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Mixed Company Ch. 01

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I sat at the bar halfway through my first martini of the evening when I saw her in the mirror behind the bar as she entered with her girlfriend. I couldn’t help the surge of excitement as it made its way through my body and settled into a holding pattern a little below my belt. As always, I was first drawn to Tina’s smile. No matter how many people were in a room I could always find her with just a glance just from that smile. She had her hair pulled up in a loose knot and was wearing tight black jeans and a purple top that hung loose in the front showing off two things that she knew excited me, her ample cleavage and her string of pearls. I also noticed that she did not have Max with her. Max was her long hair Chihuahua that went literally everywhere with her.

Max was a rock star guaranteed to gather a crowd anywhere they went together. Her friend Kelly was taller than her, but that may have been because of heels. I could not yet see their shoes; however I knew that Tina abhorred heels in this environment.

I was happy that I spotted them in the mirror because it gave me a chance to look closely without appearing awkward. Kelly was very close to what I had pictured in my mind after hearing Tina’s description of her on the phone. Short dark hair swept to one side of her face, crystal blue eyes and an aquiline nose that suggested of southern European or even Middle Eastern descent. She leaned over and whispered something into Tina’s ear that made them both smile as Tina took her hand and squeezed it.

The jazz band that was playing was just finishing their version of St. James Infirmary Blues when Tina, always the most attentive person in ANY room, caught my eye in the mirror. I had told her that I would let them get there first and get settled into a festive mood before I showed up. I was sure to hear about that from her later. “Charlie, just do what you say you are going to do!” I know one day I am going to wake up with that phrase tattooed on my forehead. Or worse Sivas Escort in a place where she could point it out in more intimate moments and torture me with it. But that was for later. She knew how impetuous I could be, and really, I’m sure that she knew that I would already be here.

As she lead Kelly through the club by the hand, she stopped to talk to no less than 6 people who hugged her and delighted in the smile that she gave them in return. To each she presented her friend, and while I could not hear the conversation, I knew exactly what Tina was saying…”Well hellooo! It has been waaaay to long. Noooo I had to leave Max at home tonight as he is a little under the weather. No nothing too serious. I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends from back in North Carloiiina. Yes she did go to Paris with me this past summer! Kelly this is my dear friend Robert. A fine gentleman even though he is from Ohio, and one of the most accomplished artists in all of New Orleans. Now don’t blush Robert, you know I always tell the truth.”

When Tina wanted to be charming, even Scarlet O’Hara would have had to take a back seat. While Kelly had obviously known Tina much longer than I, I wonder if she had ever seen Tina in her native environment. Kelly’s cheeks burned red all the way through the club, and the phrase came to mind “flattery will get you everywhere”. I wondered how her cheeks were going to look in candle light a little later on in the evening.

After my martini was finished I ordered a second and told the bartender I would be back in a minute or two. I slipped into the men’s room to straighten up a little, splash a little cold water on my face and make sure there were no previously undiscovered blemishes on my shirt or jacket. I felt great. The wash of relaxation that always comes from that first martini had already coursed its way through my veins. I had no illusions about who I was or how I looked, but I knew that I always did the best I could Sivas Escort Bayan with what I had. And there were some moments when the “best I could” was actually pretty damn good. Tonight was one of those nights.

I knew that much of my bravado had to do with Tina. We had a relationship that was not easy to characterize, but worked perfectly for the both of us. Most importantly we adored one another and always existed in the present moment together. From my perspective, she made me feel like exactly the man I wanted to be. We always explored new ways to enjoy the moments that we had together, whether it was watching foreign films over oysters and champagne that we would ridicule, or watching pornography with beer and French fries that we would critique. Her taste in nearly all endeavors of the finer life was both amazing and endearing. Her passion knew no bounds, at least as far as I was concerned.

Our first encounter had been ridiculous in the amount of raw and unadulterated sex that we consumed in 40 straight hours. And that had only been the beginning. As we became more familiar with each other’s fantasies and desires, our sexual encounters became even more amazing and satisfying.

One of the things that we both cherished was that we could be completely open about our feelings and desires. There was nothing that was off limits, at least in discussion. Whether the subject was music, food or sex (or sometimes all three), every fantasy that we could imagine was discussed. And let me just say that we both have powerful and passionate imaginations.

One of our more recent passionate discussions lead to tonight’s planned encounter. As we lay tangled together in bed, her lips sliding slowly up and down my hard cock, she suddenly sat up and tossed her hair to the side and kissed her way up my stomach, stopping only to bite my nipples. As she reached my lips and face she whispered into my ear “baby I would love to watch another woman suck your cock. Escort Sivas Then I would like to watch you lick her pussy. I want to play with both of you as you give each other pleasure. I want to watch her lick cum from your dripping cock”. She didn’t get any further than that as I immediately turned her on to her back and fucked her savagely.

The animal instinct that she aroused in me was sometimes terrifying, at least to me. She thoroughly enjoyed the pounding that I gave her tight pussy. Her legs locked around my hips and she writhed and moaned and growled “Fuck me hard Charlie, and don’t you dare stop until I tell you to”. When I paused for a moment to catch my breath her eyes flashed and she yelled “I fucking told you not to stop!” and continued to slam into me. Pure adrenaline flowed into my veins like a snort of the most powerful coke I had ever tasted and I reached down, held her hands over her head and fucked her even harder until she moaned that she wanted me to cum right the fuck now! And as always that was the magic release.

Three more hard strokes as my balls slapped her wet ass and I exploded in to her. There was always that wonderful feeling of hot release as my body convulsed uncontrollably. Her head came up and she bit my chest hard. I screamed her name. One more massive convulsion and I collapsed on top of her.

Later as we sipped from a bottle of pinot noir I had brought back from California, she said “I wasn’t kidding before; I want to see that wonderful cock in another woman’s mouth. I might spank her while she blows you.” I knew when to keep my mouth shut. I let her continue “…and I do NOT want some common whore spoiling our bed. It has to be a woman with class and style. Don’t you worry about it, I’m going to give this some thought and have it worked out before you come back next weekend.” As if I was actually going to worry about it. But she didn’t say I couldn’t think about it!

I thought about it all week, but never said a word about it during our nightly Skype conversations. Then on Thursday she casually told me that she had invited an old college friend to visit her for the weekend while I was there, and did I mind? It was all I could do not to drop my glass of wine I was holding as we chatted.

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