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Big Dick

Chapter 7

I”m glad that I at least thought to set the alarm on my phone the night before, because at seven, it started blaring its hideous call, thus waking me up, even though I desperately wanted to go back to sleep, but know that I cannot. Milos only groaned when I shook him, telling him it”s time to wake up. I pulled off the covers, and started tickling his tender, ticklish little arm pits, and soon, in his sleep, he was giggling, trying to escape me, but I was relentless, and eventually he woke up.

“That was mean.” He giggled.

“Yeah, well, it was mean of my phones alarm to wake me too, but, alas, we needta be up Baby. We haveta get breakfast and get to the store soon.”

“Yeah, I know. You go start breakfast, I”ll get the other baby boys up.”

“Sounds good Baby.”

“Oh, and if I don”t have two baby bottles of apple juice, and two mugs of tea, you and I are gonna haveta have some serious words.” He said sternly to me, then giggled.

“No worries Baby, was already gonna make sure that you were well taken care of.”

As soon as I got to the kitchen, I got the tea started, then poured us each two baby bottles, then finally got started on breakfast, one of our favourites, breakfast wraps. It was nearly done by the time the baby boys arrived, I”d already downed both my baby bottles, and have already started in on my first mug of tea. All three only said, “goody, baby bottles”, and then grabbed both.

I couldn”t help but to laugh, but finished cooking only a couple minutes later, then dished up. We all ate heartily, and then finally headed upstairs to get a very quick shower, relieving our baby boyfriends of our super soggy baby diapers before hopping in. We do have to be quick, though, because we”re supposed to be to the store in only fifteen minutes now, so, we basically only wash off the pee smell, give our hair a very quick wash, and then are out again in only five minutes. We double diapered our boyfriends, I had told the other pair of babies to do so, and then got dressed and ready for the day. With still wet hair, we headed out for the long drive to work, and will make it to the store probably just as the clock turns to eight. And I wasn”t exactly wrong, it changed just as I shut the car off.

Everyone was already there, waiting for us, and oh yeah, Jamie”s baby boys are stunning like I remember them being, and yes, I have seen them in dozens of times.

“Good morning all, sorry we”re late, we were here “til just after ten last night, and I damn near slept through my alarm at seven, which considering I almost never sleep past six, and am usually up at five, says a lot. So, come on in.”

“I”m gonna head out, actually, just call me when you”re done for the day, and I”ll come grab my boys.” Jamie said.

“Okay.” I said.

Father turned to his sons, told them to work hard, listen, and of course to behave. They of course agreed. As soon as I have the store all opened up, we all head in, of course I locked the door once we are all inside, so that we don”t have people come in and ask if we”re open, even though the sign says closed, and that the grand re-opening is tomorrow, but customers never actually read shit unless they have to.

“So, since I don”t actually know your names, what are they boys?” I asked.

“I”m Adrian.” Said the darker blond haired beauty.

“And I”m Andrew.” Said the lighter blond haired beauty.

And they are beautiful. They”re not truly identical, but they”re so close that even still, I think it”ll take a while to keep them straight, or gay in their case, well, ours too. They”re twelve years old, like their dad had told us, they”re of moderate height for their age, their hair is styled nicely, but fairly short, they have similar noses and eyes, but Adrian”s lips are a little more full and red than Andrew”s. As I looked them over, I can see that they”re well diapered under their nice blue jeans, but I doubt most would really notice it, and I can see that they”re wearing diaper shirts as well.

“It”s really good to meet you two.” I said, and then introduced everyone to them.

“It”s good to meet you as well.” They both said a little shyly.

I turned to my two regular employees, and told them what I would like them to get started on, and as soon as they were away from us, I whispered to the boys, so that the other two would not hear, but, again, I am certain they know about me, and likely my boys by now anyway.

“So, just so you know, your dad knows about us, and so, therefore the reason he wanted you to come work with us, is because we”re all gay baby boy diaper lovers as well.”

“Really.” They both said.

“Yes, and the first time I actually met you about two years ago, I wondered if you were or not.”

“Yeah, we already were well before then. We”ve kinda been playing together since we were eight.” Adrian grinned.

“Nice. And how about diapers?”

“Bed wetters and frequent daytime issues, we”ve always hadta be diapered for bed, and by the time we were seven, our dad was buying us guards to catch any leaks through the day. I think we were ten when we asked him for Pullups during the day, because the guards were leaking, because we were getting worse. The doctor told us both that we”re not developing correctly, and that our bladders are in fact getting worse. Maybe if we cared, and tried, they wouldn”t be so bad, but, now we almost never feel the need to pee, and we”re actually in proper tape on baby diapers all day, every day, and we never wanna change that. Did our dad tell you about our mom?” They said together, often talking at the same time, or alternating back and forth.

“Yes, and it”s truly disgusting, and she deserves to be in jail.”

“Yeah, she does, but she”s always been super mean to us about our bed and pants wetting, she was so ashamed, we were more ashamed of her, and told her that in court too. When she caught us having sex, and it was full on fucking through our soggy diapers, wow, she actually got worse. She”s the one that outed us at school.”

“No.” We all said again.

“Oh yeah, and told everyone to tease us, to teach us to be men.”

“Wow, glad she”s in jail then.” I growled.

“Exactly. Our dad”s been great, though. School is still miserable, but, whatever.”

“We might have an idea about that, to help, but we have a long day ahead of us, so, we should get to work.”


