branches of a weeping willow. You pull me towards you, not so submissive now, arms around me as you engulf me with a huge kiss. I hold you tight as your tongue probes my entire mouth, my arms drop to your hips and grip you tightly, I can feel your knee rubbing roughly against my groin, the noise of the traffic is buzzing in my ears.

We are only six feet from the busy main road we can almost be seen by the passers-by. Now it’s my turn to take control again. I grab at your blouse and pull it open forcefully. Luckily the buttons were under such strain they had almost fell open on their own, it saves ripping them off. Kneading at your breast through your bra, I can feel your heart miss a beat as you suck my tongue down your throat. You grope at my balls through my chinos, they feel tight enough to burst as you find your way to my throbbing cock and tug at it through the material.

I let out an almighty groan, but now back to the role- playing. I grab your hair, pulling your head back and growl “on your knees bitch.” You object and whimper. You don’t like the forceful way I am holding you, but the twinkle in your eye gives the game away and you surrender. You fall to your knees almost too quickly pulling at my fly, and grabbing my throbbing member, tearing out of my Calvin Klein’s. I gently stroke your head as you pull back the foreskin and kiss my cock gently before looking me straight in the eye and sucking down on my throbbing cock.

This is the most thrilling sensation, having my rock hard prick Sivas Escort Bayan so expertly sucked literally inches from the world at large. I have amazing staying power but you are going to have me finished in seconds if you are not careful. I am now totally helpless and completely under your spell as my legs start to weaken and buckle.

Still stroking your hair and cheek, I pant, “God yes, baby,…ooooh.” This was all part of the plan. You jump up taking full control, I am so weak my legs collapse from under me and you pounce, “Now you little shit! Suck my clit!” I am lying on my back while you bury my head under your skirt, one hand balancing against the trunk of the willow, the other pulling your gold trimmed thong to one side. I am intoxicated by the musky smell of your sex and am powerless to disobey. I meekly dart my tongue across your clit as you whimper at its feathery light touch.

Gradually I get my strength back and begin to probe all the folds and curves of your juicy pussy. Mmmm, what a lovely salty taste, sweet like sugar, a million sensations all in one. I reach up grab your arse cheeks and pull you onto my face, slurping and drooling your love juice all over my lips and cheeks. You lean back for balance and grab on my still rock hard cock, pulling on it as my tongue delves deeper, searching for the little man in the boat. Enough is enough I want to feel my iron hard cock deep inside you before the veins in it burst. You meanwhile need to be impaled on my love dagger to satisfy your own urges.

Squatting above me, you lower yourself slowly towards me. You smile, in control again. Are you going to tease me first? I know Escort Sivas that will never happen. You need to be fucked as much as I need to fuck you, you drop down onto my prick and we both let out a gasp that sounds like a zeppelin with a puncture. We both know this isn’t going to last long.

I reach forward and undo the front fastening on your Janet Reger bra, and grasp your heaving boobs, gently pinching your nipples between thumb and middle finger, lightly rubbing the end with my index finger. This is enough to send you over the edge and you start to buck like a horse. I pray that my cock will not be broken off at the root as you writhe in an ecstatic style. I let out another moan; I am ready to cum now as you gush and shudder under a stream of multiple orgasms.

This sends me cumming as I burst inside you, the first shot of red hot spunk hits your cunt and you shudder so hard you fall straight off my throbbing, pumping tool. The second shot jacks all over your heaving tits, covering them in sticky goo. Realizing what has happened, you reach forward and grab my still pumping prick, grasping it tightly in your hand so I can’t waste another drop, lowering your head over it and letting the pressure off slowly. The third shot hits the back of your throat. You turn around as you lick my still pumping dick clean. I am a spent force and I don’t realize what is happening. Your gooey cunt dribbling my cum is dropped in my face and I am licking on a cream pie before I know what is happening.

We both lick each other completely clean before flopping into each other’s arms for a few minutes to recover. Adjusting our clothing, we look fairly respectable [apart from the grass stains], and carefully join the passers-by back on the road. This is when we notice the sign on the wall by the gate: ‘Saint Aloysius convent.’ What a place to get raunchy! We turn and walk away, smiling and grinning like the cats that definitely got the cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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