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Meeting In Spain For The First Time Ch. 03

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This carries on from the story Meeting in Spain for the First Time Ch.02

Please feel free to send me any feedback, would love to hear from people reading this…

Thanks again


I wake up gradually, flashes of you and me together from yesterday running through my head as I doze. I turn over, reaching out finding the bed empty beside me.

I sit up in bed, looking round the empty room, memories of waking up in the night and watching you sleep beside me the amazing feeling of seeing you there reminding me that last night and all of yesterday wasn’t a dream.

Just as I’m about to get up to find you, the door opens and you walk in wearing my shirt from last night. Leaning back against the head board I can’t help but appreciate how much better it looks on you, take in your damp hair telling me you’ve already had a shower, the wonderful smile on your face as you put down the steaming cup of coffee you’re carrying.

‘Hey sleepy head was just about to come and wake you’ you say as you move to sit on the side of the bed. Absently your eyes drift down to the rather obvious tent in the light sheet over my waist and legs, my morning erection clearly pushing the light material up.

‘Well how were you going to do that?’ I ask with a grin on my face.

‘Like this’ you reply, leaning down to kiss my lips softly, teasing them with your tongue before letting our tongues meet. At the same time your hand brushes up my hip to slide over the sheet, caressing the top of my hip before brushing across my cock slowly making me gasp. Your fingers gently trace the shaft, playing over it softly as you break the kiss. Slowly you ease back my foreskin totally gently sliding your fingers down the shaft from tip to the base sliding it back.

Grinning at my reaction you push my hands back down as they reach for you. Standing you slide my shirt off, revealing that divine body, standing before me so perfect. You move down, sliding up on top of my body from the foot of the bed, brushing those breasts gently up along my legs through the sheet. Eyes locked together the burning passion and desire still so clear for both of us to see in each other as you move up, leaning down to brush your cheek against my cock through the sheet, moving from cevizli escort one side to the other before flicking your tongue across the tip through the material giggling as you hear me gasp your name.

You kiss and lick my pulsing cock through the cotton sheet softly, murmuring against it how much you want this need this. You take the tip between your lips, sucking on it firmly through the cotton, the white material going see through. Moving back you admire my cock through the translucent material, the cotton plastered to it with your saliva and my pre cum.

You slide further up my body, pressing your beautiful breasts down against my cock, teasing over it as you move slowly from side to side grinding into me with your breasts so firm and perfect against me. Pushing them together tight around the shaft as you arch your back, slowly sliding them up and down along my cock.

Already you’ve got me struggling to catch my breath, your name escaping my lips softly again and again. Smiling you notice how my body is trembling and tightening all over.

Sliding further up you straddle over my body fully on all fours, our lips meeting as we kiss hungrily. My hands slide down, cupping your ass tightly, holding you down on top of me, our bodies working against each other slowly. Our tongues entwine, dancing across each other, teasing, enticing, the wonderful taste of your lips filling my senses, your soft sweet perfume lingering on your skin from yesterday despite your shower and the soft scent of your clean skin making my desire unstoppable for you.

I pull you up my body, hands cupping your hips drawing you up lips nuzzling down your throat. Stopping as your breasts come level with my lips, leaning forwards to flick your hard left nipple with my tongue. Sucking it hard as I hear you moan my name, your hands cupping my head to your breasts. I move from one to the other, sucking hard on your hard nipples, so perfectly erect kissing and nuzzling the space in between your breasts and covering them totally in soft kisses as you grind your hips against me.

I draw you further up until you are straddling across my face. I slowly run my tongue across your outer pussy lips, gently lapping across the soft skin, your scent so spicy erenköy escort and intoxicating and the taste of you so sweet and morish. You ease down further onto me, hands gripping the head board as my tongue slips between the outer lips, rubbing around the inner lips. Taking the inner lips between my lips, sucking against them firmly loving the way it makes you gasp, you’re breathing sounding more rapid and those moans driving me on. My tongue slips up finding the hood of your clit, circling it as your hips move down towards me, rolling above me. My hands slipping up to cup those breasts, squeezing them firmly and letting my fingers pull against your hard nipples, your hands covering mine guiding them.

I slide my tongue tightly around your clit, hearing your cries as I do. Circling the hard button firmly, slowly loving the way your hips buck and the way you gasp and moan louder as I do. Trapping it between my lips I suck hard over your clit, teasing gently with my teeth around its base as I do. You press down to me, hips rolling, leaning back and pushing your breasts hard into my hands shaking from head to toe. I ease my tongue back down sliding it deeply into your hot, dripping wet pussy swirling it deep inside you hearing you gasping louder, your shaking getting more and more intense. You lean forward again, hands gripping my head, moving so you can look down into my eyes as you quiver so hard, hips driving with my tongue riding it hard as it plunges into you, driving you over the edge as you throw your head back crying out again and again as waves of pure pleasure take you to their heights making you cum so hard on my tongue. Clenching around my tongue so tightly, your juices flowing from you, covering my lips and chin with their sticky sweetness.

You collapse forward gripping the head board tightly as I slide out from under you, pressing up behind you wrapping my arms around you holding you close as you get your breath back. Cock pressed firmly against your ass, holding you from behind as we kneel on the bed. Your hand slips down and finds my cock, stroking it slowly before guiding it to the entrance of your pussy. ‘Take me now’ you gasp ‘fill me please’.

I slide in quickly, knowing I’m so close to losing it already, driven esenyurt escort mad by your teasing and making you cum so hard. Crying out as my cock slides into your hot, tight wet pussy feeling you pushing back, accepting my cock fully into you, joining us as one. I move slowly at first as we remain upright, you turning to kiss me so hard, tongues battling now, fighting to explore each other’s mouths, sucking firmly on each other’s tongue. Your hand moving down fingers brushing over your clit firmly, brushing the top of my cock as well as it slides in and out of you in long slow thrusts.

Breaking the kiss you moan for me to fuck you, to move harder, faster. Leaning forward you grasp the head board with one hand, your other still playing over your clit firmly as I start thrusting harder and faster. Keeping the same deep stroke but moving in sharper tighter moves into you. Not withdrawing as much before moving back into you so hard and fast. Fucking that perfect pussy over and over, our gasps moans and cries becoming one. Our bodies moving as one for its own pleasure shaking hands holding your hips so tight, balls slapping against you as we move with each other. The wet sounds of my cock sliding into you, the slapping of our bodies together and our moans echoing round the room.

Shuddering from head to toe I lose all control, letting go as I slide into you one last time, driving so hard into your pussy as my cock explodes inside you. Feeling me cum inside you drives you over the edge and you cry out my name again as you cum with me, hearing me crying out your name at the same time again and again as my cock swells and pulses with each wave of my seed, feeling you clenching so tight around me, milking each drop from me.

I lean forward kissing your back and the nape of your neck as we get our breath back. Leaning back I draw you up against my chest, your arm snaking around my neck as you half turn, keeping me inside you to kiss me softly. ‘mmmmmmm baby that was the best wakeup call ever’ I moan against your lips.

Giggling you wiggle your hips, moving against me stirring things up again. ‘Now I need another shower mister, drink your coffee then come join me’ you say, sliding forward, my cock leaving you slowly. Turning you run a finger along my glistening wet shaft, taking up the juices there and as I watch you lick them from your finger. Before I can pull you to me again though you slide off the bed, keeping out of my reach as you head for the shower.

I wander over grabbing the coffee then relax back on the bed unable to stop grinning the sun streaming in through the curtains as I think of the rest of the day and week to come.

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