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Meeting the Couple

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This story is about twenty years old man. Visiting a couple that he meets on the internet. This is something that happened to me in real life but I change the story to kinkier games.

I am staying late at my school. Not studying but browsing the internet in the computer class. I have searched for some professional escort from one site that also has a chat room.

There are very little people in the chat room if any. That is a common thing there. But I stay there a little while. After a while, there comes someone in.

Hi, I say.

Hi, the other one says back.

Then the opponent asks about me in private mode.

Tell me about yourself. What are you searching for here? Where are you from?

I tell that I am a young and little shy guy who is searching for some experience. I also tell the city I am living in.

Are you telling me that you are a virgin or something? The other one asks.

I think I am. I’m not that good with women. I’m answering.

The other one tells me that he is a man at age 40 and he searches a companion for him and her wife.

I tell him that I am not that interested in sex with males. That I consider myself as a heterosexual.

That is okay. He says.

We are not looking male to male action. More like someone young for her wife. He is also heterosexual but his wife is bisexual. He tells me that they like to meet both males and females.

This sounds too good for me. But it is even getting better.

He tells that they are living in the same city and would I like to meet them.

I tell him that I am interested.

How about tonight? He asks.

I am free to go so I say okay.

He gives me directions to a parking lot. Her wife would come to take me from there. I have also their phone number.

I drive to the place and send the text message that I am there.

I have message back that says: see you soon and smiling note at the end.

I go outside of the car and see that there is someone coming on foot at the parking lot.

She is blond woman in her forties. Nice looking and smiling friendly for me. She hugs me and shows me the way to their cottage. She grabs my hand while walking.

She has nice fitting leather gloves and leather pants. It is winter so she has winter coat on. In her legs, she has knee-high boots.

We come in their cottage. The man inside says hello to me friendly and shakes my hand. No hugging. That feels good.

They offer me a little coffee and something to eat. We talk a little at the same time. They tell me about their living and sex life. They are very open-minded and have had sex with many people.

We go sitting on their couch. They put me sitting in the middle of them. We keep chatting and I feel the wife’s hand on my leg. She is caressing me with her hand and smiling for me.

Next, the man says that maybe I and her wife should go to their bedroom.

We are looking each other and she smiles and takes my hand. Escort Bayan

I follow her to the bedroom. She wants to see me naked. I take my clothes off. She circles me touching me and looking me like learning my body.

She comes in front of me and holds my head from behind. Then her lips come near mine. She looks me on the eyes. Then she shuts her eyes and kisses me with passion.

I am not following her quick move. I just stand there but she keeps kissing so little by little I get in the same page and start kissing back. I try to imitate her moves. Maybe she likes what I do because she stops and smiles at me and then kissing starts again.

After the minor shock, I start to turn on. The kissing is mutual dance. There is lots of passion and I see the sex drive turning on from her eyes.

She takes her clothes off. We move to the matress on the floor. She takes my cock in her mouth and starts sucking. Never experienced passionate kissing and now she is giving me oral sex.

The feeling is so great but also new. The situation is new. Everything is new. I am very excited but also nervous.

Then she turns in 69. I have her vagina almost in my face. I see it is wet and smells a new smell for me.

I slowly move my face closer. Kiss shyly her lips and put my tongue out to taste her.

I lick her lips and touch her with my fingers. From her breathing, I can understand that she likes what I am doing. Then she moves her vagina against my face. I understand that she likes to have more force and action for my work.

When she is sucking my penis her hand rubs my testicles and the other hand my perineum. It feels so good. But I have to concentrate on my own doing so much and I am nervous so I can’t fully enjoy it.

She seems to decide that enough oral action has been done and moves to ride me. I look a little afraid her and she comforts me that they have tested themselves and I am a virgin we don’t have to be afraid of sex diseases. And she is using pills.

Okay, now we are fucking and without protection. That is a new feeling. The feeling is so good. She keeps riding and touches her clitoris. Massaging it and riding even faster. Soon she comes and tells that I could come too. I am too nervous about orgasming. It feels so good but I can not come.

Soon she comes another time. After that, we try commissioner. I can not relax in that position at all. I fuck her and it feels nice and wonderful but I can’t come.

Soon we stop and we are exhausted. She asks me why I don’t come and I explain that I can’t be relaxed and I am too nervous. I explain that everything she does to me feels so great but I can’t go over the edge.

She understands me. They offer me a shower and after that, we say goodby and I go home.

Days go past and I think what happened. They were very nice to me but was I really enough for her. Did she like our moment really?

I got my answer. After a week or so they send me a text Bayan Escort message. Asking if I would like to visit them again and have I been feeling right after our last meeting.

