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Milk in the Times of Drought Ch. 01

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Bent Over

*** Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in this story are purely fiction and all fantasy. All character are of age and are involved in consensual sex. They may, however, be inspired by true experiences in the author’s life. Enjoy! ***

Robert Delaney was a man on the younger side with black hair and sun-kissed skin. He was of American-Italian descent, was a profound Catholic, and was athletic as can be. Of course after years of soccer and wrestling in high school, he was ripped and had no trouble impressing the ladies. He was a married 24 year old as he found his own Irish Catholic descent wife in college. She was a wild flower that corrupted Robert’s purity. As mentioned previously, with his profound faith, he was a virgin until he met Martha. Although she brought on his sex life, Robert was a very discreet member of the adult breastfeeding community and he was very much so attracted to women who were “blessed”.

Here they were, at a wine reunion for her high school class of 2005, beautiful hotel, hot summer evening. Robert and Marth arrived and had valet take his Camaro around the corner. Robert had on a jet black suit with no tie, semi-casual but elegant and Martha had on a red dress that went down to her knees. She had on heels and was eager to go reunite with a few of her friends. Since the Facebook message she had been elated to go meet up and catch up on life post-graduation.

Robert had met a few of them once during the college years, some of which had him looking in other directions from Martha, though he never engaged. Robert was more loyal to Martha than a german shepherd to a bone, but since his sexual awakening that Martha gave him, he couldn’t deny that he thought about what it would be like to fuck a few of her friends. He had pitched an idea to her about threesomes, and she even seemed all for it but never was assertive about it.

They went through the lobby and found the ballroom of which the events were being held and soon enough Martha would speed up ahead of Robert to hug a few peers. Amongst them were a few of who Robert had met not too long ago or had had a generalized idea of who they were. A lot of them had boyfriends or fiancés, but not too many husbands. Robert grabbed a drink while Martha engaged into deep conversation with an Asian friend of whom she hadn’t had much contact with. He looked around as he sipped his coke and whisky. Then someone caught his eye.

Rafaella Pizzaro, was a class peer of Martha that was also of Italian descent. She was tall, thin, had red hair and had a very comforting smile. Robert had recognized her from a few times Martha had introduced them during a Summer away from school. Rafaella was home attending San Diego State, while Robert and Martha were going to San Jose State. Robert remembered how they hung out at Raffaella’s parents place while they were out and spent time in the pool while the lights were out at night. He recalled how she had another guy friend over who was a stick in the mud while they played strip Truth or Dare.

He remembered how it got to the point where he was completely nude and the girls went full topless. Due to the lack of light of course, they weren’t as visible as he could have wished. He did however, and didn’t tell Martha at all, catch a heavy glimpse of Rafaella’s breasts as she had pulled up from the pool. It was while they were transitioning back into the house and she had handed Robert some of their clothes, and she forgot that she was still topless. They were perky B cups and due to the air and the water, her nipples were hard and dark red.

Robert came back to reality from the flashbacks after Martha brought Rafaella over to him.

“Honey look who’s here!” she said mid chuckle with Rafaella.

Robert’s eyes went all around her body within a milli-second and stuck out his hand to greet her, leaned in for a cheek peck, and said “Rafaella good to see you again, you look great”

Rafaella gazed at Robert with a smile and dazzled eyes as she thanked him. The two girls remained in small talk as Robert pretended to listen, and sipped his drink. He continued to observe this model’s daughter of an Italian woman and had lust in his scope. He noticed she hadn’t changed much at all since their pool fun, but did see that perhaps her dress of something, was making her breasts seem like they had grown slightly.

The two girls then went off to talk to other former classmates that they hadn’t seen in a while and Robert just remained aloof, minding his own, and smiling at the sweet memories this Italian girl had sparked in him. He knew he wouldn’t ever try to go unfaithful to Martha, but was deep in lustful thought at what could have been. He even wondered if there could have been the chance that Martha could go past their friendship and bring her into a possible threesome with them.

Hours went by and by and finally it was time to kick it for the night. Everyone would be staying the night at the hotel with more activities in the morning.

