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Merry Christmas, Evelyn

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I didn’t expect the call, let alone on Christmas Eve for chrissakes. But here it was ringing, my office phone (don’t even say it), so I picked it up.

“Broderick Investigative Services,” I answered curtly.

“Is this Mr. Broderick?” a nervous female voice asked.

“Speaking,” I answered.

“Mr. Broderick,” she said and I could hear in her voice she was trying to maintain her composure. “My name is Evelyn Mc Cormick and I have a job for you.”

“What kind a job, lady? It’s Christmas Eve.”

“I’m fully aware of the day, Mr. Broderick,” Evelyn said sternly this time. “You’re the only service of your sort answering your phone so I figured…”

Dames, especially smart ones, always seem to get under my skin.

“Duly noted, Ms. Mc Cormick,” I said. “What is it I can do for you?”

“It’s Mrs. Mc Cormick, Mr. Broderick,” Evelyn emphasized. “And I’m in need of your services. You are a private investigator are you not?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I stated noting she was getting increasingly less nervous.

“And since you answered your office phone, even though it is, as you most kindly reminded me, ‘Christmas Eve’, I assumed you were open for business. If not I could take my business elsewhere.”

Most of my clients didn’t speak this way. Most of my clients would have been yelling right from the start that their “no good, lying significant other was out whoring around with some slut or another”. I heard money in this voice.

“What is it you need, Mrs. Mc Cormick?”

“My husband, perhaps you’ve heard of him, Lawrence Mc Cormick…”

“I’ve heard of him, yes,” I answered. Lawrence Mc Cormick owned large chunks of real estate around town. No one knew for sure exactly what he did.

“Right now he is…” Evelyn hesitated a moment to regain her composure. “He is celebrating Christmas Eve with someone other than myself.”

“You’re sure he’s just not working, Mrs. Mc Cormick?” I asked.

“I’m sure, Mr. Broderick,” Evelyn said coldly. “I have an address and I want evidence if you know what I mean?”

“I know what you mean, Mrs. Mc Cormick, but regardless it is Christmas Eve…”

“I’ll pay you whatever you want,” Evelyn said with more than a trace of apprehension. Obviously I was the only service of my sort open on Christmas Eve.

“Give me the address,” I said.

As I was driving towards the address that Evelyn Mc Cormick had given me, on the lower east end of town, where I had grown up, I couldn’t help but start to feel melancholy. It had started to snow and as I turned on the main drag it was lit up with Christmas decorations.

“What the hell are you doing here on Christmas Eve?” I asked myself aloud. “Your job, you big palooka,” I answered. “Because that’s all you got.”

I had to hand to it Lawrence Mc Cormick, he was no dummy, at least as far as location went. How he got caught I didn’t know, but he had certainly taken the necessary precautions to make it difficult.

I parked across the street from the small three bedroom ranch. Nice set up Lawrence, I thought. Too bad it ends here tonight.

I got out of my car, pulled up the collar on my coat and went around the back of the house where I expected, and found, a light on in the back bedroom. I took my small video camera out of my coat pocket and checked the battery. It was fully charged.

I peaked through an opening in the drapes. Bingo.

“Smile for the camera, Larry,” I said softly.

Whatever conclusions you might draw about a man like Lawrence Mc Cormick, pompous, arrogant, küçükçekmece escort you had to give the man credit for his taste. The broad he was with was a class act; tall, thin and shapely as an hourglass. I couldn’t tell if she was a natural blonde – there was no collar to match the cuff if you know what I mean – but it was obvious Larry had flipped the bill for her extravagances.

Larry was laying naked on the bed as his mistress, dressed in a red garter ensemble, red push-up bra, red stockings and a sliver of mistletoe somehow stuck to her navel advanced on him.

“Kiss what’s under the mistletoe,” she mouthed.

Larry moved up on his hands and knees to her shaved mound and lips. She arched her head back as Larry had obviously slipped her a French kiss. She grabbed the back of his head and ground herself into him. Larry reached up and cupped the woman’s bra, kneading the area where her nipples protruded even through the material. She moaned audibly and arching her back, came.

Larry moved back as the woman kissed his wet mouth and through the viewfinder I could see Larry was as hard as an icicle.

