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Jake woke up to the ring on his iPhone. He ignored it twice, hoping the caller would leave a message that he could later respond to. The phone kept buzzing to get his attention. Perturbed, he finally answered the call to hear a frantic voice.

Even before Jake could answer the call with a greeting he heard, “Jane needs help. She is on her way to the doctor’s, her car broke down. She is about five minutes away from your place”. Ryan rambled frantically and continued, “She is terrified and seems out of control. I am in Seattle and am helpless.”

Jake calmed him down. Ryan was his god child and he looked up to Jake as a father figure. As Ryan gave him Jane’s location, Jake got into his Jeans and pulled a T shirt over his head. In 5 minutes, he was in the car heading towards Jane.

“Conference her in. Tell her I am on my way.” Ryan followed his instructions. Jane’s voice was nervous over the phone, “Hi Jake. Please get here quickly.” Jake could not help himself, “On my way honey, you should see my car around the bend anytime now.” Ryan chipped in too, “Darling, Baby, Jake is going to take care of you.”

“I see you, thank God! I see you.” There was excitement in her voice.

As Jake slowed down and pulled over. Jane, with a 6 month pregnant baby bump, stepped out of the car and quickly moved along the shoulder of the road into Jake’s arms. She was shaking and Jake comforted her with a warm full body hug. Soon, he walked her to his car and had her seated.

Jake checked her car for any personal effects, he picked up her bags to return to his car. As he got into his car, he called AAA Towing service.

“AAA guys should be here in 15 minutes to take care of your car. What time is your appointment?”

“We have time, about 30 minutes.” Jake gave her a bottle of water to make sure she was relaxed. He watched her as her throat moved with each rapid gulp. He laughed, “Baby, I am here now. You are safe.” She looked at him and moved her face to his cheeks and kissed him, “I feel very safe with you, sometimes more than I do with Ryan.”

As she sat back in her seat, Ryan called on Jake’s phone. The car’s Bluetooth put him on speaker.

“Janey, baby, are you alright?” She squeezed Jake’s right hand tight repeating herself, “I am now. I am now.” Ryan continued, “Thank you Jake, we are so lucky to have you around.”

Jake felt patronized. “Get back to your work. We are waiting for AAA Towing. Once they take the car, we will be on our way to the Doctors.”

“I love you guys. Baby take care.” Jake and Jane heard a long kiss over the phone. They smiled as Ryan disconnected.


About 30 minutes later, Jake pulled into the clinic. He helped Jane out as she waddled in. Her curvy body swayed with her movement. She felt her breasts begin to engorge and tender nipples brushing against her maternity gown.

Jake checked her at the front desk and sat back in the lounge. He sighed thinking “What a fucked up way to spend a morning.”

The nurse called Jane in. He watched her as she disappeared behind the door, giving him a lasting thank you look.

15 minutes later, Jake’s meditative nap was disturbed by a gently nudge. The nurse stood smiling, “She like you to join her.” Jake was hesitant, but the nurse insisted that Jane wanted him with her. He followed her inside to room 3, as the door opened Jane was in an open back gown. Jake looked away from her curves.

“Glad you are here, I wanted some family company.” Jake sat in the chair next to the pelvic exam chair. The nurse helped Jane onto the chair. She sat with her thighs and legs stretched and her robes pulled up to her thighs. Jake was embarrassed and tried to look away. He felt Jane take his hands in hers and hold on it.

Dr. Caron Risk came by to complete the examination. To Jake’s surprise, without much warning, she raised Jane’s robe up to her chest and exposed the belly. She applied gel to her belly and ran the ultra-sound equipment on her. The room went silent as the baby’s heart beat sounded itself out and the image popped on the screen.

There was a feminine Awe! In the room. Jake was breathless too. He never experienced this before. In his excitement, he walked around and stood to watch. Suddenly, he realized he was staring down her exposed pussy with a thick natural hair outlining her swollen lips.

Jane was too comfortable with herself and did not mind Jake staring at her waist down naked body.

Dr. Risk went about her consult quickly and soon left Jake and Jane in the room. Jane saw Jake staring down between the legs. She slowly got of the chair and the room fell back into its place.

“Sorry, I could not help but stare.” Jane smiled dismissing his apology. The nurse returned with the prescription and said, “Well! see you in a month or sooner if you have any discomfort.”


The two drove back to her place. Ryan called in to see if everything went well. As she spoke with him, Jake could not erase the vision of Jane’s hairy cunt. He had an erection that he struggled to hide. Ankara escort His mind was consumed by her curves and her dark muff.

