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I had always thought I was fairly normal. I married my high-school sweetheart and we have a good, 20-year marriage.

Our sex life was normal. She was the only girl I had ever been with, and we still found time to play each week, even after having kids late in our marriage. My wife isn’t really adventurous, but I was satisfied with my fantasies and getting her to spice things up once in a while. I find most women attractive, and can find something to fantasize about a woman easily. My wife is the kind of woman I adore: soft, curvy, big breasts and orgasms easily. Our only problem ever was that it takes me a long time to orgasm, and it can wear her out at times, so we just keep plenty of lube on-hand.

Things were going along normally until I had an out of town conference. I would be gone for a week and one of my co-workers, Sally, would be attending also. I was Sally’s supervisor, but that didn’t stop me from noticing her charms. She was a couple of years younger than I, but very outgoing and flirty. She is just shorter than I am, at 5’10”, and I would guess she is around 160 pounds. She has long red hair, freckles, and amazing curves. I’m not good at guessing, but I would say she might be a 36D…breasts that would easily be too big for my hands. I’ve seen when she’s cold that her nipples are huge, and stick out at least ½”, even under her bra and shirt. Her ass is awesome, but I am very much an “ass man”. The tight khakis she wears for work shows it off very nicely. One thing my wife would never do is anal, so it is probably the forbidden fruit attraction for me.

Sally and I attended the first day of the conference, going to different break-out sessions. In the afternoon, one was definitely boring, so I was texting both Sally and my wife. Sally was asking where we were going for dinner after the classes were over, and my wife was asking why I wasn’t paying attention. I texted my wife that it was boring, and that if she had been in my hotel room, I would skip the class. My wife texted back, “Tell me what Ud do if U skipped?” Half paying attention to the class and half paying attention to the texting, it is obvious now what was going to happen.

I replied, “I am going 2 strip U naked, play with ur sexy tits, & eat ur pussy until u cum in my mouth & tongue ur sexy ass! Then I’m going 2 fuck u all night long!”

Soon, my phone vibrated and I saw I had two text messages. One from Sally that said, “Oh really???” and one from my wife that said, “So what would U do?” I could feel my heart stop, and I immediately began to sweat. The noise of the conference faded away, and I knew I was going to be fired for sexual harassment. I panicked as I reviewed my text messages, and sure enough, I had responded to the wrong person. I had propositioned my employee in writing, in a format I couldn’t erase or destroy. Sally had a copy of my blatant text on her phone and I was figuratively screwed.

I texted my wife that I had to get back to class, and then got up and left and went straight to my room. Luckily my room was in the same hotel as the conference, because with the way my head was spinning, there was no way I could drive. I thought I was going to be sick. I lay down on the bed and tried to think of what to say, what to do, how to possibly get out of this mess. I convinced myself that I could simply show my boss my phone, and the text messages, and simply explain the simple mistake and beg forgiveness. Maybe, with a little luck, I might just get a written warning and some sexual harassment counseling.

I relaxed a little and must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew someone was knocking on my hotel room door. I looked at the bedside clock and it was almost 6pm, an hour after the conference was done for the day. I went to the door and looked through the peephole and it was Sally! I wasn’t ready for this, but if I apologized profusely enough, maybe, just maybe she’d understand we could put this behind us.

I opened the door, and Sally was standing there in a plain gray t-shirt, blue gym shorts, and flip-flops. Her long, red hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and looked wet. From the dark marks on her t-shirt, I guessed she had just showered. I started, “Sally, I am so, so sorry! I made a huge mistake!” She brushed against me as she pushed into my room and turned around and shut the door. As she turned back around, I couldn’t help but notice her nipples standing out, obviously she was braless. She turned the lock on the door and then the privacy bar, and turned to me and said, “So you don’t want to eat my pussy?”

I was stunned as she stood there and smiled. I said, “You had better leave. I’m sorry I said that, but I was texting my wife and got you two mixed up.”

Sally took a step towards me, “You got us mixed up? I thought you wanted my ass from the way you watch it at work.”

