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Mila’s Best Friend

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Mila had always wanted to kiss a woman’s body, but she’d never really considered her best friend, Tia. Sure, Tia was gorgeous, with her long blonde hair and her blue eyes and her freckles and her body that Mila thought was perfect, even if it was a little heavier now than it once was.

Okay, so she had considered it. A lot. But she’d never acted on it.

Tia’s husband was out of town for the weekend, and they had the whole house to themselves. They’d started out at dinner, where they each had a few glasses of wine. Then they came home and watched Netflix and laughed and had a few more.

After that they headed upstairs to the bedroom – they’d shared a bed since they were little kids – to get ready to turn in.

And that was how they ended up in the bathroom, fresh from showering (separately, alas), facing each other. Both without their clothes, and Mila without her inhibitions.

They considered each other for a moment. Then another. Then another. Then one more.

Mila reached out tentatively and touched Tia’s right breast, staring at it intently while she kneaded the nipple. When Tia didn’t stop her, she leaned in in what felt like slow motion and took the nipple in to her mouth, sucking intently. Tia shivered a little, then sighed and wrapped her arms around Mila.

Mila bit lightly, causing Tia to cry out her name. She looked up to see if she’d hurt her, but, apparently she hadn’t, as Tia grabbed her head and moved it to her other breast.

Now emboldened, Mila sucked on Tia’s tit, flicking her tongue over her nipple, and biting a little harder. Her hands roamed down Tia’s back and over her ass, which she squeezed tightly.

As Tia muttered, izmir escort “Oh my god,” Mila kissed her way gently down Tia’s stomach, then across from one hip to the other. As she settled down on to her knees, she made her way across the pubic bone and reached her goal.

Mila knelt between Tia’s legs, staring at her pussy, already wet and completely hairless. After a brief hesitation, she reached out with her tongue and licked along the folds, tasting her, causing Tia’s entire body to shiver.

Overcome, Tia whispered “Please,” and grabbed Mila by her long, dark hair, pulling her in. Then she said, “Finally.”

Mila gave in to her best friend’s command. She stuck out her tongue and licked Tia’s pussy again slowly from bottom to top. She flicked her tongue from side to side, playing with the folds. “God, you taste so good.”

Tia leaned against the wall, spread wider and pulled Mila’s head further in. As she did, Mila buried her face between Tia’s legs. She began to lick and suck urgently, while Tia moaned and urged her on.

“Oh god… Fuck…” Tia cried as Mila’s tongue repeatedly thrust into her best friend, making her shiver in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck,” Tia moaned as Mila kissed and sucked the outer folds of her pussy, “I need you to eat me. Mila, eat my pussy.”

“Oh my god, yes!” Tia screamed, pulling Mila’s head hard against her as she ran her tongue all over Tia’s clit. “Yes, yes, yes… Mila you whore… oh, god, oh fuck, oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

At this, Mila stuck her tongue completely inside Tia’s pussy, grinding her upper lip against her clit.


Tia collapsed against the wall. She clamped her thighs around Mila’s head, smothering her as she came all over her face. Mila was crushed against her best friend’s pussy, unable to breath, as the other woman thrashed in ecstasy.


Mila felt like she was going to pass out; she was light headed and there were spots in her vision.


Tia legs finally went limp and she released Mila, panting. Mila fell in a heap at her friend’s feet, gasping and shaking. Mila felt totally used, and completely horny. She pushed her panties to the side and thrust several fingers into her pussy, moaning loudly.

Tia had another idea. For years she’d heard her friend’s fantasies about getting fucked in the ass, but, she’d never done anything. She would tonight.

She picked Mila up off the floor and lead her back to bed, where Mila fell face forward in a heap, her legs dangling.

Tia yanked off Mila’s panties, revealing her large heart-shaped ass. She ran her finger down the crack, pausing to circle her pink asshole a few times, causing Mila to gasp.

Tia shoved a finger in Mila’s pussy, getting it soaking wet before withdrawing and pushing on her friend’s asshole, spreading Mila’s juices around it. She did this again and again, pushing harder and harder until her fingertip finally pushed inside, causing Mila to yell.

Tia continued to work her finger further inside. She couldn’t believe how tightly Mila’s ass gripped buca escort her. When her entire finger was in, she slowly withdrew to the knuckle then pushed back inside.

Mila muttered “Oh, fuck…” over and over again as Tia finger fucked her in the ass. Mila thought she might be about to cum just from the sensation when suddenly Tia withdrew her finger entirely.

Mila half-turned and said, “Please don’t st…” but before she could finish her sentence two things happened.

First, three of Tia’s fingers slide in to Mila’s pussy, curling and feeling around.

Second, she felt Tia’s tongue circling around and around her asshole, followed by a pop as her tongue made its way inside, causing Mila to push her ass back in to Tia’s face, desperate to get her tongue as deep as possible.


Tia began to dart in and out, tongue fucking her best friend’s ass as Mila shook and yelled. It did not take long to push her over the edge.


Tia managed to get her tongue several inches in her best friend’s ass, holding it there and rubbing her friend’s clit furiously as she came.


Tia had to hold down Mila’s legs, which were thrashing uncontrollably.

When Mila finally quieted down and her body relaxed, Tia pulled out her tongue and kissed her ass, lightly sucking on it. She laid her head against it like it was a pillow, completely spent, and said, “I love you.”

Tia picked up Mila’s legs and put them on the bed, rolled her over, and climbed in beside her. Mila pushed up against her best friend’s back and wrapped an arm around her, squeezing her tightly.

Mila leaned forward and kissed Tia’s ear, whispered “I love you, too,” and laid her head back, grasping one of Tia’s breasts and pinching the nipple lightly.

They drifted off to sleep in this position, and Mila slept better than she had in years.

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