He walked her into her house. As he turned to leave, she reached out to hug him. His bulging crotch pressed her stomach. He hugged her back and his hands moved up and down her back, comforting her “I am a call away, you get some rest. I will call later to check in on you.”

Jane looked on as Jake got into the car. He quickly waved to her as the car turned into the street. He drove slower than his usual style. He began to imagine her naked. Blood pounded into his loins. He needed a release.

Being in swinging lifestyle, he had few friends with benefits. One of them Jodi, a widow single mom in her 40s. Jake had her on speed dial.

“Hi Jodi, do you want to do lunch?” Jake was still thinking of Jane. Jodi knew what lunch meant. They had done this so many times before.

“I have to be back home by 3:30. We have couple of hours.”

“Pick you up in 5 minutes.”

Jodi was at the door, standing 5ft, 150 lbs., with blond greying hair, black yoga pants and a loose grey sweatshirt covering her DDs well. Stepping into the car, she exclaimed “It’s been a while, let’s do desert first.”

He loved her for that. They understood each other very well. He was her husband’s best friend and a pillar of strength to her after his passing. Friends first, she gave herself to him unconditionally, and they had no secrets. She answered his call and needs without hesitation.

Jake parked the car and she glided into the house ahead of him. He entered the house and in the next few seconds he had her in his arms kissing her passionately. She wanted it to. She raised her hands for him to pull her grey sweatshirt over her head, exposing her DD with large pink nipples. She stepped back and pulled her yoga pants down to her ankles.

Her waxed cunt looked moist. “I think of you all the time.” She was wet and he could tell she was. She stepped out of her pants and walked naked towards him. Jake stood 6ft4, 200 lbs., grey haired unzipped his Jeans. His boxer underwear outlined his erection.

Jodi was on her knees as he pulled it out. She looked at him, she felt his hands on her face gently pulling her closer. His cock tapped her thin lips. She took a deep breath and sucked him into her mouth. Jake moaned aloud. Her tongue worked his cock as she accommodated him down her throat. She kept at it, slurping and gaging on him.

He was hard and did not need additional foreplay. He tapped her and she looked up. He slowly pulled out of her mouth and bend down lifting her in his arms. She kissed him as he carried her to his bed. He was expecting her to put his mouth on her wet cunt. Instead, he flipped her on her stomach and got her on her fours. His hands grabbed her DDs firmly from behind and his cock pushed in deep into her wet slippery cunt.

She screamed with a shrill. He was pushing in hard. Her nipples pinched by his tight grip. His thick cock slipped in and plugged her well. She responded by doing what she is really good at. She tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock as he stretched her out. Her hands held onto the mattress, her face pressed into the pillow as she bit hard into it. He was grunting and moaning along with her.

She was on the edge just by his hard pounding. “Fuck, I am Cumming.” She looked back as he exclaimed with a loud grunt, “So am I, so am I.” She felt her cunt being flooded. He jerked into her multiple times and then fell full body on her back. Both the lovers were panting and sweating. Jake began to laugh and Jodi giggled like a girl.

Pushing him of her back, she turned on her back saying, “You were an animal. What’s got into you?” He did not respond immediately, he put his mouth on her lovely nipples and sucked on them. To her amusement, he referred to her breasts as twin sisters. She enjoyed his suckling and closed her eyes as his hands moved down her belly between her legs. She felt a gently slap on her clit and found his middle finger slipping into her cum filled cunt.

He pulled his finger out and brought it back to her lips and she sucked it in. He kissed her on her cheeks and whispered, “I saw my nephew’s pregnant wife – Jane – naked waist down this morning.”

“Give me the details, you can’t just bring this up.” She heard him out as he went through the morning events. She smiled, “Wow, She did affect you. I am glad you called on me. That was one of the best sex I had with you” Jake was still semi hard. He felt Jodi’s hands on his cock. “You should do something about her. I am sure she knows.” He whispered, “I am sure she does.”

It was 2:30 and Jodi’s alarm went off. She lazily got out of the bed. “I have the financial advisor coming by at 3:30. Can you give me a ride home, or shall I call a cab?”

“Well, you can take my car and come back for dinner.”

She did not debate the issue any further. She had her clothes on and picked up the keys. At the door she yelled out, “Call her.”


Jake fell asleep. Professionally Ankara escort bayan successful, he retired early when he was 50. He invested well and offered executive consulting. In his wildest dreams, he did not think that he would be exploring to get into his nephew’s wife. Now 55, he felt blessed with his life.

