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Mature Love Pt. 05

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Female Ejaculation

One of Nick’s friends and his wife held a cookout last weekend. Nick liked the idea of us attending so he could introduce me to everyone.

I was a little hesitant but decided it would allow me to meet others without a one-on-one situation.

The party was going to be in one of the better subdivisions in our city, so I wanted to dress appropriately. The weather was warm, so I chose a conservative sundress with a pair of new leather sandals. The dress allowed me to wear a demi-cup bra to show a little cleavage. Nothing too bold.

The layout, actually catered, was beautiful. There was an abundance of casual seating and a stand-up bar allowing the men a place to hover around.

There must have been 12-15 couples, and all appeared to be familiar with each other. While, on the other hand, me a newbie, and I’m sure a topic of several whispered conversations. Nick stayed close to introduce me to others.

I noticed some of the wives appeared to be a generation younger than their husbands. Nick jokingly told me the men had gone through their mid-life crisis causing new ‘arm candy.’

“So I shouldn’t feel like fresh meat to them?” I asked.

“Not at all. I know at least four of the men have the same problem I have. I would bet not one of them has a woman meeting their needs as I have.”

Squeezing his arm, I told him or the experiences we are going to enjoy.

One of the ladies was flaunting her ‘bought’ boobs in a wrap-around dress that she was allowed to fall open frequently. Drawing Nick’s attention to her, I said, “if the place and time were different, I would show her up.”

Nick’s eye lit up. “We might have to have a few of these people over for drinks, and you can do just that. I would love to show you off to these people. I run in their circles because of business but don’t have that many common interests.”

I could tell Nick thoughts of such an event would be a topic of discussion on the drive home.

We walked to the bar to retrieve new drinks and allowing Nick to introduce me to a couple of men. One of them I knew I had met previously, but I couldn’t recall the place or time.

“Sue, how are you?” the guy asked. Then I remembered. SHIT!

“Gary, I’m doing well, and you?” Gary had been a bar pick-up a few years earlier. His cock was one any woman would remember. Huge.

Nick asked how we knew each other, so I hastily said we have dated. Damn, I hoped Nick didn’t want details.

As we chatted, Gary smiled at me a little too much.

The afternoon went well. And the promises to stay in touch and to do it again soon.

As predicted, Nick brought up the subject of having a party, “Sue, I want to have that party at our place. How can we pull it off? Not a lot of people but just four or five couples.”

I told Nick he would have to weed out anyone who would be offended. “Baby, I think there are a few couples who might be in open marriages, and their ladies are ‘arm candy.’ We will have to be discreet Şişli escort bayan in who we ask.”

Arriving at the condo, I went up to change. I had a surprise I had brought over from my place. I put on a black leather demi-cup bra and matching thong. Four-inch black pumps to increase the effect.

I refreshed my makeup, using dark eye shallow and dark red lipstick. Checking my appearance in the mirror, I liked what I saw.

Nick was still in the den when I came down the stairs. My attire was different than he has viewed previously.

Standing in front of him, I told him tonight I was going to take control. It was time for his discipline.

“Undress now, and get on your hands and knees,” I ordered him. He quickly complied. His testicles hung nicely in the position. Using the toe of my pump, I pushed them, causing them to sway.

Reaching down, I grabbed his balls and firmly squeezed them. He gasped and moaned. “These are worthless to me. Maybe I’ll remove them someday. Would you like that?”

Nick nodded his head. “I didn’t hear you. Try again.” I said.

“Yes, I would like you to remove them.” He replied.

“Yes? Who are you responding to?” I asked as I squeezed harder.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“From now on, when I dress as tonight, I will be called MISTRESS. Do you understand?”

“YES, MISTRESS!.” Nick said.

“It’s obvious you have been allowed to use this cock only to piss and masturbate. It’s time for it to be for your Mistress’s toy. Understand?”

Again, a nod. I twisted Nick’s balls HARD.

“YES, MISTRESS!” came his response.

“Get on the couch and spread your legs,” I told him.

I went into the kitchen and retrieved a few things I thought would work for my continued play.

Returning, Nick was as I ordered. His arms were on the top of the couch, legs spread, and his cock and nuts open for abuse.

I placed my items on a table out of his view but returned with a large wooden spoon. “Look at me. ” I ordered Nick. I held the spoon in my hands. “Maybe, we need to give you balls a little wake-up call.”

I put the spoon on his cock. A lightly slapped his semi-flaccid cock. Sperm was seeping out of the head. “Look at you. Cumming already.

Do you think this is going to be a pleasant trip?”

I slapped his cock harder with the instrument. “Not tonight. You will cum only when I say, if you do before I do, you will regret it deeply.”

Using the spoon, I raised his testicles. “Are these full? I doubt that.” Quickly I swatted one of his balls with the spoon. Nick flinched immediately, “Aw, did that hurt?”

Using the kitchen utensil, I worked on his cock and balls. Each slap is more firm.

Using my left hand, I raised his cock and rapidly hit both of his nuts hard. Nick attempted to double up to protect his jewels. I used the spoon to slap his hand away.

I ordered Nick to put his hands back on the top of the couch. More cum was visible Escort Sultangazi on the tip of his tool.

