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Big Dick

I wandered over to my neighbour’s front door. Mum had told me that they were lending her some milk. I knocked and waited. The sun was so hot. Weeks of sunshine had reduced my clothes to just shorts. I was having a problem with bulging pants. Funny feelings kept creeping over me. I was obsessed with girls and my imaginings had led me to have very embarrassing erections in awkward situations. Right now, one was developing. It was partly just the heat which always seems to stimulate me. Partly it was the thought of seeing Jane, our neighbour’s daughter.

She is the same age and has a wonderful developing body that is half little girl and half sensual woman. I have watched her grow since she moved here five years ago. To begin with she was this slender junior kid that rode bikes with me and explored the woods and river. I could never even then get enough of watching her little arse rippling against her pants or the slightest mounds on her chest that were never content to remain as they were. Every day it seemed they had grown a little more. Nobody but me, or her, probably, would have been able to tell the difference. But I knew exactly her size and could tell the amount of extra cells that had been laid down since the previous sighting. I was a connoisseur of her body.

But she didn’t know this. We had a very proper friend to friend relationship that I wouldn’t dare to cross. Mostly from fear of rejection. And also from sheer fear, I couldn’t really imagine doing anything real with a girl. They were a mysterious and foreign land that I might visit one day when I was old enough for the passport application.

There was a noise behind the door and it opened slowly. Peering around was Jane, looking hot and flushed. I could see her loose blue tee shirt and small silver necklace. The long expanse of her neck set her head cutely on one side as she looked at me and with brightening eyes said :” Hi there “. I mumbled out my mother’s request for milk and she nodded and told me to come into the kitchen. I followed with my favourite view in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her swaying arse. She is so slender that it accentuates the wonderful swell of her rear even more. She was wearing blue shorts the same as me. I could see that at the point where her legs emerged there was the edge of her white knickers just peeking out. I was having trouble managing to walk steadily behind her. Her long legs and bare feet took her down the hall and turned her into the kitchen. I quickly rearranged my pants and turned through the door.

She had opened the fridge door and was bending over searching for an unopened carton. The sight of her upturned bottom and now even more of the white fringe of cloth inside her pants made the blood rush headlong into my penis. It sprang out with a jolt and produced a very large indentation in my pants. They were in danger of being pulled completely away from my stomach by the size of it. She straightened up and turned, smiling her twinkling freckled smile and said :” Do you want some juice?” offering a choice between orange and pineapple. ” Some pineapple please ” I said and turned mecidiyeköy escort to the kitchen table to find a chair and something to hide behind. She reached up to the high cupboard just to my right and stretching up to take a couple of glasses pulled the bottom of her teeshirt high and clear of her pants. I bathed in the glow of six inches of smooth belly flesh with a tiny centre piece button that had an intriguing little protrusion in the centre. I felt my mouth salivate as if I had been offered a succulent dish. I stared at her navel and said ” Your belly buttons different to mine. Mine just goes in. Yours has got a bit that sticks out as well ” She looked down at me and at her belly. Holding her teeshirt high so that she could see what I meant. I pointed to the center and touched the end of the little protusion. She seemed to shiver slightly and I could smell a blast of musky air.

She laughed and said ” I’ve never noticed. Let me see yours. ” I stood up next to her and she lowered her head so that looking down I could only see the top of her thick black hair. She was studying my navel with considerable attention to detail “Yeah – your right. Yours just goes straight in deep.” I felt her finger probing into my skin and my stomach muscles contracted nervously.” Hold still – I wont hurt “. She was crouching down now and looked up. Her face was beaming and slightly pink. ” What is at the bottom of the hol? ” she asked.

” I’ve never looked ” I said. She put both hands around my waist and pushing from behind and stretching the flesh on my belly back she opened up my navel so that it was possible to see the swirls and wrinkles at the bottom. She seemed satisfied with that and let me go. Standing up again, she said ” Have a closer look at mine and see what you think “

Her breasts were passed the just budding stage, but not very big still. She wasnt wearing a bra and as she held up her teeshirt inviting me to examine her navel I sunk to my knees and looking up could see the underside of her breasts as they began to swell towards her nipples. I tore my eyes back to my task and was again surrounded by an enticing smell of musk I peered intently at her belly. It was slightly rounder than mine and formed a slope that disappeared inside her pants. I extended a finger and tickled the protrusion at the centre of her navel. She squirmed and giggled at the tingling touch and bent forward catching my head between her hands. She made as if to push me away and then on impulse pulled my face into her belly. My lips were mashed up against her and I grasped her around the waist in order to release myself. She gasped as I pulled her towards me and toppling over backwards, I found myself under her, She had moved up slightly in the fall so that as she landed, my face was in her lap. I could feel the shape of her mound in my mouth and my nose sunk into the flesh at the base of her belly. The smell was electric. I inhaled deeply and blood shot straight into my penis.

