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We had been waiting for a chance to be alone …. really alone for a long time. I was home from the military and was doing the Hometown Recruiter deal. Not too bad, 45 days at home, extra pay and no bills. We were going to get married in September, but we were both with our parents and not given much time alone. There had been a few really close calls with each set of parents, not to mention the grabs and gropes weren’t really filling the bill. Something had to give.

That summer I had two special prizes, before I left airborne training at Ft Benning, I had made a trip to a local car dealer and found a sweet little British sports car, an MGB. The other prize in my life got to ride in the passenger seat of the first.

As I had said we were starting to act like a couple of dogs in heat. If something didn’t break soon, we would have ended up humping in the front yard. I had a friend with an apartment in Indianapolis, but he was never home when we could get there. So we spent allot of time driving around and waiting.

Finally, I just couldn’t wait any longer. Late one Sunday afternoon, I took Denise by the hand and led her to the MGB. We started out toward the open areas of the fields around our little town. I Rize Escort never gave away the plan, we just drove around the country roads as I looked for the perfect place. I really had to show great restraint, since Denise also came up with a plan of her own. I spent allot of time keeping her out of my lap, trying not to give anything away. A couple of times we stopped and had to move on because of the appearance of traffic or a farmer in his fields.

Soon I wasn’t able to hold out any longer, I stopped under a small clump of trees and told her we were going to sit and watch the sunset. We still had about a half an hour until it would happen. We sat for a while listening to the radio and did a little kissing and groping as usual.

As the sky starts to turn light red and orange, I stepped out of the car and walked around to her side. Opening the door, taking her hand, then leading her to the front of the car. Once there, I took her in my arms and kissed her hard. I knew that if she knew my plans they probably wouldn’t have happened, as horny as I was, she was just as cautious. I put my arms under hers and lift her to the hood of the car, she liked the heat from the engine. I start at her soft lips, holding Rize Escort Bayan her face in my hands. I kiss her softly and use the tip of my tongue to tease them. Gently kissing and touching, our eyes locked together as we explore each other.

Slowly working the buttons on her blouse, kissing the exposed flesh. I open her blouse and touch her breast through the material of her bra. Tracing the shape of her breast and searching out the nipples that are poking their way through the lace. I cup her in my hands and lean forward to kiss them. Teasing the nipples. I reach around and unhook her bra and let her breasts fall free. Licking and nibbling on each nipple. I suck them into my mouth and she lays her head back and starts to moan. Lifting her hips to press her crotch against mine, her hands in my hair. Still massaging her nipples and kissing down her belly, she pulls my shirt over my head.

I stand up and say, “I am going to lick on your pussy until you scream. Would you like that?”

She responds by unsnapping her jeans and starting to pull them down. I take over and pull them off her hips. “I want your tongue all over my pussy. oooh GOD, please!”

Bending forward again I start to taste her Escort Rize wet pussy. Sliding my tongue along her and sucking on the hot lips. She is already wet and fucking my tongue with her pussy. Bucking her hips and pulling my head into her sweet cunt, she is cumming all over the warm hood of the car. Taking her small clit between my finger and thumb, I start to pinch and roll the little bud around and around. Then I place my hands under her ass and lift her to turn her on her hands and knees.

Pushing my face back into her crotch from behind, not giving her a chance to catch her breath between orgasms. When she reaches the next peak, I slide into her pussy and grab her hips, pulling her back against me hard. We start fucking and I am playing with her dangling titties. The nipples are like little bullets. She reaches underneath her and takes my balls in her hand, rubbing them against her clit. The feeling is so intense that I am about to cum.

“Fuck me HAARRRDDDDDDD!” she is looking over her shoulder at me. This makes me slam into her hard and speed my pace. I can’t last any longer and I begin to cum deep inside her. I cum for what seems like several minutes and then we collapse onto the hood. Not being able to really lay there and enjoy the experience. we get our selves together and get back into the car. She slides over and we kiss long and hard.

“We need to do this much more often, I loved it.” Putting the car into gear, we hit the road for more adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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