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Miss Varley the Math Teacher

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Ethan stood at his locker, leaning back against the wall. The school looked different from his new perspective, and he wasn’t sure what it was that was different. It was the first day of classes in his senior year. He looked around at the people he had known since grade school. How odd to see them all so grown-up and mature-looking. He was eighteen now. On the other hand, the new freshmen looked like children, not high school students. He didn’t recall feeling as young as they looked when he was a freshman.

His first class was math. He hated math, but he kept taking it. Although his grades were always excellent, he never felt that he was learning anything. The only satisfaction he got out of it was knowing that if he got the math out of the way here in high school, he wouldn’t have to take math in college.

The teacher of this math class was a Miss Varley, a new teacher. He had never heard of her. Everyone said she was a fifty year old spinster with loose dentures. Depressed, he tossed the books in his locker. He was not looking forward to this class.

“Hi Ethan,” someone said.

He turned around. Alison Griffin was smiling at him. She was wearing a short skirt and blouse.

“Hi,” he said and smiled back.

Just last year, hardly anyone knew Alison. She moved there just after the start of the year, and was shy around everyone. This year was going to be different. She looked great.

“Did you have a good summer?” she said.

“Yeah. Great summer.”

“Tommy told me you got in trouble last night.”

“Yeah. I got a speeding ticket and my Mom got pissed.”

“Did you get grounded.”

“No. She just yelled at me for about an hour.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know Ethan. What are we going to do about you?”

“I don’t know. What do you got in mind?”

“You should give me a chance to straighten you out.”

“Straighten me out?” he said.

Her hand came up and touched the crotch of his jeans.

“We’ll just have to wait and see what comes up,” she said.

She rubbed his cock. Her eyes lit up. Her fingers felt along the entire length of his cock, which was quickly growing hard down the leg of his pants.

“Oh my God. What do you got in there?”

“That? That’s my dick.”

“Your dick? Is this thing legal?”

“You can find out tonight, if you’re not doing anything.”

Her head was shaking. She was staring at the bulge that stuck out against his leg.

“I don’t think I can wait that long. You wanna show it to me at lunch? I just turned eighteen a few days ago, you know.”

“That’s cool. We’ll take my car?”

“Cool. I’ll meet you here.”

She walked off with a little wave over her shoulder. Ethan waved back, and watched her walk away down the hall. He especially liked the way her short skirt bounced off her hot ass with each step.

It was a hot day and the school’s air conditioning had not yet kicked in. He was glad he had worn loose jeans and skipped the boxers, but he wished they would allow the guys to wear shorts like they allowed the girls to wear short skirts. It was all right that day, though, because the bulge of his twelve inch cock hanging down the leg of his jeans was painfully obvious.

He hung around at his locker until the last minute, when the hallway was clear. He shut his locker and headed to his first class and the mysterious Miss Varley. He went around a corner and a cute young girl, a sophomore or a freshman, smiled at him. She had lovely red hair and a very nice figure.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Ethan said, and smiled back.

She glanced down at the front of his jeans and her mouth fell open.

“Oh my God,” she said, and stopped in her tracks.

Ethan smirked and continued to his class with the feel of his hard cock rubbing against his leg.

He walked into the classroom just as the tardy bell rang and quietly closed the door behind him. A few people in the class looked up. The rest were gabbing with each other, and he was surprised that an anal-retentive old spinster math teacher would allow this.

He looked across the room and saw Ms. Varley sat at her desk. When he walked in the room he saw her out of the corner of his eye, and figured it must have been one of the girls in class, so he didn’t pay much attention. When he looked again, he realized his new teacher was a voluptuous brunette in her late twenties. She had a great figure that filled out the front of her blouse and tapered down to a slim waist and gorgeous hips.

She looked at him and glanced at the long bulge hanging down his pants. Her eyes looked back up to his eyes, and she looked with a lazy, knowing smile. Ethan sat in the only open seat at the front.

Ms. Varley stood up from behind her desk and paced in front of the class while she talked. Ethan admired her stunning figure. She looked fantastic, as good as any woman he had ever dreamed could look. He watched Sivas Escort her walk back and forth across the front of the class as she lectured about their goals for the year and smiled every time she looked at him.

