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Mating Rituals Ch. 06

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Cherie is bridesmaid at Karen’s wedding


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the sixth chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 5 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


Lance held Cherie to his chest as she sobbed her heart out. Bel slowly stroked her back and ass, reassuring her that both her parents were there for her and both understood her hurt. Lance was lying on his back on their bed, his hard cock still buried deep inside his daughter’s vagina, where she had taken it half an hour earlier, an adult pacifier in a different orifice. She had just completed her story of her love and lust for Sean and their escapades in the wilderness, culminating in his confession that he was married.

“The bastard; the absolute fucking bastard,” she raged against her father’s chest, more tears trickling through his chest hairs. “If he’d told me at the start I wouldn’t have given my heart to him, just my body, but no, he had to lead me on and then dump me like a used tissue.” The fount of tears began with renewed volume as she shuddered and sobbed.

Slowly she gained some modicum of calmness and slowly she became aware of her father’s cock pulsating and waiting inside her. She began to reflexively move her hips, slowly and tentatively at first, feeling the reassuring pressures and sensations inside her body, feeling him begin to flex his hips in response as her mother continued to gently caress her back and ass cheeks.

“Ooohhh, Daddy, that feels nice. Love me, Daddy, please love me.”

“Oh sweetheart, I do love you, honey,” he replied soothingly in her ear, just let your feelings out and just feel the wonderful sensations deep inside you. Remember that although Sean’s gone, we’re still here for you and you will find your own special lover when the time is right.”

Cherie lifted her head off his chest and smiled at him with her tear stained face.

“Yes, Daddy, I know that, and I also know that until that time I have you and Mom. Thank you for that.”

She bent forward and kissed Lance on the lips, a long, seductive, tongue-wrestling kiss accompanied by an increase in her hip movements as she moved on his rampant cock.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck me hard, please fuck me hard, Daddy.”

Lance clasped her ass cheeks in his hands and used her like a fuck toy, pushing and pulling her body so he slid almost completely out of her before plunging back to her full depth, again and again, each thrust being accompanied by an ‘oooff’ as he penetrated her fully. As he bottomed out inside her he felt her hard clit press against his pubic bone; the knowledge that this was stimulating her also stimulated him, pushing him towards his release.

It had been ten weeks since he had made love to Cherie and although he enjoyed making love with his darling wife Bel, there was something about the youthful enthusiasm of his daughter that he had missed greatly. As he continued his movements he went forward in time in his mind, wondering, in the future when Cherie had found a permanent mate, whether there would still be a place in her life for loving him physically, as she was at this moment.

He felt her rhythm speed up, increasing its urgency, its need for release. He responded, flexing his hips in time with her movements, forcing himself further inside her, if that was possible.

“Ooohhh, yes, Daddy, yesssss, yessss, ooohhhh that’s wonderful, fuck meeeee, Dadddddyyyy, YESSSS, YESSSS, LIKE THAT, OOOOOHHHHHH, YESSSSSSS, I’MMMMM CUMMMMMKMINGGGGG!!” she screamed as she grasped his arms hard, threw her head back and pressed her hips down on his, her vaginal muscles undulating along the length of his cock, pushing him over the edge and milking his cum from him into the depths of her body. He reached up and grasped her breasts hard, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, causing her to let out another scream as her passion increased from the added stimulation.

After a long minute she slowly relaxed and snuggled back onto his body, both of them breathing hard as they relaxed in love’s afterglow, Bel snuggling up alongside them and wrapping her arms around them both.

“Thank you, Daddy, I really needed that,” said Cherie after a few minutes.

Lance stroked her hair silently, no words being able to express his love for his beautiful daughter.

Six months passed; Cherie busied herself collating data from the summer research and writing her doctoral thesis. It turned beşiktaş escort out that the study was bringing to light new and different aspects of wildlife behavior in the study area and turning many assumptions on their head. She was well recognized around the university as a woman who was set to go places and it seemed she had a brilliant future ahead in academia.