And get to work we did. At just after ten, I called our favorite Chinese Food Takeout, and placed an order for noon to feed twice our numbers, and at just two minutes past twelve, they were there with our feast, I”d told them to have the driver text me when he”s here, because we”re ignoring all knocks on the door. As soon as I have all the food ready on the central play table, I called everyone over, and we all dished up and pigged out, and you know what, I doubt even a fly could get a snack from what we left, we ate it all.

At three I placed an order at our favorite pizza place for five, and same again, I ordered twice as much as I thought we”d need, because I think we”re all going to need it.

All six of us gay baby boy diaper lovers had had to disappear to the back just after I called in our dinner order, we went in pairs and changed our baby boyfriends, but we are too busy to have played, but it was pretty hard to tape Milos up, if you know what I mean, and he claimed the same of me, all four of the others grinned and said same when we told them that, since we were the last pair to go to the office to change.

By the time dinner arrived, we”re nearing about three quarters of the way done, and everything is looking spectacular.

Once more, we pigged out heartily, enjoying every crumb that had been delivered, and then got back to work. At eight, I told the twins to call their dad to have them picked up at nine, since I feel that we are going to be done, or at least very close to it by then, so Adrian did so, and then we got back to work.

The boys” dad arrived at just a couple minutes to nine, and stood around and waited the five minutes for us to be done, because, with that, we are.

“Store looks amazing guys, you got it all done.” He said.

“Yeah, we hauled ass to get it all done, that”s for sure, and I doubt we coulda done it without the extra pair of helpers, they did great, so, thanks boys.”

“You”re welcome.”

“That”s great. So, if you”re done for the day, then I”ll take my monsters and get them home, they look wiped.”

“I think we can all safely say that we all are.” I said.

“I bet.”

“Here you go boys, a nice shiny quarter for all your help today.” I grinned, and passed Adrian a quarter.

“Oh, gee, thanks, your generosity knows no bounds.” He said as flatly as he could.

“I know, right.” I said, taking the quarter back and grabbing my wallet.

I gave each boy three hundred cash, and this made them both smile brightly. I also passed my two employees the same amount, telling them that this is how I”m paying them for today, as a bonus, and that it won”t appear on their pay stubs, so it”s free and clear. They too smiled. Then I told the twins” dad to come and see me tomorrow some time, and he said he would.

As soon as everyone was gone, we locked up and headed home, where we changed our baby boyfriends, then crashed into bed. I had thought to set the alarm clock on my phone once again, because we are so tired that we may sleep in, again. Turns out, it was a good thing, because its blaring awfulness is what woke me up, again, fuck I hate alarm clocks. I nearly grabbed the phone and threw it across the room, where I am certain it would have shattered against the wall into at least a billion pieces the way I feel, but better sense prevailed and I begrudgingly got up instead.

Milos didn”t even stir as I attempted to wake him up, so, I pulled off his seriously soggy baby diaper, picked him up, and carried him to the bathroom, where I started the shower fairly cool, so to wake us both up. The blast of cool water, though, shocked Milos so bad, that the jet of piss that ejected out of him, from his baby dinky that was trapped between us, and pointed upwards, sprayed both our faces more forcefully than the shower was. I admit, I burst out laughing, all the while, enjoying the flavour of my baby.

“Okay, that was the most cruel thing you”ve ever done.” Milos groaned when he finally woke enough, and I had stopped laughing enough for him to talk.

“I know, but we both needed it. I enjoyed the surprise you gave me, though.”

“Yeah, well, as a cum and piss lover myself, honestly, having piss splashed on my face would be a far preferable way of waking up than a cold fucking shower.”

“It”s not cold, just cool, we needed it. Now, hop down Baby, we needta be quick.”

“Okay. You know I”m gonna find a way to pay you back, right.”

“Yeah, I know.”

We got each other all washed up, once more taking it very fast, so that we can get the other two baby boys up, and then get breakfast and tea. As soon as we”re washed and dried, we head to our bedroom to get double diapered and dressed for the day. This morning, Milos headed to the kitchen to get everything started, while I went to wake the baby boys, only to find that they”re just getting to their bedroom from having their shower as well.

“Oh, good, you”re awake already.” I said.

“Yeah, we thought to set our alarms, we both did, so that we”d be sure to be up, and it”s a good thing too, because we totally needed them.” Basti said.

I told them we were the same, and how I ended up waking Milos, and what happened because of it, causing them both to giggle cutely. I told them that we”re double diapered, and they both said good, and then headed in to do so themselves. When I made it downstairs, I found Milos already making breakfast, the bottles are filled and ready to go, though his is dangling from his mouth, hands free, as he sucks it while preparing breakfast, and the water is on to boil for our tea. I grabbed my first bottle, slip in the nipple, and then pour the water, since the kettles both just started boiling. Because we generally need two kettles to make all the tea we want and need, we now have two to make it faster and easier. I then helped Milos, and just as we”re finishing up, the other baby boys enter as well. Milos and I are now sipping our tea, but they grab their bottles and start sucking them dry as we dish up to eat.

“Okay Baby Boys, let”s get going, and since we actually have the time to do so this morning, we may as well make the long walk to work.”

We all grab our computers on the way out, and then head out. I almost doubt that the boys will be able to do their schoolwork today, but it”s hard to say. The official grand re-opening isn”t until Saturday, but of course, it could still be quite busy for the next couple days, but the boys are so far ahead already that this really won”t affect them in the least. I could only laugh when we turn the corner to the store to find a line of approximately twenty people already there, waiting to get in. I told them all that we will be opening up in just a few minutes, and then we go inside.