“I don’t look at you that way! I’m your supervisor!” I tried to deny what she said. She rolled her green eyes at me, “Please! Don’t think I don’t notice you checking me out when I bend over. tuzla escort Besides, I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

I again asked her to leave, telling her it wasn’t right for us to be in a hotel room together. She said, “Look. We’re both here alone and you’ve made me horny all afternoon! I won’t tell, but I asked what you wanted for dinner, and you said to eat my pussy. So I’m here to serve you your dinner.” She smiled at me and pushed up against me. I could feel her hard nipples as her breasts pushed into my chest. She put her arms around my shoulders, and leaned her mouth into mine. I have never cheated on my wife…never even felt up any other girl before we were married, but when Sally touched her lips to mine, I was lost. Her lips pressed into mine, and I felt them part a little and her tongue touch my lips. I put my arms around her and responded, sliding my tongue around hers. She let out a little “uhhh” and pulled me harder against her.

After a long, wet kiss, she pulled back a little, and looked at me. “It was offering to tongue my ass that got me. Steve (her husband, that I’ve known longer than her) never plays with my ass and I love it when I play with it myself. I hope you weren’t kidding…” I replied, “Well, I wasn’t kidding about playing with my wife’s ass…” as my hands dropped to her ass and I grabbed onto the cheeks I had only lusted at from afar. Sally’s ass is very round, and curves out from her body nicely. It seemed to have a deep cleft in her pants, and jiggled just right when she moved. With her wide, womanly hips, it was a luscious work of art. Her ass was firm in my hands, and there was definite heat coming from the crack of her derriere as my fingers cupped her cheeks and pulled them apart a little. All I felt was the thin nylon of her shorts. Maybe she isn’t wearing panties…or a g-string.

We continued kissing as I rubbed her backside…Sally grinding her pelvis against mine. She pulled back and took my hand, leading me towards the bed. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it quickly over her head.

I was speechless. Her breasts were perfect! They were as large as I thought, hanging down, but perfectly round and beautiful. Her areoles were at larger than silver dollars. Her breasts were white, very pale, but with freckles down the top of her chest and into her cleavage. The areole were dark red, almost brown, very crinkled, and her nipples looked like dark red, soft, thimbles; almost ½’ thick and ½’ long. She slid her hands up her sides and under her breasts, lifting them briefly and letting them fall. I’m sure my head followed as the bounced delightfully, her nipples seeming to stick out even more.

“C’mon! You need to catch up.” She said as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. She dropped her hands down to my belt, and I grabbed her hands…nervous again even though she was half-naked in front of me. She looked at me and leaned into me again, her nipples like hot rocks against my bare chest; her lips meeting mine as she snaked her tongue in my mouth. As she kissed me, her hands unbuckled my belt, and unsnapped my jeans and started to push them down.

My hands slid down the smooth skin of her back, right to the elastic of her shorts. I pushed my hands under the elastic and further down. I felt the thin strip of a thong just under the elastic, and moved on to cup her ass beneath her shorts. The feel of her flesh in my hands was so erotic…I was quickly losing control.

Her hands moved to cup me through my briefs. I’m not huge, just under 8″, but decently thick. My wife can’t get her hand all the way around me. “Oh, that’s nice.” She breathed in my ear, “You’re bigger than Steve.” Her hands grabbed my briefs and pushed them down, bending my cock down a little painfully. As she pushed my briefs down more, my dick popped back up, rubbing on her shorts.

I used my forearms, wedged under her shorts waistband, to push her shorts down. “Now you’re behind,” I said. She stepped back, my hands pulling out of her shorts, and wiggled her shorts the rest of the way down. Her legs were sexy, soft, just the right amount of weight to her to make them curvy and round. She smiled as she looked at my cock and hooked her thumbs in her purple thong. A dark purple circle was clearly visible in the front, the wetness proving her level of excitement. “Want me to take these off?” What a stupid question! I nodded.

She turned around, showing me the perfect round, white cheeks of her ass; the purple thong disappearing between them, deep into the valley. She slowly pushed her panties down as she bent over, her cheeks spreading slightly. I could just see the rose pucker of her asshole, and as she pushed her panties down more, the lips of her pussy…bare! The first bare pussy I had seen live. My wife refused to shave.

She stepped out of her panties and turned around. She wasn’t completely shaved. There was a small “landing strip” of curly red hair above her pussy. ucuz escort She spread her legs a little, slid her hands over her rounded, soft tummy, and down to her mons. She pulled a little on each side and I almost grabbed her right then. As she pulled her pussy open to my view, I could see the dark, purple inner lips of her pussy, glistening, and what looked to be a clit as big as my thumb sticking out! Just like her nipples, her clit was huge!