Deep inside herself Cherie felt she was dying. She had embraced her work whole-heartedly as a means of hiding from the world and her own perceived inadequacies in the social and, particularly, the mate-attracting aspects of her life. She was very happy with her love life at home, which was always available and was totally non-challenging. But sharing a sexual partner was not the same as having attracted one for herself, especially as the partner shared was her mother’s husband; her own father. She had pushed these feelings of inadequacy deeply inside her and had become a workaholic to avoid the need to confront them, or herself.

It was rare to receive mail, most correspondence in the digital age being conveyed electronically, so when a formal looking letter arrived she was excited. It turned out to be an invitation to Karen’s wedding. Cherie and Karen had kept in contact and she knew she was still seeing Frank, but had no idea it had progressed to the marriage stage. Included with the invitation was a hand-written request for Cherie to be Karen’s bridesmaid.


Cherie felt overwhelmed that Karen would even consider her for this position of responsibility. After all, in the cabin she had seen Frank naked, had even fucked him briefly, and she and Karen had spent many nights locked in love’s embrace. But then, she thought, why not? Why not invite the person who knew both of the partners better than possibly anyone else in the world to be the bridesmaid? Yes, she decided, she would definitely do this.

As the day of the wedding approached, Cherie was forced out of her routine by having to make decisions and arrangements relating to the pending wedding rather than the wildlife she so dearly loved. Finally Karen insisted that she take time away from both her work and her home to visit with Karen about eight hours’ drive away. Karen asked her to stay with them for two weeks before the wedding in their home, where they had been living together for the past four months.

Karen embraced Cherie as she walked up the front path, hugging her like a long lost friend, which in fact, she was. Once Cherie’s case was in her bedroom, they sat in the lounge catching up on the past little while.

“I felt really sorry for you at the heliport. There I was, deeply in love with Frank, with everything to look forward to while I saw you had just been completely rejected by Sean. I felt so helpless and by the time I realized that right then you needed a friend I turned back and you’d gone. I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, I was totally devastated. However, I’m over that now, at least that’s what I tell myself, and I’ve been working hard and have found a huge amount of information from the data we collected. I’m part way through my thesis, which I’m very pleased about.”

They chatted generally for an hour or so until Frank arrived home. He hugged Cherie and kissed his wife-to-be, before pouring himself a beer, freshening up the women’s drinks and sitting with them. Cherie updated him on her work and then asked what he was doing now.

“I’m flying helos now,” he said proudly, “Gained my full pilot’s licence a few months ago and changed employers so we could live together here. Life is good; I have the perfect work and the perfect fiancée and we’re getting married weekend after next and you’ve come to visit; what could make it better?”

After a short time Karen left to prepare dinner and Cherie and Frank chatted for a while about things in general then got on to the topic of Cherie’s love life, or lack thereof.

“I haven’t had a boyfriend since Sean,” Cherie confessed, “And in fact I’m beginning to think they’re more trouble than they’re worth.”

“So what do you do for sexual release? You’re not a nun and from what I saw you probably need a man every few days, if not hours,” he grinned at his joke.

“Well, you’re probably right, but I have that sorted.”

“How?” he asked, pushing for titillating details.

Cherie blushed and looked down. “I sleep in bed with Mom and Dad and Dad and I have a very special relationship.”

Frank sat stunned for a few seconds, then blurted out: “You mean you fuck your father?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” replied Cherie, beginning to feel annoyed with this line of questioning and Frank’s attitude.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to anger you,” he said, picking up her mood change, “It’s just that that’s so, well, um, . . .”

“Gross is probably the word you’re looking for,” said Cherie, preparing to stand up and leave.

“No, beşyol escort it’s not,” said Frank, standing with her and taking her in his arms, “Loving would be the word I needed. You simply took me by surprise with your candor. Most people would be ashamed to admit to such a relationship.”

Before she could prevent it, Frank was kissing her, a full, open-mouthed kiss. Cherie responded in kind and they held each other for a few long seconds then resumed their seats.

“What just happened?” asked Cherie.

“You told me a confidence and I kissed you. Nothing more. Did Karen mention our own relationship at all?”

