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Megan’s Maid Outfit Ch. 01

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This is a story I have written based on a forum I read about dressing-up in lingerie and uniforms while cleaning the house. I have chosen my favorite character Megan for those out there who asked for her. Once again thanks for your support and comments, keep them coming.

Today was like any other day, the last two weeks was very exciting for me cause my boyfriend and I have moved out and now sharing a house together. Mitch and I decided to live together after ten months into our relationship and we were very happy that we did. Mitch is the only one who works so that leaves me alone in house during the day so I spend a few hours of my time cleaning and reorganizing. I often think about Mitch when I’m doing my chores and hope that his all right.

Today is Wednesday which means I’m all by myself, Mitch left about 6:30 this morning and now it’s about 9:30 until I got out of bed to start my day. I had breakfast and sat in the chair for a while thinking about what I was going to do today. I decided to sort through some unopened boxes, I got changed into some casual clothes and entered the spare room and grabbed a box and removed the tape and start unpacking. The box had my old stuffed toys that I adored when I was a little girl, I got up to find a spot in the bedroom for them to sit on, the old chair was prefect and when I was happy I returned back to the room.

Next was one of Mitch’s boxes, I opened it up and started sorting through it. It was a box filled with all types of things, some old magazines, toy figurines and so on. Thinking that Mitch would be better at this box I closed it back up and got another box of his. The box was small and light and when I opened it up I got a nasty little shock.

At the top was a ‘Legs & Stockings’ magazine with a lady on the cover bent over with a tiny mini-skirt on and wearing black hold-up stockings. Curious I flipped through the magazine and stopped at a section with lady dress in a short French Maid outfit complete Tekirdağ Escort with stockings, heels and a feather duster pretending to dust a set of shelves. I was amazed to think that Mitch brought this magazine and looked back to the box where a white bag was all that was left. I opened the bag and lifted out what appeared to be a black dress but when little dress came out it just stared at it. It was a French Maid outfit with white lace around and bottom of the skirt and on the shoulder straps just like in the picture.

‘I can’t believe it, Mitch has a French Maid outfit what else is in this bag’ I wondered. Looking more I found a white apron, two little wristbands, a headpiece and a pair of black high thigh stockings.

‘A complete French Maid outfit but why?’ I thought, ‘Mitch’s last girlfriend must have wore this for him, it looks very nice, I wonder how it fits on me?’ Feeling excited I grabbed the outfit and accessories ran through the house and placed them on the bed.

“I might have a shower before I get dress-up” I decided while removing my clothes and headed to the bathroom.

While under the shower I pictured what I looked like in the outfit, it was making me very wet and horny so I began rubbing my clit that made my nipples puffed up. Pinching them got me more excited and wet, I gained control and finished washing myself.

“I better stop and save the rest for later, this is going to be fun” I jumped out of the shower and dried myself off and returned to the bedroom.

Since where was no panties with the outfit I moved to my underwear draw and got out my favorite black cotton G-string and put it on, next was the black nylon stockings, I’ve never worn stockings before and the material was very smooth against my skin as I pulled them over my legs. Feeling very sexy I ran my hands down each leg and admiring the look of the nylon material covering them. After the stockings came the main part of the outfit, the Maid’s dress, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan slipping down over my head I stood up and adjusted the dress, turning around to grab the apron and wrapped it around my waist and tied it off at the back and once finished I checked myself out in the bedroom mirror.

“Wow!” was all that I could say, the Maid’s dress was short on me but I think that was the idea, just covering my bum as I stood there but would reveal all if I was to bend over or even attempted anything, the stockings only came up to the white lace at the bottom of the dress. I was staring at the mirror for a while before I picked up the wristbands and headpiece to finish the outfit.

“What a little cutie” now the French Maid outfit was all on.

“But there is still something missing,” standing in front on the mirror thinking and studying the outfit then it came to me.

“That’s it high heels, black shining heels, I know I still have a pair somewhere in one of my boxes” I realized and walked out of the bedroom to where I started unpacking this morning.

“The box with my shoes in it was the last one I packed.” After a bit searching I found the box and opened it up and dug deep to retrieve the pair of heels. It didn’t take long until both heels were recovered, then as I stood up and looked out of window to see some guy was staring straight at me from the footpath. My face went bright red with embarrassment so I turned and fled the room which would of gave the guy a great view up my dress showing off my G-string and ass. I got back to the bedroom and jumped on the bed to get my breath back again then got up to slip on my black shining 4′ heels and checked myself in the mirror. The dress was all over the place from before and the headpiece started to fall out, after some readjusting I got to see what the French Maid outfit looked like.

I stuck a few poses in the mirror and pretended to be cleaning by bending forward and Escort Tekirdağ stretching up and little dress revealed my cutie little ass very time.

“I can see why Mitch would like this outfit, it’s making wet and horny just looking at my own reflection. Well since I was doing some unpacking I might as well stay dress-up and start on some cleaning.”

“Maid Megan reporting for duty Master!” I said doing a little pose at the mirror and started giggling to myself.

“How may I be of service Master.” Pretending to be Maid was exciting from me so I continued.

“Maid Megan, you are to dust and vacuum the living room this morning for my guests later today, that is all.” I said instructing the Maid.

“At once Master.” I replied with a little giggle.

I set off to do my chores in the living room, it was pretty dirty so I started to dust the set of shelves, a bookcase and the cabinet while showing some elegance in the way I moved. The dusting took a while and then I started with the vacuuming. My 4′ heels made me stand taller than the length of the vacuum pipe causing me to bend forward that meant that you could see up my little lace dress. The vacuuming didn’t take long and when I finished I returned the equipment back in the closet and returned to mirror in the bedroom for more instructions by my Master.

“I have done the chores you ordered me to do Master, is there anything else Master?”

“That’s all for toady, dismiss.”

“Thank you Master.” I replied.

It was now about 2:30 and Mitch would be home soon from work so I quickly undressed and returned the outfit and accessories back in box and placed it at the back of the room. It wasn’t long after until Mitch arrived home and I greeted him at the door.

“Hi honey, how did you go today?” I asked as Mitch and I hugged and kissed each other.

“Not to bad, how was your day.” He replied.

“I got a chance to give the living room a good clean, what do you think?”

“That’s looks great hun, it came up very well, good job.” I started to giggle to myself.

“What’s so funny?” He questioned.

“Oh nothing dear, just something I remembered.” I replied.

I hope you like the story and don’t forget to read Part 2 and send me some back.

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