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Mora’s Vacation Ch. 01

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Mora stepped out of the cab by swinging one leg to the ground and leaving the other in the cab. Her skirt was hiked up. She wondered if anyone saw her bright pink thong against her black pubic hair. As she straightened up she saw a man leaning against the wall give her a big smile and a thumbs up. She nodded and returned the smile. The cab driver lifted her bags out and gave them to the curbside airline check in. She gave the driver a tip and waited for the baggage handler to give her the stubs for her bags. She then went into the airport and waited in line for a ticket agent.

When one became available she handed him her ticket. He checked the computer and said that there was a problem that they were over booked in the coach section. She saw his eyes stop on her braless 34D breasts with the top blouse button undone. He finally looked into her eyes and said that if she did not mind he would upgrade her to first class at no extra charge and smiled. Mora gave him a big smile back and said if he insisted that would be ok with her. He grinned back at her and handed her a boarding pass.

Mora started towards the gate. She was dressed in a short, mini skirt, a simple, pocket less, sleeveless blouse that was hugging her breasts and spike, high heel shoes. She was 29, tall, 5′ 10″, 129 pounds, and her bare, lotion covered, shiny legs seemed to go on forever up her skirt. She was lean from top to bottom and the high heels caused the calves in her legs to look very solid and muscular. As she walked there was just the slightest giggle to her breasts against the material and soon her nipple on each tear drop shaped breast was standing out.

She stopped in the rest room and then proceeded to the gate. After a short wait the first class passengers were called and she boarded with the few others seated there. She declined the free drink she was offered and finally the rest of the passengers were on board and the door closed. She was in a seat by the window and no one was beside her. Across the aisle from her was the gentleman that had seen her get out of the cab! She was sitting with her legs open but he could not enjoy it as he was to her side. The captain came on and gave the usual pep talk and they taxied and took off.

The flight was to be about four hours and a little while later they were out over the ocean. The man across from her scooted over to the aisle seat and said hello. He said his name was Sam and Mona told him her name. They chatted about their plans for a while; he was on both a business and pleasure trip. Mona did not say much about what she was doing. In due time she arrived at her Caribbean destination and after collecting her baggage saw a young female with a sign and her name on it. She introduced herself and the girl took her bags and led her to a waiting car. The rear door was opened and Mora got inside.

About 20 minutes after they left the airport Mora caught something coming towards her door out of the corner of her eye. Before she had time to react their car was impacted by a truck. That was the last thing Mora remembered.

The next thing she knew someone was calling her name and gently shaking her shoulder. Mora forced her eyes open and saw she was in a hospital room and someone was looking down at her. The person said hello in English and how was she feeling, any pain? Mora said no and asked what had happened. The person said that she had been in an auto accident. She said her name was Cara and said the doctor had been in earlier and Mora would live. Mora felt very strange, like her lower body was numb. Cara had moved out of Mora’s sight and she moved her right hand down her side. At her hip there was nothing more to feel. Her right leg was gone at the hip. She did the same with her left hand and found a very short stump sticking out from her hip. Both had bandages around them but she could not feel anything. She slid her hand over to her sex and found that she had been shaved and that a Foley catheter had been inserted. Again, no feeling in that area either. She drifted off to sleep with a slight smile on her face. As a teen growing up she had wanted to be an amputee but never thought it would happen to her.

Mora awoke later and it was dark outside. Cara was at a table near the bedside writing in her medical chart. Cara saw Mora’s head move and with her hands, pushed herself up and came over to the bedside. She asked if Mora felt ok and was she having any pain. Mora said no she felt OK. The head of the bed had been raised some and Cara asked if she wanted to see what had been done. Mora said sure and Cara folded the sheet back. Mora looked down and saw that what she had felt before was true. Her legs were gone, the right one was a hip disarticulation and the left one had about a 3 inch stump. She tried to move the stump but it would not budge. Cara told her that she had an epidural spinal anesthetic going to stop the pain and that would be in place for several days.