“Well, I didn”t expect there to already be a bunch of people waiting to get in. Wonder what that means for Saturday when we do the actual grand re-opening special.” I said once the door was closed bahçelievler escort and re-locked.

“Bet it”s insanely busy.” Milos said, and the other two agreed instantly.

“Yeah, wonder if I should be ordering more food and drinks.”

“Well, you already ordered enough for a thousand, so, I gotta think that that”d be enough, but it might not be. Oh well if we run out, we can always order more if we think we need to half way through the day.” Carl said.

“Fair enough. Okay, let”s get the coffee bar opened up, get everything turned on, get a movie playing, and then get opened up.”

I had always had a small coffee bar for patrons, it has always been by donation, all donations going to the local children”s hospital, but during the renovation, we made it spectacular. I actually had them install a full on professional coffee brewing station, so instead of using those horrific coffee pods that do nothing but bad for the environment, this one can do five different styles of coffee drinks, as well as a couple hot chocolate options, is all pretty much automatic, and has no waste other than coffee grounds, which I will collect and put in the gardens at home as compost. I also more than tripled my selection of tea for customers, since this has always been what I drank, I felt it was appropriate. Then of course there is the cold water dispenser, but that”s free for the taking, and now, instead of having water jugs, is a filtered and purified water tap, so way easier on me. Even the cream, milk, two sugar options, and two non sugar sweeteners, are now in two different dispensers made to make my life way easier, and have far less waste. It cost me several thousand dollars for this coffee bar, but I think that it”ll be very worth it, the old one always made lots of money for the hospital. I also encourage people to bring and use their own thermal mugs, as well as offer for sale ones with my store name and logo on them, and they are all made to be fun, almost all of them different.

As a special promo, on the grand re-opening day, I actually ordered an extra thousand thermal mugs, on top of the thousand I ordered for stock, got a really good deal for buying that many of course, and I am going to give away one thousand of them, with the customers choice of beverage for free. Not to mention all the food and treats that I am going to have for all the customers all day long that day, and then all the specials that I”m having, it”s going to cost me a massive amount, but will drive business massively I hope.

We got everything up and running, we now have a really good kids movie playing on the all the big screens, with the audio running on all the store speakers, and it looks and sounds good. We got the video game display all turned on and ready to go, with the six different games on three different gaming systems, on six large TV”s, for kids, and adults, to play and have fun, but all games, at all times, are good for all ages, I”ll never allow a game to be played that isn”t good for everyone. This area too was greatly expanded on and made even better, and it too truly looks amazing. With only a minute to spare, we got everything ready to go, and then went and opened the doors before the customers expected us to, and there are now another ten people at least waiting to get in.

As they all filed in, I welcomed everyone, and told them to enjoy, but that the big grand opening specials and offers will officially be on Saturday, and they were all happy. More and more people came in throughout the day, and I would tell them the same thing, and as they left, they pretty much all said the same thing to me as well, that the new and improved store is amazing, and that they look forward to coming in on Saturday and checking out the specials.

We hardly had any sales, and I expected that, but we had two to three times more people through the store than we usually get on a Monday. I know that most of this week will be a write off, sales wise, but that”s okay, that”s what I planned. We still have to wait for the rest of the shipments of all the specials that I”d bought, and one did come in today, the largest one, but other than checking to make sure that it is all here and ready to go, we didn”t really unpack it any.

The rest of the week pretty much went like that too, lots more people through, but way less sales over all. The sign that I had my sign maker make for the grand re-opening sale was put up Tuesday morning, it says that we will have lots of offers, and even free stuff, but that we are closing at noon on Friday to get it all set up, and will open at eight am Saturday morning.

Jamie did stop by on Monday morning, and we talked. I told him that I”d be very much interested in hiring the boys, for weekends and then one or two afternoons a week, but that I absolutely want them this weekend for sure. I also offered to have them do their schooling with my baby boys, and he said that he”ll talk it over with his boys, and that if they agree, that he”ll pull them from school on Friday and get it all set up, no problem. I asked him to have the boys come after school on Friday to help with the setup, and then to have them to the store for seven on Saturday morning, and that he can pick them up at just after six when we close for the day. He agreed, and knows that the boys sure will as well.

With now being a little less worked, we have managed to get home at more reasonable times the rest of the week, and therefore got to enjoy our boyfriends more, as well we enjoyed a couple more super nice and naughty group diaper changes, which we have not been doing near as often any more, since we kinda like to change our boyfriends in private more often now, but we had all really missed our amazing group soggy baby bum changes as well, hence starting them back up, and it is still just as spectacular.

By Friday, all the rest of the orders had been received, and are stored, ready and waiting in the back room, to be unpacked after we close Friday afternoon. All the food, though, arrived Friday late morning, and there is a lot. Both my adult employees are bringing their barbecues and are going to be outside cooking up all the hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone, but we also have more than a dozen flavours and chips, and another dozen flavours of pop, and yes, I do have vegetarian options for people as well. I also have a local produce store doing up five of each fruit and vegetable trays, each one is supposed to feed twenty five to thirty people, and they are supposed to deliver them to me tomorrow morning at nine, when all the food starts. Same with a local bakery, they are delivering more than enough cookies and doughnuts to stuff every person full just by themselves. We barely managed to stuff everything into the fridge that needed to be, and we just have to pick up ice for the coolers in the morning, but that will be fast and easy, the gas station only two doors down has already promised me the twenty bags I need.

At noon on Friday, as planned, we closed the store early, and then only just over two hours later, I received the text from the twins saying that they are here and need to be let in. When I did so, their dad had already left.