Not Escort Bayan everyone would stay beyond the first night though, so Robert was only hoping, for his viewing pleasure, Rafaella was still around. Robert and Martha got into their bathing suits and headed for the major pool of which was assigned to the high school reunion group. Martha spent no time in getting into the water. Robert went to the poolside bar to get a drink and as he settled his legs into the water on the edge of the pool he spotted across the other end, the same red-headed Italian that was driving him delirious rising up from the water in an emerald green two piece.

“Swear to God, they look bigger than before” he grunted to himself.

He was more than happy to watch her wade in the water and see how exposed she was from the previous night’s dress. This lustful show, caused Robert to have to dip the remainder of his lower body to go below the water. Robert just couldn’t help but to focus on how much he’d want to suck on this woman’s breasts, he couldn’t hide his adult breastfeeding side, but at least he wasn’t even socializing with anyone to demonstrate it.

Martha had been swimming with a few more friends and everyone seemed to have been having a wonderful time. Robert got a call from his office and was informed someone had called in but there was no one to cover it, and as assistant supervisor, Robert had to propose a solution.

He made his way over to Martha and told her about his work-related dilemma. She had made it clear to him that it was okay if he needed to excuse himself and take care of what he needed to.

Robert quickly got a towel and made his way back up to their room and changed into a casual outfit. He made some arrangements to the scheduling over his laptop in the hotel bar downstairs and had an associate make his way to fill the void of the day. Robert was finally able to relax until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey there hard-working man. Congrats on the job, heard it’s treating you well” Rafaella said with a wine glass in hand as she sat down next to Robert.

Robert scooted over in the booth to make enough comfort room for the both of them. She was now dressed in jeans and a thin fabric blouse. He noticed her bra and continued conversation.

“Thank you, and yes it is helping out a lot with finances and time management. What are you doing over here? I thought you were in the pool with the others” He said.

“I’m sick of seeing too many familiar faces that I don’t really care for anymore, and I have a pool at home anyway. I was only in it to see if you and Martha were still here” she answered.

“Very kind of you, we were wondering the same about you sticking around.” Robert replied

Rafaella chuckled in mid sip of her glass of wine and added with a sly smile and a suspicious gaze at him, “well I told your wife I was sticking around until the event was over, so either you are the typical nodding husband or someone should stop worrying about other women’s plans”.

She was clearly making a jab at him jokingly, but something was telling Robert she wasn’t going to punish him for it.

“Yeah I guess you’re right” He sighed as he played with the ice in his glass and watched it swirl.

“It’s okay Robert you guys are my friends and I’m not going to do anything to hurt either of you. I’m just bored going around to hang out with people I actually care about, and besides Jackson is somewhere bullshitting with some random hoe probably” she added to soothe the tension.

Robert put the glass down on the table and motioned the bartender for another. The bartender professionally nodded and began to gather the bottle of whisky.

He turned back to look straight into her eyes and said, “so Jackson is here with you? How’s your relationship going?”

She began looking down into the red wine of her glass and said sternly, “Jackson and I are still together technically, but he’s an asshole and so it’s pretty much open now. I think I’ll let him go after we get out of our Master’s programs”. She sipped down the last of her wine in the glass.

A waiter brought Robert the drink the bartender had prepared for him and Robert told him to get Rafaella another glass of wine. The waiter nodded and sped off.

“You didn’t have to do that” she smiled softly at him.

“It’s alright no biggie” Robert added. There was a small silence among them and the waiter brought a bottle of wine of which he poured for her.

She cut the tension after he left and whispered softly to Robert, “speaking of biggie, how’s your uh, you know?” she said motioning her gaze to Robert’s crotch.

Robert looked at her puzzled and a bit nervous. “C’mon don’t you remember how when we were playing strip truth or dare in the pool how we dared you to do us a dance?” she giggled.

Robert’s memory came back to haunt him and sure enough he caught on that she was right, even though his shadow was back turned to Bayan Escort them while they waded in the pool, he had been doing a dare to dance, and recalled how she saw the shadow of his dick basically helicoptering between his legs that time.

“Oh shit, you’re right” he chuckled along with her.

