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Misadventures in Swinging

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As I mentioned in my bio we were involved in swinging “the lifestyle” for years. We’ve faded out of it but still keep some great friendships and every once in a while fall into a situation. See my story Blow jobs can be boring.

We actually started before we married. The lifestyle is not what people think. It’s not just fucking other people. There are a whole spectrum of behaviors and venues for people in the lifestyle.

For venues there are off premises clubs, or parties, on premise clubs or parties, and private get togethers. Off premise is usually a dance or party in a hotel or meet at a club where no sex is allowed. On premise means there are rooms to go have sex in.

There are people who participate at different levels. You will see couples that do only same room sex or girl on girl action, some do combinations of things. Everyone does what they feel comfortable with. No means No. Something that may turn 1 person on, is not always right for someone else. Everyone sets their own limits. Some of the behaviors we’ve seen are:

Same room sex

Soft swap, (we define as just oral)

Girl on girl only

Full swap. Same room, or different rooms.



Men who like to watch their women

Women who like to watch their men.

Multiple men, one girl.

Men or women who like their wives dating.

Multiple couples in one room, all swapping back and forth.

We never saw bi male contact.

When we started off we would go to off premises parties. The fun was you could dress and act as sexy as you wanted. We would go home by ourselves and have great sex. The best part is there was no judgement, for the most part, on your participation level.

In looks we were middle of the road. Eventually parties seem to cater to different groups. Hot young things, middle of the road, BBW/BBM. You find the group you are comfortable with.

We then started going to on premises parties and mostly play by ourselves with other couples in the same room (same room sex). After a few Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan years we proceeded to oral sex with others (soft swap) and eventually full safe sex with others (full swap, same room).

We were not what we call hardcore. There are couples that do this every weekend. We maybe “played” twice a year. Interestingly a lot of our partners were first timers. We were non-pushy and went at their pace. We were happy with their limits. Most of the time would go to parties, socialize with the people we enjoy, and go home. It was much like any cocktail party with friends.

Most times we would leave with each other turned on by the situation, but not having met another couple that floated both our boats or that we floated theirs.

That being said, there are a number of funny things that have happened to us. This is a compilation.

The first is that we stopped meeting people 1 on 1. Too many turned out to be sending out 10 year old pictures. In saying that we met our 2 of our closest friends this way.

These are our misadventures in order of how they happened.

1. We had not been in the lifestyle long. Mr was in his 40s, Mrs her late 30s. We had not full swapped yet. We ended up with a very attractive couple in their 20s in a room to ourselves. The woman was very attracted to Mr. Mr knew that Mrs was not as attracted to the male.

Mr. Was eating the woman. She came at least twice. She also gave Mr a blow job. Mrs gave the guy a blow job.

At some point the woman whispered in Mr’s ear, “I want you to fuck me.”

Mr, since we had not full swapped, said, “I need to check with Mrs.”

We all played a while longer and, after trading contact info, went our separate ways. Mr and Mrs fucked like rabbits after the other couple left the room.

On the way home Mr tells Mrs what the girl said.

Mrs says, “You do realize she meant right now?”

Mr, being clueless, had no idea. Mrs said to go for it if it happens again.

The couple never returned our Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan contact.

2. We were at an on premises party. We hit it off with a couple and found a space together. We were being very slow with them. We were not full swap yet and we thought they were new at it. Mrs blew him, the other woman blew Mr, the girls ate each other. Everyone was having fun. Eventually the guy came all over his wife’s face and tits. Mrs scooped some on her fingers and the woman licked them clean.

The funny part? We thought they were beginners. We were at a party 2 months later. She is kneeling on a chair with her husband lining up men behind her to pull a train.

3. We met a couple for drinks. They are now one of our closest friends They were new and had never done anything before. A few weeks later we took them to an off premises dance. We all stayed at the same hotel. After the dance we all went to their room. They had 2 double beds we all undressed. We did not play with each other. Basically we had same room sex.

It’s interesting. Mr has seen plenty of naked women. Pictures and strip clubs bore him. But seeing a woman you’re technically not supposed to see naked is a huge turn on for him.

After a while it was time to go. We threw on some clothes grabbed what was left and headed back to our room.

About 8am next day our phone rings. It’s the man from the other couple

“I’ve never asked a man this before, but did you take my underwear?”

It seems Mr had scooped it up with our other clothes.

3. We were full swap, in bed with a couple we met at a party. We liked them both. The other guy has Mrs up against the headboard. It was a wide one with cabinets. The other woman had set a glass of water there. In the middle him fucking Mrs, the glass of cold water gets knocked off the bed on top of Mrs. The guy does not realize it and keeps going.

They ended up being a couple we saw again and we still consider friends.

4. We were at a party. We had been chatting with a couple for a while. The woman had multiple partner fantasies. Mr loves slutty women. She was right up his alley. Her husband was a big handsome fireman. Mrs wouldn’t say no if asked. We talked to them a while then the woman got busy chatting with 2 single men. We started talking to some friends and then got ready to leave. At some point she decided to go to the rooms to play with the 2 men.

Mr and Mrs were walking out the door to leave. Woman says to Mr, “Where are you going?”

Mr says home. The woman had a sad face on. Mr starts to walk out the door. Mrs is in front of him.

Mrs says to Mr, “I think she wants you to join her.”

Mr says, “Who?”

Mrs points behind Mr. The woman gave a goofy smile and kind of raised her hand.

We did end up joining her and her husband. The Mr undressed the woman, and took her from behind while she sucked 2 guys. Eventually another guy, part of a couple I think, stopped to watch. Mr asked if he wanted to fuck the slut. She loved the idea. Mr wouldn’t let her look at the guy. I think she came almost as soon as the guy started fucking her.

Mrs had the handsome fireman. 6’4, muscles, 4″ penis and couldn’t get hard. Mrs says she got the short end of the stick.

5. We were at on on premises dance. The group had taken over an entire B&B. We met a young couple in their 20s started chatting with them. We really hit it off. Considering the 20 year age difference and how attractive they were, we were surprised. The girl asked us if we wanted to go dance. Something we know younger women like before hooking up. We say sure and go dance with them.

The girl is dancing on a pole with Mrs and grinding against both Mr and Mrs. After about 20 minutes Mrs sits down. We are very attentive to each other in these situations. Mr stops dancing and went to talk to Mrs. Mrs looked at Mr and said,, “I can’t keep up with her.”

We laughed, we said goodbye to the couple and told them how much we enjoyed meeting. We told them we had a long drive home and had to get going, They looked very confused as we left.

So you see, even wild sex has its misadventures. When we married Mr said he wanted to be 80 years old, on a rocking chair, laughing with Mrs about things they did. These will definitely be on the list.

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