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Missing Sergeant Samantha

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I was having the time of my life. Our unit was finally allowed to go on their well-earned block leave and my lover, Sergeant Samantha, came to me with a brilliant idea; we would take our leave together and go to the shore of San Diego, California, and live it up like there’s no tomorrow. A year in the desert and coming back to Fort Riley, Kansas, there were no other prospects for me. I was at first cautious about accepting this but then she gave me the good news that she was given a transfer to a new unit, still on Fort Riley, but now we were free of the Regulations of relationships in same units that were binding us to be so quiet and the first thing I did was go and get a digital camera to record video and take pictures knowing I was going to fill up the memory card with all these cherish memories, but with the chaos of trying to get leave time and her transfer-Samantha and I didn’t meet for nearly two weeks. That Friday she had CQ duty and Saturday her friends decided to have lady’s night and she came home drunk and passed out till Monday which was sad for me because other than her, there was nothing else for me at Riley. I didn’t have family and only a few people even in my own unit that I talk to. Most of the time it was ‘Cole, do this. Cole, do that’ and I reply ‘Hooah, sergeant’ and start working. I was a small guy compared to the others but once we got back from the Sandbox, lots of things changed. People were more focused on getting block leave and getting away for a month and a lot of others were leaving for different reasons.

It was an tense twelve days planning, waiting, packing and waiting some more knowing that soon we would be in the warm rays of the sun, cold waves of the ocean and the hot beds of our rented beach front condo.

Just two days left before we were set to leave our unit seemed to not be content in letting us go. There were vehicle inspections, more PT, and more lectures from our officers, telling us the consequences of drinking while underage, drinking and driving, and drug use and STDs. We were Government property so they were trying to hammer in the point that we were supposed to be careful about what we do, but many of us; 18-19 years old, finally going to be free from the Army’s confines, were going to do whatever we wanted for three weeks then spend the last week recouping our losses. A great many were going all the way to Mexico for cheap shots and hot fucks.

It was a Thursday when I was at the PX on base going through the aisles when I went down an aisle for chips and saw the shapely haunch of Sergeant Samantha facing towards me looking for her brand of Lays, salt and vinegar.

Approaching quietly with flat feet, heading twisting to ensure we were alone, I came up behind her and lowered my voice to a whisper, “Hello, Sergeant.” She jumped and turned towards me with wide, gray eyes and when we connected she burst out into a smile and hugged me.

“Hi,” she said with her sexy, smoky voice, “How’s it going?” not wanting to let go, but reluctantly did so because we were in a public place. She was technically my superior, at least here in the Army, but at her place, that well-manicured 5’6″ 125lb frame of a woman was my passionate lover.

“I’m packed and ready to go,” I replied as my eyes graced her figure. She was clothed in a fresh set of BDUs, her strawberry-blonde hair done up neatly in a tight bun behind her head and her skin was losing its sun kissed tone by being inside more and more.

“Good, good,” Samantha nodded, picking up her basket that she dropped when she jumped and said, “Did you get a cell phone yet?”

“No” shaking my head lightly.

“You need to get one. Just in case. It doesn’t have to be one that takes pictures or anything like that,” she said then took out a pen from her right breast pocket and a small pad of paper and quickly scribbled down something and tucked it into my own breast pocket, “Sorry to be in a rush, but I got some girlfriends that are waiting for me. When you get a phone either call me or send a text message, okay?”

“Sure thing” I replied with a thin smile.

She hugged me tightly once more, “See you soon,” whispering into my ear. “Remember, I’ll pick you up and we’ll go to the airport together.”

“Yes, sergeant!” I snapped and as she pulled back she gave a gentle nudge with her left elbow into my gut and scoffed before picking up her chips and walking down the aisle and as a final farewell she swung her backside left and right like a pendulum and my mouth watered knowing that soon, that backside would be mine in a place no one would hear her being pleasured.

Leading up to Friday everything seemed to be dragging. There was always one more lecture, one more piece of paper, one more thing that some officer needed. I did everything, signed it, reported in, gave my contact information and more importantly, I got my phone. This one could send text messages and the first thing I did was send my lover a message. “This is Cole” I wrote out, “I have a phone now!” After sending it out I placed the phone on my night stand and began going through my suitcase again. Within a couple of minutes it began vibrating, Ataköy escort I dropped my clothes and picked it up to read the screen.

“Great! How are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m doing good. You?” I wrote back.

It was so strange sending her messages this way when we would spend the weekend together, but I remembered now that she was transferred to a new unit and though she wouldn’t grace me with her presence here she would still be in close contact with me. The phone vibrated again.