Cara grasp Mora’s hand and asked how she felt about what she saw. Mora said it was ok and then realized that was ümitköy escort why she saw Cara limping, she was one also. Cara saw the light come on and said yes she was a right AK and left BK amputee by wish. She told Mora that she was very lucky. She only had a mild concussion and no other major injuries, just scrapes and bruises that would heal quickly. Mora asked about the female driver and Cara looked down and said she had not made it. Mora had to be cut out of the car and was brought here to the hospital. The legs were so badly injured that they had to be amputated before she bled to death.

Cara said she had to do several things such as change dressings, flush her urinary catheter and change her bed. She told Mora that it was important that she move around in bed as much as she could to prevent bed sores. There was an overhead trapeze bar to help. As she was checking and flushing her catheter she explained that she had been shaved because the right hip surgery had some cuts in the hair area so it had to be removed. Mora said no problem she had always wondered what it was like. Cara grinned and said she would love it, she did.

She said it looked like they had not done a very good job in the OR and she would do a much better job shaving her in a couple of days. Cara asked Mora if she was hungry and she said yes that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some tea would be great. Cara made a call and said it would be here shortly.

After she was done with everything she asked Mora if she wanted a gown and she said no, she always slept in the nude. Cara said she was the nurse that worked from noon to midnight and there would be another nurse in to work midnight to noon. She said she was a young nurse and was a new arm amputee with a hook prosthesis and was doing very good. Mora said great, she was looking forward to meeting her.

Cara also said that the epidural catheter would probably stay in for 2 days and the med would be tapered off and they would go from there. Cutting the bone like they did on her left leg usually caused more pain than just removing the joint from the socket like had been done on the right side. Her food came and she ate it and drank the tea. She was glad she did not have to worry about going to the bathroom. Mora was tired so she soon slipped off to sleep.

A noise woke her up and it was light outside. A young lady, dressed in surgical scrubs was charting and said hello when Mora looked at her. She said her name was Janie and like Cara, was a light brown skinned, very attractive person. Unlike Cara, she could see that full breasts pushed her scrub top out. She got up and walked over to the bed and Mora could see her prosthetic right arm. Janie saw Mora looking and said that she understood that Cara had told her about the arm. She hoped it did not bother her and Mora said no, it looked very good on her. She said thanks, she thought so also and they both laughed.

Janie asked if she wanted something to eat and Mora said tea and toast would be great. Janie made the call and then said that she was going to turn down the rate of flow of medicine to her epidural and that in about 45 minutes she might start feeling something. Let her know if the pain was too bad and she would adjust it back up some. After she ate she would change her dressings and give her a bed bath. The food arrived and Mora enjoyed it.

After breakfast Janie said it was time to change her dressings and did she want to see her new stumps. Mora said by all means she did. Janie locked the door and removed the sheet. She said in a shy voice that she thought Mora was a very beautiful woman. She also said that this was the first time she had seen this type of amputations as a new nurse and thought Mora was going to look fantastic with them. She said that she was thinking about having her other arm removed completely but that might mean the end of her nursing career. She was not sure yet what might happen.

Janie seemed to be using her hook arm well and soon had the bandage removed on her right hip area. As the final dressing was removed Mora leaned forward with the help of the trapeze and looked at it. It was not bleeding but quite bruised looking. Janie said that was quite normal and it was not as swollen as she expected. It was redressed and Janie moved to the left leg stump. After the dressings were removed it looked the same way, bruised and some swelling. No bleeding or drainage appeared. The suture work seemed to be fantastic. She tried to move it though it did not move but she had a little bit of feeling as it was being rebadged. An elastic wrap was also applied to help with swelling now and later reduce the size of the stump.

Janie asked what she thought and Mora said it looked great and she wished she could feel her sex as she was sure she would be very aroused. Janie said she knew what she meant. Mora said she was starting to feel a little pain in her stump but it was not bad.

