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Melinda’s Fishy Discharge Ch. 03

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I slept with Melinda that night, even though we were both going to work the next day.

Melinda had an early start although I was not due in until a bit later but given that it was sometime after 2 am before we got to sleep, the sex was entirely worth it.

I had got to see Melinda completely naked other than in her underpants and shortly afterwards, without them; I had also sucked and licked and fondled her large, sweaty breasts, penetrated her hairy pink vagina with my penis for the very first time, massaged her dirty anus with my thumb, smelled her powerful, fishy vaginal odour at close range and graphically viewed the inside of her dirty, stained beige underpants whilst fucking her from behind.

It was quite a list of satisfied sexual fantasies to have achieved in an evening.

During the night I happened to run my fingers through my man parts and had felt the dry crust of Melinda’s vaginal discharge caked all over my penis and through my pubes.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I immediately put my fingers to my nose and promptly smelled the pungent fishy odour that was now on them.

It was an odour that I felt myself getting addicted to very quickly.

Disgusting as it was to be getting off on a woman’s fishy vaginal odour, it all seemed so natural with Melinda that it was nothing less than a huge turn-on.

Melinda’s fishiness was her natural state in addition with the strong, sweaty tang she also managed to produce from that part of her body and all I wanted to do was explore her down there even further.

I sniffed my fingers several times during the night, masturbating myself very carefully and quietly into Melinda’s bed linen without disturbing her from her slumber.


Melinda was up at around 6.30 and I heard her go straight into the bathroom which was directly adjacent to the bedroom. From here, I was able to hear the hiss of her peeing into the toilet bowl. I lay there listening carefully for the sound of toilet paper being separated from the roll and the gentle rustle as it then made its way between her legs to mop up the moist remnant of her urination.

The toilet then flushed and very soon after, the sound of the shower water engaged indicating that Melinda’s preparation of her upcoming work day was well and truly underway.

I lay there, gently stroking my penis as Melinda took a shower behind the closed bathroom door, imagining her soaping up the various parts of her naked over-sized body. As I imagined her sliding her hand down amongst her pubic hair and gently washing her hairy, fishy privates very carefully and thoroughly, I decided then and there that I could not take it any longer – I had to join her in that shower.

Climbing off the bed I cautiously pushed the bathroom door open and immediately cast my eyes towards the shower recess in which Melinda’s stood, fully naked inside the shower.

She was clearly washing herself as the water coursed over her and I had a great view of her naked shape through the steamy shower screen.

I walked towards the shower with my penis thick and erect and almost at perpendicular as I tapped on the screen door.

Melinda immediately propped and halted what she was doing, squinting at me with some kind of bemused embarrassment as I pulled the shower door wide open.

“Do you mind if I join you before work?”

“Not at all!!” she replied to my delight.

Stepping into the shower, we immediately locked in a wet, naked embrace – my huge erection pushing against her pale, white thigh with her large, floppy, milky breasts pressing firmly against my hairy chest.

Our mouths and tongues then engaged in some sloppy, extended kissing with the water pouring sensually over us.

I didn’t hesitate to then grab the soap and begin rubbing it slowly over her back and eventually down towards her buttock crack.

Melinda had, to my pleasant surprise now taken my thick, erect penis into her hand and was stroking it in a very natural way, impressing me greatly that she was so comfortable and capable in providing me with this virgin hand job .

My response was to move the soap deep into her buttock crack and begin lathering whatever was in there. I enjoyed this for several minutes; now using my fingers to explore the soapy crack and her dull, wrinkled anal orifice.

As tempted as I was to slide the bar of soap straight into her vagina from the rear, I knew that soap and vaginas didn’t go well together so instead, gladly soaped her vulva, labia and pubic hair from the outside with my middle finger finding a rhythm rubbing along the length of her thick, hairy vaginal slit.

We continued tonguing each other’s mouths as our hands went to work so sensually with each other’s genitals – Melinda pulling my penis firmly and me rubbing Melinda’s vagina firstly from the rear, but soon enough turning her around and soaping her pubic hair triangle from the front.

