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May Reid Mature Housewife Ch. 02

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Jack and May drove to the Supermarket; May took a couple of pictures of Jack’s advert, then Jack removed it. Jack then drove to his student flat, it was eight days to the end of the month, Jack had to give seven days notice which he did when he arrived at the apartment, May helped him clear his room, May looked at the laundry that needed to be done then said, “Jack, I’m glad that your moving out of this depressing place, you’ll be much happier with me. I will get all this in the washing machine when I get home.”

Jack said, “May, I know that I’ll be better off with you, I must give you some money every month, if you’re doing my laundry then I must pay you for that, can we try and agree on a figure?”

May smiled, then put her hand on Jack’s groin, as she gently squeezed his balls, she said, “Baby, mummy should be paying you for fucking her with your magnificent cock, let’s get to know each other more intimately then we can talk about it, if you help me with things around the house then I’ll do many things for you.”

They tongue kissed, Jack sensed May was horny again, they went back to the Town House for a very intimate session, Jack found out that May loved her ass to be fingered as she had her clit sucked, this gave her powerful orgasms, May said, “Jack, you’re the only one that can make me cum when you suck my clit and eat my hungry cunt, I love it when you do it.”

The next week was terrific for both of them. Jack was studying very hard; he felt he was getting the benefit of staying with May. May was now researching what healthy food Jack should be eating; she was now cooking a Mediterranean diet for him with lots of high-quality Olive Oil, this was dramatically helping Jack’s testosterone levels, he knew that he was producing a lot more cum.

It soon became apparent to both May and Jack that they were both very fond of each other, in bed, they both loved to give the other pleasure, May had been an anal virgin, she had progressed from enjoying her ass being fingered to being ass fucked with Jack’s massive cock. This gave her amazing orgasms as the head of Jack’s cock, stimulated her G-spot, which resulted in unforgettable vaginal orgasms.

On the evening she had helped Jack move in with her, she had written to Alex telling him about Jack, she had written, “Dear Alex, in light of the amount of time that I’m now alone in the House, I write now to tell you that I have decided to take a young student in as a lodger. I was advertising in the Supermarket Notice Board for a second part-time housekeeper, Ann, because of her age can now only do two half days a week. I noticed the attached advert, I then contacted the young student who had placed it, we met initially in the neutral ground of the Supermarket Cafe for a cup of tea, I was impressed, he is in his second year studying Law.”

“We met several times for tea in the Cafe; I learned more about him. Both his parents were killed in a tragic road accident four weeks before his end of year exams last year. I met the Crime Prevention Officer, the one who recommended that we install an alarm system in the House. I told him about me being alone often in the House. He asked for the name of the student then did a check on any criminal record, he has none but has a Police commendation for assisting a Police Officer who Ankara escort was being attacked by a gang of thugs.”

“Jack, the young student, has now moved in. I feel so much more secure. Jack has promised to help with odd jobs around the House. He’s also excellent company for me. He spends most of his time studying. He does not smoke but enjoys a glass of wine, as he says, he drinks for taste rather than effect. I felt that you should be aware of what I’ve done and look forward to your comments. Regards May.”

May let Jack read the message before she sent it. Jack had been with May when she had spoken to the Crime Prevention Officer, in fact, they had been holding hands, May had explained that his reference would be useful to keep her husband relaxed about Jack staying with her, the Officer knew precisely what was happening and was pleased to give May some assistance.

Jack also had a long conversation with the Crime Prevention Officer about turning the House into a Smart Home now that they had they had the ultra-fast Internet. He took Jack’s email then emailed him many links to apps that could help him make the House more secure.

A week after May had sent the message to Alex, there had been no reply; Jack asked, “May, that’s a week since you messaged Alex, I’m surprised that he hasn’t replied, is that normal for him?”

They were lying in bed after a hot session; May was stroking Jack’s still rigid cock, May said, “Alex is funny, I now don’t care what he thinks, I did the right thing telling him that after I had done much research that you have moved in. You own my cunt now; I’m yours in every way. Alex can’t get it up anymore, I’ve sent him to the top Urologists in the country. He smokes and drinks too much. I know that he still gets aroused but can’t get fully hard, I used to visit his room, I’d give him a little peep show, after I had cum I’d let him eat and lick my cunt clean. He enjoyed that; I’ll make him beg if he wants me to do that again. Don’t worry, you and I are going to have much fun.”

Jack found it difficult to understand this, how could a successful professional man get enjoyment eating his wife’s pussy when he couldn’t get it up her? Jack tried to imagine himself in a similar situation but thought he could do it if it gave his wife pleasure if he couldn’t satisfy her with his cock.

The next weeks flew in, on a Friday morning over breakfast, May said, “Alex will be home tonight, he replied yesterday to my message that you were now staying here, he’s looking forward to meeting you, he has suggested that we go out for a meal tonight, how do you feel about that? He leaves again on Sunday afternoon, but it’s only until Friday then he’s here for another weekend, he will spend here most weekends on Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. In the evening he retires to his rooms, we can continue as we have been doing, you can still share my bed. I’ve also told him that you prefer me in shorter skirts and push up bras as you like my big bosom, Alex is old fashioned and likes the word bosom.”

Jack replied, “May, I’ve no problem with all you say, I’d love to go out for a meal, it will save you cooking. How do you want me to dress this evening? Do you want me to be quiet or engage in conversation with Alex? I love looking at your big bosom, will Ankara escort bayan you wear something that makes them look more prominent?”

