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Moons, Stars , Cars Ch. 2

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It has been a couple weeks since I took my last venture out to the country. It is another beautiful night; I think I might take a ride out to the same spot that Bob showed me the last time I was up this way.

I finally find this place. It is still as beautiful as it was a couple weeks ago. I start thinking about the wonderful sex that Bob and I had. I have been thinking about that everyday. I just can’t seem to shake that night. My thoughts are running wild, as I start to feel a little horny again. Man, I wish he would come back!

I know that good things usually come in pairs, but I wish he were here. I can’t help but start to touch myself. I lay back the seat totally flat and reach under my half tank shirt to massage my “D” breasts. No bra in the way this time, I thought. My other hand is gently feeling the outside of my “Daisy Duke” shorts. I slowly reach over and unzip my shorts.

I move my hands inside of my lips, rubbing up and down, very slow. As I take my middle finger and lick it for lube, I put it in between my now wet pussy. It feels so good on my clit.

I decided to move to the trunk again, just like I was a couple weeks ago, I want to relive that!! I lay back, rubbing my hard nipples with my left hand, and with my right I start rubbing my throbbing clit. Thinking about Bob and the way he made me feel, made it seem all the more real.

Out of nowhere, I hear two male voices. It sounded like. Bob!! It was him!! He and his friend Mike were out stargazing and noticed my car on the hill, so they walked up here to see whom it was. I am in a compromising position. I didn’t have time to get up and get in the front seat, so I just inched up a little.

Bob came from behind me and started kissing me as I lay on the trunk. Mike did not hesitate to jump in the car. He started massaging my legs, and slowly spread them apart. It feels so good. He starts licking my hard clit around with his tongue. Then he slides his tongue inside my wet hole in and out, around and around. This guy is amazing!!

Bob moved up a little so he could suck on my hard tits. I reach over and grab his very hard cock. I tease his head with a little tongue action. He slowly straddles my head with his large dick, entering my mouth. I reach up and start rubbing his balls, and moving my fingers around his anal. I know this is a turn on for everyone. I read it in a book one time that it turns up the volume! And it really is true.

Bob then leans down and starts licking the top of my clit with his hard thick tongue. Darting in and out of my pussy. Mike is still licking around my anal area, and thrusting his tongue inside me. My hard tits are rubbing against Bob’s lower stomach. I really didn’t think it could be any better than the last time I was here. But these two hunks are really making me hornier than I have ever been!!

I start to deep throat Bob, He is so huge! I can taste his precum in my mouth, it is so sweet. I am licking his swollen shaft up and down, my mouth like a vacuum on his hard dick. `His hard dick is in my throat; I am licking his huge head every time he pulls out. I start to lick his throbbing vein. I know that drives him crazy!! He is pinching my very hard nipples, Ohhh it feels so very good!!

Mike starts to rub his hard dick on my clit, teasing Beylikdüzü Escort me with his large head. My pussy is so wet; I want him so bad to fuck me. He is slowly moving inside of me. Oh, it’s enough to drive me crazy; I reach down and spread my lips apart so he can thrust it inside of me!! He moves a little faster, I am thrusting against him, while I am deepthroating Bob. All three of us are so fucking horney, we need to take turns.

I turn around and lean my hard tits on my trunk, with my ass toward Bob now. Mike kneels near the back of the trunk. I feel Bob rubbing my hard swollen clit, gently moving his fingers inside of me. It feels so good!! His hard dick starts to enter my wet pussy from behind. Right toward the “G”.

I grab Mike’s hard dick and start licking just the head, feeding it into my mouth like a vacuum hose. I feel his hole with my wiggly tongue. I can taste his cum. I start to feel his swollen balls and follow it down to his anis. Licking around him, and pumping his swollen shaft with my hands. I lift up a little so I can touch his hard dick to my very hard nipples. I lick his head for some lube, and then rub them on my chest. I open his hole a little and put it right on my hard nipple, OH IT FEELS SO GOOD!! I lift my other tit up and start licking it with my own tongue, while I am pumping his dick so fast and hard, and it is attached to my hard nipples, it feels so fucking good, I want to cum right now!!

Bob started thrusting his hard dick inside me, grabbing my ass to help him thrust harder. His dick is sliding in and out, it feels so fucking good, and my clit is rubbing against my leather seats. I am groaning in complete ecstasy. I want them both inside me!!

Mikes hard dick is throbbing so hard, I can feel it on my tongue. He explodes inside my mouth, as I lick his huge hard head, I keep a little suction on him, just to make his experience more pleasurable. At the same time, I feel Bob exploding inside me from the back. I just can’t handle it, I start jerking like mad! OH MY GOD!!

I stand up, with Mike behind me. I slowly lower on to his now again hard dick. I want it anal this time. He positions it and I move around in a circle to lube it up, so it can enter me. As it enters I lay on top of him so he can wrap his arms around me and massage my still hard nipples. I motion for Bob to move up a little toward me.

I grab Bob’s big juicy hard dick and start rubbing it on my clit, while Mike is fucking me in my ass. HOLY SHIT!! I move Bob’s dick inside my wet pussy! The guys are pumping me from both ends, in and out, harder and harder, it feels so good!! Bob is sucking my nipples, and I am just enjoying all of this “sandwich” stuff. I can’t hold out much longer. Two dicks inside me, both thrusting at least 8 inches, my tits are getting complete satisfaction.

I can feel both their dicks throbbing, ready to explode once more!! I am ready!! I am moving my pussy so hard and fast right now, both dicks rubbing inside me. I grab Bob and squeeze him on top of me, I can’t take it anymore!! I start kissing his lips like mad, while he is fucking the hell out of me, and Mike is too. We all start to shiver and shake. OHHH MYYY GODDDD!! We are all jerking together in total ecstasy!!

Once again the Moon is brighter, the stars are brighter, and I, not in my wildest imagination, would of thought these two hot guys could make me feel so good!! I think I will take more rides out in the country, for some good ole boys!!

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