“Hi boys, so, you excited, today was your last day of traditional school.”

“Oh yeah, as well as getting to work here, and doing schooling with the others, it”s gonna be so much better.”

“Yeah, when your dad emailed me the other day, after talking over all the pros and cons with you two, he said you were both super stoked to be getting to do so. It really will be so much better for you.”

“Oh yeah.” They both said.

“And guess what!” Andrew said.


“We think our dad has a boyfriend.”

“Oh, really, why would you think that?” I laughed.

“Because, this really hot seventeen year old has been coming over an awful lot lately, and yesterday he even spent the night. We were told that he was staying in the guest bedroom, because he”s having problems at home, but, from the noises we heard, we know for a fact that he definitely didn”t sleep in the guest bedroom. Hell, we”re not entirely convinced he slept at all, but boy were they both happy this morning.”

“Nice, I admit, I always questioned his sexuality. Just be gentle on him, let him come to you when he”s ready.” I smiled brightly to the boys.

“For sure. And the best part. That boy was so fucking diapered, he hadta have been at least quadruple baby diapered when he arrived, and by the time we went to bed, he was so soggy that it really showed. We”re pretty sure our dad was as well, but he tried not to let us see him, but we did anyway, and yeah, we think our daddy”s a gay baby boy diaper lover, and has a very hot gay baby boyfriend.”


“So nice.” Both baby boys said together.

Before we could say too much more, both my employees showed up, since I”d asked for them to come for about three, which meant we couldn”t really talk all that much more. So, we continued on the setup.

My boys and I had already pulled out all the tables that I have, so that we can set stuff on, lots will be for displays, but a few are for foods and whatnot as well. Of course, the food ones aren”t being set up, because they”re to be set up outside in the morning. Probably the biggest thing to setup, though, is the giveaway table that I”m putting by the front door, that Milos said he”ll man all day tomorrow. I made a sign with all the colours that my thermal mugs come in, saying from these colours, pick your favorite. What I”m doing is setting up all the reusable cloth shopping bags that I”d had custom made for today as well, that I”m also giving away, but are different to the ones I normally sell, and inside each one goes one mug, a colouring book and crayons, an activity book and custom logo pen, a five hundred piece puzzle, a page of stickers, a pack of temporary tattoos, and then last, a coupon book for my store that gives a few monthly specials. The bags, colouring books, pens, stickers, and tattoos are of many different colours and styles, and every puzzle is different, so there is a huge variety. I figure that each bag cost me about fifteen dollars by the time all is said and done, plus whatever the discount on all the coupons used will be, but, it”ll be so very worth it, not to mention, I do get to write it all off as gifts. As I”m getting each bag ready, I”m putting it into a large bin with the colour that the mugs are, so that I can grab from that whichever colour each person wants, to make it easier, and I have lots of extra bins, because there are a lot of bags.

While I”m doing that, each person on the crew is setting up a display of specials, and I have a lot to offer, even some amazing Lego and KNEX sets that I”d bought every last one that they had on clearance, and got a better deal for it, so, I”m able to sell them for about half price. I”d managed to snag a shit load of amazing deals like that, and there are some things that I”m literally only selling the one day, and for barely pennies over cost, so, I”m really hoping that every person stuffs their bags full, and maybe helps pay for everything.

The good news, is, though, everything went nice and smooth, and by just shortly after seven, we figure we”re as ready as we”ll ever be. We”d had everything very well sorted and stacked in the back room, so I figured that this should be a reasonably easy task, other than just time consuming. After setting up all the displays, the longest chore was putting out all the sale signs I”d made, and while the boys were putting them out, me and my adult employees were entering all the sale prices into the computer, fortunately we can all do so together, I just split the stack into three, so that we all had about the same amount. Fortunately, when it comes time to take the sale down, all I have to do is tell the computer system to delete price code two from the entire system, and it”ll do it instantly, and no, I don”t have to worry about clearance items, that”s price code three, which I could do the same for, but why.

About an hour before I knew we were going to be done, I had the twins text their dad to tell him to pick them up in an hour, so they had done so.

“Well everyone, be here for seven tomorrow morning, and with any luck, it”ll be a super busy day. Expect to be wicked tired, because even after we close, we still haveta take care of at least some of the cleanup. With any luck, we”ll be done by seven. Go home, have a good sleep, and thanks.”

Everyone happily left, and then me and my baby boys headed home. Not only do we all need super soggy baby bum changes, but a little personal relief as well, and so, we did so. By the time our soggy baby bums are nice and diapered in fresh double thick baby diapers, it”s pretty near time for bed, and so, after meeting in the kitchen to get a good drink, from our baby bottles, we decided to just go to bed, just a little early, because it”d been a long day, and tomorrow I fully expect to be even more so.

I set the alarm on my phone for five, and told Basti and Carl to do the same, and they said that they will, and then I went and curled up to my baby, and we passed out happily.

Fortunately we didn”t work so long and hard the day before that we were all completely wiped again, because when the alarm on my phone went off, both me and Milos woke instantly, and excitedly got out of bed. As we entered the hallway, both Carl and Basti were also just exiting, and they too claimed that they”d waken up instantly, and that they”re ready and raring to go. We headed to the kitchen bakırköy escort to get baby bottles, lots of tea, and breakfast as well, because we know we”re gonna need lots of breakfast to get us through the day. I”ll try and ensure that we all at least get some food in us throughout the day, but if we”re as busy as I hope to be, I almost doubt we”ll truly get much for food, but I”ll make sure that we do anyway.