“Any questions?” she said.

Ethan snapped out of a fantasy. He almost raised his hand and asked if she was married, but caught himself before his hand went up. She answered a question from somebody at the back of the room and he was glad no one was paying attention to him.

For the rest of the hour they discussed some of the basics of math. Ethan like the way Miss Varley would casually glance at the bulge in his pants during the entire class. The more she looked at it, the harder it got, until its painful aching made him restless and anxious for the hour to end. Just thinking about how he was going to get it on with Alison at lunch only made his cock harder.

When the bell finally rang to end class, Ethan practically jumped out of his seat and headed for the door, but Miss Varley stopped him and asked him to stay. His shoulders slumped. Everyone else headed out of the room and he turned back to his seat. Miss Varley remained at her desk, not looking up from her paperwork.

As he sat, his erection deflated and he found it easier to move in his jeans. But he quickly got impatient.

“Is there something you wanna tell me, Miss Varley? I gotta get to my next class.”

She put down her pen and looked at him over the tops of her glasses.

“I was just going over your records, Ethan. Since I’m new to this school, I wanted to get to know my students, and when I looked at your file I found it very interesting.”

Ethan sat up straight. “What does it say?”

She picked up a sheet of paper.

“It tells me you’re a very intelligent young man with learning skills superior to your classmates, but that you rarely work up to your potential.”

He stared at her. How was he supposed to respond to that?

“If you tried as hard in your classwork as you do in some of your other ventures, you might be out of high school and in college right now,” she said.

“Such as what?”

“Such as hockey. Do you expect to get a hockey scholarship?”

“Sure. My grades have never been a problem.”

“No, they certainly haven’t, but they could be your best asset.”

Ethan slumped in his chair and frowned. Miss Varley stood up.

“Come into my office, Ethan. Do you want a Coke?” she said.

“Uh … Sure.”

He followed her into her private office off the back of the classroom and sat on the couch against the wall while he drank his pop. She stood by the window.

“How old are you, Ethan?” she said.


“You’re a bright student.”

“I’ve been told,” he said.

“Do you like math?”

“Not really.”

She adjusted her skirt, showing her long legs. She turned back to him and he looked up to her eyes and grinned.

“Do you think I look nice?” she said.

“Yeah. You bet.”

She smiled.

“Call me Theresa,” she said.

She looked straight at his crotch. His cock twitched and grew hard again, stretching down into the leg of his jeans.

“Let’s see if we can work something out,” she said.

She stepped toward him, swinging her hips so that her tits jiggled. She bent forward and put her hand on his thigh, right on his bulging rod. The front of her blouse opened and he could see all the way down to her belly button. His cock twitched again.

“You’ve got a pretty big cock. I love big cocks,” she said, and rubbed long bulge.

“What would Principal DeLoy think about his new teacher seducing one of her students?”

“I’m not going to tell him. Are you?” Theresa said.

“Not me.”

Ethan reached up and squeezed her tit. Her nipples hardened under his fingers and she sucked in a breath.

“How do you like to get fucked?”

“Hard. Fast and hard. How do you like to give it?”

“Slow. And gentle. And deep.”

Theresa chuckled. Her hand stroked the length of his hard cock.

“I bet you do,” she said.

She took Ethan’s hand and helped him to his feet. He opened her blouse, grabbed her bra and tore it away, ripping the fabric. She groaned and rubbed his dick with her thigh. He bent forward and licked her nipple. She pressed her chest to his face.

“Let me see your cock,” she whispered.

She licked her lips. He opened his jeans and pulled them down.

“My God,” she said with a gasp.

Her eyes were wide. His cock stood straight out, purple and swollen. She ran her trembling fingers over the sensitive head.

“I’ve never seen a man so big. Do you get much attention from the girls in this school?” she said.


“You ever get any of them to suck on it?” she said, and dropped to her knees in front of him.

“A few,” Ethan said.

He pushed his cock to her mouth. Sivas Escort Bayan Theresa held it in both hands and ran her tongue up and down the shaft, coating it with saliva. He towered over her and fed it slowly into her mouth, an inch at a time. She took about half of it before she choked and pulled it out of her mouth.