It was just getting dark when he awoke. He washed up. The memory of Jane was still fresh in his mind. He put on a robe and flipped through the channels on the cable.

Around 8:00 pm, Jodi walked in with Chinese take-out. She laid the table out for the food. Jake walked around with the open robe, his cock still not soft.

“Did you call her?”

“No, she texted me thanking me. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“Give me the phone, let me initiate it for you.” Before he could refuse, she had his phone in her hands and she texted, “You are welcome, and you can call me anytime. I like your company.”

Within seconds, there was a reply “I like you too.” As she read the message aloud, she noticed Jake covering his growing cock. “Wow!! She does have your attention.” She pointed the phone towards Jake and snapped him in his robe and texted her his image.

“What!! What the fuck did you do that for? She is going to be turned off.” Jake was visibly upset.

“I know women. Don’t worry.”

“Jodi, you don’t know her, she is conservative and shy. More so, she is devoted to Ryan. Fuck! How do we undo this text?” Jake passed around the room anxiously. “That was stupid. Really stupid!!”

Jodi felt guilty too. She thought to herself, “My bad, it is a misstep.” The room went silent.

Minutes later, Jake’s phone buzzed with a new text. It was a picture of Jane lying stretched out on the bed, start naked.

“I think of you with me”

It was followed by, “You in me.”

Jodi exclaimed, “See!! You can thank me now.” He was speechless. He felt her hand slipping into his robe and grabbing hold of his thick hard cock. “You should sent her a pic of this.”

Jake shied away. Not too fast enough, she could snap a picture of it. “Don’t you dare?”

“Ok, I won’t” she laughed, “not before I edit my hand out of the pic.” She acted too fast and sent the picture.

In a minute after, Jake’s phone rang. Jodi put it on speaker.

“Jake, are you alone?”

“Yes.” He watched Jodi go down on her knees and take his cock in her mouth.

“I know you were excited to see me this morning, I felt you when I hugged you.”

“Oh. Sorry I could not help myself.” Jodi was slurping on his cock.

“I played with myself thinking about you. I came twice already.”

Jake responded with a groaning “hmmm”

“I thought about you too.” Jodi’s head was bopping on his cock. “I am going to have a friend over for dinner in few minutes.”

“Is it a woman?” Jake sensed envy in her question.

“Yes, a close friend. We meet often.”

“I like to be your close friend too.”


“What about him? I won’t tell him if you won’t”

Jake could not believe the phone sex he was getting into with Jane. He was hesitant but she was sure of what she wanted.

“Jane, my evening date is at the door. May I call you tomorrow?’

There was silence on the phone. “Jane? Are you there?”

“Jake can you come over in the morning?”

Jodi looked up with his cock in her mouth. Jake smiled. “Let’s talk tomorrow.” He hung up and looked down at Jodi. I got her on her feet and led her to the living room.

“You will always have first dibs with me. Get undressed.”

Jodi obeyed and she was soon naked. She heard him say, “Open those lips and sit on my face.” Jake went to work on her. His tongue slapping her clit and slipping into her wetness. Jodi was screaming and in minutes squirted on his face.

She laid back on the sofa and raised her thighs, pressing her knees to her DDs. Jake positioned and penetrated deep. His hands behind her head pulled her forward and the sofa shook as he pounded her. “Thank you Jane.” Jodi screamed out. Jake laughed as he plugged her hard. His hands left her head and grabbed her DDs. She shook under his thrusts.

The phone kept buzzing with texts. The lovers ignored it.

After some intense rough fucking, lying exhausted, Jodi reached for Jake’s phone. There were 10+ messages waiting to be read. She had his approval to read them aloud

Jake knew he had a new lover in Jane. Now she was ripe for his taking…

“Don’t worry about Ryan. It will be our secret.”

“I am wet thinking of you.”

Jodi found it amusing. Jake does have an effect on women.

“I hope I will satisfy you.”

Jodi laughed, “If you don’t, I can help.”

He laughed. He felt like a teenager again.

“Are you going to do your date tonight? Save some for me.”

“Oh God, are you doing her now? Why aren’t you responding to my messages?”

There were three pictures. Her full naked body, her hairy cunt with the hair and lips pulled apart, and a close up of her Escort Ankara erect knobby nipples.

“Jake, you got to go fuck her brains out. There is nothing better out there than a woman who is ripe, pregnant, horny, and asking you to fuck her.”