The coarseness of her pubic hair was contrasted nicely by the smoothness sınırsız escort of the soapy lather as I determined to clean all the sweaty fishiness and creamy, sexual discharge away from her pubic and vaginal region.

Our climaxes were near as the clock ticked away, with Melinda expertly stroking several large bursts of semen from my manhood directly onto the shower screen as I manipulated and rubbed her clitoris through her thick labia and crop of brown, curly pubic hair until she came in a series of blissful convulsions under the steamy hot shower stream.


After our dirty little shower session, I retreated to the bedroom to towel off and lie on the bed awhile, entirely satisfied about what had just happened.

Melinda stayed on in the bathroom in the meantime, attending to her own post-coital details which were left largely to my imagination as they took place on the other side of a closed door.

Even in my reasonably spent post-orgasmic condition, my heart rate suddenly elevated as I heard the toilet seat slap back – knowing full well that Melinda had only peed about 15 minutes earlier I froze with the anticipation that if she was about to use the toilet again, it was probably not going to be for a pee!

Sure enough, things went temporarily quiet from within, as my ears strained for aural evidence of what might have been taking place in that bathroom.

No more than a few moments later, I heard a sound that was unmistakably a fart – not a loud one, but it certainly lasted a couple of seconds.

My heart began thumping as I faced the reality that Melinda was probably taking care of her most private and intimate of bodily functions behind that bathroom door – her daily bowel movement.

The thought of what was going on absolutely set me off – I waited and listened even more intently for more evidence – the sound of her grunting or straining, the sound of her poo splashing into the toilet bowl below or any more farts. But ultimately the only sound that was in any way audible after her one and only fart was that of the toilet roll being activated and the subsequent pause as the toilet paper was applied to what was most likely Melinda’s soiled anus and buttock crack!

Not once, not twice nor thrice, but 8 times!

My queries were as good as answered as I counted – one simply does not wipe 8 times after peeing and utterly confirmed as I heard the sound of a couple of short, sharp bursts of air freshener being dispersed within the bathroom.

I drifted as I imagined the white toilet paper being applied to Melinda’s dirty back passage, and becoming entirely soiled as it gradually wiped it clean of the faecal matter that had been probably been deposited on the area by her recent excretion.

The thought of solid brown, smelly waste matter being expelled from Melinda’s colon, through her bright pink rectum and hairy brown anus and into the toilet bowl below was imagery which would stay with me for some time and inspire many a masturbation session involving her.


As my mind wandered so readily, Melinda suddenly came back into the bedroom wrapped in her towel and proceeded to get changed for work, probably completely unaware that I had just been lying there listening to her take a juicy dump!

She advanced into the room, first by going to one of the drawers of her dresser and selecting what was clearly going to be her underwear for the day.

Without removing her towel, she slipped on her underpants first followed by her bra, for which she did remove her towel, then standing before me in her full underwear set for her working day – a pair of white cotton bikini underpants and an off-white lacy cotton bra – a more erotic combination I simply could not have imagined as she then began to dress in full for her day at work putting on her black slacks first, followed by a grey button-up shirt.

Somehow I resisted the urge to start working my cock up to a huge erection right there in front of her, instead just watching her get ready and enjoying every second of it. This, I was sure was going to be fodder for masturbation for YEARS to come!!

As Melinda then disappeared into the kitchen to prepare herself some breakfast, I lay there for a couple more minutes imagining how those clean white cotton underpants were going to get so stained with her dirty discharge over the next few hours of direct with her hairy, fishy vagina and smelly brown anus along with the groin sweat produced by her vulva and pubic hair.

With these lewd and luscious thoughts racing through my mind and the smell of Melinda’s recent poo probably still ripe in the bathroom next door, I decided that this was an opportunity which if I didn’t seize now, I knew I may regret forever.

Deciding then and there to “take a pee” I removed myself to the bathroom and was immediately taken away with by the smelly remains of Melinda’s morning bowel movement.