“Lie back,” she mouthed to him and he obediently obeyed.

Larry moved onto his back as the woman looked seductively at his rigid member, it seemed to pulsate with anticipation.

“I want to suck your cock,” she mouthed to Larry provocatively.

Larry lay there unable to even speak as the woman moved her mouth ever closer. She ran her tongue up the length of the shaft and Larry shivered and the woman looked at him, warning him with her eyes not to come too quickly. She placed her fingertips at the head, ran them down to his balls and cupping them she took his whole length into her warm mouth. Larry closed his eyes as the woman began a rhythmic stroking with her mouth and hand. Without missing a beat she coated his shaft with saliva, her hand turning in half circular motions as her mouth moved up and down until Larry came in a mighty explosion.

The woman now caressed his slowly softening sex, moving her bra clad breasts up to the shaft and rubbing the head over her nipples coating the material with Larry’s spunk. Larry lay back with his eyes closed, a satisfied smile on his smug face.

I hit the stop button. That was enough to prosecute Santa Claus, I thought. Evelyn Mc Cormick insisted that as soon as I had evidence I was to drop it off at her place. “I don’t care what time it is,” she had said.

I got in my car and looked over at the little ranch house and another wave of melancholy swept over me. This house, this house where Lawrence Mc Cormick kept his mistress, looked almost exactly like the house I grew up in. Where I had spent many a Christmas. The last ones that were ever worth remembering. I started my car and drove off.

Evelyn Mc Cormick didn’t live in a mansion. There was something about that that made me think twice about the woman. Obviously Lawrence Mc Cormick had the means and the money to afford one, yet she chose to live modestly. I couldn’t help but be smitten even before I met the woman face to face.

I knocked on the door and she answered.

“Mr. Broderick, I presume,” Evelyn said standing in the doorway.

Evelyn Broderick was pushing the better half of forty, but it was obvious time and good old fashioned exercise had been kind to her. She had light brown hair that cascaded around her thin face; well manicured and refined looks that said, but did not flaunt, money.

“You have küçükyalı escort the video?” she asked.

“If it’s what you want,” I said handing over the tape. “Yes.”

“It’s what I want, Mr. Broderick,” Evelyn said taking the tape. “Do come in and I will pay you.”

I followed her into the living room where a Christmas tree, tastefully decorated, stood off to one side of blazing fireplace. This, I thought, is the kind of room one would like to awaken to on Christmas day.

“Have a seat, Mr. Broderick,” Evelyn said motioning to a soft leather chair near the fire. “Would you care for a drink?”

That was a good question, I thought. Did I? I didn’t like mixing business with pleasure.

“My name is Ray,” I said to Evelyn.

“Would you care for a drink… Ray?”

What the hell, I thought, it’s Christmas Eve.

“Vodka and orange juice if you have it,” I said watching her walk to the small bar in the far corner of the living room. I caught the silhouette of body through the thin material of the knee length dress she was wearing.

“I think I can handle that,” she said. “Would you mind putting that tape in, Mr…Ray?”

“I don’t think…”

“You don’t think, what?” Evelyn said turning to me.

I didn’t think she’d want me sitting here while she watched her husband getting it on with his kept woman.

“Is it that bad?” she asked calmly.

She handed me the drink and I took a long sip before I answered.

“I’ve seen a lot worse,” I started.


“But I’ve never sat with a client and watched,” I said.

Evelyn took the tape and slipped into the VCR. She sat down in a chair across from mine and pressed the play button on the remote. I turned away as the image appeared.

“I’m sorry…Ray,” Evelyn said as the tape ended. “I just didn’t want to be alone. You can leave if you like.”

I looked over at Evelyn obviously shaken by the tape.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. “Divorce the scum bag?”

Evelyn smiled at the reference and I was glad I had made her happy in some little way. This fine woman didn’t deserve to have to watch a tape like this on Christmas Eve.

“I better be going,” I said getting up from the chair.

“So soon?” Evelyn said placing her drink on the table next to her.

I looked at Evelyn, the small freckles between her breasts seemed to sparkle from the light of the fire. I looked up to her face, her soft brown eyes inviting me to her. I stepped forward and stopped.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I want you to.”

