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Me, My Girlfriend, and Sadie

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My girlfriend had just arrived home with her brand new friend. Her name was Sadie. Sadie was 22 and had gorgeous dark brown hair, looked to be 5’6 and weighted in between 130-140lbs. Her most spectacular features of course, were her breasts and ass. I had no idea what bra size Sadie was, but her tits were mammoth. They looked well over double D’s and should I say triple D’s as well. Her ass was just as plump and juicy as her breasts. And she’s a white girl.

My girlfriend Vanessa met Sadie at a nightclub a few days ago. I didn’t feel like going out so Vanessa went out with some of her girlfriends. Vanessa told me that she pulled Sadie away from a group of guys who all wanted to dance with her and feel her gigantic monster tits. Vanessa told the guys to get lost and befriended Sadie. Sadie was new in town and only came to town for a couple of weeks. So she didn’t have any friends around. Luckily for her, Vanessa was around and lucky for me, Vanessa is my girlfriend.

Since Vanessa and I live together, she invited Sadie to stay with us until she left town. Since I am a breast man and Vanessa did have a nice D cup along with a perfect slim body and you could only imagine how my days and nights were when living under the same roof with two hot girl with huge tits.

I don’t think there was a time in my house where I didn’t have a boner. The tops Sadie were did nothing to hide her massive melons. Sadie sometimes walked around wearing a tank top with no bra to hold her monsters up. Her tits sagged naturally on her chest and they flopped and wobbled tremendously just by her walking. And her going down the stairs with her tits flying loose under her shirts would make a great porn movie by itself. I’m sure Vanessa knows the affects Sadie’s breasts has over me because she would catch my eyes going up and down furiously at Sadie’s breasts, just trying to keep up with their bouncing.

Vanessa never left Sadie and me alone in the same room. Even though Vanessa was a bit jealous of my eye attention on Sadie, she knew Sadie couldn’t help being extremely blessed and Sadie was a nice girl who didn’t want to cause any trouble. She offered many times to leave our house but Vanessa insisted she stay. And I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

The final day before Sadie left town would be a day I’ll never forget. It was that day that Vanessa, Sadie, and I rented some movies and spend the entire evening watching them.

As nightfall came, both girls decided to change into something more comfortable. Vanessa changed into her favorite pjs, while Sadie wore a pair of sweat pants and a plain extra large white tee shirt. And it was then when Sadie came back into the living room, that my cock hardens extremely. Like always when she changes into her sleeping wear, Sadie didn’t wear a bra. Her monstrous endows bobbed and flopped wildly underneath the shirt.

Vanessa saw me become very Ankara escort excited.

“I think it’s time for us to go to bed James,” Vanessa said with a wink.

“Y…yeah. You’re right hun. I am kind of tired,” I said falsely.

Vanessa knew she had to tame my throbbing cock and so we left Sadie alone and told her goodnight.

Once we got into her bedroom, Vanessa ripped my pants off and sucked my cock like a vacuum.

“Gosh James! You’re cock has never been this hard and big before,” Vanessa said inbetween sucks.

While she sucked my cock, all I could think about was Sadie and her assets. That make my cock grew wider and longer in my girlfriend’s mouth.

Little did Vanessa and I knew that, Sadie had came upstairs and stood at her open door. She watched Vanessa suck fierce as my dick. I had my head back and eyes close to even notice Sadie. But once I opened my eyes and looked forward, I saw her standing in the doorway, with her shirt-covered massive orbs hanging from her chest.

“We have company,” I said to Vanessa as she had my dick out her mouth and worked my tight balls over with her tongue.

Vanessa turned around and saw Sadie watching.

“I know silly. I invited her to join us,” Vanessa shockingly told me.

“You did?!” I said, trying not to act to surprise, but deep down inside, I was exploding fireworks.

“Yes I did. I figure since this is her last night here and how you can’t seem to take your eyes off her breasts, I asked for as a favor,” Vanessa said.

“This is my way of saying thank you for your kindness,” Sadie said as she walked over to Vanessa and me and lifted her shirt over her gigantic knockers.

My eyes became the size of saucers as I got my first look at Sadie’s breasts. They were more beautiful in person. They bounced and jiggled on her chest for several seconds and then became settled. I just scanned her breasts up and down with my eyes. She had huge light pink areolas surrounding her long, thick and dark pink erase-looking nipples.

Vanessa was in awe too, as she had never seen breasts that big before.

“They’re 42FFF,” Sadie announced to us as she squeezed her enormous pillows together between her forearms.

They looked like basketballs with eyes when she did that. Vanessa resumed sucking my dick, while I drooled over Sadie’s gorgeous breasts.

Sadie got down on her knees next to Vanessa and started kissing my inner thighs. She could taste the sweat my crotch began to produce. Vanessa dropped my slobbery prick from her mouth and handed it to Sadie. Sadie wrapped her gorgeous lips around my cock and bobbed her mouth up and down on it.

I could feel Sadie’s big tits just beating against my legs. That brought shiver all over me besides the double blowjob I was receiving. Vanessa brought her mouth back to my balls and sucked on each one in turns. She then lapped her tongue on Ankara escort bayan my balls and parts of my cock that Sadie’s mouth haven’t covered.

