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Milk Duds Ch. 03

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To you loyal readers of all my stories, my deepest thanks. While I normally detest anonymous E-Mail comments of my stories, they being so much like caller ID not identifying the caller, I make an exception. Here you are anonymous, just what I hope you wanted, though it does deviate from my normal writing desires.


From age fourteen and the beginnings of puberty, Brad had maintained a watchful eye of his female neighbor across the street. He guessed her age in the early twenties and she was gorgeous. She had light strawberry colored hair half way down her back, a slender body and a pair of tits he would have given his left nut to see naked. Just the thought was enough to enlarge his still young cock forcing him to masturbate often. If only, he often dreamed…………………..

Brad turned eighteen and two weeks later he was asked to mow the lawn of his dream woman. By now she was almost thirty and still extremely good looking in his eyes. Susan, the woman he had lusted after for so long, had come home four months earlier with her first child. The fact that her tits had become larger didn’t escape Brad’s roaming eyes and served to only increase his lust and desire for her.

The front lawn was done and Brad was just finishing up in the back when Susan called to him.

“Brad, I have ice cold lemonade if you’re interested,” she spoke softly. Unknown to him she had admired his good looks almost from the first and now that he had grown into manhood she found herself thinking more and more of him.

“Sure thing, Mrs., uh, Susan.” He caught himself in time to call her by her first name at her request. “Just let me put the mower away.”

Susan’s eyes watched as they saw his sweat covered naked upper body rippled with his muscles as he stored the mower in the shed. She set the tray with glasses and lemonade on the patio table and went back in the house. Her last words were for him to help himself as she wanted to check on the baby. Her words might have sounded good, but that wasn’t what she was doing. Having seen him sneaking peeks at her boobs and the obvious reaction that grew inside his pants Susan decided she wanted him. She slipped into her bedroom and quickly removed her clothes only to put them back on with the exception of her panties and nursing bra. Her body felt clean from the recent shower and now leaving her bedroom as close to naked as she could get away with it tingled with excitement. Her only concern was that the shortness of her tiny skirt that barely covered her snatch and the way her large milk filled tits almost spilled from the half unbuttoned blouse just might frighten him off.

“Why thank you Brad,” she exclaimed sitting across from him and taking a full glass of lemonade he had fixed for her. “So, now that high school is over are you looking forward to collage?” She figured light small talk would relax him.

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” Brad stammered his eyes catching the sight of her nicely large cleavage all but begging him to look.

“My but it sure is hot out her,” Susan said casually plucking at her blouse to fan her chest. Two drops of sweat oozed their way down her chest and trailed into her cleavage. “Why don’t we go inside where its cooler.” As she stood Susan bent over making sure Brad got a real good look inside her blouse and the unfettered tits inside.

They went into the front room, Brad sitting on the sofa and Susan in the overstuffed arm chair across and close to him. At first she simply crossed her legs while at the same time spotting the growing lump in his pants. They just talked and every time she laughed her tits would wiggle and jiggle causing her nipples to thicken and swell when her blouse caressed them. It wasn’t long before she noticed Brad’s eyes had become glued to her chest and she felt the warm seeping oozing from between her legs.

“You Kurtköy Escort like my tits, don’t you Brad,” she said, not as a question but as a matter of fact. “Would you like to see them naked and exposed? How would you like to touch and feel them?”

Brad could feel his face blushing as the redness all but burned his face. His eyes widened considerably as he watched her slip open a button giving him just that much more to look at.

“I’ve been watching you watch me for the last four years and I’ve waited until you were old enough. Tell me, did your mother nurse you from her nipples? Did she feed you her breast milk?” Susan was now feeling more and more heat between her legs, enough to cause her to uncross her legs. She spread them slightly apart just enough to show him a hint of her nakedness beneath her skirt. As her fingers slipped open another button her eyes fixed on his crotch and the obviously growing lump hidden inside.

“Uh, well, Susan, Mom couldn‘t breast feed me,” Brad gasped shifting in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure and pain he was feeling. “Yes, I’ve admired your body and breasts for a long time, but are you sure? I mean, do you really want me to see and touch you?”

“Yes I’m sure,” Susan said quietly finally opening her blouse giving him his first real look at her full tits. The cool air inside the house brushed across her nipples and they swelled thick and firm. “I have more then the baby wants or needs and I love to have my nipples sucked, my tits squeezed until the milk just gushes out. Come here and feel how full they are,” she beckoned to him. “Come place your lips over my nipples and feed yourself from my tits.”