Evelyn extended her hand to me and I took it. I pulled her up to me and looked into her eyes; the smell of perfume intoxicating.

“I…” But I couldn’t finish.

“It’s okay,” Evelyn whispered again as she slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress revealing a white, lacy bra, her firm breasts heaving beneath.

I was beyond stopping now. My lust had consumed me as my hands fell upon her and opened the clasp of her bra. It fell open to reveal the soft mounds; the nipples swelling under my touch; Evelyn letting out a small gasp as I moved my fingers over them. My right hand moved over the smoothness of her belly to her silk panties, warm and moist. I slipped a finger inside and felt the slippery wetness inside her lips. She groaned again and ground her pelvis into my hand, my own sex raging against its confines as Evelyn bit into my shoulder in an involuntary hunger. My mouth fell over hers, our tongues battling maltepe escort as my hands found her shoulders and removed the dress. I stood back to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said reassuringly.”Oh, God, nothing, I just…”

“Just what?”

“…can’t believe I’m here with you…tonight…I…just thought I would be alone tonight,” I said feeling embarrassed. Not five hours ago I didn’t even know this broad and now she was standing in front of me nearly naked. What a crazy world, I thought.

“Well,” Evelyn said moving closer. “Believe it.”

Evelyn moved her lips to mine again. I reached behind her and slipped my hands down the back of her panties pulling her closer.

“I want to taste you,” I told Evelyn.

She fell back on the leather chair. Evelyn removed her bra as I slipped off her panties. She placed a leg up on each side of the chair exposing her sex to me in the glow from the fire. I reached out to touch the velvety softness and then lowered my head towards her. Evelyn’s head fell back in anticipation as my tongue darted out to taste her. My tongue penetrated the folds of her flesh. I moved it up slowly towards the hooded mass running my tongue over it to gauge her reaction. Evelyn let out a soft, approving moan and I felt her fingers in my hair.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped.

I moved my tongue in deeper and then moved it up again and again until Evelyn thrust her hips forward, her hands pulling my face into her sex as she came fast and hard. After she settled I kissed the insides of her thighs, licking near her now sensitive sex.

Evelyn sat up and reached for my belt buckle. We rushed in a frenzy to get my clothes off, our hands tangling in our haste.

“Hold on,” I said stepping back and removing my clothes in two seconds flat.

Evelyn reached out and grabbed me gently. She pulled me towards her as she leaned back into the chair. I fell to my knees and entered her, the sensation was like walking into a warm, cozy house after spending the night out in the cold. Her sex enveloped mine as I moved in and out of her slow and easy.

Evelyn leaned up and watched and then looked into my eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her gently. She reached down and placed her hand between us, closed her eyes and wrapped her legs behind my back.

“Harder, Ray,” she whispered.

I thrust into her, but the warmth and excitement pushed me over the brink in a matter of minutes. Evelyn pulled me closer with her legs, pushing in as far as I could go, pushing me in like she was never going to let me leave. Exhausted we fell back onto the floor and slept.

When I awoke it was two o’clock in the morning. As I was dressing Evelyn stirred awake and looked at me.

“I should go,” I said. “Your husband…”

“He won’t be home until morning,” she said.

“That’s not too far away,” I said. “If you ever decide…never mind.”

“I never paid you,” Evelyn said. “Let me get…”

“No,” I said sharply. “I don’t want your money. I couldn’t take it now.”

“I have to give you something,” Evelyn pleaded.

I bent down and took Evelyn by the shoulders. “You gave me what I haven’t had since I was kid,” I told her.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“A Christmas morning I didn’t wake up feeling like I…like I didn’t want to be alive.”

A tear ran down Evelyn’s cheek. A tear that told me divorcing someone like Lawrence Mc Cormick, tape or no tape, wasn’t going to be easy or even feasible.

“I don’t know what to say…” Evelyn began. I put a hand to her lips and stopped her.

“You don’t need to say anything,” I said quietly. “I understand. I really do.”

I did understand. I started to walk away towards the front door. I opened it and I should have just walked out, but I stopped and looked at her.

“Merry Christmas, Evelyn,” I said saying her name for the first and last time.

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