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More than a Carwash

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It was a sweltering summer day in Atlanta, Georgia. The heat had been almost unbearable the last week with temperatures in the early hundreds all morning and afternoon with the low averaging ninety five degrees in the nights. Thanks to Hotlanta earning its nickname all week local universities had taken advantage of that fact to earn some extra revenue for their extracurricular programs, which brings me to the point of my story.

As I was driving down the same road I always take home from work I suddenly found myself staring at the tight young body of a local college co-ed in a cheerleader’s uniform. She was the stereotypical blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty that looked like that uniform was designed specifically to arouse the cocks of any poor male in the area. The uniform itself matched its wearer with a deep sky blue coloring and gold trim. The top was a sleeveless tank top that cut off well before her bellybutton, and the skirt well before mid-thigh. She was holding up a large sign cut into the shape of an arrow that read ” Somebody’s College Cheerleading Team Carwash $5″. Needless to say I made an immediate and probably illegal U-Turn and pulled into the empty parking lot where the event was taking place.

Now I’ve never had an excessive fetish for college girls or cheerleaders or the like but as I cruised through the lot filled with gorgeous, barely dressed, soaking wet, giggling college girls I felt myself developing one. The operation itself was extremely well run. Set up in an empty lot in front of an old abandoned car wash were three separate lines; interior, exterior, and total. The men in the exterior line simply sat in their cars and enjoyed the display of well-endowed young women pressing their luscious bodies against their windows, and engaging in the occasional splash fight. Obviously one of the girls had had the brilliant idea of having the girls’ rest station in between the interior and both lines so the men who weren’t getting a show could stand around and converse with the relaxing workers as they fanned themselves and stretched luxuriously for the express purpose of showing even more skin to their helpless patrons.

As I was making my way into the exterior line figuring that would be the better deal since the total treatment was 10 extra bucks, I once again caught myself staring at a particular girl. At first with the girl in the street it was simply the shock of seeing a scantily clad young woman in the middle of the road. Now I was caught by the sheer sexiness of the creature before me, scrubbing down a green Volvo in the total section. I quickly made a hard turn into the total line and drank in the radiance of this striking girl.

She was of average height and build but that was where the word average ceased to be applicable. She was blonde like the girl in front but hers was shoulder length and pulled back into two loose pig tails that left a few stray strands framing her face. Her movements could only be described as “bubbly”. Constantly smiling and giggling she was the focal point of every hot-blooded man in her vicinity. As I pulled into my spot 3 cars from it being my turn she turned and our eyes met. I’d always thought those moments in novels when two characters lock eyes and something primal and simple is shared between them were simply hyperbole on the part of the author in order to convey his point to the reader, but as I stared into her brown eyes I knew I wanted her and that she felt the same.

*HONK HONK* “MOVE UP DUMBASS” Woke me from my stupor and I realized I’d been staring at her while the car in front of me moved tesettürlü escort up. I pulled my vehicle forward and looked on amazed as the girl giggled embarrassedly and explained to her friends what was I’m sure a very feeble excuse for her zoning out, which meant she’d been staring at me too. Now don’t get me wrong, despite my brief out of body experience I was sure that I stood absolutely no chance with this girl. In fact the hottest girl I’d ever even landed was my office’s wet dream Serah last week when she ambushed me during lunch hour. Serah and I hadn’t had a chance to “reconnect” yet since then because our usually empty floor during lunch time was now crowded by all of the recently relocated McDonalds’ disappointed best customers. Although we hadn’t fucked since that amazing bout of cubicle fun the looks she’d been giving me ever since were more than enough to let me know she was still interested.

I continued my way into the line, glancing occasionally at the bubbly girl as she washed the cars in front of me. I could almost feel the tension as I watched her studiously attempt to stare in another direction, and every time I almost caught her eye she looked away just as quickly. As my car slowly inched forward in line I couldn’t help but fantasize about all the things I needed to do to her. That’s what it was at this point; a need, an irrevocable, undeniable need that had been indelibly scribed upon the canvas of my libido.

Finally, it was my turn. As I slowly cruised along the pavement my eyes locked with hers and stayed there until I stopped at the washing point, and she sauntered to my window. I rolled my window down immediately and attempted to look as casual as possible as the beauty addressed me.

“Hi there,” She said as she leaned down to my window revealing ample cleavage and an adorably dimpled smile. “I’m Susie, and you are?”

“Hey, I’m Mike.”

“So Mike, since you’re in this line I’m guessing you’re here for the “full treatment?”” The way she emphasized full treatment and dragged her eyes up and down across me made my cock jump in my pants.

“Oh yes,” I said trying to be as smooth as her, “I’d love the full treatment.”

She giggled at my understanding and winked at me before rising and turning to the others. I rolled up my window and soon it, as well as all of my others were a blur of soap and tantalizingly taught female skin. The flash of a thigh here, a smoothly curving throat there and I was in semi erotic paradise. As I felt my manhood gradually strain against my jeans I noticed a break in the soap directly to my left. It was Susie smiling that sultry smile and washing the driver’s side window to my car. Well I wouldn’t exactly call it washing at this point.

She was intentionally rubbing her large breasts against my window pretending she was straining to reach the hood of my car. As her smooth, creamy flesh pressed against the glass the friction slowly pulled her already revealing top downwards. It crawled down her chest almost painfully slowly until I saw just the edge of her areola before she pulled away and called, “Alright girls the outside’s done.”

I released a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding and tried to calm my racing heart so I could get out of my car without a massive erection. Of course Susie put a quick end to that. Yanking my door open she leaned in and grabbed me by the hand leading me out of the car. As we walked I realized she wasn’t leading me to the tent where the other patrons were relaxing but in the opposite türbanlı escort direction towards the run down building that was previously a car wash.