Once we were all done and ready to go get dressed and ready for the day, I told all three baby boys that even though it”s likely to show at least a little, that I think we deserve our thickest and most babyish diapers, with two of our thickest doublers in them. I told the other baby couple to make sure and dress appropriately, and I”ll ensure that Milos and I do for sure. They all grinned at this. Yes, it”s risky, but, honestly, even knowing when the boys are diapered so heavily, when wearing their proper clothes, even I can”t see it on them, but you sure can feel it when you rub their gloriously sexy soggy baby bums, but even still, unless you know what you”re doing, a casual touch would almost never tip someone off.

I decided that since we”re going to be so busy, and therefore tired at the end of the day, to drive, even though it really is silly to do so, but we parked in the back. Because the back doors cannot be opened from outside, though, we do have to go around the front, and even though it”s only just six thirty, there are already like twenty people waiting, well, I”m shocked. I called out good morning to everyone, and told them that we”re opening at eight as planned, but that we do have some setting up to do outside, and told them the area that we”re going to be working in, so therefore asked them to move their line a little, to allow us to set everything up for them, and they happily did so. As soon as we got in, we started pulling out and setting up the tables, so that they”re out of the way inside the store, and ready for when the guys start cooking.

At seven, when the others arrived, my adult employees both bringing their barbecues from the backs of their trucks, we then started pulling out all the food. I had damn near forgot to grab all the ice, so, I quickly drove over and picked it all up, and then we got all the coolers filled. For ease of access, though, I just moved the entire fridge and all its contents on the dolly to outside, and plugged it in, since there”s an outlet near enough to where we set up to make it easier. All the boxes that had non perishable food in them are now out and ready to go as well, though nothing has been pulled out just yet.

Me and the boys then went about getting the store all opened up and cleaned up, ready for the day ahead, and I checked to ensure that all the sale signs are out and correct, and they all are, so, that”s great. By the time we”re finished all the rest of the prep work, it”s still almost fifteen minutes until opening time, so, I went out and asked the guys if they”re ready, and they said yes. I saw that the doughnuts and cookies have already been delivered, so, that”s great. I told them that we”re just gonna go ahead and open a few minutes early, since we”re all ready to go then. By now we have well over fifty people waiting. I checked to make sure the boys are in place, and they are. Milos is behind the greeting table, I”ve got Carl and Basti behind the counter with me, and then I”ve got Andrew and Adrian on the floor, answering questions and getting more stock when necessary.

I happily told everyone that we”re opening now, but to not rush in, because I have gifts for everyone, and so, if they want them, then they have to be polite and patient, and they”ll get something as they enter, and that we”re going to be serving lots of free food all day.

I headed in and went to the counter, as the first people chose their colours and got their gift bags. I have a sign on the table where Milos is greeting everyone, saying that there are free hot beverages, and then of course the pop is all outside. Almost half the people who came in, opened up their mugs and hit up the coffee station before doing too much else, so, that”s great.

Well, insanely busy doesn”t do what we just did justice. Every gift bag is gone, so, that was a thousand, and I think some didn”t get one, all the food was gone by four, and I had had to have the twins restock the coffee bar twice through the day, so that”s great. Every product that I wanted to sell out of, we did, but we also sold out of so many other things, that my next series of stock orders are going to be huge again, but that”s great. I doubt my profits are enough to have paid for everything today, but that”s okay, I did this for the customers. Sure, we made shit loads of money, but between the gift bags and all the food and drink that we just gave away, not to mention the staff I had on hand today, with having marked some stuff up only a few cents, no, I”m reasonably certain we didn”t make enough to pay for everything, but I”m okay with that. Everyone was so happy that it was absolutely worth it.

As surmised, none of us really got to eat that much, but I did make sure that we all ate at least a little here and there, and I would often just go and grab food and deliver it to the boys, and tell them to eat it, same with the two on cooking duty, twice I went out and relieved them for a few minutes so that they could go to the bathroom and eat as well, and they happily did so. Me and all the boys, having triple diapered as we did, because the twins had as well, since I had told them to, lasted all day, though, so that”s great, but, by the time we make it home, we”re damn near leaking, which is, of course, perfect timing.

It took nearly two hours after closing to clean everything up, and once more, at the end of the day, I gave everyone cash, with some extra, as a bonus for all their hard work. I had asked for the twins to come and work tomorrow as well, but that me and my boys are taking the next two days off as normal, since we”ve been working so hard all week long in preparation, whereas we hadn”t had any of the others, so, they can work it together.

When my boys and I got home, we all head to our bedrooms to get our proper soggy baby bum changes, and while none of us had leaked, it was close, and I”m happy to say, I was closest to actually leaking. We”d all said goodnight to each other before entering our bedrooms, though, because we know that we”re going to bed as soon as our super soggy baby bum changes are done, and even though I know both Milos and I are in desperate need of at least one baby boygasm, I doubt that either of us has much more than that in us, we”re getting pretty tired, and I for one am glad we have the next two days off, so that we can get some good rest.

I was right, though, Milos and I only sucked each other, while fingering each other, one after the other, to just the one orgasm tonight, and because we”d been so close to leaking, we”d both tried to hold off on peeing for the last hour, so that we didn”t leak, and as it just so happens, we got to enjoy each others baby juice shortly after we made our baby boyfriend cum. We then quadruple baby diapered each other, using our thickest diapers and doublers, but then, I”d told all the baby boys that”s what I planned, so I know the other couple will do so as well.

