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Mindy’s Massage Ch. 07: New Perspective

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It was several days later, and Mindy was once again in a hotel room on the other side of town, lying comfortably cuddled against Frank’s warm body. They had just had a long, slow round of sex, that left him exhausted and her satiated for the time being. Her hand idly played on his chest, fondling the soft skin above his firm muscles, and the graying hair that sparsely covered it. She knew she felt a lot for this man, he was good to her. It was obvious that he was very fond of her, and cared for her safety and well being. He had pointed her in a direction that she had never dreamed of before, but that she totally enjoyed and was very, very good at, and, so far had made her several thousand dollars very easily. He asked her now, “Mindy, the party I met you at, the girls there were mostly already in the business. How did you end up there?”

Mindy answered, “I don’t know really. My friend Brenda just asked me to go with her. Some friend of hers invited her, I guess because they knew she could be wild sometimes. I never had been until lately. Now it seems I’m worse than she ever thought about being. Sometimes, I wonder what I’m doing. Other times, I just think about how much fun I’m having and how much money I’ve already made. It’s amazing. I can’t believe how it is. I owe you so much, too, for telling me so gently how to do this. You are so good to me.”

Frank hugged her gently to him. “Baby girl, I can never repay you for what you’ve given me since I met you. I feel more alive than I have in years, and its all about you and that fabulous body and what you do to me with it. You are so special to me.”

They began to kiss and again lost themselves in the passion that burned through them. Mindy began to kiss him on the neck, then the chest, taking his nipples into her mouth one at a time, swirling her tongue around them, feeling them grow hard and erect in her lips. She kissed and tongued lower on his chest, then his stomach, and finally into the hair on his crotch. His hard, throbbing cock was bouncing around and touching her soft cheeks and face as she began to run her tongue around the base.

She slowly worked around it, licking and sucking onto his balls, then opening her mouth to run her flattened wide tongue over the soft wrinkled skin of his scrotum. She worked lower until she was below his ball sack, tickling the beginnings of his butt crack, then back up to stroke over his balls again. Then she licked up the shaft of his very hard cock to the point she could take it into her hot, soft, and wet mouth. She opened her mouth to loosely slide down the shaft as far as she could, then closed her lips against it to slowly slide back up, with Frank groaning softly as she excited him. For many moments she delivered perfect dick sucking for him.

Finally he groaned louder, his hard cock beginning to throb and pulse inside her mouth. He began to empty his balls into her hot oral cavity. She took it all, swallowing around the hard dick in her mouth, as he came. Finally, he was sated, and exhausted, as she let his softening member slip out of her hot mouth. She crawled up his exhausted body to lie beside him, their bodies touching from head to toes, lost in the afterglow of ecstasy.

A few hours later, Mindy was getting ready for her next appointment. It was a man that Frank had referred to her, a businessman from out of town. He was staying in the finest hotel in town, and was expecting something very special for what he was paying for a two hour session, fifteen Sinop Escort hundred dollars. Mindy wanted to make sure he got what he wanted. She dressed in a little black dress, with tiny strapped black high heeled sandals on her perfect tan feet. Her toenails were immaculately done in French tips as were her fingernails. Her hair was perfectly done, her makeup all in place like she had spent hours getting ready and she almost had. Under her hot little miniskirt dress was nothing but bare skin and over her shoulders were only two very thin spaghetti straps that held up her large and firm breasts inside the dress.

She had spent almost an hour in the tub, washing every inch of her hot body, shaving her legs from ankle to hip then her tiny, perfect mound, and then applied lotion to every inch after her bath. She both felt and looked sensational. She felt herself already getting excited over the prospect of sex with a man that she didn’t know yet and had no idea what he even looked like. Was he fat? Thin? Tall? Short? Bald? Did he have a huge cock? Or small? How old? How cute?

