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Miranda Ch. 01-03

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Miranda had just finished the worst week of her advertising career. Having always been the company’s “go to girl,” this week’s failure was particularly difficult. She had been working on a major account proposal and had put together three possible campaigns…sure to please even this client – the most difficult one.

The presentation day had finally arrived and donning her best “game face,” she headed into the conference room to begin the meeting. She presented all three campaigns and tried to gauge the client’s reaction. He sat there in silence for a few seconds before asking, “Ok…where is the real proposal?” Completely taken aback at his total disregard for her work, all she could do was stand there, speechless, with her mouth gaping open.

Not knowing exactly what to do since nothing like that had ever happened to her before, she flopped into her chair and just sat there, wondering what had just happened. Her boss came in…obviously aggravated at her performance….and began to lay into her about her having lost a potentially lucrative account. Still at a loss for words, she just sat there and stared at him. He asked if she had anything to say on her behalf before he and the other partners met to discuss how to handle the situation. All she could do was shake her head no….still in total disbelief.

Her boss suggested that she take a leave of absence while they decided whether she would still have a job with the firm. She gathered herself, trying to fight back the tears that were wanting to emerge against her will and decided to head home.

She got home, changed into her favorite comfort clothes…an oversized t-shirt and baggy sweatpants, poured herself a glass of wine and lounged on the sofa. The sound of the phone ringing interrupted her attempt at relaxation and she reluctantly answered it. It was her friend Katie calling to ask about the presentation. Miranda completely lost all control and began crying as she recounted the events of the day. Katie told her that she didn’t need to be alone and was coming over right then.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, letting Miranda know that Katie had arrived. She answered the door and was greeted with a warm embrace from Katie. The two moved into the living room and Miranda sat while Katie poured herself a glass of wine.

Trying to take Miranda’s mind off her troubles, Katie put in a movie. A very surprised Miranda saw that Katie had chosen a lesbian porn flick. Katie picked up on Miranda’s reaction and moved closer to her…slightly caressing her face. Miranda couldn’t help but keep her eyes fixed on the screen…making Katie grin with pride at being able to peek the interest of her friend.

As she watched, Miranda noticed that she was starting to get wet and very aroused. Katie also noticed and took the opportunity to ask Miranda if she liked what she was seeing. A very fixated Miranda could do nothing but nod. Katie grinned to herself and moved her caress to Miranda’s breasts…waiting to see how she would react. Miranda immediately began to moan which only encouraged her friend. Katie slowly removed Miranda’s shirt, revealing two very round and pert breasts. She lowered her head and began circling her right nipple with her tongue while using her fingers to tweak the other nipple.

Miranda let out a long moan, letting Katie know that her ministrations were working. Katie continued making love to her friend’s breasts before moving her mouth further south…adding to the moans of approval coming from Miranda. She gently pushed her back on the sofa and removed her sweat pants…making an effort to run her tongue along her abdomen at the same time. Once the sweats and panties were gone, Katie spread Miranda’s legs and took in the sweet aroma of her sex.

Unsure of what was happening, Miranda started to protest but Katie shushed her…telling her to just lie back and enjoy. With her hands on each of Miranda’s thighs, Katie gave her slit a good, long lick…being sure to flick her clit. A shiver went through Miranda’s body and she began to moan more. Using the wetness flowing izmir escort from Miranda’s hole, she slowly inserted two fingers and began a nice, slow fuck, eliciting a few grunts from her friend. While continuing to pump her fingers deeply into Miranda, Katie took her clit into her mouth, sucking it while flicking it with her tongue.

Miranda began bucking as the intensity began to increase. She started to become rigid and Katie took this as a sign that Miranda was very close to a very hard cum. She redoubled her efforts…pumping harder and faster, never breaking her seal on Miranda’s clit, until she cried out…letting all the stress of the day go and succumbing to her climax.

Katie removed her fingers and began taking in all the honey she could, cleaning Miranda up and letting her ride out her orgasm. When she had come down, Katie crawled up Miranda’s body to meet her lips…allowing her to taste her juices. She then held her friend, knowing that she had helped her put away her concerns of the day. The two spent the night in each other’s arms and Miranda woke the next morning much less concerned about her problems at work and determined to ravish Katie’s body…just as she had done for her.