I moved away and returned with a few rubber bands in my hand. I started looping it over Nick’s balls. Each rotation was causing the band to grow tighter.

His testicles grew dark almost immediately.

I stretch another of the bands between my fingers and allowing it to fall on his cock. I knew from experience it was painful. It caused a pain-filled moan.

My language was not something he had heard previously. My physical activities were an attempt to meet desires he had suggested before.

Seeing two whelps on his cock, I thought maybe I had gone too far.

“Are you my Pussy Boy now? We will have to get some lubricant so we can use your ass. Imagine my hand going up your ass. That sounds like fun for me. Probably not so much for you.

I allowed time for his penis to quit quivering. Maybe I had gone too far with the pain.

To Nick’s surprise, I leaned into him and kissed him. I broke the spell and straddled him as we continued to kiss. I removed the rubber band constricting his balls.

“Oh, baby. I love you so much. I want us to enjoy each other forever.” Pausing briefly, I asked, “Was I too harsh tonight? Too much, too soon?”

“I loved it. It’s certainly something I had never experienced. I like your imagination.”

I slipped to the floor and raised his cock in my mouth. I licked it gently and slipped it into my mouth. I took his balls and slipped them in to join his penis.

Using my tongue, I rolled his unit and lightly bit all as I did. Removing his balls, I ran my nails over each. I positioned his cock the tip was meeting my throat. I began to swallow and used my throat muscles to work their magic. Within minutes he shot his load.

Raising my head, I showed him his sperm in my open mouth. I made a show of swallowing his cum.

Standing, I removed my bra. I pushed my boobs into Nick’s chest. Reaching around him, I grabbed his ass. I ground my pubic area into his limp penis.

“Baby, I want you to be the happiest man you can be. Anything you want to try sexually, I’m OK with it. If I’m not, I promise I will tell you. We can discuss anything.”

Stepping back, I raised my breasts with my hands. “I love to have my breasts roughly handled. I have never reached the limit where I had to ask someone to stop. I’m telling this to tell you my ‘wants.’ And I enjoy having my pussy filled. Use your hand, fist, or what you wish to use.”

I hesitated to give my little speech time to sink in.

“Baby, we have our type of fun. I am not judging you for your desires, and I will do everything I can to please you.”

Looking into Nick’s eyes, I think he understood what I met to get across.

I told him I need his credit card to buy new leather clothing. His response he would get me one of my own on his account.

“That could be expensive,” I said with Taksim escort a laugh.

As we went to shower, I felt my explanation of my desires was something he needed to understand.

We didn’t have a lot of time to play over the following few days. Frequently Nick mentioned getting his friends over to drinks. I told him he needed to pick who would be the most compatible with what we wanted to accomplish.

“Honey, what can we do to make them feel comfortable with what we want? I don’t think we could hold a pajama party. I wish there is some way to get the ladies in bikinis or less. A sex toy party would be perfect for the ladies, but no men attend.

“We may have to wait until they know me better before we hold a theme party. Maybe a ‘leather and lace’ party sometime.” Halloween would be perfect.

“Gawd, I would love for us to hold a party like that!” Nick said, beaming.

“We will see if we can make something happen.

I began to look for leather outfits. You find all the ‘trash’ fake leather you want. I chose a leather bustier and a pair of boots, costing more than I made in a month. Both had Nick’s approval.

Now, in early August, I began to think about our party for his select friends.

We had gone through the possibilities, coming up with four couples who Nick thought might be receptive to what we wanted to accomplish.

So, five, who might have an attitude for naughty fun. Nick had danced around a friend, having commented on his new wife and how beautiful she is. The longer they chatted, it became apparent Fred’s new wife, Ginny, enjoyed and he enjoyed dressing less staid than she appeared at the cookout. Fred said Nick should see her in a bikini.


With this information, I immediately thought of renting a houseboat on a nearby lake for a day. Nick was elated with my idea. If only we could pull it off.

I suggested Nick call Fred and asked what he thought of the idea. AND inquire if any of their other friends might enjoy a risque day at the lake.

I sat with a drink in hand as Nick made the call. Ginny answered. Giving away she knew about the men’s earlier conversation was giddy with the idea of a pool party.

She put the phone on the speaker setting and told Nick to do the same.

I joined in and said we were thinking about renting a houseboat for the day of the party. Adding a houseboat is perfect for tanning.

The four of us were ‘all in’ on the idea. Next, who should we invite to come along?

Ginny said she had had lunch with Carol, Donnie’s wife. Carol liked the idea of stepping out of the bonds of a controlled marriage and probably would be perfect.

Another couple, Tony and Debbie, Ginny said should be considered. Fred said Tony had mentioned them going to a nudist resort around Tampa.

Ginny asked me if I would object to nude sunbathing.

I looked at Nick before answering. Smiling, I told everyone I would be disappointed if we didn’t at least go topless.

We drew lots to see who would make the ‘invites.’ Ginny accepted the task.

Nick would rent the houseboat. I would get items to eat, with all the couples agreeing to throw in for the cost of liquor.

We agreed to have the party two weeks later.

Oh, is that going to be a party!

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