“We had some crazy times you know?” she added smiling widely. “But in all seriousness, is it actual size or was I just seeing a shadow?” she said as she nudged his shoulder and scooted closer to him.

She was almost sitting on his lap, but he responded with “Well, if you were to ask Martha, she’d say…” he began to answer in a joking manner.

“I mean she’s told me eight inches” she interrupted him. He nodded as he took another sip of his drink.

“Wow, good for you two, lucky girl” she said as she continued her purposeful joke to look over her shoulder and down at his crotch.

Robert had figured this was mainly due to them being really good friends, and truly Rafaella was doing this only because of that reason, but she was also very turned on as she had spent a good time being dick deprived as Jackson was losing heavy interest in her.

“Can I ask you something?” Robert said to cut the tension that began growing as her eyes had not left his cervical area.

She smiled sexy like and said, “sure”.

“This is going to sound strange and I apologize if it’s inappropriate, but did you get your boobs done?” Robert asked quietly with best effort to not seem impolite.

Rafaella giggled as she took another sip of her wine and shook her head, her right hand instinctively rested now on Robert’s left knee.

“Jackson and I have a baby at home, but he’s taking full custody, the asshole…” she said while rolling her eyes and bringing in her body to rest on Robert’s shoulder.

Her hand now caressed his knee and grazing her fingertips on his thigh. Robert knew she wanted moreover to see his penis than to betray her friend, but he wasn’t doing anything to prevent this. From this last detail though, he got even more excited and his member was soon to perk up with no trouble at all.

“So you’re breastfeeding then?” He added more as an honest detail but certainly to Segway into somehow trying to fulfill his longtime fantasy.

Rafaella came back to reality a little and looked down at her chest and smiled at him as she answered “Yeah I am”.

“Lucky baby” Robert joked softly. “Why exactly?” Rafaella asked while giggling softly.

“Not important at all but I was never breastfed as a baby by my own mother or anything, so I guess my body has always had this desire.” He replied.

She smiled and made fun of his revealed fantasy and asked “so are you going to fantasize about me breastfeeding the baby, or were you going to fantasize about me breastfeeding you?”

She then noticed he couldn’t resist and instinctively his boner began to press against his cargo shorts and smiled almost peacefully.

“Wow look at that monster” she whispered almost giggling.

She felt great knowing she could still turn on a man, and she looked into Robert’s eyes and respectfully asked, “I know you guys are my friends, but can I?”

Robert hesitated realizing this was real and that she was asking in all seriousness. He nodded slowly and her hand softly landed around it above his shorts while she looked straight into his eyes. She grazed her fingers around the girth and gave it a tiny squeeze with her palm, and she leaned in and kissed Robert on the lips. Robert couldn’t resist and was returning the kiss with no holding back.

The kiss lasted about ten seconds and she pulled back slowly as she whispered, “thank you.”

Robert smiled like a devil caught in the act and Rafaella matched his expression, not releasing his cock from her hand. He noticed her blouse beginning to darken on two spots along her breasts. He stared wide-eyed and she looked down.

“Oh shit…” she whispered as she let go of his member and began to scoot away from him and out of the booth. Robert quickly followed her after he closed his tab and assigned it to his room.

“Robert, I’m sorry I can’t hang for too much longer, I have to go take care of this upstairs” she said as she got into an elevator and held her arms crossed on her chest.

Robert jumped into the elevator with her and said, “look you said it yourself in the bar there, about my fantasy and all…”

Rafaella smiled and blushed while letting her walls back down, “what you think I’m the one to fulfill your fantasy? What about Martha?”

Robert noticed he did sound silly and backed off a little but then confessed, “she thinks it’s weird and doesn’t want to support it.”

He then just looked down at his shoes and didn’t say anything else, he felt like an idiot.

“I’m sorry” she said softly. The elevator was still rising and Rafaella would soon have to make her way into her room to pump.

“I guess all I was saying was that perhaps Escort I’d help you with your leaking and umm…uh..dammit, shut up Robert” Robert let out after a little. The elevator came to a halt and made a bell sound.

Rafaella grabbed his hand and pulled him onto her floor and she made her way to her room. Upon arriving to the room she locked in from the key slot and the emergency lock.