“No, we didn’t discuss that.”

“Well, you know how Karen had all sorts of problems and wouldn’t share partners except briefly on that last day?” Cherie nodded. “Well, she had some therapy for that and now we’re both very open to sharing ourselves with others, both individually and as a couple. That was the main reason that Karen asked you to come here for two weeks before our wedding. Once we’re married we haven’t decided whether or not to continue sharing our love so I told her that I thought you were really hot and I’d love to make love to you properly before we’re married. So this is her wedding present to me, assuming, of course, that you’re interested.”

Cherie was stunned. Karen, Frank’s fiancée, had invited her here for two weeks so Frank and she could fuck like rabbits before they married. Wow, she thought, some present. Frank moved from his chair and sat beside Cherie on the sofa, placing his arm around her shoulders and his other hand on her thigh, moving it under her skirt. He turned to her and kissed her, another open-mouthed, tongue-duelling kiss. Before they ended, Karen returned and sat on Cherie’s other side.

“I see you two are getting along just famously,” she commented as she ran her hand up the inside of Cherie’s other thigh, stopping just short of her crotch. “I take it you’ve no objections to sharing our bed for the next two weeks.”

Cherie broke away from Frank’s lips after a few more seconds. “None at all,” she said, turning towards Karen and kissing her on the lips; another open-mouthed tongue duel ensued for a few minutes. Finally they parted. “Come on, dinner’s on the table,” said Karen, drawing her hand slowly down Cherie’s thigh before standing and offering her hand to help her up.

Dinner was delicious; Karen was an excellent cook and the chicken and roast vegetables were perfect. Dessert of a fresh fruit salad and ice cream was elegantly simple and equally tasty. Conversation was largely sexual in nature, with much discussion about likes and dislikes and the changes that Frank and Karen had made in their sex lives since they’d been together.

“We’ve joined a swingers group and regularly swap partners for a night or a weekend. Sometimes we share a bed with another couple for a night or two, usually here because we have some interesting facilities, as you will see. I really enjoy that because it gives me the opportunity to make love to another woman, which, as you know, I enjoy immensely. Frank’s not keen to experiment with love-making with another guy so generally they either watch us women get it on or may even assist a little. We find it’s great fun and it builds tolerance of other people and we learn a lot about them but even more about ourselves.”

“When we first started,” added Frank, “I was a bit dubious of the whole thing but I found I quickly enjoyed the sexual communication with another couple. At first I was very shy of exposing myself to another male; with females it was fine, it was the men who had me concerned. But that’s gone now, so I can simply relax and enjoy myself while watching Karen make love to another woman or guy. Obviously I enjoy loving the other woman as well. I’m really looking forward to this fortnight with two sexy women in bed. I doubt I’ll be much use to Karen on our honeymoon,” he chuckled.

“If I know you, and I think I do, you’ll do just fine on honeymoon,” Karen reassured him jokingly, and anyway, we always have our playroom.” Karen turned towards Cherie. “I’ll show you the playroom after dinner; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it this evening.”

After the dishes had been stacked in the dishwasher they retired to the lounge for a nightcap. As they relaxed together, Karen started idly unfastening the buttons on Cherie’s top, pushing the sides apart to expose her brief bra covering her pert breasts. Cherie shrugged her top off her shoulders and pulled Karen’s stretch top up from her waist, not at all surprised when her efforts revealed her naked, bra-less breasts with pencil-eraser nipples as the top came over her head. Karen quickly unclipped Cherie’s bra, leaving the two women sitting topless for Frank’s smiling approval.

“Maybe it’s time we showed Cherie our playroom,” he suggested.

“Great idea,” agreed Karen, giving Cherie’s breasts a quick fondle before standing and beykent escort holding out her hand to lead Cherie to a closed door off the living area. Frank tagged along close behind. Karen opened the door and held it for Cherie to enter.