“I can’t swallow the whole thing. It’s too big,” she said, and wiped the saliva from her mouth.

She looked up at him with her big, dark eyes. Ethan pulled her to her feet and lifted her skirt.

“What are you doing?” she said.

He pulled her panties down.

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he said.

He laid her on her back on the desk, spread her legs, and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Theresa bit her lower lip and moaned. He held her thighs in his hands and moved between them. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He touched the head of his dick to her wet pussy and pressed forward. The head penetrated her tight hole and she moaned.

“Oh fuck,” she said and sat up to watch it going into her.

Ethan slowly pushed all twelve inches of his cock into her. Her back arched up off the desk. Her head tossed side to side. She held his arms in her hands and clenched his hips in the vice of her legs. He shoved his cock deep and she thrashed and screamed.

“Oh God … Oh God … Please … Oh please … Oh … Oh God,” she cried.

He bent over her and she grabbed his shoulders. Her fingernails dug into his skin. He pumped hard and she held tight. Her large breasts bounced every time he shoved the head of his cock to the back of her channel, and her nipples rubbed his chest.

“Don’t stop,” she said with her teeth clenched.

Ethan groaned and shoved his cock deep and washed her insides with a load of hot cum. Theresa held him desperately, writhing beneath him on the desk. Finally, she released him and collapsed on the desk, panting. Ethan laid on top of her and kissed her lightly on her lips and cheeks. She gasped for breath for a few moments and returned his kisses.

Ethan raised himself from her sweat covered chest and slowly pulled out his cock. She leaned up on her elbows and watched the whole length emerge from her hole and ran a finger along the shaft, collecting their juices. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. Ethan pulled up his pants and Theresa sat up on the edge of her desk, rubbing the insides of her thighs.

“I think you’re gonna do all right in my class,” she said.

“I think I like math a whole lot more already.”

“Good,” she said. She hopped off the desk and straightened her skirt. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class.”

Ethan drifted through the rest of his morning classes with a vague smile on his face, hardly paying attention to anything he was told. All of the first classes of the year were for the students to get acquainted with their subjects, and, fortunately, none of his teachers handed out homework on the first day. He hated that.

With Miss Varley on his mind all morning, he could not concentrate on anything. He completely forgot about Alison wanting to go out with him at lunch. He was surprised when she strolled up to his locker.

“Hi,” she said, and took his hand.

“Hi,” he said.

“Where do you want to go for lunch?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to eat?”

She stood close to him and whispered in his ear.

“You. I wanna eat you all up. I’m so horny for you. My pussy is so wet. I’ll even let you cum in my mouth. Would you like that?”

Ethan laughed. “I was gonna cum in your mouth anyway.”

Alison giggled.

“I’m so anxious,” she whispered in a low, sexy voice.

She stood close to him and placed her hand right over his hard dick and rubbed it. Her eyebrows arched and her eyes lit up with surprise.

“You’re hard already?” she said, stroking the front of his jeans.

He nodded. “I’ve been hard all morning.”

“God, it’s so big. Let’s go before it wears off,” she said.

Ethan backed the GTO into a parking spot at the back of the Taco Bell parking lot under the branches of a group of trees and shut the engine off. Alison sucked up the last of her Pepsi and shook the ice in the bottom of the cup.

Ethan pulled down his zipper, picked up her hand and put it inside. Her fingers rubbed the hard shaft and her mouth fell open.

“Oh my Lord, Ethan. Your cock is fucking huge,” she said.

She pulled it out and closed her hand around the long, thick shaft.

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen a cock so long, or so … so thick,” she said, and pumped it with both hands.

Her hands looked tiny around it. She looked up at him and he looked deep into her eyes. She held her hand around his cock and they kissed each other’s mouths and necks. She broke away from him, gasping for breath.

“Kiss it,” he said.

“You want me to?” she said with an uncertain Escort Sivas smile.



She lowered her head and planted a soft, light, wet kiss on the tip. She paused for a moment, licked her lips, and slipped the fat head into her mouth. He leaned back in the seat. Her wet lips enveloped the width of his shaft and smeared her lipstick on its skin. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap.

