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Megan Ch. 04

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When I woke up I was lying in my bed, Megan was kneeling right beside me with a crushed look on her face, her hand resting on my chest.

“Oh, I’m sorry Joey, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just playing with you a bit. You know I would never hurt you. I’m so sorry I didn’t realize I could scare you so much when I made my muscles grow, I thought you really like them, and I got carried away trying to be sexy for you. I promise I will never show them to you again, and… and I can leave right away if you want me to.”

Although I was scared literally out of my mind a few minutes ago, one look at her deep blue eyes, and her marvellous body was enough to make me ready to beg her to stay.

“No Megan, don’t go anywhere, it’s OK. I don’t really know what came over me again, please don’t leave. I have never met a girl like you before. I really like your muscles and I know you wouldn’t hurt me intentionally. But, you are very big, and very, very strong, and I was afraid that you might hurt me by accident. But I really love your body, and your muscles. They are so amazing,” I say, my hand now caressing her massive arm feeling the power within and remembering how easily she destroyed the door, or the bathtub.

“Oh, I love you soo much, I’ve never had anyone who liked my muscles so much. Most guys would say they like it and then run away when they saw how strong I really am. And you know I really tried hard not to hurt you. And I’ve never had an orgasm like that. No one has ever kissed me like that. No one. It was as powerful as the ones I’ve had during the growth spurts. And I pushed you away so as not to break anything, so I was careful.”

“I know, Megan, thank you.”

“And I want you to know that no one has ever made me feel what you did. I feel so safe with you. Like I can really be myself. And I can let my body and muscles be free with you. So I… well, I never actually. I would like you to be my first. Well, if you want to that is….

“First what?” I asked, still groggy. “Wait, you mean… you never… ohhh.” Realisation was coming a bit slow, I shut my mouth quickly.

“Well, it’s because you see, after that incident I was afraid of hurting someone and there was also…” she was turning red and trying to explain.

“Megan, stop. You don’t need to explain, it’s perfectly normal. You don’t need to be ashamed. I would love to make love to you.”

“Oh, I love you soo much Joey, but I know so little. I practised with well, you know vegetables… well, not only how not to break a boy but also how to please you. And I would love to please you. I want to make you feel good also. But I….”

“Megan, slow down,” I said standing up next to her, placing my tiny hand on her shoulder. “It’s OK, don’t be ashamed it’s perfectly normal I will do my best to show you what I know, don’t worry.”

“And you will be gentle with me Joey, please. I want my first time to be nice. Promise you won’t hurt me.” And saying that, she stood up to her full height. She was still naked as she had been in the bathroom a few minutes before, her massive powerful body towering over me in every way possible. Her hands were slightly shaking, hair on her body rising due to her nervousness.

I gently took her hand and pulled her in closer. This brought her breasts high over my head. She was still in her stilettos. Hmm. This might need a different approach. I stepped onto the bed behind me and again pulled her in closer.

I was now slightly higher than her breasts, the idea was to kiss her but seeing as this goal was about a foot higher still, I took one of her heavy breasts in two hands and started gently caressing and kissing it. My hands looked so tiny on her massive mammaries. I remembered how my entire head was trapped inside those things. Her nipples were dark red, about an inch long, thick as my thumb, and fully erect.

Megan tried pressing my head against her breast but I moved out of the way, kissing the other breast. They were incredible. Each over 20 pounds of breast-flesh easily overflowing both of my hands. Megan was less forceful this time, almost obedient, following my instructions. I stepped down from the bed, kissing her belly, feeling the massive abdominal muscles underneath the silky skin. Teasingly passing over her pussy, and kissing the large fat lips, I moved to Bostancı escort her thighs.

Her breathing was now already shallow, her hand again reached for my head and I had to duck. I gently guided her to sit down on the bed, watching the heavy wooden frame bend and groan beneath her. Luckily I had a really big bed, with a thick wooden frame.

I am again on my knees between her gigantic thighs. This time they are just silently waiting, pulsing with power. I let my hands roam their expanse one by one, kissing and licking each in turn. Her massive muscles gladly respond by gently tugging my head with every pulse.

By now my erection is absolutely massive, and I can see that Megan’s breathing is very shallow, barely controlling herself from raping me. I kiss her pussy, suck her sensitive parts enough to make sure she is ready, and stand up on the bed rubbing the tip of my 14″ tool against her clit.

Her deep blue innocent eyes lock onto mine. “Take me Joey, take me. Put that monster into my pussy.”

I pushed the great head inside slowly, not wanting to hurt her. She was very tight, and I tried going really slow, gaining depth inch by inch. I expected to hit a dead end, as I normally would but it never came. I finally buried my penis all the way and began to slowly thrust.

Megan was lost. With only the third thrust, her body exploded in orgasm. She pressed my tiny body against her massive frame, forcing my head between her breasts, roaring with pleasure, her hands bruising my back, and her thighs crushing my hips. It hurt, but I knew she was still careful since nothing was broken.