Sadie sucked my dick for several minutes before giving it back to Vanessa. Vanessa sucked even harder on my cock. Nearly sucking the skin right off the bone. Sadie worked on my balls and thighs, going before and forth from sucking my balls to kissing my thighs. I was in heaven and didn’t want to leave.

The girls then shared joint custody of my cock. Sadie licked, kissed, and sucked on side, while Vanessa did the other side. I wanted to cum on both of their faces but Vanessa and Sadie stopped their sucking and pushed me down on the bed.

Vanessa worked my shirt off while Sadie took off my boots, pants, and boxers. Sadie then leaned off with her giant breasts swaying on my thighs and resumed sucking my dick. I felt her big nipples dragging along my thighs and poking into them. Vanessa stripped off her pjs and sat on my face. Her wet pussy tasted so good. I drilled my tongue between her cuntlips and sucked on her clitoris. It drove her mad. She grinded her pussy hard onto my mouth and I sucked deeper and harder on her pussy.

Sadie slobbered down my cock and the nestled it between her mammoth mammaries. She held her breasts around my cock and began jerking it. My dick was surrounded my fluffy tit flesh and buried deeply in Sadie’s cleavage.

I wanted to watch the titfucking so I guided Vanessa off my face and looked down at a sweaty faced Sadie. She worked my cock super fast between her tits. The bottoms of her round globes made squishing sounds when they hit my thighs. I thrusted my cock up between her tits while she held onto them.

Vanessa kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She then moved her head to my chest and sucked on my hard nipples.

“Oh god!” I moaned as Sadie’s gargantuan knockers suffocated my big dick.

After she titfucked me furiously for several minutes, Sadie released the death hold on my cock and slipped out of her sweat pants. Her ass bulged hugely from her cotton panties and her pink socks looked sexy on her feet.

Sadie continued to work my cock with her mouth. She sucked down on my cock to the very base and gagged a bit before slurping hard on it. Her 42FFF’s still swayed against my thighs as she sucked my dick.

Vanessa left from me and moved behind Sadie. She spanked Sadie’s huge butt a few times before pulling down her cotton panties, over her nice pink sock-covered feet.

Sadie had a small bush covering her cunt. Vanessa licked her fingers and began rubbing Sadie’s pussylips.

“Hmmm!” Sadie moaned while her mouth was stuffed with my cock.

I could see her eyes getting wider as Vanessa dug her fingers deeper between her pussylips.

Vanessa must have been really horny tonight because she buried her face between Sadie’s large asscheeks Escort Ankara and ate out her ass while she fingered Sadie’s moist cunt.

Sadie dropped my cock from her mouth and moaned and groaned uncontrollability. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it all over Sadie’s face. I even slapped her softly a few times with it before she wrapped her lips back around it.

Sadie was the first to straddle my cock facing me. Her huge triple sweaty F’s sliding up and down my chest was enough to make me cum, but I wanted to feel how good her pussy was. I thrusted hard and pounded her pussy fast. Her cunt muscles squeezed my cock tight as he rammed her. My hands roamed all over her ass and back.

Sadie lied her sweaty body on top of mines, squishing her huge breasts between us. They bulged from between our bodies as we banged hard.

Vanessa lied next to her, playing with her drenched cunt. I removed one of my hands off Sadie’s ass and played Vanessa finger her pussy. I rubbed Vanessa’s clitoris and she started moaning and breathing hard.

Sadie sat up and started bouncing her wet pussy up and down my throbbing cock. Her large ass squished against my thighs everything she came down. Her colossal jugs flopped down with every bounce. I reached up and cupped her huge tit from underneath. I jiggled them and wobbled them in my hands while Sadie rode my cock. I sat up and sucked on her long fat nipples. Something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. I tried to force a whole tit between my lips but was lucky enough to suck on a good amount. That drove Sadie crazy and she had an earth-shattering orgasm.

Her pussy clamped tight around my cock as she started cumming. I could feel her hot liquids spilling down my hard prick and tight balls. I continued to suck and bit her big fluffy mounds and savored the moment while she was still here.

Even after she finished her climax, locked my legs over hers and thrusted my cock harder and faster in her pussy. I did not want to stop sucking her big titties. I smashed them together and sucked on both nipples. I sucked on her areolas and licked her massive jugs all over as they bounced to my thrusting.

After several minutes of sucking her breasts and fucking her, Sadie came again and my cock exploded between her cuntlips. I emptied my cum deep into her snatch.

“Ughhhh god! Hmmm!” I moaned as I came fast and furious.

It weakens me afterwards and Sadie climbed off my cock. Vanessa made herself cum and didn’t mind that she didn’t get to fuck me since she has fucked me over thousand times already. Vanessa got between my legs and sucked my cock clean off of Sadie’s juices and my cum. She then got between Sadie’s legs and ate her pussy like a mad woman. She licked Sadie’s pussy clean of cum.

To Vanessa delight, Sadie came again and Vanessa got to drink a fresh patch of cum.

After Vanessa finished, she lied between Sadie and me and we all fell asleep after our wonderful threesome.

The next morning, Vanessa and I had woken up to find Sadie gone and a note left on our drawer. It read that Sadie promised to visit us again if she’s ever in town.

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