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Meet Me In the Janitor’s Closet

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A tale set in Albany, New York back in 1962…

For Rose Calhoun, her years at the girls only St. Catherine’s High School weren’t much like the other girls in her class seemed to be. There was no endless stream of boyfriends for Rose, and since she wasn’t all that good at making friends she got left out of most of the other stuff her classmates did, like sleepovers and parties. Not helping was the fact that Rose had stayed back in 8th grade, mostly due to poor attendance due to a lengthy illness, so not only was she older than her classmates she was thought of as not only unattractive but slow as well.

Rose wasn’t slow, but her grades were decidedly mediocre and while the cherubic teen wasn’t ugly, she was very plain looking and the extra 30 pounds she carried didn’t help her popularity with the boys in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, the only boy she had a real relationship during those years wasn’t a boy at all but a man, her Uncle Larry, who wasn’t really an uncle at all but a friend of her father’s who hung around the house a lot.

So as graduation neared and there was no prom on the horizon for Rose, she was down in the dumps until something very strange started to happen. The janitor at the school, Ralph Cobb, had started to get very friendly with her when no one else was looking. Mr. Cobb had always been very nice to Rose, but this was different and the short conversations they had when no one was around took on a very adult tone until finally one day the old man suggested something to Rose on the final day of school.

“You just gotta be sure nobody sees you going in there because that would be powerful bad for both of us,” Ralph Cobb told Rose, his toothy smile contrasting with the deep crimson lips and the coal black skin of the 62 year old janitor.

“On account of you’re a Negro?” Rose had replied, using the terminology popular back in the early 60’s, and Ralph grinned at that.

“That, plus I’m suppose to be working and not talking to pretty girls in the janitor’s closet,” Ralph suggested.

“Is that what we’re going to do Mr. Cobb, talk?” Rose replied as she fiddled with the combination on her locker while Mr. Cobb pushed the broom around her when somebody came around the corner.

“That, and maybe other things,” he suggested with a wink as he looked at the plump girl’s bosom in the baggy white uniform top. “I tell you child, you done a lot of growing up lately. Either that or you’re stuffing that bra of yours. They real?”

“Of course they’re real,” Rose blushed, her skin tingling when she felt the old man’s eyes on her chest.

“Heh-heh. I guess those beauties are real,” Mr. Cobb noted when he saw the outline of the teen’s nipples through her bra and blouse. “You got some big nipples on you too. They must be if I can seem them through the blouse and the bra. They get stiff because of me looking at them?”

“Don’t make fun of me Mr. Cobb,” Rose complained as she crossed her arms over her bosom.

“I’m not child. Just thinking about how beautiful those breasts must be, and how that sweet ass of yours drives me crazy,” the janitor said softly while making sure no one else was in the hall. “You like it there? Any boy ever put his dick in your ass?”

“Ew! That’s gross,” Rose replied, shivering at the thought.

“Just curious. So what you think Rose darlin’? You gonna meet me in the closet later or are you one of them cock teasers?” Ralph suggested, and when he got no response added, “Hell, I bet you’re a virgin.”

“Am not.”

“You turn 18 yet?”

“Course I did. I’m almost 19 on account of I stayed back in 8th.”

“Oh. You one of them slow kids?”

“No. I was just sick for a time.”

“Well you sure look well enough now. How many boys you been with?”

“No boys, but I’ve been with a man and plenty of times too,” Rose snapped.

“That right? Hell, I guess that figures because you’re way too much woman for a boy,” Ralph said, rearranging himself in his pants. “That man – he have a big one?”

“Yeah, plenty big,” Rose said of her uncle, although in fact she had no idea whether he was big or not since his was the only one she had ever seen hard.

“So you like the big ones huh child?” Mr. Cobb asked while moving closer to the girl. “Want to feel what I got to make sure I measure up?”

“Not here Mr. Cobb!” Rose answered while stepping back.

“In the closet then after dismissal bell,” the old black man said, and he nodded down while noting with a grin, “Look what you did to me.”

Rose did a double take when she saw the bulge in the baggy green trousers, turning away and hurrying down the hall while she heard the janitor whispering that he would be waiting for her.

The last class of the day dragged on even worse than usual because everything had been covered and there was only the graduation ceremony that evening remaining, so Rose’s mind wandered as she pondered whether she would have the guts to really meet the custodian in the closet like he wanted.