“I’m lonely and horny.”

My eyebrows buckled. Samantha went straight to the point.

“You’re only lonely till Friday” I reminded her.

Sending the message and resuming packing her reply was swift, “Yeah, did you pack your trunks?”

“Yes. Did you?” teasing her.

“Yes, baby. I got a good one for you, but I’m not telling you. You have to see it. You’ll love it. But I’m still horny.”

Two weeks apart. I was horny and lonely as well and I desired Samantha, but wanted to save up at least till Friday night, but Samantha saw it differently. With each message I tried to finish up my packing but she quick with her fingers, giving me only a few seconds before another message would arrive. It took another thirty minutes with me sending out quick, error filled, messages but she didn’t point them out. She just wanted to talk to me. I finally zipped up my suitcase and shoved it underneath my bed and flopped down on the bed, kicked off my black boots and hung up my BDU blouse, but I didn’t want to bother with taking off my bottoms. Too much of a hassle as my voice began pulsing. This time it was a phone call from my lover and answering it the first words I heard from her was, “Hi, baby. I miss you.” That sultry voice made my heart quicken.

“I miss you to,” smiling as I curled my sock covered toes.

“Mmm, yeah. I’m glad you got a phone. Now we can have some fun,” giving a teasing chuckle, “mmm, so, where are you?”

“In my room. You?”

“Me to and you’re not here in my bed with me. It’s so weird,” sounding disappointing. What I didn’t see was her free hand rubbing the empty space on her bed where she wished I was.

I laughed, “I know. Right?”

“Just a few more hours and we’ll be on the beach,” speaking in a very soothing, low tone. I wish I could see what she was doing but I had to just use my imagination based on my knowledge of her. “We’ll have a bed for just the two of us. Hehe. I can finger your ass, like I promised, and maybe…maybe, if you play your cards right, you get my ass. Hehe. But, we’re getting ahead ourselves here. So tell me, baby, what are you wearing?”

“My bottoms and undershirt,” I replied, “you?”

“That tight fitting sports bra you like,” she laughed, “and running shorts. I went for a run today and came back, and you weren’t there. You should’ve seen my sweat coated body all gleaming in the light” Her voice began to convey disappointment, “I miss your warmth. I’m lying in bed and needing love from my Stallion.” That was her name for me. I wasn’t a finely homed man, but a stick, but she loved me just as I was. “Mmm, I miss your kisses, your fingers on me, and your cock. I miss my Stallion’s cock.”

That smoky voice is what I miss in my ear, those soft lips to mine, that slippery eel of a tongue, those long-slender fingers touching me, heaving chest, soft backside and her pounding heart, but that’s not what I said to her. I don’t know why, but all of my emotions that I was feeling for her, what I missed and desired didn’t come out of my mouth. I couldn’t explain why. Perhaps it was fear that she wouldn’t feel the same way despite the fact we had been lovers for so long, that she said many a times that what we have wasn’t ‘just a fling’ but I couldn’t explain it, all that came out was “I miss you to”.

She countered with, “What do you miss about me?” and I froze and my mind went blank. There was an entire list of things drawn up it was now gone! Shaking my head I fought to put it back before it finally flashed inside when she drew a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I miss your voice,” starting it out then added, “and waking up to your gray eyes.”

There was a soft giggle from her end, “Yeah? Mmm, you like my voice?” What’s not to love? It was low, sultry, with the rolling of ‘R’ and humming of the ‘M’s. She could make even reading a movie description on the back of a box sound arousing. Several weeks prior to this, I tried to She didn’t believe me at first so I went to her ‘collection’ which were a mixture of soft-core porn and some hardcore stuff she got from the store for ‘rainy nights’ and picked out a Jenna Haze cover, she liked her, and told her to read the back as she sat next to me. Holding the cover in her right hand, leaning towards me, she said, “Watch Jenna fullfill her dirtiest fantasies…” she sounded with a twinge of humor because we were looking at the cover and seeing the slender, petite, brunette with sensual eyes in skimpy school clothes, a maid and in another picture there were six schlongs arrayed around her willing face and that conjured up memories of the gangbang Samantha was in. Perhaps it was these Ataköy escort bayan pictures that spurred her to continue and to drop her tone lower and leaning closer to my ear, “Mass-ive facial. Blowbang. Glory hole sex” flashing her pearl white teeth in a growl. “Her first black cock. Anal. Girl/girl sub-mission. Foot fetish” at the very end Samantha curled her upper lip and said, “and even more anal.”

