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Mom’s Friend Takes Control Pt. 05

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Everything Changed

Waking up on Saturday morning, I was instantly aware that my life had changed. I wasn’t exactly sure how it was happening, but there was no doubt it was real.

My cock was so hard it was aching. I had never woken up with morning wood quite this hard. As I rolled over my face brushed against the soft fabric of Sharon’s pajama top. I had slept with it on my pillow. And brushing against it sent a bolt of electricity through my body as my arousal spiked even more.

I crawled out of bed and went to pee, which wasn’t easy with such a solid erection. But I managed to get it done. I slipped on a pair of my tighty whities, some workout shorts, a tee shirt and started to head downstairs. Before leaving my room, Sharon’s pajama top caught my eye and I quickly tucked it under the mattress, hoping I would be able to keep it and sleep with it again.

When I got downstairs and walked into the kitchen I was shocked to see Sharon. She was wearing her usual weekend attire, a two piece swimsuit, ready to sit on her patio reading her book and soaking up the sun. But this one was different. Rather than her somewhat modest two-piece suits of the past few weekends, Sharon was wearing a thong. With her back to the door, her entire ass was exposed. It was big and full and fleshy. It jiggled a bit as she prepped food on the counter in front of her. And I was completely caught off guard.

As I stood and stared, she turned to set things on the table and saw me in the doorway.

“Morning, Eddie, come on in and have some breakfast.”

Her bikini top didn’t cover much more than her bottoms. Those big, lucious tits I had seen for the first time last night we barely held in place as she walked to the table.

I stumbled forward, mumbling “morning”, and took a seat at the table. Sharon sat down across from me.

“It’s time we had a little talk, Eddie.”

I stared down at my plate and started eating breakfast. I was too nervous to make eye contact and too aroused to keep looking at her tits in that skimpy top.

“Now that you’ve lived here a few weeks, it is clear I need to step up as your new mommy. Tell me, what’s the longest relationship you’ve had with a girl?”

“Uh, I don’t know. A few months.”

“Eddie, I’m not going to tolerate such vague answers. I’m sure you know exactly how long it was. Now tell me.”

I squirmed in my chair, pushing food around on the plate with my fork.

“Four months.”

“And when did you start having sex with this girl?”

“About three months into the relationship.”

“So, less Ankara escort than 30 days after you started having sex, she gave up and went away. And of the other girls you’ve dated, have you ever been with a girl more than 30 days after the first time you had sex?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Second warning, Eddie. Give me a direct answer.”

I had no clue what this meant. How many warnings were there? And what would happen when they ran out? But I was so embarrassed and nervous that I couldn’t even think that through.

“No. It’s never lasted more than 30 days after sex.”

“And let me tell you why, Eddie. Because it is clear that you could not ever properly fuck a woman.”

FUCK! What was this?!!?

I pushed my plate away and started to get up from the table.

“SIT! You didn’t ask to be excused and I certainly didn’t excuse you.”

I slowly sat back down.

“Eddie, I’m looking forward to being your new mommy. And I want to help you learn all the many different ways you can please and serve a woman so you’ll never have to be embarrassed with a girlfriend again. But the first step towards that goal is admitting a few hard truths. Do you understand?”

I nodded quietly.

“Good. Now truth number one, you don’t have a very large penis. A little under average, for sure. And while the popular myth is that size doesn’t matter, let me tell you, it most definitely makes a difference. That’s not to say you have to be huge to satisfy a woman, but it certainly helps not to be small. And, well, you are small. And you aren’t going to grow any larger. So that just means you have to be even better in other ways to make up for your size.”

I just could not believe what was happening. Just a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know Sharon. And now she was explaining to me why my penis was too small to satisfy women. And I was just sitting here…listening…letting it happen.

“Second truth. You’re a premature ejaculator. I know. Boys hate that label. But it’s better if you just face the truth. You’ve got very little stamina. And that means you must learn other ways to please your partner. And that is what I want to help you with.”

“Sharon, listen…” I mumbled. “I appreciate that you want to help. But this just all feels so inappropriate. You’re not my girlfriend. You’re my mom’s friend. And I don’t think we should even be talking about this stuff. I mean…this is just crazy!”

Sharon was quiet for a few moments and I thought we were going to end this.