Janie looked at Mora for a few seconds like she was trying to make up her mind avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort to ask her something. Mora said what. Janie said she wanted to ask her if she would mind letting her change her Foley catheter. She had not done one with her hook and wanted to try it. She said if not Cara would do it this afternoon. Mora quickly said she would let her do it on one condition….if Janie would take her top off so Mora could see all of her arm in action while she did it. Her answer was to quickly remove her top. She showed Mora how it worked, what the various cables did and how they ran to various places on the arm. It was a basic arm without a lot of extra stuff.

The other thing Mora noticed was that the bra she had on was very sheer and white so her brown skin and nipples showed through very well. It was light weight material, not meant to hold much, just pass for a bra being worn at work. Janie’s nipples were very distended and her breasts seemed to be very firm.

She asked if Mora could turn sideways in the bed and move over to the edge which she did with no trouble. They put some pillows behind her so she could see what was going on. Janie washed her hand and hook and got a box out of a drawer and opened it and set up what she needed. She pulled a chair over to the bed and sat and pulled some gloves out of the box and put one on her hand. Mora knew she had a direct view of her pussy. With no leg on the right side she had full access. She cut the connection that allowed water to drain out of the inflated bulb in her bladder. When it was done Janie gently pulled it out of Mora’s bladder. She said she just barley felt it.

Janie then used her hand to spread Mora’s lips and picked up a wet sponge with her hooks and was able to find a position to lock her arm in and by using her torso rocked the arm around so it moved the sponge and cleaned the area around her urethra. Janie then changed the glove for a sterile one and picked up the catheter, dipped it in some lubricant and used her hook to spread her vaginal lips again and inserted the catheter. She pushed it up until urine started to flow.

She then paused as if trying to figure out how to do the last step. Finally she moved her left shoulder back which closed the hook letting her lips close and moved it down the length of the catheter. She moved her left shoulder forward again to open the hooks and took hold of the catheter by moving her shoulder back to hold it in place. She let loose of it with her hand and picked up a syringe of water. She got it connected to the inlet to the bulb and injected the water inflating the bulb so the catheter would not slide out of Mora’s body. She hooked the catheter to the tubing to the bag, gave a slight tug to be sure it was staying in place and looked very happy with the job she had done.

Mora told her what a great job she had done. She could not see everything that was going on at her pelvic area but she could sure see how Janie moved her body to make the arm work. Mora was sure she was very wet. She asked if Janie would take her hook and rub her clit to see if she was able to feel anything yet. Janie did and Mora said she could feel it! Janie pushed a little harder and brought a low growl from Mora who said that felt great. Janie took a dry sponge and wiped the wetness of her pussy and grinned at Mora. Mora asked if Janie was wet and she said yes her thong was soaked.

Mora moved herself back up in bed and was surprised at how easy she could move with no legs. Mora looked Janie in the eye and asked if she would mind giving her a sponge bath, as she was very “tired”. Janie said she would be her happy to. She knew Mora wanted her to feel free to touch her during the bath. Mora also suggested Janie leave her top off so she would not get it wet. Janie said that was an excellent idea.

She got some warm water in a basin and a wash cloth, soap and towel. She started with Mora’s face and worked her way down. She washed her shoulders and looking at Mora for approval, which she got with a slight nod, started washing her breasts. She must have thought they needed a good cleaning as she spent extra time there. Mora asked her to use her hooks on her nipples. Janie moved her left shoulder forward opening her hooks and then moved her shoulder back slowly, gently closing the hook on one nipple and then pulled some.

Janie noticed that Mora had her eyes closed and her nipples had gotten very hard. Mora’s hand reached up and she used her knuckles to rub against Janie’s nipples. Janie finished the bath and suggested that she put some lotion on also. She warmed the lotion in her hand and applied it to Mora’s breasts rubbing it in good. Mora gently came while looking into Janie’s eyes as she was massaging the lotion in. Janie got her hook involved also.

When Janie was done she wiped the slit down by Mora’s stump and Mora said I owe you one. Janie said she was looking forward to it. The bed was changed and Mora put on a short night urfa escort gown. They agreed to leave the med flow into her spine where it was and Mora took a nap.