The odour was pungent, yet unmistakable – the sharp and şırnak escort bitter aroma of Melinda’s faeces, countered by the obvious presence of air freshener, which I actually found far more off-putting than the smell of her poo.

It was a powerfully delicious stench which was disgusting and entirely intoxicating at once.

I then cautiously lifted the toilet lid to examine the bowl inside but to my mild disappointment, found it completely clean!

Putting the palm of my hand on the toilet seat, I could actually feel that it was still warm from where Melinda had been sitting on it and I’m sure I would have loved to have observed a massive brown poo-streak on the inside of the toilet bowl.

For the time being though, I just had to make do with the somewhat overpowering smell.

In an ideal world, I would have just spent the next hour in that toilet making the most of the Melinda’s disgusting odour before it faded completely – all the while masturbating prodigiously with numerous pairs of her dirty white underpants, sucking on each fishy, brown discharge-stained crotch panel individually whilst jerking off to the imaginings of her sitting on the toilet with her wide open hairy vagina and tender brown anus exposed – peeing, pooing and wiping clean before changing either her pad or tampon in front of me.

In reality, I had just about enough time to make the most of the experience then and there whilst Melinda was getting herself some breakfast. The idea at this point was NOT to get caught weirding out in the girl’s bathroom.

I was looking forward far too much to our next after-work sex session which as far as I was concerned, could not come around quickly enough.


I was absolutely thrilled that morning when Melinda offered for me to stay for breakfast after she left for work.

Given that I didn’t have to be in until later that particular morning, it was a deal, so long as I locked everything up before I left.

It was simply another golden opportunity to continue to explore Melinda’s dirty inner sanctum and even though I had well and truly breached the mystery about what lay between her thick white thighs.

After a bowl of oats and a couple of slices of toast, I directed my attention directly towards her clothes washer which, to my absolute delight contained 3 pairs of her soiled cotton underpants – 2 of which I was both disgusted and exhilarated to discover had clear evidence of brown poo stains.

Removing the 3 sacred garments, I retired into her bedroom and began examining the wares of each very, very carefully.

All three had deep brown discharge stains across the individual crotch panels – one pair had a separate crotch panel which was obviously very creased along the seam. I was learning this all to be very typically Melinda – heavy, brownish-yellowish vaginal discharge with a strong, fishy tang and now a new introduction which were the now noticeable faecal stains on the back portion of the gusset.

Having only just smelled directly the wares of Melinda’s faecal discharge that very same morning, the opportunity to now apply my tongue directly to the poo stains that were so visible on Melinda’s underwear was way too much.

With Melinda now out of the apartment and on her way to work, I headed straight for the toilet once again, sitting naked on the very white seat that she had done her big smelly poo on just 30 minutes previously.

By this time, the majority of the stench had faded however there was JUST enough lingering to give me an extra boost as I sat down with her stained undies in my hand and at the ready.

I closed my eyes and immediately ran my tongue across the brown stains that had clearly been deposited by her anus. After a short while, it seemed clear that I was not necessarily going to get any flavour in my mouth by doing this, but what was even more exciting was the fact that this part of the garment had actually been in such direct contact with her anus – long enough that it had amply stained the material with faecal residue from around this particular bodily opening – actual poo from inside Melinda’s anus that I was now getting in my mouth. I hoped that there were many, many dirty germs that were being transferred into my mouth by doing this.

My tongue now ran over and over the stains as I actually paused to suck on the material several times – I just closed my eyes and imagined all those nasty poo germs transmitting directly into my mouth as I pressed the foul smelling crotch panel firmly against my nose and inhaled the sour, tacky fishiness that her vagina had so readily created on the inside of her knickers.

These very white cotton knickers which had spent so many hours of a working day between Melinda’s legs, engaging such direct and intimate contact with her vagina, anus and pubic hair – and now to know that they were in my mouth, exposing me to the feminine germs and flavours and odours from this part of Melinda’s body felt nothing short of incredible.

