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Memoirs of a Baby-Boomer Academic Ch. 02

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A couple of years after my affair with Diya, I met Lucy, a primary school teacher. We hit it off immediately. She was funny, companionable and good in bed. Not, regrettably, as talented and adventurous as Diya, but I suspect that I had matured somewhat and was looking towards a future with a settled home life and children. Fortunately, she had not attended the university where I was working, thus largely removing the possibility of my questionable previous sexual exploits coming to her attention.

Two children arrived in close succession. I enjoyed fatherhood. Lucy wanted to be a fulltime mother until the children started school. I was happy enough with her decision and made a commitment to myself to play my part by keeping my zipper closed in spite of the temptations. We felt that with two children we had done our bit to ensure the continuation of the human race. As Lucy didn’t like the idea of taking the pill on a long term basis, I arranged to have a vasectomy, only to find I needed my wife’s written approval, although the same doctor had offered her a tubal ligation without requiring my consent. A strange double standard, I thought.

I was conscious that the university and the student body was changing character by the late-1970s. The change of Australian Federal government in the early 1970s after more than twenty years of conservative rule had released a new spirit of challenge, exemplified by the Labor Party’s successful campaign slogan of “It’s time!” One of the new government’s more successful initiatives was to remove fees for tertiary education and encourage housewives to study with a view to returning to the workforce.

Many husbands were chary of the idea, preferring the status quo, but a host of wives seized the opportunity with alacrity. Frequently they had given up work on marriage. Now with children leaving home they were looking for new occupations. From my point of view, as mature age students they were a dream to teach. Unlike many of the school leavers they were interested in the topic, sufficiently disciplined to do the prescribed preparatory work, and, once they developed a little confidence, more than happy to participate in class or tutorial discussions.

It soon became apparent that university life was having an influence on their attitudes, too. Not only did the intellectual ferment of new ideas challenge their long-established and generally conservative views, but they found themselves mixing in a social environment with sexually active young people who were exploring a variety of relationships and were hostile to old social mores. For many ex-housewives it was an unsettling experience, as they had married early with little or no prior sexual experience and had not previously paid much attention to the social changes espoused by the younger generations and exemplified in the musical “Hair” as the “age of Aquarius” – an epoch of free love, lightness and humanity.

University life was exposing them to sexual attitudes, values and behaviour which called in question the way they had lived their life to date. For some it was all a little overwhelming, but many embraced the intellectual and social challenges in a spirit of liberation. Particularly for the more attractive ladies the interest in them shown by many of the younger men, even including academic staff, boosted their confidence and caused them to re-evaluate their marriage. Often they found it wanting. What started as harmless flirting with fellow students or staff frequently became more serious.

It was not long before I found that some of the mature ladies were taking a predatory approach, which, for my sins, I found difficult to resist. I remember two particular episodes. The first involved a woman in her mid-40s who needed approval for a research topic. She had done her homework, so I readily approved the outline she was suggesting. Sitting beside me I felt her knee press against my thigh.

As she leaned forward to point to a section of text I couldn’t help but notice several buttons of her blouse were undone giving me a close up view of a lacy bra and an enticing breast sprinkled with freckles. I could feel my cock beginning to react when I felt her hand slip between my legs and massage my rising organ. “You’re so handsome, I can’t keep my hands off you”, Tokat Escort she whispered in my ear. “I’d love to suck that big cock of yours.”

I was putty in her hands as she pulled my trousers down and pleasured my hard rod. I decided that I might as well get full value from the opportunity, so I lifted her onto the edge of the table where I could slip off her panties. Spreading her legs I began to lick her slit and nibble her clit. “God, that’s good! No one has gone down on me before, but you can’t go into my pussy – I made a vow to myself that I’d never be unfaithful to Robert.” Her pussy lips were prominent, as if already prepared for a visit by a hard cock. I noticed that she had a caesarean scar which didn’t detract from her charms, just above the top of her pubic hairs.

I was now desperate to fuck her. “We could use the back passage,” I suggested. “I’ve plenty of lubrication – lots of women go for it these days and call it Catholic contraception.” I could tell she was reluctant, although prepared to give it a try. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, bending her at the waist to expose her tight brown anus. With plenty of KY jelly I was able to gradually spread her sphincter, and slowly enter her virgin hole. Initially she grunted in discomfort, not knowing what to expect. I allowed some time for her bowel to become accustomed to the intruder and eventually I was able to enter fully.

As I stroked her clit she began to relax and enjoy the feeling, pressing back against my groin. Soon the different sensation was really turning her on. After a while we developed a good rhythm, as she pushed back in response to each deep thrust, grunting in her throat at every thrust. “You dirty bugger, you’d have been sent to prison when I was a kid, for buggering me like this,” she expostulated in between groans. As her orgasm arrived she demanded, “fuck me hard, I’m coming, you dirty bastard!”