After draining and diapering each other properly, Milos and I went to our bathroom and got ourselves a really good drink, three glasses of water each, and finally we went and curled up, kissed for just a few minutes, and then passed out, wrapped all up in each other.

All four of us had a really good sleep, and slept easily two hours later than normal, but none of us honestly know just how much later we slept in, because we all played after waking up we said. Almost as soon as we woke up, Milos and I started kissing and rubbing each other, and then, Milos scooted down the bed, pulled down the front of my diaper and sucked me in before I could cum my first time. I gave him a nice load of cum and piss, and then, before he could continue, I pulled him up, kissed him to share the wealth, rolled him onto his back, and then went down to get my morning treat. As soon as Milos came for his first time and fed me his whole morning load, I too moved up and kissed my baby boy how he deserves, sharing some of his morning load with him. I then rolled over and let Milos go down again, and he did. We kept rotating until we had both cum four times, and we are now soft and satisfied.

After kissing for several minutes more once finished, Milos hopped out of bed and went and got all the diapers that we definitely don”t need, but most desperately want, and it appears as if we”re going to be quadruple mega diapered again, goody. Milos changed me first, because I moved into soggy baby bum change position while he”d been gathering our supplies, he lotioned and creamed me perfectly, then taped me up properly. He then had me get up, and he put onto me my most babyish diaper shirt. Once I”m dressed as much as I need to be, we traded places and I babied my baby just as well, and we are ready to face the day.

Carl and Basti had already made it to the kitchen, but considering they have only just started getting the tea going, and haven”t even started pouring juice into our baby bottles, they too only just made it.

“Good morning Babies, I see you slept in very well as well, and then hopefully played like good gay baby boys should after waking up?” I greeted them.

“Mmmhmm. We had to have slept in by two hours at least, and now it”s three and a half hours later than we normally get up, but meh, who cares, it”s our day off, and we”ve worked very hard lately.” Basti said.

“Ditto, and agreed. I see you haven”t changed your super soggy baby bums just yet, so, when you do, I suggest quadruple mega thick baby diapers like I got us.” Milos said.

“Fucking diapered.” Carl giggled.

“Oh yeah.” All three of us say together, laughing, because of course diapered is our bestest feeling, and what makes us happiest.

“Why don”t you two go get your seriously sexy soggy baby bums changed before you leak, we”ll finish up in here and get started on breakfast.”

“Okay, sounds like a plan.” Basti said happily, and grabbed his baby”s hand and led him to their bedroom.

Milos and I finished off the tea and juice preparation, and then dug through the freezer to find breakfast, and yes, both of us are already sucking our first bottles dry as we do so, and before Carl and Basti make it back, Milos and I”ve already sucked dry our second baby bottles, just as the tea was ready, so, we switched to them. Carl and Basti happily grabbed their baby bottles when they arrived, and then started helping to make our much deserved and desired breakfast, because, understandably we”re all getting very hungry, it”s far later than we usually eat, as well we had plenty of exercise both last night before bed, and this morning after waking up.

As we were sitting and eating, we talked, as we always do.

“So, after breakfast, I wanna take a bunch of stuff out to the nature reserve and clean and top everything up, it”s been a couple weeks, so it needsta be done.” I said.

“Good idea. We”re probably gonna haveta order more stuff again, the last time we did so, it looked like we were gonna start running low on things before too much longer.” Carl said.

“Agreed.” We all said.

Of course we talked lots more as we ate, and as we cleaned up too, and then, before too long, we are out in the nature reserve, dressed more than enough to cover what we”re wearing, though absolutely no one should be able to see us anyway. We”re each pushing a wheelbarrow with supplies so that we don”t have to go back too frequently, and, as usual, we head to the furthest point first, and work our way back. We had been out for well over an hour, when we came across something that made my heart just crash. A mother raccoon, that had clearly been hit by a car, but didn”t survive, which in and of itself is sad, but that she had a baby, and said baby is still trying to wake its mommy up, crying.

Milos went up to try and rescue the baby, but I called out stop.

“Why, we haveta help the little guy.”

“Because, it”s at least a few weeks old, and if you try and grab it, and startle it, it”s teeth and claws are more than formed enough to do you serious harm. I wanna rescue it as well, but we haveta be careful, and running up to it and scaring it won”t help any of us. Remember, raccoon”s are incredibly mean little creatures, and wicked smart too, so, if we be calm and gentle with it, it”s likely to understand that we”re just trying to help.”

“Okay, but I wanna be the one to go get it.” Milos said.

“Okay, just be gentle.”

So, he crouched right down, and started crawling toward the little baby, whispering to it, and it looked at Milos, fear clearly in its eyes, but considering what it”s gone through, that”s understandable. Very calmly and slowly, though, Milos eventually managed to reach out and pet the little guy, and whispered to it to curl up in his hands, which before too long, it did. Once Milos had the little guy well calmed down, and had it curled up in a ball in his hands, he came over to us.

The little thing definitely needed a good cleaning, and more than likely some food. It has its mothers dried blood all over it, and since it”s dried, we can only guess that it”s hours old, and while I have no idea how often raccoon”s feed their babies, nor how long they feed from their mothers for, not to mention balgat escort I have no idea how old this baby actually is, I can only assume that it”s probably more than just a little hungry by now.