As Cherie stepped into the warm room she was stunned by what she saw. The first and most obvious amenity was a large spa pool gently steaming around its cover. Once she had assimilated this, she looked around and noticed a series of hooks in the ceiling, some bars attached to the walls and a large wooden X shaped cross at one end. There were cupboards on two of the walls, two large beds and a smaller padded table, and a drum-like device on the floor. Suddenly she realized that she must be in a luxurious BDSM dungeon. She had heard of these, had read about them, had fantasized about them and now she saw one for the first time. However, it was nothing like those she had seen on porn sites; instead it was luxuriously appointed, brightly lit, had a wall that was all mirrors and, even to her inexperienced eye, offered a wide range of equipment on which to experience every nuance of sexual ecstasy and depravity that she had ever imagined.

“Is this what I think it is?” she asked Karen, who had a grin on her face as wide as Texas, “Is this a dungeon?”

“It sure is,” she replied, “When we bought the house the couple we bought it off had split a few years previously and neither of them wanted reminders of happier times spent here. So they left all the equipment intact. We’ve had great fun experimenting and reading up about the uses of it all. It provides for everything we’ve wanted to do, from gentle sexual arousal prior to love-making right up to the potential for severe bondage and punishment sessions. We haven’t done much experimentation with the latter yet, but we most definitely enjoy the gentler arousal sessions. So for the next two weeks you will be very welcome to join us here and experience the fun and ecstasy available.”

“It’s too warm in here for clothes,” commented Frank as he stripped off his shirt, “So first off, let’s get naked.”

“Here, let me do that for you,” said Cherie, turning to Frank and unbuckling his belt, then dropping to her knees in front of him to unzip his fly, unbutton the waistband and slide his trousers to the floor, allowing Frank to step out of them. She then slowly lowered his undershorts, his almost fully erect cock springing towards her face as it cleared the elastic. Frank stepped out of these also as Cherie opened her mouth and engulfed his cock head while he reached down and caressed her breasts. After a few gentle sucks, Cherie stood and kissed Frank on the lips while he undid the button on her waistband and let her skirt fall to the floor. He then knelt and eased her G string panties down, allowing her to step out of them and spread her legs wide as he licked and sucked her pussy.

After a few moments of this he stood and they turned to Karen, who had been watching her fiancé and bridesmaid loving each other, and quickly stripped her naked before Frank knelt and mouthed her pussy while Cherie caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Karen reciprocated by caressing Cherie’s breasts in a similar manner, then Frank stood between them and suggested a tour of the facilities to see what they had discovered so far.

“That’s a great idea,” enthused Karen, taking Cherie’s hand once again to lead her to the nearest wall. “On this wall we have several sets of bondage and punishment gear so people can be tied up here, maybe whipped, caned or otherwise punished or can be fucked as much as their Master or Mistress wants. We usually use Velcro attachments as these are quick to fasten and unfasten and don’t leave any marks.”

“Have you been whipped or caned here?” asked Cherie, wondering why anyone would voluntarily subject themselves to that extreme punishment.

“Oh yes, we’ve both experienced this and both thoroughly enjoy it. The feeling of a cane hitting your ass hard is something you’ll never forget. It sort of sends a swooping feeling into your stomach as the pain assaults your senses then quickly changes until you feel yourself longing for the next stroke. At least that’s how it is for me. How about for you, honey?”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up,” agreed Frank, “Whipping is much the same but the pain is a bit different; more sting and less pressure with a thin whip, but the other way around for a flogger. A multi-tailed flogger is great; it seems to sensitize the skin but doesn’t cause too much pain. I find it leaves me wanting more. Anyway, they all make me real hard real fast.”

They came to an area where there were several hooks in the ceiling. “These are very useful,” said Frank, “I can tie Karen up to these and have complete access to her body without her being able to prevent me from doing whatever I like. Of course, she usually lets me do what I wish without being tied up but this adds the element of helplessness. I have to be careful what I do because she’ll always have the right to tie me up after I’ve finished with her. So if I’ve been a bit rough with her I know she’ll probably seek revenge with some cock and ball punishment, which is most painful but again it’s something that I enjoy in retrospect. I guess by now you’re thinking we’re a bit weird, eh?”

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