She returned the following week to give me the opportunity to review her work. This time there was no subtlety. Her panties were off in a flash and after a brief time sucking my cock into readiness, she leaned back with her legs spread. “Take off your blouse,” I ordered. “I want to see your boobs.” Their teardrop shape and white colour set off by the sprinkling of brown freckles entranced me, and I could feel her arousal as I Ilcked and bit her firm brown nipples.

At the same time, I was rubbing my cock up and down her labia, which were pink and glistening, demanding to be fucked. “No, not in my pussy,” she insisted but her body was taking control as her hips lifted up to encourage my cockhead to enter. “Please, no, don’t,” she begged, but her feet locked behind my backside to pull me deeper into her welcoming wet pussy.

“Oh, no please, I’m not on the pill,” but I could feel her vulva clenching around my hard cock in welcome.

“Don’t worry, I’ve had a vasectomy,” I replied.

“Thank God that at least I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant,” she grunted as I could feel her teeth biting my shoulder. After her orgasm we relaxed for a few minutes, but as she straightened her clothes, she couldn’t resist adding, “I have to admit that’s the best sex I’ve had, even if you are such an evil bugger. Now I’ll have to lie to my husband, something I swore I’d never do.”

“Join the club,” I said, without much sympathy. “What do you think your friends do? Just try to stick as close as possible to the truth.”

She became a regular visitor for the rest of the semester. I would often see her having lunch and a glass of wine at the cafe in the student centre with a group of middle-aged ladies. I caught a glimpse one day of the book they were passing around, giggling like teenagers. From a glimpse of the illustrations I suspected that it was Alex Comfort’s “The Joy of Sex” which no doubt enhanced the quality of many of their dalliances during the following weeks.

I suggested that if she was going to screw around like some of her lunchtime friends, she ought to take some precautions. Not everyone had condoms to hand or had had vasectomies, or for that matter told the truth. “Oh, I couldn’t do that, it’s against my religion,” she replied. I looked at her in amazement, thinking that I’ll never understand women.

“What?” I Tokat Escort Bayan said, “It’s all right to commit adultery so long as you don’t use contraception? Are you sure that’s what the church really teaches?” She declined to answer but still continued to enjoy our trysts, comfortable in the knowledge of my vasectomy.

There was one other particularly memorable affair. A pixie like mature student called Deb, made it plain she was interested in a dalliance, but an assignation proved difficult to organise. I mentioned at the end of a tutorial that my wife would be away for the weekend, staying with our kids over the weekend in the country. She phoned the next day, suggesting that I come to a Sunday barbecue that her husband was organising. I explained that it would be difficult as my wife had taken the family car.

“No worries,” she said, “If you catch the midday train, I’ll collect you from the local station”. She proved true to her word. She was wearing a light summery dress that complemented her summer tan. Settling into the car I couldn’t resist remarking that she looked good enough to eat. She smiled at me knowingly, replying, “I’m sure there’ll be the opportunity for that later.” Taking that as an invitation I placed my hand on the smooth tanned thigh below the hem of her dress. Driving with one hand on the wheel, she placed her hand on top of mine and slid it up her thigh until my fingers could touch her damp panties.

I tried to slip a finger under the silky material, but she pushed my hand away. My disappointment was short lived – stopping at the next traffic light she raised her backside and slipped her panties off, passing them to me with the comment, “put these in your pocket, I don’t think I’ll be needing them for a while”. My cock throbbed with excitement as she fondled my groin area with her free hand, while I ran my finger up her slit. The trip was too short for further progress.

She introduced me to her husband, Rob, who was busy preparing the barbecue, and told him she would show me around before the other guests arrived. The house was stylish, and architect designed, built on a slope with balconies on the top floor. Taking my arm in a friendly fashion, She took me upstairs through the main bedroom to show me the sights over Melbourne. Because of the planning rules to avoid overlooking neighbours the outside wall of the balconies had been constructed of solid material just above head height.

To ensure that the family could still enjoy the view over the city, Deb and her husband had constructed a ledge about a foot high along the base of the wall on which people could stand, meaning that even someone fairly short, like Deb, could rest her arms on the parapet and lean out to enjoy the view. While I was sufficiently tall to see over the wall without standing on the ledge, she pulled me up beside her to look down on her husband at the barbecue below.

Waving to him, she explained she was just showing me the sights. In reality the sight consisted of her attractive bare backside, as she had pulled her dress up to waist level, undoing the belt of the dress at the same time. Naked from the waist down, all her charms were on display. The white cheeks of her backside from wearing a bikini made an attractive contrast to her tanned brown legs. As I stood behind her, she thrust her bum towards me. I could see her red pussy lips glistening with drops and surmounted by a few pubic hairs.