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Many of my masturbation sessions about Melinda to date had involved imagining her sitting on the toilet and defecating. I fantasised deeply about the sight of pee firstly shooting out of her bright pink urethra followed by her large brown anus distending and discharging a thick, glistening brown stool into the toilet bowl below. I imagined the wonderful smell filling the bathroom which would easily overpower the fishy odour coming from her vagina and the inside of her panties. The entire experience would be climaxed by watching her apply white toilet paper to her dirty anus and wiping herself gently but firmly until she was entirely clean. The last few wipes would effectively massage her anus as she strove to remove the last smears of poo from around the anal opening – I would gladly help her in this final part of the process and even lovingly inspect her brown anus to make sure of its cleanliness.

Surely the ideal way to complete the experience would be to engage a 69 position with Melinda on the bathroom floor after pulling her underpants back up. I would then pull the panties aside and apply my tongue firstly to her fishy vaginal opening and then we would both move towards orgasm as I moved my tongue to the wrinkled surface her recently soiled anus and eventually inside it as I explored her deeply for flavour and any residue faecal matter that may be up inside her.

I would fall asleep happily with the delicious taste of Melinda’s poo (and maybe a stray brown pubic hair) in my mouth and the pungent aroma of her fishy vaginal tang in my sinuses.


Apart from seeing her at work, my next encounter with Melinda was the following Friday night which promised to be a night of wonderful and dirty sexual expression now that we had officially “consummated” our liaison.

I just couldn’t wait to examine the inside of those white cotton knickers to see how stained and heavily discharged they had become during a full day of being exposed to Melinda’s hairy, private female openings.

And of course I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to indulge her delicious between-leg odour and sample what she had produced during a 10-hour day at the office.

We actually got a takeaway meal for dinner and it wasn’t long afterwards that things got rolling between us.

Sitting on the sofa in front of the Friday night movie, foreplay commenced quite quickly as I caressed her inner thighs through her work pants, upwards towards her erogenous quarter, at which point Melinda hesitated as her legs suddenly clenched closed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

After several moments with no particular answer, I was able to guess what was most likely “wrong”.

“Is it THAT time??” I enquired carefully.

“Mmmhmm….” Melinda concurred.

“Well I really don’t mind if you don’t” I confessed.

“Well then, I guess if you’re OK with it…” Melinda conceded.

“I don’t mind at all. It’s only going to make things more interesting!!” I said, barely trying to conceal my excitement.

So now, on top of everything else I was so looking forward to, Melinda was on her period!!!!

I just couldn’t wait now to get in there and sample Melinda’s disgusting feminine wares.

My mouth was nearly salivating now at the prospect, although it was still going to be common courtesy at the least to hasten slowly.

The next progression was the removal of Melinda’s shirt as her bra-clad breasts flopped out in front of me.

After giving her large milkies five minutes or more of special attention, I inevitably moved downstairs and began to lower her work pants.

As anticipated, Melinda was wearing an off-white pair of cotton full-bottomed undies underneath which also contained a white sanitary pad, which I clearly noticed when I pushed her knees back in order to gain better access.

To my delight, rather than showing embarrassment about the situation, Melinda was quite relaxed about me looking between her legs with her pad on full display.

“OH MELINDA!!!” I gushed as I moved down between her legs and began licking along the length of cotton gusset which was covering her maxi-pad.

I licked along the length of the soft gusset with the wings of the pad lapping around the outside of the panty.

Melinda grabbed the sides of my head as I went to work – I was inhaling deeply all the while – Melinda’s typical fishiness was almost now dominated by her menstrual musk; a dull, sweaty, rusty funk which rather than the usual sharp pungency of her fishy discharge, now filled my senses as I licked away.

One thing I was yet to do was to closely examine Melinda’s private parts in full light – I still didn’t really know what her vagina looked like.

Without further ado, I gently peeled back the part of her undies (along with menstrual pad) that covered her vagina and observed the obvious reddish brown menstrual stains that were clearly all over the inside of her pad and also her undies. It was even more than I could have prayed for!

I took several moments to inspect the mess Melinda had made on the inside of her knickers, marvelling that a woman’s body could produce something so natural from such a secret place.

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