As quick as we can, we head into the house, and while I grab a warm wash cloth to gently wash the baby, Carl grabs the milk from the fridge and pours a little in a bowl and warms it in the microwave for a few seconds. While Milos is holding the little guy, I gently wash it up as best I can, trying to be as gentle as I can, but it lets me, clearly knowing I”m just trying to help. As soon as I have it as clean as I can right now, Milos sets it down near to the small bowl of milk. I have no idea if it”ll be able to drink like this, but clearly it can smell that there”s food, because it goes to the bowl and starts sniffing it, and once it clearly understands that this is something that it can eat, it starts lapping it up, almost greedily, so clearly it was hungry.

I got a small bowl of water as well, and as soon as the raccoon had the milk all slurped up, I gave it the water, and it went for that as well.

“Okay, so, now what?” I asked.

“Can we keep it?” Milos asked.

“Actually, I”m not sure we”re actually allowed to. BC has rules on domestication of wild animals, and I”m pretty sure Raccoon”s are on that list. We”re really supposed to call the SPCA or someone like that, and have them come and take care of it.” I pointed out.

“Oh, but it”s so adorable, and I”ve heard raccoon”s make great pets.” Milos said.

“Yes, I”ve heard that as well, and it is adorable for sure, but still, don”t wanna be getting in trouble either.”

“What if we kept it in secret.”

“Raccoon”s are notoriously mischievous little creatures, and they”re wicked smart too. The problem is, we work during the day, and it”d haveta stay home by itself most of the day, and if it gets hungry, we could come home to find all the food pretty much gone. They already know how to get into almost any type of garbage can, so I doubt cupboard doors and things like that”d even slow it down.”

“True. Would be awesome to have a tame raccoon and take it to work, so that customers could pet it.” Milos giggled.

“Yeah, but more than likely definitely not allowed.”

“Who would we haveta go through to let it happen?”

“Fucked if I know.”

“If we claimed that we hadta nurse it back to health, and then said that returning it back to the wild would be akin to a death sentence for it, they”d allow it, wouldn”t they?” Basti said.

“No clue. But we could also get in trouble for not following the proper channels with that as well, but, then, I doubt most people know that, and we could claim that we simply had no idea. I suppose if we kept it for a few weeks, then asked, then maybe they”d allow it.” I shrugged.

Honestly, I”ve always wanted a pet, but I never got to have one, and really, this would be a pretty amazing pet to have.

“Okay.” All three boys say together.

Once the little thing had enough to drink, we all spent time socializing with it, so that it would get to know and like us all, and it was surprisingly loving and gentle, and within just a few minutes of my picking it up, it happily rolled onto its back to allow me to rub its belly. When I checked, I confirmed that I”m pretty sure it”s a baby boy raccoon, but I honestly have no idea how to tell.

“So, what should we name him?” Basti asked.

“I say Rascal, raccoon”s are super mischievous like Vince said, and it seems the perfect sorta name for one.” Carl said.

“I like it.” I said, and the others all agreed instantly.

Now that Rascal is seemingly pretty comfortable, and we are still seriously over dressed, we head up to get undressed down to our gloriously thick baby diapers like we prefer. For the rest of the day, we mostly just played together and watched movies, but at all times, one of us had Rascal and we continued to pet him and show him love and affection, and he sure seems to be enjoying it. We did let him run around some and explore the house, but any time that he was about to get into something that he should not, one of us would say no, and he would look to us, then go for it again, and when we said no, he would almost sulk away, it is quite cute, he is so curious. I am sure that insane curiosity is going to cause us some troubles in the future.

We made and ate lunch and dinner when the times came, and we fed and watered Rascal a few times, and thankfully Milos” grandfather had had a cat at one time, because there was still a litter box and a full bag of kitty litter in the garage, and it seems raccoon”s are much like cats, once shown where to go, that”s where they like to go, because it only took the one time, and the other two times that he had to go, that”s where he went all on his own to do so.

When it got close to bed time, we debated on where to put Rascal so that he”s safe and reasonably unable to get into too much trouble. We thought of the laundry room, but what if he chews on the power or water supplies, that”d be very bad. Clearly the den was out, way too much in there to get into, same with the living and dining rooms, because they do have doors as well. We thought about the garage, but realized all the animal feed is in there, so he”d absolutely get into that. Finally we decided that one of the unused bedrooms upstairs would likely be the safest, so, we took his litter box up there, found an old blanket that looked like it should”ve been disposed of years ago, set it in the centre of the room in a nest like pile, and set out his water dish, as well as a little more milk for him if he needed it. It was cute, though, when we set him in his bed, and then tried to leave, he tried to follow us. It took a few tries of telling Rascal to stay and to go to sleep before he stayed and allowed us to close the door.

Milos and I went to our bedroom, we made mouth and finger love to each other for at least two hours, Milos slipping his whole hand into me, and I slipping four fingers into him, cumming three times each, one after the other, until we are both drained completely. We changed each others super soggy baby bums, then laid and kissed for quite some time before falling asleep all wrapped up in each other.

For no other reason than it just feels so fucking good, Milos and I had an exact repeat of the night before, even though we”re both very much tender in the backsides, it just feels so fucking good, that we just can”t help ourselves. We did only manage two hot gay baby boygasms, though, before I started going soft, and even Milos claimed that he”s good now as well. Before even changing each other, even though we need to, we laid down and kissed for easily twenty minutes first, and then got changed.

Milos must”ve known that we”re gonna haveta go out this morning, because he only brought back a nice thick regular diaper and one doubler each, pretty much our standard daily wear. Yes, we wear during the day what most would wear at night, and that”s the way we like it. As Milos was baby diapering me so very lovingly, he whispered to me.

“It”s time, I need you to make hot sweet gay baby diaper love to me tonight please, I wanna feel you buried as deep inside me as you can, and I wanna feel you cummy and peepee deep inside me, then make hot sweet cum and piss soggy baby diaper love to me.”