“Ohhhhh, fuuuck, that was good. I love that monster of yours, little man. No way can a vegetable replace a real one. Fuck me little man. Harder, I want you to fuck my brains out,” she said still holding my body mashed to hers. Not letting me go for a second, Megan grabbed me with one of her big strong hands and started pumping my penis into her pussy. It was like a furnace, threatening to melt my dick with her heat. She came several times before she was ready to let go.

I had once joked with an ex-girlfriend that if I ever found a girl that could take my entire length I would have to run back and forward instead of thrusting because of the size. But never could I imagine a girl that could use me as a dildo.

That must have been a strange sight. One massive Megan’s arm keeping my head buried in her cleavage and the other furiously pumping away with my lower body slamming it into her pussy with wet slapping sounds. She came so many times my lower legs were drenched in her love juices. After the third orgasm she stood up still holding and pumping me like my entire body weight was of no importance to her and then she dropped me to the bed.

“I love you Joey, I love you. I want you to take me from the back. I want to come without fear of crushing your body. I want you to fuck me into the best orgasm I ever had, and I want to let my body loose.”

She went down with her knees on the floor, her massive ass invitingly towards me, and arched her back making her ass even wider. In this position, I was a few inches higher positioned but the size of penis made up for it, and I guided her to arch her back even more. I was standing between her huge calves approaching a wall of thigh muscles ending in a huge round mound of ass with her moist steaming pussy sticking out almost vertically and her back arched all the way to the floor spreading her breasts on both sides. It was strange being in such a dominating position over such a monstrous creature. But I took my opportunity and began pounding away at her ass, slamming into it as hard as I could.

I tried slapping her ass but it was too big for me to give a proper shake. She seemed to like the idea though, and slapped herself with monstrous power making the spot red and causing a wave of flesh that almost shook me off. I swear one slap like that could break me.

Soon she started pushing back and after a few thrusts she steadied me with one hand, pressing me deep between her ass cheeks and rubbing me against her body not taking me out until she exploded in orgasm, every single part of her growing more monstrously massive, her muscles exploding in power, thighs crashing into each other. Even her pussy contracted on my penis, I would have also come in that moment Anadolu Yakası Escort if her pussy did not clamp so tightly on my organ.

Her shaking continued for a few moments and finally subsided. Her body also contracted to her normal less threatening merely massive size. She slid off my penis and turned around with a blessed look on her face.

“I love you, Joey. And I think it’s your turn now. I have never had an orgasm like that or that many of them. I love that little monster of yours,” and her hand starts tugging my still painfully erect 14″ penis. “I bet this little fellow really wants a release.”

And her fat red lips connect with the tip, slowly slipping the whole great head into her mouth, and her tongue slowly extends down the length of my monster reaching more than half way, then followed by her mouth. But, after a few inches, she gags and pulls away.

“Mhmm, it really is quite big. I think you were built just for me, little Joey. I’ve never done this to a real one before. I’ve read about it and practised, but I never thought I’d have one as big as yours to practice on. Aunty always told me that practising with zucchinis was useless because no man is that well equipped. And here you are, little Joey, built just for me, bigger in length and girth than any zucchini I have ever tried. But imagine what I could do to it with some practice. I guess you haven’t had even the head inside a girl’s mouth in a while.”

She was right; very few girls could take even the head in.

Her mouth started bobbing on top of my head sucking like a vacuum, licking the entire length wrapping her tongue around. Then, she used it to slap her face. As huge as she was, my penis was the only thing that could in any way compare to her. And seeing her slap herself, and then wrap her tongue around it, almost made me cum. But she saw me grunt and pressed hard at the base of the organ.

“Mhm-mmm. No cumming for you just yet. I promise I have something even better for you. I like this neat little trick, I read about that as well. I can keep you from cumming as long as I can squeeze you hard here. And it really works.”

And she continued licking, sucking and kissing my penis, squeezing the root every few seconds to stop me from cumming. After a while, she applied a copious amount of saliva and looked at the penis proudly.

“It’s time,” she said, and surrounded it with 40 pounds of breast flesh.

“Mhmm. I never though I’d have a big enough penis to do this to. I love it.” Her lips wrap around the tip again while she traps my penis powerfully in the breast prison with her arms. With her breasts mightily tit fucking me, and her mouth sucking strongly, I was seconds away from cumming and, before either of us could react, I came so violently that I filled her mouth with cum and she had to let go of the head. Semen was coming out of her mouth hitting her face, chin and spilling over her massive breasts still surrounding my penis. I had never before come so much at once. By the time I was done, her breasts were all sticky and covered with cum. She absently licked her breasts and the tip of my cock, lightly stroking it with her breasts, while I was still spasming from the orgasm.