As if in a stupor Brad rose and sat beside her. She took his hand placing it over her left tit letting him feel the heat of her skin and the hard demanding extension of her nipple. As his fingers timidly, gently squeezed the firmness of the large globe of tit flesh small amounts of milk oozed to coat his palm. Susan sighed.

“Don’t be bashful,” she all but gasped at the erotic feeling of his touching her. “Lean over and taste my milk. Plant your lips around my hard aching nipple and suck the milk from me. Oooooo, shit, yeah,” she exclaimed. “Just like that.”

Brad had from somewhere mustered the courage and firmly clamped his lips around her turgid nipple and began sucking. There was nothing at first, then suddenly her full tit gushed forth with torrents of hot sweet milk. Susan moved away his pathetic hand and used both of hers to cup and squeeze her tit as she pressed it to his greedy lips. Fifteen minutes passed with Brad drinking and swallowing like there was no tomorrow. Then came the cries of Susan’s baby and she shoved him away.

“I have to feed him. You would love to watch, wouldn’t you,” she stated as simply a matter of fact. She took his hand and led him to the nursery.

Brad was mesmerized while he watched her change the diaper all the time her exposed naked tits moved and swayed on her chest. Her blouse had long since been discarded and he loved watching her. Finally the diaper change was over and she led him to her bedroom. Inside she lay down pressing the babies mouth to her right breast. Her arms extended inviting him to join them.

What choice did he have but to lay with her. His lips immediately reclaimed their former position clamping firmly to her hard extended nipple and drawing from it the warm sweet milk. Soon enough the baby had taken it’s fill and was fast asleep once again. Susan lay him in the middle of the bed and gazed intently at Brad.

“Would you like to fuck this?” she asked lifting her very short skirt and showing him her bald pussy. “How would you like to shove your hard cock inside my dripping wet cunt and fuck it while you drink my milk? Take your clothes off and I’ll be right back,” she said gently lifting her child and Maltepe Escort leaving the room.

Susan returned a few minutes later to find Brad laying naked, his swollen hard throbbing cock bouncing off his tight belly. She had shed her clothes and slowly approached the bed naked. She stopped alongside the bed and longingly gazed at his youth hard cock. Her legs moved apart as her fingers spread open the blood engorged lips of her pussy.

“I can hardly wait to feel you cock pounding my cunt,” she gasped leaning over him. “But first you have to suck my tits and drink more of my milk. I want your hands touching them, feeling them, squeezing them and don’t be shy. Most women are tender and can’t take much pressure, but I want you to take my full tits and be hard and harsh. Squeeze them hard and force the milk from them.”

Brad was really unsure of himself as his hands closed over her large tits. His fingers gently dug into her skin and she gave her milk in spurts to spray onto his naked chest.

“No, silly, not like that,” she exclaimed. “Like this.” Susan slapped aside his hands to cup and hold herself. Her fingers dug deeply into her skin and coned her tits forcing the milk to spray viciously from her nipples. She moved her tits so as to cover his face, chest, belly and finally his throbbing cock and cum filled balls with her milk. “That’s what I want from you. Take my tits and bruise them, take them hard then suck my nipples using your teeth. Make me hurt as you fuck my cunt.”

By now Brad was so aroused and hot he would have ripped her tits off her chest if she had asked, but calmed himself enough to simply comply with her demands. She straddled his body with her legs, her huge heavy tits over his face. He grasped them hard his lips clamping over one dripping nipple. His interest switched the other and drew from it more of her sweet milk. At her urging he allowed her to move lower as his fingers almost cruelly sand deep into her tit flesh only to spray her milk over his chest and then down to his belly. She wanted more and moved lower so her white tit juices covered his cock and balls soaking his matted pubic hair.

“Now you’re getting what I want,” Susan panted. “Yes, harder, squeeze harder, I love the pain. Oh fuck I’m getting hot. My cunts streaming with my cum and I want to taste your cock in my mouth.”

Brad never knew what hit him as her lips suddenly clamp around his turgid cock. She slipped her lips over his hardness for a few moments and paused, then they slipped and plunged down his shaft until her nose was pressing hard into his crotch. He felt her throat as she swallowed trying, it seemed, to pull his cock from his body and into her belly. The more she took him the more his fingers gripped and held her still leaking tits. He was bruising her skin and she was loving it as she pumped his growing cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Susan’s fingers caressed and carefully squeezed his sperm filled balls knowing he would shoot his load anytime.