It Ankara escort wasn’t like she was ever going to see the man again after graduation, and while she hoped to meet boys when she went to community college in the fall, she had no prospects for romance in the meantime and her faux “Uncle Larry” only stopped at the house occasionally and not for several weeks of late .

Rose smiled when she thought about what her parents would think of her being with a black man. Her mother might just approve because she was always talking about equal rights and donating her homemade chocolate chip cookies to the NAACP bake sale, although the quality of Mom’s baking would not help racial harmony.

Father was a whole other story, because he didn’t share Mom’s views and if he thought a black guy even looked at her he might have a stroke. Then again, Rose had caught her father peeking in at her when she got out of the bathtub, so he was no saint either.

Rose didn’t know what she was going to do, figuring that she would wait until the end of the school day to decide, and she guessed she would probably chicken out in the end, but at least thinking about it made a boring last day at school exciting.


“Started to worry about you child,” Mr. Cobb said when Rose finally got up the courage to open the janitor’s closet door instead of just walking past it like she had over the last 10 minutes, and after Rose peeked out into the deserted hallway and closed the door behind herself she saw the janitor standing in the corner.

Mr. Cobb had taken his green uniform off and was wearing boxer shorts, a wife beater t-shirt and white socks as he stood next to a long worktable with a devilish grin on his face. The room was small, dimly lit and smelled like chemicals, hardly the romantic setting Rose read about in the paperbacks Mom bought, and the more Rose thought about it the less this seemed like a good idea.

“Take that blouse off for Ralph,” the aging black man said, his torso bony and far less formidable than it looked in the uniform, but as Rose unbuttoned the white top her eyes focused on the bulge in his worn boxers, visible despite the baggy drawers. “Oh yeah. Look at you girl! Come on over here and let me help get that harness off you.”

Rose tried to keep the waistband of her skirt above her little belly as she went to Mr. Cobb whose hands rubbed her round shoulders wile his eyes went to her cavernous cleavage, and when he moved her around to face the other way she did not protest.

“I used to be a lot quicker than this,” the janitor explained as his aged fingers struggled with the hooks in back. “Problem is that this thing is too tight. I’m thinking you’ve outgrown this old thing. Maybe when you go to college you can get yourself a new one – a bigger one. What’s the tag say here?”

“36D? Damn girl, I bet you got the biggest boobies in the whole damn class,” Mr. Cobb exclaimed as the last hook came free, and after the bra lurched forward he eased the straps off the girl’s shoulders and replaced the bra cups with his ebony hands.

“Oh yeah!” Mr. Cobb cackled after reaching around the teen and hefting the weighty globes, and when Rose looked down and saw the black hands on the very giving pale flesh of her breasts the contrast made her shiver.

The janitor was looking over Rose’s shoulder as he kneaded the full jugs, plucking the already stiff crimson pegs that were already swollen, and the chubby girl could feel the man’s thing pressed against her butt as she leaned back into him. Rose sighed as her nipples were toyed with, and she giggled when the janitor’s hands slipped under her arms and his fingers stroked the moist stubble that had grown during the day.

“Why don’t you get me primed up for you?” Ralph suggested, the request coming with hands on her round shoulders while easing her down and turning her to face him.

“Oh my!” Rose exclaimed when the semi-turgid ebony member swayed in her face, the veiny uncut weapon already bigger than her uncle’s despite not being erect yet, and when she timidly took hold of the shaft her pudgy fingers barely got around the thickness.

“All for you child,” Ralph sighed as he looked down at the cherubic girl’s blushing cheeks as she opened her mouth wide to accommodate him, and although it took a few seconds for the teen to get used to him, soon her red lips were sliding up and down the end of his quickly stiffening manhood so well that the janitor had to pull her off him before he came.

“Get that skirt and panties off for me,” Mr. Cobb directed, whistling when after Rose pulled the full cut panties off of her soft belly and down, the wide and dense black triangle of fur hid the opening from view. “Man girl, that’s one hairy pussy you got there.”

“Sorry,” Rose replied as she crossed her hands in front of her sex, but the old man shook his head and calmly grabbed the teen under her arms and put the edge of her ample butt on the little gray metal table, spreading her plump thighs and moving in between Ankara escort bayan them.

“Nothing to be sorry about honey,” he chuckled as he rubbed the plum like glans into the bush, finding the fold right away. “Ralph likes a nice hairy pussy.”