Miranda Ch. 2

Katie was still asleep when Miranda woke. She stared admiringly at her friend….her new lover…appreciating the gentle curves of her body, the roundness of her breasts, the softness of her face. She began reflecting on the events of the previous night, remembering the onslaught of new sensations that Katie had introduced her to. Timidly, she reached out to stroke the cheek of her sleeping lover, grazing it gently and relishing in its smoothness. Growing bolder, she replaced her fingers with her lips, gently brushing them over Katie’s cheek before placing them on her virtually velvety lips. Running her lips over Katie’s, she noticed that they began to part ever so slightly. Feeling a bit daring, she slid her tongue into Katie’s sweet mouth and initiated a slow but deep kiss.

Lost in her now concentrated kiss, Miranda didn’t notice that Katie had awoken…that is until she joined Miranda’s kiss, beginning a battle of tongues. With her passion now uncontrollably rising, Miranda grasped hold of Katie’s breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. Katie moaned into Miranda’s mouth…arching her back to allow better access to her now throbbing nipples. Miranda broke the kiss and lifted Katie’s shirt, revealing the round breasts she had only been able to admire through clothing. She stared in amazement before lowering her head to suckle Katie’s left nipple, while pulling on her right.

Katie continued her moaning as Miranda switched, giving her other nipple the same treatment. Katie couldn’t help but feel pleased at being able to bring forth such a reaction from her lover…she had felt so apprehensive having never pleasured a woman before.

Mimicking what Katie had done the previous night, Miranda slowly trailed her tongue down Katie’s abdomen…planting soft kisses as she moved further and further south. “God, yes sweetie,” Katie groaned as Miranda began removing her now wet panties.

Astonished at her ability to make Katie so aroused, Miranda studied Katie’s pussy…noticing it’s swelling and wetness. Almost entranced by what she was seeing and smelling, she dove in…tasting Katie’s cream for the first time. Katie jolted at the touch of Miranda’s mouth and let out a whimper of delight…begging Miranda to continue.

Miranda opened Katie’s lips and began flicking her clit, loving how hard it was becoming. Inserting two fingers, Miranda began to slowly drive Katie closer and closer to the edge. She noticed how Katie bucked her hips and pumped her fingers faster and deeper…taking her clit into her mouth at the same time, delighting in her capability to bring her lover so much bliss.

Katie began jerking about, thrashing her head from side to side and screaming Miranda’s name. Miranda struggled to hold on as Katie came and came in a seemingly unending series of orgasms, but was rewarded with alsancak escort a Katie’s sudden squirting juices. As Katie had done for her, Miranda drank down every drop as her sweet lover slowly returned to earth.

Finally regaining the ability to speak, Katie said, “Miranda, you have no idea how long I have wanted you.” Tears began to fill Miranda’s eyes as she became overwhelmed with what she knew was love for Katie. Katie drew her close, wiping away her tears and holding her with a new tenderness…overjoyed in knowing that she had finally been able to express her long repressed feelings for Miranda.

Miranda – Part 3

Sunday morning had arrived, and with it the sobering realization that the workweek would soon be an uncomfortable reality. Miranda rolled over and whispered, “Good morning, Katie, my sw…” her voice trailed off as she discovered that Katie wasn’t in her bed.

Rising sleepily from the warmth of the sheets, Miranda called out again, “Katie? Where are you?” Still hearing no answer, she made her way into the kitchen where she found a note lying on the countertop. She opened it and began to read…

“Miranda, I didn’t want to leave like this, but I decided it was best to leave you alone for a while. I know a lot has happened over these few days, and I think you might need some time to think before we spend any more time together. I hope you understand…please know I did not intend to hurt you. Love, Katie”

Staring at the letter in disbelief, Miranda began trembling…feeling as though her heart had literally been ripped right out of her chest. Questions were all that were swirling about in her mind…why would Katie just take off like that…what exactly was it that she thought I needed to think about…she didn’t intend to hurt me.

With more questions than answers, Miranda stumbled into the shower…tears beginning to flow freely now down her cheeks. She let the water wash over her head as she continued to mull over the events of the past days and Katie’s mysterious note. Her tears of grief slowly began to turn into tears of anger…Who did Katie think she was…how could she storm in, turn everything upside down and then disappear with nothing but a trite apology?

Emerging from the shower, Miranda should have felt more refreshed…more focused and ready to make her usual careful analysis of the situation before trying to decide how to respond. Instead, she rushed to dress herself, grabbed her car keys and headed to Katie’s place. She didn’t care that her hair was soaking through her t-shirt; she had to confront Katie now and get this whole mess cleared up. As she drove, she coached herself, “just don’t start crying…whatever you do, don’t start crying.”

She pulled into Katie’s driveway and trotted up to her front door…hesitating slightly before she knocked three times. “Just keep it together,” she thought, hearing Katie’s footsteps approaching the door from the other side. Katie was obviously surprised to see Miranda at her door, “Uh, hi,” she stammered before opening the door further and motioning for Miranda to enter.