Jake smiled, as she texted Jane, “You are sweet. I can’t wait to see you. Get some rest, you will need it.” He kissed her whispering, at some point I want to be in bed with both of you together. She hugged him tight, she knew she was special to him.


It was around 11:00 am. Jake knocked Jane’s door with anticipation of his new lover. Instead, Kelly, Ryan’s mother, opened the door.

“Hi Jake”, Kelly greeted him with a warm hug. “We have been trying to call and text you.”

He saw Jane in the living room with a disappointed look. “My phone was dead and the charger was not working well.”

“How are you Jane?” he asked as she moved uncomfortably on the sofa rocker.

“Ryan was worried yesterday, he got the first flight for me to be with his loving wife.”

“That’s sweet of him. Always caring for his wife.”

Jake looked uncomfortably at Jane. Jane avoided his eyes.

“Is the baby kicking?” he tried to lighten the conversation.

Kelly replies, “Yes we saw the movement as soon as I arrived.”

Jane looked at her, “Mom, may I have some water?”

“Of course.” Kelly moved to the kitchen.

Jane looked at him, “Ryan surprised me too. She is going to be here till the weekend. Ryan will return by then.”

Jake kept his cool. “Make sure you delete the texts.” He winked.

She responded, “That’s the first thing I did.” She laughed. “Who were you with last night?”

“I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Here you go, Janey”, Kelly walked in with the glass.

Kelly sat down with them for few minutes.

“Jake, her car is in the auto shop. May I borrow yours for two hours to get some groceries and supplies?”

Jane could not contain herself when she heard Kelly. Kelly understood it to be her anxiety of being left alone. “No worried, Jake should be able to keep company when I am away.”

Jake nodded positively. “Well, you two handle it. I am tired and will be asleep soon.” She headed to the room waddling.

Kelly was out of the door in 30 minutes. Jake waved her off and returned to the living room. His phone buzzed “Come on up.”

He followed the request and entered Jane’s room. She laid on the bed naked. Jake crawled to the bed and with his hands parted her pubic hair. She looked down as his mouth reached her clit. She swooned as he sucked it in and his fingers parted her pink swollen lips. Her hands held onto his head as she grinded her cunt on his face.

Her hips raised in the air, she came hard on his face. “Fuck I waited all night for this.” She moaned continuously and loud.

His tongue lashed her lips and circled her clit. She was holding onto the bed, with soft grunts. Her body shaking with each stroke followed by a loud scream. Her cunt creamed and juices trickled into his mouth.

The whole event lasted less than 15 minutes. The excitement and the anticipation that built up climaxed with her juicing on his face. She was exhausted.

“Thanks, I needed this.”

Jake politely replied, “Me too.”

He look at her as she laid satisfied. Pregnant bump, swollen breasts, and wet pubic hair made her look sexy. He pulled his pants down to show her his excitement.

“Do you have the time?” she asked nervously.

He stroked it looking at her. “Probably not.” He pushed in back in and zipped up.

“Sorry.” He heard her say. He winked, “There will be good times for it.”

“You better dress up, Kelly should be back soon.”

“Fuck, why did Ryan have to do that? I hate that she is here.”

Jake laughed as he went out into the kitchen. He barely wiped his face, Kelly was at the door.


Jake returned home with Jane’s taste still lingering on his tongue. He called Jodi. Jodi was excited for him.

“Details, I want to hear everything.”

“Can you get here? I want you.”

“I am on my way. Keep talking”

“Well, for spoilers, Ryan has his mother drop by this morning.”

“Fuck, that little prick! Had to bring his mother in.”

“She volunteered to go to the groceries and supply store. It gave us about an hour.”

“You take longer than an hour to cum. What did you do?”

“Well for a start, she creamed on my face. She apologized for my unsatisfied erection.”

“You poor thing. I am almost there.”

Jake laughed. He felt lucky to have Jodi with him.

“I am going to enjoy her effect on you, again. I owe her.”

“We can work something out. For now, she does not know that you know.”

“I won’t spoil it for you. I want to be your first choice if you don’t het to fuck her.”

Within 15 minutes, Jodi was in the bedroom with Jake. He lay naked with his member erect and pounding hard. Jodi dropped her clothes. She tried to position herself to ride him. He stopped her.

“Take it down your throat and suck on it till I tell you to stop.”

She obeyed. He loved her oral skills. She went to work on him as he closed his eyes, imagining Jane. Soon her slurping noises were lost to his fantasy.

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