Well, if I could”ve gotten hard, I would”ve, that”s for sure, but I did chub up with that proclamation anyway.

“As long as you”re absolutely certain Baby, but I also wanna feel you make hot sweet gay baby diaper love to me, I want you to peepee inside me as well, and make sweet baby diaper piss love to me as well.”

“I”ve wanted you buried inside me since shortly after we met. I”d always suspected I was gay, I always knew I wanted to see boys naked and do fun and naughty things with them, but never girls. It wasn”t “til I met you, though, that I truly started to understand things, and I wanted you so bad. You have no idea how many times I almost went to the store and asked you to take me to the back room to fuck me. Now, instead, I desperately need you to make love to me instead.”

“Then tonight Baby, we lose our baby virginity together, me finally, and you probably at least a few years sooner than most people think is appropriate.” I said, grinning on the last part.

“Wonder what they”d think of the fact that I wanted to lose my virginity when I was five then.” Milos giggled as well.

“Yeah, I was totally the same. Not only from a few of the really hot boys in my school, but at least two of my teachers I would”ve offered almost anything to, but I was just too shy, too bullied, too battered, too everything to even attempt to get what I needed.”

“Yeah, I know how you feel.”

“Yeah, deep inside.” I snorted.

“Mmmhmm, and ditto.”

“Oh yeah.”

With that, Milos finished diapering me, and so, we traded places. We then headed to the bedroom that we”d put Rascal in, and apparently we”re first out this morning, because his door”s still closed, and when we opened it, Rascal popped his little head up, looked to us, made a cute little squeaky sound, and ran to us as fast as his tiny little body could. Milos happily picked him up, and cradled him, petting and cuddling him, and he started purring, but not quite like a cat does, but amounts to the same thing.

“While I make breakfast, why don”t you try bathing Rascal in the kitchen sink. I honestly have no idea if raccoon”s like water or being bathed, but we needta find out, he”s still pretty dirty.” I said.

“Okay, but what do I use for soap?”

“Well, we already use Dawn dish soap, and that”s what people use to wash animals that are covered in oil when there”s an oil spill, so I”d say that”s perfectly safe.”

“Oh, yeah, I never thought of that, but you”re right.”

I got started on tea and bottles first, and as soon as I have the bottles ready, I slip the nipple of one into my mouth, and then slip the nipple of another into Milos” mouth as he”s already starting to bathe Rascal. I then got started on breakfast as Milos worked. Well, it seems Rascal is loving his bath, because he played in the water, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy Milos washing him down, but boy does he look funny all wet, he”s half the size, he really is half fur. Milos then grabbed a nice soft towel, and started drying Rascal off, and once he had most of the actual water off, Milos grabbed another towel and wrapped rascal up in it, and cradled him for a bit.

Basti and Carl came in just as Milos was doing this, and smiled.

“Did he enjoy or hate his bath?” Basti asked.

“He loved it, actually.” Milos said happily.

“That”s good.” Both said.

“Yeah, and I see that you”re both just in your regular diapers as well, so you knew we were gonna go shopping this morning.” Milos said.

“Yeah, we knew we were gonna haveta go grocery shopping anyway, but that we”d probably also needta go to a pet store and get Rascal a few things.” Carl said.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly as well.”

Both baby boys grabbed their bottles, and started draining them, and then switched to their tea like Milos and I already have. We sat down to eat shortly after, and I had cut up a banana and put it in a bowl for Rascal, to see if he would eat that, and he sure did, he seemed to love it in fact. He would pick up each piece, bring it to his mouth with his tiny little paws, and munch on it much like we would, it”s kinda cute actually. As soon as we”re finished eating, we head upstairs to get dressed and ready to go shopping. Since we”d spent so much time in our bedrooms this morning, it”s actually late enough to go shopping almost right away. We put Rascal back into his bedroom, and once more, he wanted to follow us, but we told him to stay, and this time he did, and just curled up in his bed.

We headed to the grocery store that we like best, and started touring around in there, grabbing everything that we need for the next week. This store has a shockingly large pet section, so, to save a possible stop, we checked it out, and are pleased to find everything that we”re going to need. We grabbed two more litter boxes with two more bags of kitty litter to go with them, and a pet carrier, because the boys want to take Rascal to work with us most days, so that he”s with someone. Then we grabbed lots of toys for him to play with, we figured most of the dog and cat toys would be liked by him, we even grabbed a cat harness and a leash, so that if we so decided to do so, we could actually take him for a walk. I also know that raccoon”s have no qualms about eating both dog and cat food, so, I found a bag of the highest quality kitten food I could find, figuring that Rascal would probably like that, but we will also feed him fruits and vegetables as well, and milk until he seems to no longer want or need it, as I understand, most mammals do this on their own, only us humans don”t.

Yes, we did grab what baby supplies we want and need from the baby department as well after getting all our groceries, and then, before too long, we”re heading home.

“So, why”d you ask for two litter boxes?” I asked as we were driving away.

“One for at the store, one for downstairs, this way we don”t haveta keep moving it, and it makes it easier for Rascal as well.” Milos said.

“Yeah, figured as much.”

As soon as we got home, we brought everything in and got it all put away, then Basti ran upstairs to go get Rascal and bring him down. We had all the things that we bought for Rascal in the living room, and when the boys started showing him his toys, and playing with him, he acted much like a happy little puppy, it”s really cute. He sure does love all his toys, so that”s great.

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