She had him sit on her bed and she began her speech.

“I think it’s really sweet that you would want me to do something like that, and you are my friend, but you’re also my friend’s husband. I’m sorry if I ruin this for all of us”.

She pulled out a breast pump and placed it on the night stand and began again, “however, with our friendship in mind and with what happened at the bar…” as she began to take off her blouse and reveal her chest still concealed by the sexy black-lace bra she had on, “I can’t deny two things. One, I hate pumping, and two, a sweet guy like you deserves to have his fantasy fulfilled, especially because when you told me that you were never breastfed, my body reacted.”

She also took off her pants, and sat on the bed next to Robert in just matching bra and panties and motioned to her pump and commanded him, “convince me not to use this”.

Robert smiled and confessed once more, “back when we had our strip truth or dare pool party, I remember you handing me a few of our clothes, and I saw both of your tits exposed because you forgot you got out of the water topless, and ever since that moment I’ve always fantasized as well to suck on them”.

Rafaella smiled sexily and said, “Oh Really? I remember doing that on purpose; okay fair enough” as she leaned back against the head board and opened her body up to him.

Robert took off his shirt and leaned up to lay in her lap.

Rafaella pulled her right breast out of its cup and let it graze Robert’s cheeks, she put her arm around and under Robert’s head and brought him close to it. Her nipple was already hard, had a cloudy-wet look, and was a dark shade of red, though bigger than the last time Robert had seen them.

“C’mon big boy, drink mama’s milk” Rafaella said playing into his fantasy, and also saying out of her horniness.

Robert gathered her nipple and areola into his mouth and gave it a firm suck to form a latch as he’d researched. He began to suck and gently nibble on her breast like it was his destiny. The hot flesh of her breast rested on his cheeks and chin, and soon he felt tiny streams leaving her nipple and built up into showers as he sucked. He caught onto a rhythm of sucking, collecting, and swallowing. The milk tasted liked thin cow’s milk but much sweeter, almost as if it had vanilla and coconut.

Rafaella moaned softly at her large baby’s furious suckling, and her sex was reacting just as well. She looked down at Robert’s shorts and noticed his cock hardening more than it was at the bar. She smiled in ecstasy, not realizing how awesome the breastfeeding was making her clit pulse and she reached behind her to let her bra fall completely off. She began to lean back and lay down with Robert following on top of her, still hungrily sucking form her right breast. She spread her leg and set them up around Robert’s hips.

She was feeling emptier on her right now that Robert had been taking care of it, and motioned her left breast towards his mouth. He hungrily accepted and switched sides, not realizing that Rafaella was also bound to use their breastfeeding session as foreplay.

Robert was feeling like he was on cloud nine, sucking on the breasts he had been fantasizing about for so long, and as an even bigger bonus, fulfilling his fantasy of drinking milk from a pair of beautiful breasts, but he also couldn’t deny that the grazing and the friction of his member on Rafaella’s cervix was maddening. He was feeling an intensity that he had felt even stronger than ordinary sex, and though he was trying to remain faithful, he couldn’t deny this was a battle he was about to lose if he continued to nurse. She hugged his head onto her breasts and began to grind her pussy against his cock.

Robert knew what was going on but couldn’t deny it as more delicious milk streamed into his mouth from her left breast. That’s it, he thought as his shorts slid down and past his legs.

Rafealla moaned more audible now, letting her breathing and her instinctive sounds of pleasure channel into Robert’s ears as he stayed firm on her breasts consuming her milk. “I guess we’re doing this?” she asked in a sexy whisper with her eyes closed.

With no answer, Robert slid off his boxers, released her breast and swallowed his latest collection of milk and pulled off her panties. He dove his body down and began penetrating her. She gladly accepted and prepared for the remainder to slide in.

He grabbed her hips, brought his lips to hers and sensually kissed her as he pushed his way further into her. He felt her gasp as he made his way to the back of her cervix and cupped her breasts as he began a smooth and steady motion of thrusting. She smiled and let out a very satisfied yelp-moan as he began to increase his pace, soon finding himself in a fast pumping of their sexes, and the sound of fast skin-whacking grew.

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