She was lost in thought as she drove to the hotel. She parked in valet, and walked into the lobby. She had received a text message from “Charles” the man she was seeing, with a room number. She took the elevator to the 11th floor, and walked down the hall to room 1125. She knocked softly on the door. In just a few seconds it opened and a kindly looking older man, maybe 70, smiled at her. He motioned her in. She smiled back at him, and stepped into the room. He spoke softly, “Hello, Mindy. I’m Charles but my friends call me Charlie. I hope you will, too.”

She smiled back, saying, “Sure, Charlie. I’m really glad to be with you here.” A few minutes later they were sitting on the sofa, side by side, sipping white wine and talking. Mindy found out that Charlie was in fact, 72 years old, had been married for 45 years, and had three daughters, and seven grandchildren. He told her that he had gotten into seeing girls when his wife had lost all interest in sex, and they had basically become roommates.

“Mindy, I have to tell you. From what I’ve seen so far, I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as you. You are absolutely magnificent. There is something I have to tell you about first, though. Several years ago, I reached the point that I could no longer maintain an erection by myself, so I began using the big blue pill, vitamin V. It works quite well, but I can be a little slow to get off. I will, but it will take some effort. I just wanted you to know, in case you get really tired, we can stop. Don’t feel bad if you need to.”

Mindy smiled back at him. “I’m sure we will be fine.” She leaned over and kissed him softly on the mouth, to get him started. After a moment, he kissed her back, and then his tongue thrust into her mouth. Mindy opened her mouth willingly to take his tongue. Their tongues played for a while, as their breath got deeper and more excited. The passion rose for both of them.

Mindy was amazed at her body responding to a man as old as him, over fifty years older than her. She felt her pussy getting very wet at the prospect of sex with him. He began to fondle her body through her dress, first her bare shoulders then down to her back and her around front to feel her breasts. She felt her nipples harden as her breasts were touched through her dress. She broke the kiss, and said, “Let me help with that.” She reached around and lowered the short zipper on the back of her Sinop Escort Bayan dress to just above her hips. She let it drop off her shoulder and to her waist, exposing her perfect, tender breasts to his touch. She felt his fingers trace her nipples, finding the little nubs to play with. Mindy got more excited as he fondled her nipples and then hefted the weight of her full breasts. She stepped out of her sexy shoes and stood to let the dress drop to the floor. She stood naked before him in all her magnificent glory, and she watched as his eyes took her all in. He just slowly shook her head in disbelief at her body.

“Mindy, you are a sight for sore eyes. Magnificent as any that I’ve ever seen, even in a magazine. I’m in heaven right now.” He sighed as she slowly turned before his gaze. Once spun around, she motioned toward the bed, and he rose. They moved toward it, her naked, and him undressing. As his clothes came off, she watched as his body was exposed, a little sag in places but not too bad she thought. Finally his boxers came down exposing what was a very average in size and very, very hard penis. It was almost too hard, she thought as he climbed onto the bed where she had just lay down. It was, in fact, unnaturally hard due to the Viagra, but she had experienced that before.

He slid up against her supple body, kissing her again, and his hands wandering over her silken skin. He fondled and caressed every inch he could reach as he kissed her mouth, his tongue touching hers. He began to kiss slowly down onto her full breasts, licking and sucking, then lower to her flat firm tummy. His body slid down until he was between her long legs, his face above her cute, wet pussy. He slowly began to lick around it, then the lips, as he began to eat her. His tongue slid over her hot mound, working its way between the lips and into her little cavern, working against her little hardening clitoris. She moaned and moved involuntarily as he caused sensations to rise in her. She felt the intense, swelling feeling in her lower abdomen that always came with arousal. She felt her pussy almost gushing with fluids as he worked on her.