I slid my hand between her legs tickling her clit and lubricating her perineum with her juices as she squirmed in pleasure. I couldn’t resist slipping a finger into her tight little arsehole. She pressed back, wriggled her butt against my hard cock, then reached behind to cup my balls and fondle my hard cock. Next, interrupting her chat with her husband, she turned her head, mouthing, “get that rod of yours into my cunt!”

,At the same time she bent forward so her pussy was at the right height and angle for me to enter. I needed no further urging, spreading the shapely white cheeks while my cock drove in balls deep like a homing missile. As further encouragement she took one of my hands sliding it up under her summer dress to her bra which I immediately lifted over her perky breasts freeing them to be stroked and massaged. Escort Tokat My other hand needed no further encouragement. Resuming her position with her elbows resting on the parapet the rest of her body was still hidden behind the solid balcony wall.

I was effectively out of sight, allowing me to thrust up into her wet and welcoming cunt and at the same time pull her hard nipples. All the while she was carrying on a conversation with her husband. I paid no attention to what she was saying until it became obvious her orgasm was imminent, at which point I heard her say, “OK, darling, I’ll come in a minute, and bring everything you’ve asked for.” Sensibly she leaned back so she couldn’t be seen from below while she pushed her arse backwards, ordering me to fuck her hard.

As I pinched her nipples she came, with a satisfied grunt. After a couple more thrusts I exploded deep in her cunt. “God, that’s good!” she gasped, “I love a bit of spice in my fucking.”

The barbecue was relaxing and enjoyable. Even Deb’s two teenage children were quite agreeable company. The gathering consisted of a mixture of neighbours and work colleagues from Deb’s husband’s office. The sun came out later in the afternoon, so most of us moved into the shade. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Deb walking past the barbecue into a beam of sunlight which lit up her summery dress making it virtually transparent and showing off her shapely legs.

I heard a gasp from her daughter close by. In scandalised tones, she hissed, “Mum, people can see your bare bottom – it’s disgusting!” I instinctively reached into my pocket to return to her the pair of her panties that I was carrying, but in a moment thought better of it.

Deb, thinking quickly, whispered in return,. “Yes, you’re right, dear, I’ve had a bit of thrush. And I couldn’t find a cotton pair of briefs. Maybe I can borrow a pair from you.”

Shortly afterwards she offered to drive me back to the train station. She was still buzzed from our earlier encounter. She pushed away my exploratory hand from her thigh but surprised me by pulling into the driveway of a large house on the way. “My friends are on holiday so I thought we could take advantage of their sheltered back yard,” she said climbing out with a rug under her arm and leading me to the back lawn. “Lie down,” she commanded, “and get those clothes off.” She stripped and kneeled, positioned her groin above my face, facing my feet. “You wanted to eat me. I love 69s, but Rob’s not interested. Go for it.”

With that she leaned forward to take my cock in her mouth. With her sex fully exposed above my face, I was able to suck her clit and rim her anus to my full satisfaction. She loved my tongue on her clit and two fingers in her back passage. Both of us had vocal and rather messy orgasms.

As we relaxed, she explained, “Fucking always makes me feel horny for ages. I’ll be all over Rob tonight. He’ll probably think all his Christmases have come at once. It’s really great that you were free to come.”

“Well,” I said, “it’s not often that fucking someone’s wife can be seen as a public service. Naturally I’ll be happy to oblige again.”

I returned home on my train in a state of relaxed post-orgasmic contentment.

Of course, I couldn’t resist her continuing interest in my body, but at times her enthusiasm for risk taking behaviour startled me. She loved to ride my cock in my office while talking on the remote hand piece of my phone to her husband. This was long before mobile phones came on the scene. Usually she would repeatedly tell him how much she was looking forward to their evening love making.

One occasion, when, for a change, I was rooting her doggy style, she had cradled my phone on her shoulder. I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to surprise her. As she neared her orgasm, I lubricated a couple of fingers and thrust them deep into her anus. She jerked upright coming with an enormous groan and dropping the phone at the same time.

“You bastard!’ she mouthed at me scrabbling around for the phone. Turning it off she thought for a moment, then dialled her husband again. “Sorry, darling, I’m on an outdoor phone, and some idiot threw a frisbee that hit the plastic screen so hard that I was startled and dropped the phone. I honestly thought it was going to hit me. Sorry for the colourful language.” It sounded thoroughly unconvincing to me, but Rob questioned her at length to ensure that she hadn’t been hurt.

We continued our trysts for another year, but ultimately our ways parted when she graduated.

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