Cara came in at noon bringing a lunch tray for Mora. The bed was cranked up and while Mora ate the nurses did report. Janie did not leave a lot out of what had gone on that shift. Cara was proud of Janie changing the catheter and said so. Janie came over and rested her hook on Mora’s arm and said so long for now and she would see her tonight. Mora put her hand over the hook and said thanks for a great day.

Cara was dressed in scrubs today also and came over and talked with Mora finding out how she was feeling and how was she doing with the current med level in her spine. Mora said fine and asked if it could be turned down even more. Cara looked at the chart and said yes and reduced it. Cara said that since she was eating and taking liquids good as soon as the current IV bag was empty it would not be replaced. The IV needle would be left in with a hep-lock on it just in case.

Cara then said that she wanted to have Mora sit up on the side of the bed before the block med got any lighter. Mora moved over to the edge using the overhead trapeze bar, turned and slowly sat up with Cara holding tightly on to her. She also told Mora to keep one hand on the bar. She got a little light headed at first but it soon went away. Cara let her back down after 5 minutes and said that later in the afternoon she would get up and sit in a chair for a while. Mora was really happy with the rapid progress.

Cara told her she liked the night gown that Mora had on. It covered her but showed her beautiful figure off very well. Mora said thank you and she had a favor to ask. Later tonight when things quieted down would Cara let her see her prosthetic legs? Cars said absolutely, she loved to show them and her stumps also if she wanted. Mora said she was looking forward to it. Cara told her to rest for a while and then it would be dressing change time again.

Mora rested and Janie did her paperwork. The IV bag was empty so she drew some blood and told Mora she was going to take it to the lab and get the dressings that were needed. Mora said fine and she was going to take a power nap.

Cara got back about 20 minutes later and Mora woke up as she came back in the room. She said she felt refreshed and Cara said they might as well get the dressings changed. She asked Mora if she was going to watch again and she said you bet, every time. She wanted to see her stumps all she could. Cara put a plastic drape under her and removed the dressing on her hip. It was dry with nothing on the dressing. Mora asked if she would leave it off for now, do the other one and take pictures of both of them. Cara said sure and removed the elastic bandage and dressings. There was just a little drainage and she got all the stuff out of the way. Mora told her where the camera was and she got it and took several pictures for her.

Mora told her that she could feel a lot of what she was doing now. Cara asked if it hurt and she said not much but maybe she might take a couple of Tylenol if that was ok. Cara said she would get her some just as soon as she was done. Cara redid both areas but did not put as much bulk as there was no bleeding. She used the elastic bandage to wrap the left stump.

Cara asked what she thought and Mora said she was excited about what she saw and was looking forward to things being healed. She asked Carla if she would shave her tomorrow when she came in and she said she would. She added she was looking forward to it as she put her hand on Mora’s arm. Mora knew that both nurses were interested in her but did not know yet if they were just into women or if it was because she was an amputee and they were all devotees.

Cara said it was about time for dinner and did Mora what to get up now and eat while she was up or wait till after dinner to get up. Mora thought and said she would wait. She asked Cara how long ago she had her legs removed. She answered it was 3 years ago. Did she have a boyfriend? No not right now, they split about 3 months ago. So that answered Mora’s question, that Cara was bisexual. Mora understood that as she was also.

Dinner came and Mora ate. She had asked if Cara went to dinner or brought her food in. Cara said she had brought something today and Mora asked her to eat with her if she would like. Mora asked her how long she had wanted to be an amputee before she got it done. Cara said since she had been a teen. When she first started working at the hospital she enjoyed working with the patients.

They were done with dinner and after Cara removed the tray. She said it was time for Mora to get up into a chair. She slid a leather one over to the bed, placed a sheet on it and asked Mora if she could make the transfer by herself or needed help. Mora said she was going to try alone and see what happened. The bed was at the same level as the chair seat so Mora used the trapeze bar to get over to the side of the bed and with one hand holding the bar and one on the chair arm moved herself to the chair. She had not realized it but the medicine had worn off enough that she had control of her stump and she lifted it out of the way. She had spent a lot of time in the gym over the past year and had great upper body strength. She again was amazed at how light she was with her legs gone.

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