“A rubber!” Rose cried out, but the janitor dismissed that suggestion as the tip of him found the wet opening.

“Don’t need one. I’m too old to breed,” he declared, and after telling her to relax, forced the bulbous knob into her pussy, leaning forward as he pushed into her tight sex. “Hold on child. Put your hands around my neck and let me fuck you good.”

“Ow!” Rose whimpered as the skinny old man thrust in and out, but as he went harder, deeper and faster the hurt went away and soon she was kissing Ralph as the old table squeaked.

“Yeah. You like that big dick in you, don;t you?” the old man cackled. “You’re gonna cum too, aren’t you? Don’t be so loud. Put your face in my neck.”

Seconds later his spine tingled at hearing the girl’s stifled squeal as her pussy clamped around his cock, and that caused Ralph to cum too, the old guy grunting as he filled her womb with his seed.

“Damn that was good,” Ralph groaned as he pulled out and stepped back, stretching on his now flaccid hose as he looked at the semen pouring out of the teen, the milky white sap hanging on the girl’s stark black pubic hair. “Stay up on that perch a second.”

“Am I bleeding?” she asked nervously.

“Course not. Glad that little table is still in one piece,” he declared as he tried to count how many girls asses had been up there over the years. “Betcha I can do you again too if I can get a little hard. How would you like that?”

Rose was about to answer when the closet door opened and Mr. Oster, the principal, stood there staring at Rose with her chubby legs spread wide and his janitor’s semen oozing down to the floor.

“Oh lawdy!” Ralph groaned as he pulled up his pants quickly, and the teen hopped down and was about to get dressed when the principal’s voice bellowed.

“Mr. Cobb?” the tall thin man said in a voice that meant business.

“Yes sir.”

“You have work to do I assume?” he asked, and after Ralph nodded he said, “We will speak later of this.”

As the janitor scurried out of the closet Rose tried to shield her naked body from the glare of the principal but he stepped on the skirt and grabbed the teen’s blouse and bra, keeping them out of reach as he demanded she hand him her skirt and panties.

“Mr. Oster… I’m sorry,” Rose sobbed as she looked at the principal with eyes welling ith tears.

“Truer words were never spoken Miss Calhoun,” he scoffed as his eyes took in the girl’s Rubenesque form. “You are sorry. Very sorry. This is what comes from our teachers trying so hard for years to make you a young woman who would make st. Catherine’s High proud of you?”

“It’s not like it seems…”

“It seems disgusting, immoral and not befitting a potential graduate of our institution,” Mr. Oster snapped as he looked around the cramped closet where the stench of chemicals was now joined by the scent of sex. “Is this where you bring all your conquests so they can sex you?”

“Me? I never was in here before,” Rose protested.

“Nonsense. You mean to tell me that a respected school employee of over 30 years forced you down here? I suspect it more likely that you flaunted your overdeveloped bosom and lured him down here and took advantage of his moment of weakness.”


“Are you saying Mr. Cobb forced you down here and had his way with you?” he challenged.

“Yeah… well… no. Not exactly,” Rose mumbled. “He’s a nice man and he told me I was pretty.”

“And that’s what it takes to sex you? Tell a plain girl some lies?” Mr. Oster barked as he stepped aside and held the closet door wide open. “Down to my office. Now.”

“My clothes,” Rose whined as she looked out at the deserted hallway. “What if somebody sees me?”

“Serve you right. Now move!”

Rose, naked except for a pair of white socks, ducked out into the hall and hurried down to the principal’s office, doing her best to hide her nakedness while the principal followed behind her, her fleshy buttocks jiggling as she walked quickly, her footsteps echoing in the deserted passage

“Enough of the false modesty,” Mr. Oster advised as he closed his office door behind them, the click of the lock loud and clear. “Put your hands down.”

Rose was standing in the middle of the room, her right arm across her bosom and her left hand attempting to hide her womanhood before she reluctantly lowered the feeble guards.

The principal was taken at the stark contrast between the teen’s cherubic face with the ruddy cheeks and what was below. The chunky girl’s pendulous breasts hung down to her thick waist, plump crimson nipples centered on large pebbled areolas, and the wild jungle of black curls that seemed to begin just under her belly left no doubt that she was a woman.

“Can I have Escort Ankara my clothes back please?” she asked meekly.

“In time, I think when your mother comes down here to pick you up she can help you get dressed,” the principal snickered before raising an eyebrow and suggesting, “Or maybe your father.”