Flicking her eyes over to me she could tell that I was turned on, from looking at the pictures but mostly from her voice. It was my own personal show and I had mentally replaced Jenna with my own lover and I made no effort to conceal my happiness and Samantha was more than happy to help me and gave me a hand job after sliding open my fly and pulling out my meat and sac, spitting into the palm of her hand and gently stroking me from sac to tip then rapping her fingers on the head and stroking some more, flexing at the wrist to keep it exciting as we locked lips, eyes closed and breathing at the same time. We kept it gentle to conserve energy for later. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, shrouded in darkness I didn’t have to do anything but sit there and enjoy it as we continued to kiss, mouths yawning open and sliding our tongues into each other’s mouth as she pulled up my shirt to show my flat stomach. I was physically fit but did not have a well-crafted six-pack and it was cold at first until we got going and when I came, thick warm cum shot out onto my stomach and Samantha continued stroking as the last pulse escaped then she began eating it up, kissing my tongue and spilling her tongue around lapping it up. She loved eating my cum, saying it was salty most of the time, but thick and rich.

Sorry, I was getting off track, but those warm memories you don’t stop but play them out till the end. There was her voice in my ear again, “So, my voice and my eyes, yes? How about my chest? I know you like them?” There was truth to that. They were 36C all natural, not too big or too small-I could hold one the palm of my hand, slightly firm with nickel sized areolas that loved to be pinched and licked. They were a bit different when we first met, but with the constant PT we were under they began to change with a bit more uplift as she toned her chest. Samantha loved to take her clothes off, expose every bit of flesh to the air and to me, but I loved having a bit of clothes on because some clothes over the right spot would add a bit of teasing and excitement with curiosity.

“My ass? You like my ass as well?” Again, what’s not to love? Like her chest, Samantha was always working out to keep herself in shape and there was more tightness to her cheeks than before. She did leg curls, running, and a host of other exercises to shape them and it paved off because she loved teasing it me with it. “Ohhhh,” she continued, “I wish you were playing with my ass, Cole,” her voice turning to disappointment as I could hear rustling of the sheets, it was her rolling over to be on her side. “I miss your fingers. You know just where to put them,” smiling before rolling the tip of her pink tongue along the entire perimeter of her lips.

“I miss your fingers as well” I replied with glee then I became overcme with warmth when she gave a sigh and it clicked that I was on to something and started to roll with it, “I miss your fingers tickling my stomach.” There was a giggle, “Yeah?”

“Your fingers going up to my chest and lifting up my shirt with it…”

“Oh…yeah. Showing those hard nipples…”

“You take off my shirt and kiss my chest, on both nipples, sucking gently then dragging the tip of your eel up the front of my throat to my chin where we finally come face to face.”

“Hehehe, hi”

“Hi” smiling widely, missing her face.

“I love it” Samantha smiled then came up with an idea, “Can you phone take and receive pictures?”


“Give me a moment. I’m going to send you some ‘motivation’ I got to hang up but I’ll be right back. You better not show them to anyone.” She hung up and in a minute my phone vibrate and looking at the glowing screen there was her number and a link and clicking download and up came my first picture, it was a bust shot of my lover still lying on her bed, left hand holding up her camera, head lightly turned to the right, green eyes pointed towards me, lips pulled back in a smile and her other arm wrapped underneath her chest and lifting up her sports bra and her breasts, giving more cleavage that was very appealing to me.

The phone pulsed and I answered, “Hello?”

“Did you get it?”

“Yeah, you’re lovely.”

“Oh, baby…thanks.”

“I mean it, honey. You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re very handsome, yourself.”

“Hehe, thanks.”

Clearing her throat, “Let’s continue, shall we? Now, I’m in the kitchen preparing our dinner. I just came back from my jog and I’m at the counter. Mmmm. What do you do?”

She was testing me in a roleplay. I knew exactly how to get her. As much as she loved surprise she loved passion, lots of kisses, tongue action. “I’ll come up behind you, place my hands on your hips, and escort Ataköy lean forward and kiss the back of your neck,” the drawn out sigh told me that I was still on a roll, “then move to your left and kiss some more, lather up your hot skin and very nicely pinch it between my teeth and pull on your sports bra showing more of your flesh and you tremble with my breath against your hot, wet skin.”

She shivered and gave a coy, “Yeah.”

“I pull your bra down to the ends of your shoulder, kissing some more and then come back to your neck and go up to your eyes and whisper into your ear…”

“Mmmm, what would you say, lover?”