“Eddie, I know this is awkward right now. And you’re right, I’ll never Ankara escort bayan be your girlfriend. But I know you need this. And as your new mommy, I know how to give you what you need. How to teach you. How to train you. So I’m gonna ask you one more question and I don’t want you to answer right now. I want you to think about it during the day while you do your chores. And tonight at dinner, we’ll go out. And we’ll talk about your answer. And if I’m wrong, we’ll forget this ever happened. Sound fair?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Excellent. So, Eddie, without looking. Without touching. Even though this may feel like one of the most embarrassing and awkward conversations of your life, I know your little penis is rock hard right now. If I’m wrong, you can say so. But I don’t think I’m wrong. I think I’m 100% right. So the question you need to think about today is…why. Why did your penis get so hard during a conversation that you think is the most uncomfortable one you’ve ever had? Think about it. And we’ll talk later.”

Sharon reached across and patted my hand, then got up and left the room.

And she was 100% right. I could feel my cock straining in my tighty whities. I felt like if I even moved I would cum all over myself.

So the question… why?


All through the day I thought about our conversation and the question Sharon had posed. Why did I get so excited over such a humiliating conversation? I should have been mortified, not aroused. But what did it mean? Why did it happen?

When dinner time rolled around, we went out for some burgers at a nearby restaurant. And as soon as we were seated, Sharon began.

“So Eddie, I’m sure your brain has been spinning today. The truths we talked about this morning are difficult to confront. And more confusing, why did that make you so aroused. Because…you were aroused, weren’t you, Eddie.”

She didn’t pose it as a question. She knew. She stated it as a fact and she just wanted me to admit the truth.

“Yeah, Sharon, you were right. I was really turned on. And I can’t figure out why. Everything you said was just so embarrassing.”

“I know, sweetie. You are right to be embarrassed by some of those things. And soon we can discuss the concept of ‘erotic humiliation’ so you can better understand why embarrassing things can sometimes be so arousing. It will be good for you to understand what is happening because in the weeks to come there will be many embarrassing moments. But for now, all that is important is for you to understand that what I’m offering Escort Ankara is not a bad thing. It’s a great thing. We have some terrific compatibilities. You have some very submissive tendencies that you just aren’t aware of yet and I love to be in control. You lack the ability to truly satisfy a partner sexually and I can train you to overcome that in so many ways. All I need is your agreement to move forward.”

My head was spinning! She was saying things I had never thought about. Erotic humiliation? Submissive tendencies? Was any of this real?

“Listen Eddie, you want to grow up to be able to fully satisfy your partner, right? And I can help you with that. Who else would help you? You just need to decide…would you like to let me take charge of teaching you to be the best partner you could possibly be?”

I wasn’t sure what that entailed. But I was sure that, once again, my cock was throbbing. To have Sharon talk about my sexuality so directly, so matter-of-factly, was intoxicating. This wasn’t the frantic, horny fumbling I was used to when it came to sex. This was…direct, intentional, and powerful.

“Okay, Sharon. I’m not sure what you mean by all this. I’m not sure what you’ll do. But I’m willing to hear all that you have to say.”

“Very well. But let’s be clear, Eddie. I’m not just giving you tips that you can choose to use if you want. No. In order to change and improve your sexual skills, I will be taking charge of your sexuality. Totally. Everything that relates to your sexual behaviors, your interests, your manhood…I will be in charge. When you perform well, you will be rewarded. When your performance and behavior and not up to standards, there will be consequences. You are either all in…or we forget about it.”

My anxiety hit the roof. She wanted to take control of my…manhood? My sex? Everything? And there would be…consequences? What kind of consequences did she mean? This felt crazy! But I was also clear that I was so turned on that I felt on the verge of spontaneously ejaculating in my pants! Damn!

“Okay, Sharon. I guess that all sounds okay. Whatever you say, I’ll try to do.”

A big smile spread across her face.

“Oh Eddie, that makes me so happy. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have together. In fact, let’s begin right now. First rule of our new arrangement, you will no longer call me by my name. In all communication, spoken and written, you will refer to me as ‘mommy’ or ‘ma’am’. Understood?”

I felt myself blushing furiously.


Her expression instantly took on a stern look.

“Try that again, Eddie. Show proper respect.”

“Oh…okay, Ma’am.”

I was blushing, squirming, feeling so out of control. But I was also very happy to see her smiling.

“Much better, dear. Now, enjoy your burger.”

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