Katie could see that Miranda was extremely distressed and she tried to offer her a glass of water when Miranda began her tirade, “What the hell were you thinking? Did you think you’d just waltz in, fuck me, fuck with my mind and then just slip back into your quiet little existence here? “

Katie tried to interrupt, “Miranda, wait…I don’t think I made myself clear…”

Miranda cut her off abruptly, “Oh I think everything was perfectly clear. You got laid and I got screwed…it doesn’t get any clearer than that!”

Unable to control the barrage of emotions wreaking havoc on her heart and mind, Miranda lost the battle with her tears and started to sob almost uncontrollably. Katie grabbed a towel and placed it around Miranda’s shoulders…walked her to the couch and sat her down gently.

Miranda’s crying continued and Katie decided to put her arms around her…pulling her closer and held her tenderly. She whispered in Miranda’s buca escort ear, “Shhh…sweetie. It’s ok, it’s ok,” as she smoothed her lover’s hair. Truth be told, Katie thought of Miranda as just that…her lover. And now she realized how her hastily and poorly written note had messed everything up. Why she never seemed to have the courage to stand up and say what she really felt was something she didn’t think she would ever understand. Holding her lover and trying to calm her had made her see what this shortcoming of hers was capable of doing to her loved ones and her relationships. Tears of her own began to well up in her eyes…she bit down slightly on her lower lip and decided now was the time to break the cycle she always seemed to get herself caught up in.

Taking Miranda’s hands in hers, Katie looked straight into her lover’s eyes, “Miranda, I have something to say to you. I shouldn’t have left like that…I shouldn’t have left that ridiculous note. What I really wanted to tell you is that I love you…I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember. I want to be part of your life…to share every moment with you…to be…to be…yours.”

Katie’s tears…her words…the feel of her hands, all washed over Miranda. She too felt an intense love for Katie and began to regret some of her earlier, harsh words. The two sat and looked at each other for a few moments, tears flowing, before Miranda leaned in and brushed Katie’s lips with her own. Katie immediately moved her hands to Miranda’s face and began a long, deep kiss, holding and caressing her lover’s face in her hands. This kiss was so passionate and hypnotic that when it finally did break, Miranda could only pant the words, “I love you, Katie.”

Without any more words, Katie led Miranda to the bedroom where they shared another very passionate kiss. As their tongues swirled about inside each other’s mouths, Katie gently took Miranda’s now soaked t-shirt, raising it slowly over her head before resuming their kiss. She backed Miranda up to the bed and laid her down on it gently before breaking their kiss again. Katie looked with longing into Miranda’s eyes and wiped away the remaining tears before planting kisses on the sides of her neck. Miranda closed her eyes and let out a moan as her lover…yes she was sure, now…Katie was her lover…moved her mouth along her collarbone and chest.

Katie stopped just shy of reaching Miranda’s breasts and brought her hands up to cup each one, giving them each a gentle squeeze. She swirled her tongue around each nipple before engulfing the left one completely in her mouth. Miranda’s back arched suddenly as she tried to press more and more of her breast into Katie’s warm, succulent mouth. Katie moved to the right breast as she slowly slid one hand down Miranda’s quivering abdomen. She moved her body alongside her lover’s as she made contact with Miranda’s mound…she could feel the heat emanating from deep within and noticed her legs spreading.

With her palm lying just at the top of her sex, Katie inserted two fingers into Miranda’s waiting pussy and gazed straight into her eyes as she did. She saw Miranda’s eyes close and heard a low moan of approval as she withdrew her fingers and then plunged them back, engaging her lover in a gentle, rocking dance. Her fingers continued to pummel Miranda’s pussy while her palm gave constant, firm pressure to her throbbing clit. Katie held Miranda with her other arm and watched in amazement as beads of sweat began to trickle down from her chest to her mound…building with the continued bucking of Miranda’s hips.

Katie’s pace quickened and Miranda bucked feverishly to meet every thrust of her lover’s fingers…each thrust bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm that was mounting faster and faster within her. Miranda’s hands gripped the sheets and she threw her head back as she came. Katie gazed lovingly at her lover as the orgasm wracked through her body, kissing her face and neck while beginning to slow the movement of her fingers. Finally their lips met in a true lover’s kiss as Miranda slowly returned to her senses.

Katie allowed her fingers to slip out and wrapped both arms around her lover. In this moment, both knew without question that not only had their relationship blossomed into something completely new, but that they both were ready to embrace it…ready to face the world together as lovers and as friends.

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