“Um where are we…”

“Shhhh,” Susie said interrupting me and placing a single finger against my lips. “You’ll find out soon enough sir.”

When we reached the building she turned us around the side and opened a side door leading to a small but comfortable room with a couple of couches and an off TV that looked like it had been the old employee lounge. When I turned around Susie was already locking the door.

I licked my lips as our eyes connected again and I felt that same animal lust that I saw in her eyes growing in my own. I took two steps and pulled her close to me ignoring the fact that she was still soaked in water and soap. As our lips connected and out tongues explored each other’s’ mouths my hands explored her body.

My hands slid down her back and under her skirt to cup her soft ass and she mewed softly into my mouth. I squeezed harder and ground my hips against her and the mew quickly turned into a moan.

She broke off the kiss and giggled, “Can I help you down there sir?”

All I could do was nod.

She dropped to her knees of the carpet of the break room and immediately undid my fly and had my throbbing cock out and in her hand. Unlike other girls who usually just shoved it into their mouths, Susie seemed to want to savor the moment, gently stroking me and moving it around to look at it from different angles. Licking her lips all the while, and staring with such unconcealed hunger that I thought I’d cum just from her looking at my dick.

Then she started kissing, soft pecks at first, up and down before building to wet, sloppy licks all over the shaft that had my legs tensing and my toes curling in my shoes. I was moaning and thrusting long before she even put her mouth on me at which point I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

She bobbed her head up and down mercilessly moaning deep in her throat which only intensified the magical things she was doing with her tongue. I felt myself getting closer and closer, and just as I reached the edge she stopped.

“I really love when I guy takes charge and, you know just fucks my mouth. Could you do that for me sir? I mean if that’s ok.” She smiled and kissed the head to punctuate her request.

I couldn’t help but oblige and grabbed a pigtail in each ear and started humping my cock into her face. As the head hit the back of her throat she’d gag slightly but only before moaning even louder. As my cock left her lips with a soft pop after one thrust she giggled and looked up at me. My throbbing erection bounced softly in time with my pulse in front of her and she laughed at the obvious need on my face before speaking.

“I want to taste your cum so when you do just grab my hair and pull back so only the head is in my mouth ok?”

“Sure,” I panted realizing that she could’ve asked for anything right then and I would’ve agreed.

Before I knew it she was sliding herself back up and down my dick and it was only a couple seconds before I grunted my orgasm’s arrival and grabbed her hair following her instructions. As I felt my hot cum explode from my cock and onto her tongue I realized it didn’t feel as good as feeling a girls throat contract around my head as she swallows but feeling her tongue flutter around it and knowing that she was savoring the taste of my cum was just as incredible.

When I finally finished she continued tüyap escort nursing on the head of my cock like she was desperate for more. Finally it became obvious she had drained me entirely and she stood up and swallowed before smiling at me.


She was so delicious I couldn’t help but drink her in with my eyes one last time before the real fun started.

“Was I good sir?” she asked in her most adorable voice and I felt my slowly re-stiffening dick twitch in response.

“Amazing. Now go sit on the couch.”

She looked confused by my request but obeyed anyway.

When she sat I knelt in front of her raised her skirt and pressed a single finger against the fabric covering her pussy and I felt the dampness that had already soaked through. I smiled at her arousal and pulled her panties to the side revealing her tight little pussy. The smell was intoxicating and I used two fingers to spread her lips revealing even more of her. She blushed heavily but didn’t complain at being so exposed before I began to suck on her juicy lips.

“God that feels so good.” She said in a husky voice between moans.

Her praise served to excite me further into licking and sucking at her cunt before I sucked her clit into my mouth and nipped it with my teeth. She yelped at this but grabbed the back of my head to let me know I wasn’t allowed to stop. I then roughly shoved two fingers into her wetness and began to fuck her with them to warm her up for what was about to follow them. I stood up and kissed her hard working her to her back on the couch before climbing on top of her and shoving my now revived cock into her dripping pussy. She screamed her pleasure as I entered clawing at my back and wrapped her legs around my hips urging me to go faster. I put my hands on the arm of the couch and used them as leverage to pump into her as hard as I could. For some reason I wanted this girl to go back to her friends bragging about how good I was. I guess it was some vain masculine thing but that knowledge didn’t stop me from driving into her faster and deeper while she licked her girly mess from my face.

“Oh yes yes YEEEES. Right there. That’s it RIGHT THERE.”

She moaned and bucked beneath me and as I felt the telltale flutter in her pussy signaling her orgasm I ignored it and pounded her poor cunt even harder eliciting even more screams from her talented little mouth. Finally I felt my own orgasm approaching but was determined to hold out until she came again so I did something crazy that somehow worked. All throughout over time together she seemed like she’d wanted to give up control. So I took it.

I slammed myself home inside her and grunted in her ear punctuating my statements with balls deep thrusts that shook the couch and the wet slap echoed through the tiny break room.

“That’s right you little whore, cum on my cock.”


“You love getting fucked deep like this don’t you?”


“You love this hard dick stuffing your dirty cunt full, don’t you?”


In between every question she would try to answer in cute little moans and whispers but the force of my cock driving home into her always made her stutter and lose focus from pleasure. Finally she started cumming and I let her, but I didn’t move. I just lay there buried in her watching her adorable face contort in ecstasy before I ground into her a few more times for my own release that poured into her and she moaned as my hot cum intensified the aftershocks of her own orgasm.

When I finished I got up and dressed while she lay there legs wide open lewdly, cum oozing from her well fucked pussy, and a smile on her delirious face. I smiled back at her and took in my work once more before I left, but not before leaving my number on a table next to her panties (no idea how those got all the way over there.) and drove home with a smile on my face and the smell of pine fresh in my nose.

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