“Hello, lovely,” being passionate, eyes softly closed, picturing the body and face of my lover in that same position and clothes, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes” she gasped.

“I missed you. Start kissing the other side of your neck, pinch the earlobe lightly between my teeth. Oh, sergeant, you’re getting hot. I can smell it.” As this was happening I had popped the fly of my bottoms and pulled out my cock, the very one she crave and began stroking it slowly, pre-cum crowning at the tip before following down the front where it coated my fingers.

She gasped again, “Yeah…yeah…” I began stroking faster.

“Lightly cup your breasts, oh, and lift up the bra, showing this pink lovelies you have. Hehe, pinch them between my fingers…”

“Mmmm, Cole…”

“You feel my lightly grinding between your cheeks, don’t you, sergeant?” I didn’t wait for an answer, “I lean in and wrap my lips around your left breast, and applying suction and lathering it up with saliva then come around to the right…”

“Ohhh…” she groaned, “Mmmmm….”

“What are you doing, baby?” asking with a sinister smile.

There was a moment’s worth of hesitation, but she replied, “Rubbing my clit.”

A regular man would plunge right into the sex, working his cock into her pussy, but the buildup was getting to her and the more build up would make the climax all the better. “Samantha, baby, I want you take your fingers and put them back into your shorts.”

“Okay, Private Cole. Ohhhh. You want me to finger myself? I’m your sergeant! I shouldn’t be doing this with you” chuckling then moistened her lips and pursed them together, “Should I?”

“Yes,” I replied softly, “finger yourself, but picture that it’s me.”

“I am,” she smiled, “I am. Yes” panting for breath, “oooh, mmmmm, baby, you should be here,” her voice becoming very faint.

“Sergeant, tell me what you’re doing.”

“Working a finger into my clit. Mmmm, two fingers. It’s so tight. I miss your cock, baby. You hear me? I miss your co-ock,” now groaning with anger for being denied what she craved. “I got two fingers inside my pussy, thrusting them in and out. Oh, Cole…I need it…”

“What do you need?” I asked.

“I need your cock” pleading faintly.

“Where do you want it?”

“Inside me. I want it inside me….I want my Stallion…” I could hear the ‘smack smack smack’ as she began pounding her fingers into her twat. “OH! OH!” yelping, bouncing on the bed, “OH! God damn it.”

“What are you doing, sergeant?” I asked in a whisper with a smile on my lips and eyes closed trying to picture this moment in my mind.

“Sir,” faintly, “I’m fingering my cunt. Two fingers…” gasping.

“Use three fingers,” I replied.

Samantha purred, “Sir, that’s going to hurt a bit.”

“I know,” nodding, “Do it. I want to hear you moan.”

She cooed, “Oh, baby. You’re a naughty boy,” giggling as she did as ordered. The tips of her three fingers ran over her dripping twat, touching the lips that made her shiver in anticipation before gently sinking in. “Oh! Oh. Oooooo” as these eased inside of her to the first knuckle. She sniffed to clear her nose, “It’s so good, baby, but it’s not your cock.”

Samantha loved my cock. She described the 6 1/2 inches of meat as “Not too big that it hurts and not too small that I don’t feel it. It hits the right spot every time.” It was her that pointed out that; a big dick is good but most guys don’t know how to use and end up hurting their partners by shoving it in like a bayonet.

“I want you to picture me, Samantha,” I continued. “Picture me next to you.”

“I am, baby” she moaned.

“Picture me reaching down and that those are my fingers inside of you.”

“Ohhh, it’s so good,” now shivering as her blood coursed.

“I’m pressing all three fingers in at the same time, slowly, feeding every millimeter of my bone and flesh into you, Samantha,” still in a seductive whisper as my right hand stroked my own meat. “Do you like it?”

She gasped, “Ya”

“Sergeant, I can’t hear you,” teasing her.

She moaned, “Yes! I love it!”

A beaming smile came to my lips. That’s what I wanted to hear from my lover as she continued to press her hand inside and back out. The good sergeant had toys but she was now committed to using just her fingers as her pussy began leaking more of her sweet juices onto the sheets. She didn’t care. The sergeant was too wrapped up about her own pleasure than linen. “Oh! Oh! Oh! God! Cole. I need it. I need it. I need it!” Each exclaim grew louder in my ear as she was reaching the apex. Her blood was flowing, hands and limbs trembling as her innards tightened and she tossed her head back and shouted, “FUUUUUUCK!” then I heard heavy gasps of air through the phone.

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