“Mhmmmm. I love that thing and I think it really likes me. Wait… what’s happening? Why is it shrinking? Did I hurt it?? I though I was making it feel good.”

Maintaining a 14″ erection for this long, and being raped by a giant teen Amazon was too much for me, and as soon as my hormone levels went down with the orgasm, an unyielding drowsiness overtook me.

“No, Megan it’s OK. I’m jus.. tir…tird… sleepy. Can’t any more….”

“Oh, but I wanted to play with it more. Oh well, I guess I can give you a rest. A short rest. You sleep and I’m going for a shower to wash all this mess of myself,” she said laying me into the bed.

When I awoke it was already dark. I guess the heating was on since it was brutally hot in the bed, my head was resting on something soft, and something really heavy was on me. Then the evening came back to me and I figured out where I was.

I was in my bed sleeping on a massive breast while another one was pressing into the top of my head. Megan, the giant teenage Amazon, was sleeping behind me, her colossal thigh, easily weighing over a hundred pounds, was casually covering my Kadıköy Escort body, one arm hugging me closely, the hand firmly holding my currently flaccid penis. And there was no heating; Megan’s body was melting hot because of her muscles; her metabolism must be in constant overdrive.

One of my arms was trapped under her breast, and the other was placed over her thigh. I remembered how relentless she was a few hours back, if she wakes up again I’m fucked. I’m still tired and hurt all over. I couldn’t go for another marathon.

But my body disagreed. Feeling my situation, my heartbeat sped up and my flaccid penis was growing in Megan’s hand. I watched in horror as it slowly spread her fingers pulsing, growing. And I heard her stir behind me moaning quietly, the grip on my penis becoming aware, stronger.

“Mhmmm, you’re awake; him as well. Finally.”

Her leg now awake, pulling me in closer to her body, her hand playing with my already fully erect penis, and I can feel one breast being dragged over my head and her endlessly long tongue massaging my ear lobe. If I was hot before, being pulled in to her middle was scalding.

She turns me onto my back and forces her tongue into my mouth, passing over my penis with her leg. “I want more, Joey; I want to make love. I have never felt so good before in my life.”

“Megan, I… I can’t; I’m too tired. There’s no way I can keep up with you. Maybe tomorrow.”

“No! I want to make love now. Besides, don’t worry if you’re tired, I’ll do all the work. You just lay back and relax.”

And she slips her massive towering frame over my body, trapping me between tree trunk-thick thighs. Her now untied hair drops over her muscular shoulder all the way to my tiny trapped body, one of her arms pinning both of my rebelling hands above my head. Her breasts sexily dangling above my face, she uses them to drown out my protests, guides my raging erection into her scalding hot pussy, and proceeds to rest her weight on me. In panic I try screaming but all I get is a mouthful of breast flesh.

“Don’t worry little one, I’m careful with my tiny lover. I want you to last a long long time for me.”

In the begging she works her way along the shaft slowly, then picking up speed. The bed is protesting louder and louder until finally with a loud creak and a heavy landing from Megan it collapses to the floor. Not stopping for a second she extends her massive body in a sitting position letting me admire the view of her enormous breasts sloshing together high above me out of reach, and her long thick blond hair cascading all around us. Again, I am close to orgasm. She grinds me into the mattress with her hips moving my entire body back and forward with her powerful pelvis. Her hands follow the contour of her body and pull her hair together high above as she screams in orgasm again, her thighs crushingly close around my torso painfully pressing me into the bed.

Her body then collapsed on top of mine, this time resting her full weight. “Ohh little one, I love you soo much. I promise I will fuck you till you cannot move. I love your dick so much I will fuck your brains out. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

With that sentence she continued to ride me preventing my orgasms for another hour. Laying her weight on top of me and pounding me with her massive hips, going up and down on my big throbbing pole, or just grinding me into the mattress crushing my chest with her massive hands, her breasts bouncing into each other way above me or on top of my face. All the while passionately painfully crushing me with her thighs until she finally lets me explode all over her. I spurted over her breasts, abs, thighs even all the way up to her face.

She licked her breasts with that endless tongue. Ohh, and then she moved to my limp prick licking its entirety, sending shivers up my body, sucking it, all the while fingering her clitoris.

But I was spent, hardly able to talk again.

“Ohh, mmhh. Come here, little one.” And she pulled my head into her crotch between her thigh monsters, playfully squeezing me and rubbing my face against her pussy.

“Ohh, I love your face down there. You are prefect for me.” After a while she changed position sitting on my face, resting her massive ass on my chest crushingly, flooding my face with her juices. Every time she came, she would rise a little bit above my face clamping her thighs powerfully, and then lower herself down. In the end I wasn’t even able to move my jaw any-more, she just kept grinding her massive fleshy pussy over my face orgasm after orgasm until she finally stopped and I immediately fell asleep.

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