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Michelle Goes To a Party Ch. 01

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I’m your average college freshman. A blonde, blue eyed, boy obsessed, eight-teen year old girl. My name is Michelle. Awhile ago I met this older black guy in my building, and surprise, surprise he has a HUGE cock. His name is Eric.

“So what’s your number?” Eric asked.

“Honestly I’ve lost count.” I said, thinking he was asking how many boys I’ve had to date.

“You must have been really drunk that night.” He said.

Um which night was that? I thought.

“You know what I meant right?” He said.

“Actually I’m starting to think I misunderstood.” I responded.

“How many cocks came on you in one night?” He clarified.

“It was with you and you’re friends, so you know as well as I do.” I said.

“So…shit I can’t remember that night.” Eric looked confused.

“Maybe you don’t know, it was four.” I said.

“Only four? Damn girl you got to come party with us more often.” Eric added, “I guess you were not practised enough before though.”

“You should wear something pretty and swing by this weekend, we’re having a bunch of people over.” Eric told me.

Great! I thought a party, I will have to tell Allison!

“Oh yea I almost forgot to say, since next weekend is Halloween, wear your costume to the party.” He instructed.

The next day I was in Allison’s room again. She broke the news to me that her guy had dumped her. I consoled her trying to mask my huge grin.

“What are you smiling about? This fucking sucks.” She stated.

“Well I came down here to give you an invite. Eric is having a escort kağıthane Halloween party and I want you to come with me, I’ll even ask him to find you a date. You being single now is awesome, we can finally really party together!” I explained.

She quickly joined my happiness in her new found relationship status.

It was still Wednesday though so we had to wait until Friday for Eric’s party. In the meantime we brainstormed what our costumes would be.

Since we were going to the party together, we thought our costumes should go together as well. We continued to try and come up with an idea.

“I know!” Allison said. “I have these two camouflage skirts, we could be army girls together!”

I agreed she had a good idea. We figured we would wear ambiguous black tank tops as well. Along with our usual make up we would put green and black smudges on our cheeks to complete the look.

Allison was a blonde like me, she was much prettier though. We were both quite short and skinny. She had smaller boobs than me (it was the only thing I had on her so I made sure to remind her every chance I got). Hers were a nice B cup. In addition to her slight frame they actually looked very good.

I told her army girls didn’t wear glasses, and we would have to get me contacts, but she had an answer for that.

“Army people in the movies wear big reflective sunglasses though, surely I have two pairs, and you can just pop one on top of your regular ones.”

We seemed to have ironned out all the details of our attire, now we just had to escort nişantaşı wait.

On Friday we had dinner together, and afterwards started to get ready. We dressed up as planned. We looked freaking HOT!

We went down to Eric’s apartment and knocked on the door.

There were a ton of people there as promised. Everyone was drinking out of red cups. Eric directed us to the to the table housing them.

They had this murky brown liquid in them. It was ‘swamp water’. You know when you’re a kid mixing all sorts of soft drinks together, you get something that looks like it should be in a stagnant pool. We were at college though, and pretty much everything had alcohol added to it, this was no exception.

We drank and danced with the crowd all night, we were having huge amounts of fun. I could tell Allison was forgetting her break up.

“This is a Halloween party!” Eric yelled to the crowd. “But it is a sort of initiation as well, for these two girls!” He grabbed Allison and I.

Everyone cheered and started chanting, “fresh meat!”

Eric took my hand and escorted Allison and I to the middle of the room where a circle had now formed. Everyone, guys and girls, were starring at us when they weren’t sipping away at their drinks.

Pillows were tossed from the crowd and slid to a stop in front of us on the floor.

“You can use those to kneel on.” Eric said.

We knelt down on the pillows even though we weren’t entirely sure what was going on. We were pretty sure it had something to do with sucking dick, but after that osmanbey escort we had no idea.

Eric shouted to the girls in the crowd, “OK get the men ready for these sluts.”

Soon we were sitting there watching these random girls going down on all Eric’s friends. I even got a little territorial when I looked over to see one of them swallowing Eric’s member. Hey that’s my cock! I thought, but he shared me with his friends, I should be able to share him too.

Soon enough a voice in the crowd said, “OK I’m ready!”

He moved up to Allison and I stroking his meat in our face. Like 99% of this party he was black, and to our delight he was stroking a big black dick.

Allison, like a seasoned pro, took the dick in her mouth and started sucking it. The man eventually put his hand on her forehead and pried her lips off. He started stroking.

“Put your faces together.” He ordered us.

Soon enough he blew all over both of us, it landed on our cheeks, but mainly the streamers fell on our sunglasses. They had huge lenses and took up over half our faces, so of course they got at least half the load.

Another couple voices came from the crowd, and one after another men would approach us. They each would deposit a healthy load across our faces.

Towards the end of the night we were a mess. Our green and black makeup we smeared on our cheeks was almost completely gone. What was left of them was buried under several layers of cum.

I had lost count, but I guessed we’d caught at least twenty loads with our cheeks.

I sensed they were done and took off my sunglasses. Air drying them with a wave, I looked to Eric:

“Allison was hoping you could hook her up with a friend tonight.”

“For sure, she might have to clean up a little though first.” Eric said.

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