She was laughing hysterically as she pulled off me. Lifting her leg over me merter escort so that as she raised herself I could glimpse inside the leg of her pants and knickers to some dark world within. ” That tickled!” she scolded. ” How would you like it?”. She swung her leg over my chest and, pinning me below her arse , she began to tickle me around the waist and in my belly button. I was squirming madly. Trying to buck her off but she had her knees on my shoulders and had me pinned while she tormented me. I lifted my legs up and tried to catch her head between them but coulnt quite reach. She was driving me mad with her tickling. I swung my legs up again and with some effort I had her head imprisoned between them. She screamed and fell forward so that her face fell trapped onto my penis. I held her there as she laughed and spluttered with only my pants keeping me away from her mouth. As she struggled to escape her legs slipped back off my shoulders and I found myself in a similar predicament as she fell down with my face between her legs. As we rolled around, we both had the other in a head lock between our legs. She was still on top but I was levering her sideways so that I could get the better of her. I finally managed to turn her over and pull away from the headlock, I raised myself onto my knees. Her head was now under my bottom and my knees held her shoulders firmly to the floor. I could straighten up and take a breather. She became quiet as well. I was panting exhausted and I could feel her breath as she tried to gulp in air.

I looked down and my eyes opened wide as I found that her teeshirt had risen high during the struggle and had allowed one plump breast to become exposed. It was rising and falling at each breath. The nipple was high and clear of the surrounding flesh. I gazed lower and saw that her shorts as well had fallen lower than they should be. Her legs were slightly apart and raised. Her knees bent in towards each other .

Suddenly I felt her start moving under me. She forced her shoulders off the ground and with a tremendous effort she lifted up and bit me hard on my arse. I yelped with the pain and fell forward. She was out from between my legs immediately and flung herself on my bare back pushing my head onto the floor. She laughed and landed on my back, riding me like a cowgirl. She whacked my bottom as if whipping me and cried ” Giddy-up Trigger “. I was thinking about playing along when she decided I was being too slow. She reached back and whacked me again. This time I was ready to gallop anywhere. My backside was sore from the bite and the blows. She stabbed her legs around my waist as if using her spurs on me and I was still too slow for her. She again reached back and this time pulled my shorts down over my arse and delivered a stinging smack on my bare bottom.

At this I began to seriously buck in an attempt to throw her off. This had the effect of lowering my shorts even more so that by the time I had sent her tumbling off over my head, my penis and arse were exposed and my shorts were around my knees. My penis was waving mutlukent escort gayly in the hot air. I fell on top of her as she landed on her belly. Her teeshirt was high on her back. As she tried to raise herself to her knees I was onto her and began pulling down her shorts in retribution. She realised what I was doing too late. I grabbed the top of her shorts and peeled them down so that they ended up with her knickers around her knees and her bum was wriggling in full view next to my face. I lowered my mouth and bit her on her right cheek. She squealed and came up quickly, spinning towards me with a look of anger and excitement. We were both on our knees with our shorts down. I had a very hard problem between my legs, She threw herself onto to me so that I fell backwards again. This time as I landed with her on top of me there was nothing between our bodies. I could feel my erection between her legs. She had opened them so that I felt myself immersed in damp heat. I grabbed her arse cheeks and not knowing what I was doing, ground her into me. She groaned and pressed herself harder into me. She was moving up and down, grinding out a rhythm. I felt the pressure rising in my cock. I began to move with her. I clutched her bum tighter. We were covered in sweat. I felt some primeval instinct take over and threw her off me, twisting her over and towering above her panting. She looked wild with wide surprised eyes staring at me. She reached up a hand to touch my chest and then dropped it to hold my penis.

That was the trigger. I flung myself onto her body trying to make as much contact as I could. Her gyrations began again and this time as the pace built I felt the head of my cock rubbing desperately at her entrance. She opened her legs wider and I was in. Forcing myself to the hilt and holding it there as she vibrated around me, mewing like a kitten.

We lay still, trying to take it all in. Then I felt the need to move. It came over me like a demon. Willing me on. I stroked myself in and out. The speed increasing with each thrust until I was acting like jack hammer on turbo charge. I became so frantic that I thought some thing was going to break. She lay beneath me like a startled rabbit as I raced on. The cause of my activity was building in my balls. I felt them growing heavy and insistent. A massive pressure was growing. I could only release it by going faster. I went faster and faster and suddenly something did give. My penis and whole body went rigid and pumping out from deep in my balls came a jet of red hot liquid, It surged up my tube and as it hit the walls of her vagina, her body convulsed and arched. She flung her bottom off the floor and I resumed the wild thrusting in order to deposit myself as deep into her womb as possible. After several spasms I was finished and collapsed on her. She wrapped me up in her legs and arms and held me tightly .

We drifted off for a while. We were woken by a knock on the door. We scrambled around to quickly pull up our shorts which were still around our knees. She took the carton of milk and gave it to me, kissing me lightly on the lips .

I followed her down the hall and stood behind her as she opened the door. There was mum demanding to know why I was so long. I mumbled my apologies and raced out into the fresh air. Breathing it deeply as I walked home with mum, I felt that I had become someone different. I looked around and saw that the colours had changed. My mind had been released as well as my sperm.

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