Now was the time as she felt his young cock swell harder and thicker. His balls pulled up tight as the first onslaught of his vicious cum erupted filling her mouth. Susan tasted his cum and it was as she expected, young and sweet. She swallowed and plunged her mouth down to take all of his pulsing cock in her throat. While he wasn’t as thick as her husband, Brad was much longer and she loved feeling more that three inches of his spurting cock in her throat. As quickly as it started it was over, Brad lay spent his balls nearly empty. Susan gradually lifted her head and let his half hard cock slip from her wanton lips. She knew he was to sensitive for her to continue, at least for the moment.

“I love to suck cock almost as much as have one pounding inside my cunt,” she murmured resting her head on his tight belly. “Was that your first blow job?” she asked Tuzla Escort knowing the answer.

“Yeah and it was great. Before this the best I could get was some girl from school pumping my cock with her hand, but then I would have to finish the job as they didn’t want my sticky cum on their hands.” Brad lay back contented and for the moment couldn’t have cared less if he got her pussy.

“I know there’s more where that came from,” Susan sighed gently stroking his half hard cock in her hand. “I’m going to make your cock hard again then you’re going to ram it as deep as you can into my dripping cunt. I know you want to fuck me and I that’s what I want. I want to feel your cock inside my cunt going deep inside while you suck my tits and drink my milk.” Susan spent the next half hour just casually stroking his cock and balls until he was again rock hard. Her cunt was on fire as she rose and hovered over his naked body. Her pussy dripped juices coating his more than ready cock. As she straddled his legs her fingers gripped his cock guiding it to her waiting cunt. “Now fill me your prick. Let me feel you fill me full. I want your hands on my tits milking them. Put your lips around my nipples and suck the fucking milk from them.”

Susan tightly grasped his cock rubbing up and down her wet snatch until is was well lubricated. The swollen head easily slipped inside and Brad gasped at how tight she still was. Her pussy gripped him like her fingers had moments before as she eased her body down to take all of his again pulsing cock. She gasped loudly as she felt him fill her cunt so very full, then she felt him touching her center at the end of her burning tunnel.

“Yes, now,” she exclaimed with wanton lust. “Fuck me with your cock, take my tits in your hands and force the milk from me. Now,” she gasped again, “take me hard.”

It was all Brad could do to keep from cumming again so soon, but he managed to withhold his desires. Her cunt was so tight even though she had just given birth. It gripped his rock hard cock more tightly than her fingers and felt so hot. His hands went to her hips as his eyes watched her still milk filled tits bounce as she lifted her body only plunge back down and impale herself upon his throbbing cock. Up and down she rode him, rocking from side to side to get the maximum feeling as his cock grew even more inside her. Her full tits bounced on her chest and she felt his hands taking them. His fingers dug cruelly into her milk filled tits spraying her milk onto his face and chest. Brad lifting his lips to capture and suckle fiercely at her swollen nipples. He drank as they fucked, both feeling the coming explosion of climax.

Susan suddenly gasped and ground her groin hard to his, her cum erupting to coat and soak his pumping cock. Brad felt her giving herself and with equal suddenness gushed forth his cum. His cock filled her more than full even though he had just ejaculated but a few short minutes before. Both groaned as they felt the burning heat of each other, then they slowed. The last of Susan’s milk dribbled from her nipples, her tits become only slightly smaller than before. She lifted her body from his and moved lower. His cock was rapidly wilting yet still she clamped her lips around the shrinking shaft tasting and loving what they both had just done.

“I don’t know about you,” she once again spoke in her soft voice, “but it was good for me, was it good for you?”


Well, there you are ladies and gentleman. This is just about as vulgar as I get, well almost, but you don’t want to go there and neither do I. For those of you liking what I write I’m grateful, but please allow me the courtesy of an E-mail address to respond to as being anonymous just doesn’t do my ego any good…………….LOL.

Yours, Trog.

PS. Please don’t expect an addition to this story. I really much prefer the ‘soft sex’ approach as I find it much more appealing and sensual. In other words, let the mind of the reader fill in the blanks. Again, thanks for all your support and keep them cards and letters cumming…………….., oops, coming.

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