She held his cock in one hand and rubbed his balls in her other and moaned softly. The warmth of her breath made him tingle all over. She sucked a little more strongly and moved her head up and down a little more quickly and he concentrated on cumming in her mouth. Each time she went down, his cock went a little deeper.

She pushed her mouth down as far as she could, until the head touched the back of her throat and made her gag. She made a tight seal around his shaft with her lips and sucked hard as she slowly drew her mouth off. Ethan groaned each time she did it, and it made him squirm in his seat.

Her mouth was full of sperm before she realized he was cumming. She squealed and yanked his cock out of her mouth. A gusher of cum squirted on her face and splashed on her hand. She quickly closed her mouth over his cock again to catch the rest before his orgasm ended. Her nose wrinkled, like she had a sour taste in her mouth, and she quickly swallowed. She licked all the cum from his shaft. More of it covered her hand. Ethan wiped a drop of cum from her chin with his finger and put it in her mouth.

“Do you think you still wanna fuck?” she said.

“I know I still wanna fuck. Get your skirt off.”

Alison lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. Ethan smiled. He liked the look of her beautiful bare legs as she kicked them up under her short, skimpy skirt. She touched the crotch of her panties.

“These are soaked,” she said, and tossed them in the back seat.

Ethan slid across the street and maneuvered himself under her so that they faced each other and her legs straddled his lap and his huge cock stood straight up between them. His hands snaked up her shirt around her tits and she rubbed her pussy on his thigh. The odors of his cum and her pussy permeated the air in the car. They mashed their lips together and she began to pant, as if she knew that it was only going to be a few moments before he put that huge thing inside her.

He held her slim waist and lifted her over his cock. The roof of the car prevented her from going up too high, and that made it difficult to get the end of his cock in her hole. She had to bend his shaft a little.

“A little more, a little more,” she said.

The head brushed her ass cheeks, near her slit. Finally, it head found her pussy and pierced her lips.

“Ok,” she gasped.

He lowered her and his cock slid into her body. She tossed her head back and clutched his shoulders, groaning.

“Oh, shit. That’s too fast,” she said.

She pushed down on his shoulders. She held herself in position over him with only a few inches of his cock inside her.

“I wanna see your tits,” Ethan said, and pulled her shirt up.

He squeezed her tits and licked her nipples and she held his shoulders, grinning as she went up and down on his dick.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Alison said.

“Yeah. What?”

“You can shoot your stuff inside me ’cause I’m on the pill.”

“The pill?” Ethan said.

“Yeah. My Mom put me on the pill when she caught me fucking my cousin.”

“You were fucking your cousin?” Ethan said. His face was burined between her boobs, and his voice was muffled.

“Yeah. He’s cute, but he doesn’t have a big, fat cock, not like you,” Alison said.

She held his face in her hands and dropped her face down to kiss him. He held her slim waist in his hands and moved her up and down on his cock. She tilted her head to the side and poked her tongue into his mouth. She was breathing hard and her hips squirmed on his lap in tight circles. Juices from her pussy dripped down his shaft. Her belly rubbed against his and her breasts were pressed into his chest.

“Oh God. I’m gonna cum,” she moaned, rising and falling on his cock.

“Me too,” Ethan said.

He grunted and his cum gushed into her. She gasped and screamed. Her pussy tightened on his cock like a noose and she pulled his face to her breasts with both arms around his head. They slowed down, panting, and she kissed his face.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. That was the best,” she said, gasping for air.

She continued to pump her hips up and down.

“I can feel your cum inside me. I love it.”

She lifted herself off of him and plopped onto the seat beside him, with her legs spread wide.

“Jesus, look at all that cum,” she whispered.

She put her hand around his shiny, sticky cock and squeezed. With her other hand, she touched her tender pussy, where a steady stream of sperm flowed.

“What did you do to me?” she said.

“It looks like I fucked you,” he said.

Alison laughed.

“Yeah, you fucked me all right. So, just tell me when.”

He looked at her and blinked.

“When what?”

“When you wanna fuck me again.”

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