May smiled then said, “My big tits, of course, I will darling, I’ll wear a blouse and undo an extra button, so you see more of my cleavage. Your home at one today, we can have a good fuck this afternoon, Alex will be here at six, he can freshen up then we can go out. You look super in your blazer and grey slacks, be yourself with him; he’s not a prude, I think that you’ll both get on well together, but do remember that Alex can be very boring.”

May and Jack had a fantastic session; Jack was amazed where May got her energy from, she had an insatiable sexual appetite; she was so greedy for Jack’s cock. Alex arrived just after six; he was dressed in a three-piece suit; he looked every inch the Accountant. Jack was wearing his blazer and slacks; his shoes had a perfect shine. May looked stunning; she wore a jacket and blouse with a very short mini-skirt, you could see the top of her self-supporting stockings, her blouse button was undone, the line of her cleavage looked impressive. May said, “I’ve taken the liberty of booking a table at the Indian restaurant, it’s a minute walk away, he likes Indian food, and I know that you’re partial to it too. Let’s have some Champagne before we go out?”

Jack wondered why May had referred to him as he, Alex declined the Champagne, he had a large whisky instead. Jack soon realised that Alex was an inexpressive person, he kept his thoughts to himself, but he was asking Jack a lot of pertinent questions, Jack answered every question openly and honestly. May was surprised; she sensed that Alex had taken a liking to Jack.

They walked to the restaurant; Jack was a perfect gentleman, opening doors, helping May to get seated. The meal was delicious, after the main course, Alex went outside for a cigarette, he had drunk three large whiskies during the meal. May squeezed Jack’s thigh under the table; May said, “Baby, he likes you, that’s good, when we get home, he’ll disappear into his rooms for his smokes and whisky. Be polite to him, as you have been until we get home then mummy will give you a wonderful fucking as daddy gets drunk out of his mind.”

May lent over, and tongue kissed Jack just as Alex returned from outside, he saw all of the kisses. They then walked home. Alex started to smoke as soon as he got out of the restaurant. When they got back, Alex excused himself and went to his room. May and Jack went to the lounge as there was a film that May wanted to watch. Jack loved to lie on the sofa, kissing and touching May. Saturday morning May cooked breakfast, May had bought a mincer and sausage filling machine, her sausages were delicious, just fresh produce was used in them, no additives or preservatives, Alex loved the taste of them and complimented May on it, saying it was the best Full English breakfast that he had ever tasted. After breakfast, Alex walked to the pup, he lunched and had some supper there, returning just after eight in the evening when he retired to his room.

Jack had studied in the afternoon then May had cooked fresh breast of duck for dinner. They had once again watched television, making love in the lounge later retiring to bed. On Sunday morning after breakfast, May Escort Ankara and Jack went to Church, Alex went to the pup, he had packed a suitcase which he had left in the boot of May’s car. He had asked May if she could pick him up from the pub at three-thirty as he had to be at the airport at four, May agreed to do this.

The Church service began at eleven, as May and Jack were walking in a lady’s voice said, “Good morning May, may I sit with you for the service?”

There was a tall, distinguished lady standing beside them, May then gave her a big hug and introduced Val, Alex’s mum to Jack, telling her Jack was studying Law and was renting a room from her. Val was sixty-nine, she had Alex when she was seventeen, Alex was now fifty-two, she also had a daughter Jo who was forty-eight, the same age as May. Jo was also an Accountant who ran the firms local office; she was a spinster.

In Church, Jack sat in the middle with May on his right and Val on his left. The service finished forty-five minutes later; May had a table booked for Sunday Lunch at a nearby hotel, she asked Val if she would like to join them. Val accepted, they then walked to the Hotel. Val excused herself when they arrived at the table, May told Jack that Val was an office junior who had an affair with Alex’s dad, he was fifteen years older than him, they had married then had a daughter four years later.

It was a lovely lunch, Val enjoyed it, saying that she was living on pre-prepared meals from the Supermarket. She had stopped cooking for herself six months ago; she didn’t feel right saying she must change her eating habits. May invited her for supper this evening, it was just after three, and she needed to take Alex to the airport. Val asked, “Where is Alex?”

May replied, “He is at the pub, I’ve to pick him up there then take him to the airport.”

Val replied, “He is a drunk, just like his father.”

Val gave Jack a hug when May and Jack left her. Jack didn’t go to the airport with May; he had some work to finish for tomorrow’s lecture. In the car, Alex said, “I liked the mini-skirt you were wearing on Friday night when I’m in London, would you like me to get you a shorter one?”

May replied, “I have got a shorter one that I wear in the house for him; I couldn’t go out in public in a shorter one.”

Alex replied, “I understand, I could see your panties on Friday night, they were very tight and highlighted your Camels Toe, do you like him looking at your Camels Toe?”

“Yes, when we’re alone, he asks me to open my legs wide for him, he gets very aroused when I do this.”

Alex replied, “May, I know your sizes, I’d love to buy you some risqué lingerie, would you like me to do that, then I could give you little surprises?”

“Alex, you don’t know my sizes, the first day that I met him, I went on the pill, I still have my period, I didn’t want any little accidents. I’ve gone from a DD cup to a FF cup; he loves my big tits, there still firm and don’t droop. I must be on the pill; he’s filling my hungry cunt with his cock juice three times a day, I love every minute that I’m with him.”

Alex asked, “Is he filling your vagina with semen?”

“Yes, he’s unbelievable, he cums then recovers so quickly, he’s filling my cunt, vagina, pussy or whatever you want to call it with cum, semen, spunk or cock juice every day, when I have my period he still fucks me in my cunt, he loves the warmth of my blood on my cock as he rides me.”

Alex’s cock was hard when he got out of the car at the airport.

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