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Miss Danver’s Crime Prevention Ch. 03

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William lay wide awake in his bed knowing this was to be his final day with Miss Danvers. The sheer thought of her majestic presence sent his cock hard and he closed his eyes and dreamt of her. Her perfume seemed to be permanently in his nostrils and it sent his senses swirling.

She had changed his world upside down and made him into a subservient cocksucker in a matter of days. But for the first time, he identified as one, and the thought of what he had done brought no shame and no embarrassment to his face. When she proclaimed how proud she was of him he was genuinely happy to bring her pleasure.

Rising early, he made his mother’s breakfast ready for her. She had no idea what had brought about this turnaround but she was eternally happy to whoever had caused it. Even some of the neighbors had started smiling at her and waved hello when they passed.

After his mother left for work he sprinted to the bathroom to shower and douche ready for Miss Danver’s, his heart already starting to pound with excitement. Once dressed he waited impatiently longing for the clock to move quicker, slowly moving closer to noon.

At noon he was at her door, nervously knocking. When she opened the door his breath was taken away by her perfect beauty, her smile almost making him dizzy.

“Well do come in my eager little puppy,” she smiled down at her now obedient pupil. “Mr. Connor, yesterday’s workman gave you a glorious review, better than any girl he’s had.” She stroked his face, “I knew you had talent, you just need the right tutor.”

As he followed her into the house his eyes couldn’t help scanning her magnificent figure. She was dressed into a tight-fitting business suit that made her look sexy and severe, the trousers tight to her perfect firm buttocks.

William walked over to his customary table and started to remove his trousers, it was only then that he realized the presence of Sally. She sat facing him on the sofa, she smiled confidently as he became aware of her.

“Ah yes, I thought seeing as this is your last day with me I would invite my protege over to watch and observe, you don’t mind, do you? She asked but it was a question not requiring an answer.

William Escort Bayan shook his head no. “Good boy, now I think you should strip totally today,” giving his bottom a playful slap. “Come along chop chop.”

As William stripped all of his clothes off his eye kept glancing at the smirking Sally. He knew she hated him and that she must have been dreaming of this day to get her vengeance. She was dressed almost identically to Miss Danver’s, her hairstyle and dress sense had the fingerprints of his mistress all over her. No longer the blonde bimbo he used to bully, he had to admit she looked impressive.

A sharp spank brought him back to reality, “Assume the position boy.” Miss Danver’s pushing his face flat against the table.

She stroked her leather gloved hand over his tight round arse, ” He does have a rather beautiful little arse, doesn’t he Sally?

Sally laughed, “yes he has a proper little sissy arse, MissDanvers.”

“Well as we found out yesterday, he has a good little sissy mouth.” Miss Danvers gleefully recounted.

William flushed with embarrassment for the first time as Sally learned what he had done to the workman and his glowing reference.

Sally leaned forward catching his eye, “I only wish I had seen that, him sucking off a real man.” She couldn’t help grinning as Miss Danvers applied the lube to his tight hole, running her leather-clad finger all over it.

“I think today I will go for a nice black one today, slightly different than you’re used to but I’m sure you won’t disappoint me.” She placed the head of the cock against his hole letting him know the thickness to come.

William gripped the edge of the table, he knew this was the thickest yet as it slowly pressed in. As it pushed deeper he forlornly tried not to moan but as it stretched him he failed. It seemed to go deeper forever, the thickness making his eyes water and his face grimace.

“Oh Good boy, I’ll hold here and let you get used to it.” Her gloved hands gripping his waist.

Her becalming voice making him trust her and as usual, she was right. The pain slowly started to subside as she gently slid out and then back in. It was Bayan Escort here that William slowly realized that he was being fucked, it was her strap on cock deep in him, not his usual plug.

The groans fell from his lips with each thrust of her cock, his whole body trembled from her mastery. He put up no fight, no resistance, he did not want to be anywhere else but here. As her speed picked up his head spun, the noises he made he had never dreamt could come from his mouth.

“He even moans like a sissy,” Sally squealed with delight as she bounced on the sofa.

Almost impossibly he had forgotten about Sally, he should be crushed with the shame but he didn’t want it to stop. To please his mistress and receive this pleasure back was all his mind could handle.

Miss Danvers slid her cock in deep and held it there, pulling his head back by the hair. “Do you want me to stop or do want you me to fuck your little faggot arse harder boy?”

“Oh please fuck my faggot arse harder, Miss Danvers,” he pleaded. He got his wish with a pounding only an expert mistress can administer, the table being the only thing keeping his legs standing.

When her cock withdrew he collapsed on the table, his sore hole felt like it gaped wide.” I think my protege should take over, I think she’s earned it,” and Miss Danver’s playfully slapped his ass goodbye.

Sally strode forward purposely, her own strap on swinging as she walked. She spanked him hard, “get that ass back up bitch.” Years of frustration and humiliation were going to get their payback, she poured more lube of his hole and toyed a finger over it. “Beg for my cock, slut.”

William has resumed his position, hands on the table, and lifting his arse up for his mistress. But that mistress now was Sally, the girl who he had ridiculed and dominated for years. How could he let her use him like this but that tone in her voice made him feel almost as erotically alive as Miss Danvers had.”Please fuck my ass, Sally.”

She spanked him as hard as she had ever hit anyone, “Miss Sally to you, bitch!”

The spanks woke him right away, he was shocked how hard she hit. He whimpered “Sorry Miss Sally, please Escort fuck me, Miss Sally.”

Sally obliged with a sudden slam of her dildo deep into the boy, he moaned helplessly under her. Finally, Sally had become a real mistress, she gripped his tight waist as she pounded ruthlessly into him. All those years of anger being taken out on this pathetic bitch of a boy.

William wailed away loudly, any semblance of manhood had left him and he delighted in his subservient position. Sally fucked more powerfully than Miss Danvers and at her owning of him, his cock leaked cum from each thrust.

Miss Danvers beamed with pride at Sally, the shy little teenager she had found crying repeatedly had been reborn. She had vowed revenge for the girl but also she saw some fight and anger within her to mould into a new woman. A woman who would rightfully gain her superiority over that boy and with her help make him hers.

Gripping his head she pounded some final thrusts deep into him, “Enjoyed didn’t you faggot? leaked your cum all over Miss Danvers’s dining room floor.” She spanked his reddening arse hard, “Who’s Bitch are you now!”

William whimpered from the spanks, “Your’s Miss Sally.” For the first time in his life, he had the cum fucked out of him without the touching of his cock, he had never felt so owned.

Miss Danver’s stood up and applauded her protege, “Sally you have passed my course with flying colors, I knew you had it in you but even I am impressed by today’s performance.” She leaned her face down to the table to look into the eyes of William, “As you know this is your last day with me but I think you will agree that Sally is a more than accomplished Mistress to handle you.”

Sally leaned her elbow against William’s head as Miss Danvers spoke to him, the two women exchanging smirks.

“So from now on you are Sally’s bitch, do you understand? Miss Danvers waited for him to nod then continued. “In public, you will act as her boyfriend but we all know your real position and if Sally comes back to me with any bad reviews I will be furious.”

“Yes Miss Danver’s, I promise I will obey Miss Sally to my fullest,” William struggled to answer with the weight of Sally pressing against him.

Sally released the pressure off him and stood tall, she spanked his arse one more time. “Now I and Miss Danver’s will take tea in the lounge, bring it through and clean up that mess you made, you disgusting boy.”

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