She came near me, grabbing my cock with one hand and my shoulder with the other, and pushed me towards the bed. “Lay down,” she ordered. I lay down in the middle of the bed and she crawled onto the bed, over my right leg. She straddled my leg, her big tits against my thigh, her stomach on my knee, and I could feel the heat of her pussy against my foot. She slowly stroked my cock with one hand, her other arm between my legs holding her up. She looked up at me as she stuck out her tongue and licked my cock from my balls to the tip. “Are you going to eat my pussy?” she asked as she looked right in my eyes. “Oh, yeah!” I panted.

Still looking straight at me, she held my cock as she lowered her mouth over the head. Her tongue wrapped around the tip and slid down as she pulled me into her wet mouth, sucking as she lowered her head. She got about halfway down before pausing, moving her tongue all around my shaft, then lowering again, taking all of my cock into her mouth, her nose against my pubes. I groaned and arched my back. She let my cock slide out of her mouth, and then back into her throat about three times, all the way up and down. She then slowly raised her head off of me, a strand of saliva connecting my cock to her lower lip, looked at me, and said, “There is plenty more of that if you do a good job.”

She raised her body off of my leg and crawled over me; the feel of her soft breasts with the hard nipples dragging along my body as she climbed over me was one of the most erotic feelings I ever had. She lay on top of me as she lowered her mouth to mine, kissing me hard and shoving her tongue in my mouth. She straddled me as we kissed, grinding her pussy along my cock, her pussy juice making us slick as she slid along my cock. I could actually feel the hard nub of her clit sliding up and down my shaft.

She broke the kiss and looked in my eyes as she said, “Please, I need to cum. I want to cream in your mouth.” She half stood over me as she walked her way up the bed. She was holding onto the headboard as she dragged her beautiful tit over my face, barely letting me lick it as she put her feet on either side of my head. I was looking up her soft, white legs, directly to her pussy. It looked like it was about to drip. The view of the curve of her stomach and the underside of her breast was so arousing. She slid her feet under my arms as she knelt, putting her thighs around my head. Her pussy was now directly over my face; I could feel the heat radiating out of her, smell the musk, see the dark red of her inner pussy as her legs spread as she lowered herself.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her clit; I had never seen anything like it. It was huge! It looked as big around as my thumb and I would swear it was over an inch long. I thought I could see a subtle pulsing as she kneeled above me.

I slid my hands up the back of her thighs, up to her ass, where I grabbed each cheek and pulled her down to me. As her pussy settled on my mouth, my tongue sliding up between her lips, just before her thighs tightened around my head I heard the sexiest groan from her. I first tasted her; sweet, almost like honey, thick cream. I felt her tremble as I slid my tongue in as far as I could, sucking as much of her syrup as I could get. I brought my hands around her upper thighs to hold on as she started to rock on my mouth. I licked up and down, avoiding her clit for now, though I could feel it against my upper lip and nose. Her cream started flowing more…I was amazed at how wet she was…at how much her pussy flowed.

I kept teasing her pussy, licking up and down, until I finally ran my tongue up over her clit. I was rock hard, but soft, and I could feel her heartbeat. I couldn’t help myself and sucked her clit into my mouth, easily wrapping my lips around it as I swirled my tongue all over it. I felt one hand grab my hair and could hear her scream as she ground against my face. Her pussy was squirting! I had her cream everywhere, filling my mouth, running down my chin and neck…it was one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever seen!

She let go of my hair and quit grinding against my face, but I kept licking, drinking her cream, and sucking her clit through two more orgasms, each as intense as the first. She finally flopped to the side, lying down on the bed next to me. When I looked, she had mascara tear streaks down her face and her neck and upper chest was beet red…I couldn’t even see her freckles anymore. She was panting as she lay there, with her arms above her head, and her legs spread ümraniye escort wide. I could still see pussy juice leaking from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I gave her one more lick as I moved over her, moving up to kiss her. She put her arms around my shoulders as she sucked on my tongue. As she calmed, she looked at me. “I came so good! That was great. I love the way you ate me. Did you like your dinner?” “Very much,” I told her, “but I’m still hungry.” She tightened her arms around my neck and said, “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard.”