I answer them that I have tought about our meeting a lot. I also explain that I am a little worried about having sex without protection with a sexually active couple.

They message me that they understand and they would like to meet me again.

I go to see them the next day.

They welcome me in. They also tell that the man leaves and we can this time be just with her and me. So I could probably be more relaxed.

That sounds good to me.

She escorts me to the bedroom. We kiss each other and same time take our clothes off.

She tells that this time I could just relax and she does the work. First I have nice relaxing massage. It starts with innocent touches and little by little go-to erogenous zones. She uses her hands and her body and also mouth. Kissing and licking my body.

I am on my stomach and she is between my legs. Her hands move to my buttocks. Massaging them and now and then her hands slip between them. Her fingers goes also to my perineum and testicles. She starts also kissing my behind. And soon she is kissing between my buttocks.

It feels odd but good and I feel relaxing again.

Then she kisses directly my anus.

I god this is kinky. Never ever thought that anyone would kiss in there.

But that is just starting. Soon I feel her tongue on my anus too. It licks anus and surroundings.

That feels so good. Never understood that something like that can feel so good.

She notices from my movements and sounds that I like what she is doing. She laughs a little bit in a sexy tone.

Next, she moves her hand under me and grabs my penis. The other hand massages my testicles. Her tongue starts to make little fucking motion on my hole.

I moan with pleasure.

Suddenly she stops and takes some pillow under my stomach. The next thing is that she puts a scarf on my head so that I can’t see.

I hear some sounds when she is leaving and then coming back.

I feel something cold on my asshole. Then her fingers circles spreading that cold stuff and massaging my hole.

What is now happening I wonder. But soon I understand. Her finger starts having little movement against my hole. First like millimeter in and then out again. Little by little more and more in.

Then I realize that she is going to penetrate me with her finger.

She asks me to relax. It would feel nice but if I am tense it will hurt. She says also that relaxed or not she is going to do it. Everyone can take one finger.

And so she pulls her finger in with one movement.

My body tensed but she just keeps her finger in.

I start breath again and try to relax as much as I can.

My body starts to get used to the finger.

She notices that and starts a little movement. Massaging the walls Escort of my rectum and my prostate.

She takes her finger off and takes more lubricant and puts her finger in again.

It feels much better this time. It doesn’t hurt anymore. She starts to make some fucking movement.

This is so totally new to me. I never would think that I would experience something like this. And here I am. My butt up and someone fingering my ass. Me a heterosexual young man in this situation and starting to like it.

Now she puts some lubricant also to my cock. The other hand massages my cock and the other one is fingering my behind.

I feel that I can not take long before I will come.

She notices that too and slows down her hand massaging my cock. The finger in my ass keeps fucking. Then she massages my cock a few times very quickly and at the same time slips another finger in my ass.

Now it feels like with the one finger at the start. Very full and hurts. But she just keeps going.

It takes some time to adapt to it again but eventually, it starts to feel okay again and after that good.

When I was adapting the second finger she massaged again my penis which also helped adaption.

I feel again that orgasm is nearby. She notices that too also again.

What she does this time was a little different than first time. She just keeps massaging my penis and puts the third finger in and fucks my ass with them the same pace as before. No adaptation time this time.

First-timers must take at least three fingers she says.

I had here last night young woman with her tiny ass and I made her take three fingers in the ass too. She did big moans but she took them and orgasmed in my hands so that she was shaking after that for a long time and could not walk.

I picture that in my eyes. It is so sexy. She showed new sides from her again. Dirty talker even so nice and charming woman. And lesbianism and maybe little sadism.

This all puts me over the edge. I feel that orgasm is coming no matter what. Nothing can stop it.

When I feel that the sperm starts to spray I feel more pressure in my rear but I can’t concentrade on that because the orgasm is so huge.

She pumps my cock and fucks my ass taking every drop of my sperm out of me.

I lay on my face and my ass is still up. I am exhausted. My rear end feels funny and my penis is dripping some fluid.

She takes the scarf away and cleans me a little bit with paper.

Do you know what relaxes a man or a woman in the most perfect way?

I don’t answer anything. I am too exhausted to say anything and she doesn’t even need my answer she answers herself.

If you can relax someone’s ass then the whole body relaxes she says matter of factly.

She helps me to shower and after the shower, we drink some coffee.

Then her husband comes back and asks how our time has gone.

The wife says that we had good progress. Now we know each other better again.

She also insists that this time we agree to a new meeting without waiting for a week. She says that she already has new plans for the next time.

If you liked it I would like to now it. Maybe I write about the next meeting.

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