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Midday Matinee

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“It’s fucking hot!” Nikka complains like she’s the only one experiencing the 95° heatwave.

We both had tackled our Saturday chores before the sun was at its peak but the humidity was already on full steam before dawn so it didn’t matter. I cleaned the back patio and got the grill ready for the afternoon party while she went to the grocery store.

We rotated houses every weekend with our friends and we wanted our day to be amazing even though the weather was unbearable. Iliana and Tre did not disappoint us the night of the rainstorm and Goba and Ali kept everything perfect despite the snowstorm.

I finished the backyard and jumped on a conference call before taking a shower to cool off. By noon I was back outside under the umbrella on the chase passed out. I was going to need another shower later but I loved being on our patio.

I was still asleep in my swim trunks with my eyes sewn shut when I heard Nikka sounding off about how hot it was. “Do you want to know how hot it is?” she asked impatiently.

I could feel her standing directing over me.

“How hot is it?” I dryly replied.

There was a brief pause while I heard her dancing over me in her sundress.

“This hot,” she responded as she placed her sweaty panties over my nose and mouth. She’d intentionally worn her cotton panties that absorbed as much perspiration as possible.

I inhaled so deeply you’d think it was my last breath.

I tried to take a second kurtköy olgun escort breath when the dripping wet panties were rudely pulled from my nose and the sundress enveloped my head and chest. Whatever light was left from the umbrella was now gone. Those beautifully drenched panties were replaced with the sweatiest of pussies and my dick began to fight the bind of my swim trunks.

Our backyard was quite visible to our neighbors but the trees and furnishings blocked direct visuals so we’d been more than a little daring in the evenings.

But this was high noon. And our friends were on their way. They may have been parking at that moment. What if they’d already let themselves into the house or backyard?

“It’s so fucking hot that the coconut oil spilled all over my hands when I brought the groceries in the house,” Nikka continued to sell her unhappiness. “A fucking mess!”

That’s when her sweaty pussy strangling my face was accompanied by her coconut oiled hands grasping my dick from my shorts.

The thigh sweat filling my ears and her fingers caressing my taint were the unexpected summer treat I didn’t know I needed.

“It’s so fucking hot that I need to hurry back in the house to put the popsicles away so I can’t just sit here stroking your dick forever, Mister!” Nikka vented as her pussy sweat mixed with her own cream.

I was in heaven.

“So I’m going to suck your dick to tuzla escort get this over with because I’m hot,” Nikka labored as she leaned further over me. “Do you understand me?”

That’s when her pussy began grinding on my face and my tongue began probing for her clit. I had to find her spot before her mouth was on full stroke.

I mouthed her clit the way she liked as I felt her hands and mouth building up momentum. Her hands swirled as her head bobbed in rhythm. I was so hot under her dress but I knew I would forget about my existence once she started shaking above me.

That’s when we both felt the shockwaves hit us. Her ass went from a sensual grind to a smothering buck that didn’t care if I was breathing. My hips raised in solidarity as I wanted my entire dick down her throat and her oiled finger in my ass.

As I exploded in her mouth her pussy shivered over my tongue.

With each pulse I could feel my come being ingested with joy. Each gulp was an individual victory.

As we slowed we felt the usual satisfaction of lust and indecency of disgust that follows one of those raunchiest of episodes. Sometimes our sex is loving or athletic or even humorous. The carnal act we just displayed was filthy. We couldn’t look at each other for a minute or two after what had just transpired.

Luckily our disgusted trance was interrupted by our door bell. The doorbell that our friends only use after they’ve already pendik escort come into our house and want us to know that they have already caught us in the act but want to get us refocused.

We are thankful that they are considerate enough to watch, let us finish and then pretend like they’ve just arrived. We show them the same decency when they invite us over to their homes where we quietly watch them fuck before enjoying a quiet dinner where everyone pretends nothing happened.

During the rainstorm we watched Iliana and Tre under candle light as she rode him to the sound of rolling thunder. You could hear Goni from the garage as Ali pounded her from behind in front of their fireplace. Our view from their balcony was the best because we could see Gobi’s eyes when Ali flipped her over to finish in her mouth.

The worst job of all was the person responsible for ringing the doorbell when the entertainment was over because no one wanted to return to reality.

The other six couples relished in one couples afterglow knowing they would be taking that energy home with them.

We’d hoped our heatwave session wasn’t too choreographed but we knew nobody was their to see Nikka’s bad acting.

We headed upstairs to shower and change while our guests prepped for lunch inside.

As we dressed we both looked at the messages from our friends applauding our performance without mentioning our performance.

“Your home is soooooo amazing and fucking hot!!!” Angela texted Nikka.

“Risha and will definitely be using your recipe this evening,” Bill texted me.

But by the time we hit the bottom of the steps you’d never know this was another innocent gathering of friends over food and wine.

Our friends are the best.

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