I moved between her legs. I meant to rub my cock up and down her slit a few times, but she was so wet, I slid in the first time, all the way in. We both groaned loudly. She was hot, and unbelievably tight. I knew she had two kids, but her pussy felt tighter than my own hand. “Wait! Wait…”, she said, ” You’re stretching me. Let me get used to it.” She had her arms around my neck and her eyes were closed as she held me. Her pussy was incredibly hot, and I could feel it squeezing my cock as I held it in her.

After her pause, she opened her eyes and smiled. “Oh god that feels good” she said as she raised her lips to mine. As I kissed her, our tongues together, I felt first one leg and then the other wrap around my butt. She broke our kiss and said, “Start slow, but then I want you to pound me.”

I slowly pulled back, feeling the tight suction of her pussy resisting the withdrawal of my cock. I only got about halfway out when her legs tightened and pulled me back in all the way. As my balls compressed against her ass, she groaned loudly, “Oh fuck yeah!” I smiled down at her…this gorgeous redhead wrapped around me. She saw me smiling. “I like to talk dirty,” she grinned. I just smiled back as I leaned down to kiss her again, sucking her tongue in my mouth. As I gently bit her tongue, I quickly lifted my hips, drawing my cock most of the way out, and then slammed it back in as quick as I could…shoving my cock hard into her…feeling our pelvises bounce together.

Sally pulled her mouth away, sucked her breath in, and growled, “Damn! That’s what I meant. Fuck me good!” I started a good rhythm, long strokes, fairly hard. She squeezed her eyes shut in effort. I could feel the tilt of her hips working with me as her legs were wrapped around me. If I focused, I could feel her clit rubbing on me as I pumped in and out…her nipples hard against my chest. Erotic words came erratically from her mouth. “You like my bare pussy, don’t you?” “Fuck me harder!” “Give me your cock!”

Eventually, Sally tightened all around me…her arms pulled my neck and shoulders close to her, her legs wrapped tight around mine, and what I thought was a tight pussy squeezed me like I’d never felt before. I was “balls deep” in her, and in my ear I hear her squeal, “I’m cumming, you fucker!” I could feel her pussy pulse around my cock and felt a very hot, wet sensation all around my cock, balls and pelvic area, and later found I’d been drenched with her cum. She just panted, “Oh god, oh god,” over and over in my ear.

As she returned to earth and relaxed, she looked at me, smiled, and kissed me deeply. I started to stroke into her again, and she grunted. “Stop…stop. My pussy needs a break…” She looked down between us. “You still haven’t cum??” I flexed my hard cock in her and told her, “Not yet.” Her eyes widened, “Damn! What does it take?” “Just a little more time,” I told her.

She had a wicked grin as she said, “You still owe my ass some attention.” I’m sure my eyes lit up because she giggled. “You’re really gonna lick my ass?” “You showered, right?” I asked. She nodded. “Then oh hell yeah!”, I growled. I pulled my cock out of her incredible pussy as I rose to my knees on the bed. Seeing this beautiful woman below me, her chest, neck and shoulders still flushed; her pussy red and open; her nipples hard and standing out on her perfect tits; and she was wet from her belly button to her knees (and so was I) covered in her cream. I leaned over and sucked her clit into my mouth, loving the taste of her cum. She squealed and pushed me away. “Enough!” as she giggled again. She was very cute.

She turned over in front of me, rising onto her knees, and lowering her head onto her arms on the pillow. This put her ass right in front of me. It was mesmerizing. Perfect pale white globes…womanly hips…her thighs glistening from her juice… Between her cheeks was slightly less pale, and a cute little rosebud. I could see her pussy right below…between her thighs, still open and leaking. This was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. My hands caressed her hips and slid onto her cheeks, squeezing them…feeling that perfect combination of jiggle and firmness. I leaned down and kissed first her left cheek, and then the right. All I could smell was the musk of her pussy. I was enraptured. I had planned to be “romantic” and slow, and show my appreciation for her derriere, but animal lust took over me with the sight and smell and I dove in tongue first. I lowered my head to lick the drops from her pussy, and dragged my tongue up to her back door. Her groans were background noise to my own pulse in my head. I stabbed my tongue into her ass, pushing in. As I kissed and licked up and down her backside, my hand stroked up the inside of her soft thigh, towards the radiating heat of her dripping pussy.

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