She moaned, “Charlie,” softly over and over as his tongue and one finger inside her drove her higher and into more passion. She responded by moving her body, twitching and writhing, her soft satiny legs sliding against him, teasing the skin of his back and sides. Her toes clenched and unclenched as he licked and sucked her clit to a state past hardness and lifted her to ecstasy. She began to cum, her orgasm washing over her whole body, causing her to tense into a tight clench from her head all the way to her toes, as she felt the delicious sensations wrack through her, her wet pussy even wetter, and her hands pulling Charlie’s face into her crotch, where she could feel his rapidly working mouth and tongue still going at her clit. Then, she couldn’t take it any more, and had to push him away, too sensitive to stand the continued stimulation to her hot and silky little cunny.

He smiled up at her, as he watched her begin to relax as he was no longer touching her crotch. She pulled him up to her, kissing her own juices from his mouth as they locked in an embrace again, as she felt his body settle between her opened thighs. She pulled away to ask, “Do you want me to suck you now?” He nodded and she moved to get between his legs and settle with her head close to his crotch. She studied his rock hard cock, and his wrinkled ball sack. Escort Sinop The hair on his crotch was white gray, and curly. It showed his age perhaps more than any part of him. His balls seemed smaller than the ones that Mindy had encountered before, and somehow that made him seem older too, but she was really enjoying his attentions and liked him a lot.

She lowered her head, and began to gently kiss over his crotch, licking around his cock to suck his wrinkled, hairy ball sack into her gorgeous mouth, and using her tongue to tickle and caress it. His cock didn’t look old to her. It was really hard and stood straight up, red and angry looking at the head, throbbing and swollen with lust and desire. She slowly opened her mouth to let the cock slide in. She slowly slid to the bottom, taking it all into her mouth and began to slide up and down, sucking him. He responded by moaning and gasping as she performed her oral techniques on him. She spent several minutes working on him, before he reached down to pull her up and had her straddle his hips.

She felt the hardness of his cock pressing into the soft lips of her aching pussy. She watched his face as she started to raise up to allow him entrance. Charlie stopped her suddenly, “Mindy, baby, do you want to use a condom? Most girls do, and I understand if you do, too.” She looked at him for a moment, seeing the look on his face of hope mixed with resignation. She smiled at him and after a moment, shook her head no.

She leaned forward and whispered to him, “I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out without anything between us. I want to feel it when you cum in me.”

He only nodded, and she once again rose to allow access. She reached down to hold the flaring head of his hard penis against her soft, wet opening. She began to lower her weight, letting her body settle onto his throbbing rod, as the bare skin of his dick slid against the bareness of her opening pussy. Finally he was all the way inside her, and she began to gently raise up and down, sliding his cock in and out of her wet, soft heat. She continued this position and her motion for many minutes.

Over an hour later, they were both soaked in sweat, and hot and tired as they were in missionary, the fifth or sixth position and Charlie was hammering between her thighs into her now sore and throbbing pussy. She was determined for him to get off, but she was beginning to wonder if he would. Finally as she threw her legs up over his shoulders and reached to fondle his balls behind her hips where they slapped against her soft lower pussy and ass, he began to gasp, and then faltered as she squeezed and released the muscles in her hot pussy. He began to pound even harder and his thrusts got uneven as he gritted his teeth and grasped her to him, his penis beginning to throb and spurt inside her sweet little opening. He filled her with cum, working until he could go no farther, exhausted as she was, and smiling and laughing as he rolled off her.

“Mindy, darling, that was wonderful, I can’t believe that it happened. I almost never cum. Never. I haven’t cum with a girl in years, since I started taking the Viagra. But without it, I can’t get hard to even fuck. You are wonderful, doll, I mean really wonderful. I hope you know how much this means to me. I am so happy and so grateful.”

Mindy walked out a little while later, a little tender and sore, but the fifteen hundred had changed to two thousand again for her, and she was very pleased. She realized that when guys got that extra, what they really wanted, and all the effort they dreamed of having, they gave as good as they got from her. It was a happy realization for her that she could do really well, and make a lot of men really happy.

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