“Oh please no,” Rose cried. “Anything but that.”

“Why? You don’t think Daddy would be happy to see how grownup his baby is now?” Mr. Oster proposed. “Maybe I can arrange for Mr. Cobb to be here when he arrives so your father can meet your boyfriend.”

“Omigod no. He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Why not? Ashamed?”

“Please, anything but that,” Rose insisted. “I did wrong. It’s the last day of school and I did a stupid thing. After I graduate tonight you’ll never have to see me again.”

“Graduate?” Mr. Oster snorted. “You think I’m going to let you graduate after this? Maybe staying back a year will help you act in a more adult manner in the future.”

“I can’t stay back a year. I’m going to go to college.”

“Is that so?”

“What can I do to make this nightmare go away?” Rose pleaded.

“What are you suggesting Miss Calhoun? Standing there with your thighs apart while the janitor’s semen keeps oozing out of you? And how many times did he sex you anyway?”

“Just once.”

“I’ll bet if I didn’t interrupt you would still be down there, wouldn’t you? Letting the janitor hump you and likely swallowing his seed too?” he asked, and when Rose shrugged he added, “Thought so.”

“So you think that offering your sloppy self to me has any interest?”

“I dunno,” Rose replied before taking a couple of tentative steps towards the principal and kneeling before the tall, thin man.

“What are you doing? Are you offering your mouth to me? I have a hunch you already pleasured Mr. Cobb orally. Am I wrong?” he asked, and after Rose shrugged he muttered, “Disgusting. It seems you have nothing to bargain with Miss Calhoun. You’ve been thoroughly used and I don’t take the traveled roads.”


“Turn away from me. I can’t bear to look at you blubbering,” Mr. Oster complained, and as the teen turned around his eyes surveyed the girl’s chubby backside, moving his glare up from her chunky but shapely calves to her thick thighs before his gaze focused on her pale plump buttocks.

“I can only assume that the janitor sodomized you as well,” he mused aloud.


“Sodomized you. Took you anally,” he snapped. “Are you dense? Did you let him put his manhood into your rectum?”

“No. I swear.”

“I see,” the principal mused. “Get over to that chair.”

“Do you want me to sit down Sir?” Rose said of the cushioned chair opposite the principal’s desk.

“No. I want you to kneel on the front of it and bend over,” he instructed while walking over to his desk, and after pulling open the drawer he looked at Rose and said, “Lean farther. Hold on to the back of the chair if you must.”

Principal Oster stifled a grin when he saw the girl clutch the back of the chair for balance, a necessity since the weight of her pendulous breasts swaying in front of her threatened to tip her over, and she looked with wide open eyes as she saw the ping pong paddle in the prinicipal’s hand.

“I’m going to give you something that I doubt you get at home and judging by your behavior you seem to need desperately,” he announced as he slapped his open palm with the paddle, and the girl cringed when the sound echoed in the room. “Of course, if you wish you can go pick up the phone and call your parents to pick you up instead.”

“No, not that,” Rose whimpered. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Just shut up and take your medicine,” the man instructed while moving behind the girl and looking at the fleshy target. “Bend over more, and spread those thighs as far as you can. That’s something we both know you can do.”

“That’s better,” Oster said softly as he put his hand on the giving warm flesh, noting that the teen’s abundant pubic hair grew right up between her legs, stopping right below her tan puckered orifice.

The principal drew the paddle back, hesitating a few seconds as her pudgy fingers gripped the back of the chair before swinging it forward and connecting hard, causing Rose to yelp in response.

“Shut up!” Mr. Oster commanded as he followed with an even harder blow on the other buttock. Shut up!”

A half dozen more smacks on the butt left Rose sobbing and with a crimson ass, even though the principal had let up on the force of the spanking as he went on, and as he walked back to his desk he looked at the red faced girl with a tear stained face.

“Is that it?”

“No, it is not, and shut your eyes,” he ordered while taking out a tube from the top drawer and going back behind Rose, administrating a rather light smack while reminding her, “and if you open your eyes we start over from the beginning.”

“What was that?” Rose asked when she heard a thud accompanied by a jingling sound.

“Never you mind you little tramp,” Mr. Oster barked after his baggy trousers hit the floor, and as he stepped out of them he let his boxer shorts fall as well and kicked them aside. “You’ve forfeited the right for information.”

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