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Master! Master! Pt. 05

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The girls were sitting on the floor, eyes downcast in shame with me looking down on them.

“So, you watched HOW many porn videos?”

Momo and Sonja looked at each other and then held up both their hands. “This many,” Momo said. Beside them, Chloe looked like she was about to cry.

I turned to Momo. “And I’m guessing you were the ringleader?”


“It was your idea.”

“We thought we could impress you by using the computer and you would give us cake.”

It’s pretty hard to stay mad when they’re so damn cute.

“Had you actually stayed on YouTube after getting back to it, I would have been proud. Not proud enough to get you a cake, but proud. Instead, now I’m mad and you all need to be punished.”

All the girls shied away, trying to make themselves look as small as possible. In truth, I knew that they would inevitably start messing around on my computer. I had been reluctant to let them use it for their reading lessons but it was the best solution. Among the dangers of them exposing their existence on the Internet, I really didn’t like them looking at porn. I mean, sure, it was hard to imagine Momo and Sonja seeing anything on that website that we already hadn’t done (besides anal of course), and Chloe certainly got an eyeful the other night, but I just didn’t want to expose them to that. These girls are more than just my pets, they’re like my kids, and like kids, they are dumb as dirt and easily impressionable. The last thing I needed was them asking for a gang-bang or seducing the mailman like the countless pool boys and pizza delivery guys of pornos past.

The question was how to punish them? A whap on the head with a newspaper might be enough, but Chloe was so fragile that it might traumatize her for life. But nor could I go easier on her than on Momo and Sonja.

“Ok, I’ve decided your punishment. No more head pats for the rest of the night.”

The girls all gaped at me in horror. No petting or having their ears rubbed for the rest of the night? They might as well be left to sleep in the rain! They rushed to me just like when I first came through the door, crying into my pants.

“We’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’re sorry!” they pleaded.

Crap, now I’m hurting. When a girl is crying against you, you of course want to touch her! Especially if there are three of them! Besides, I was so used to petting them I might need to take up smoking just so that I could keep my hands occupied.

“I know you are, and hopefully you’ll learn not to mess with things you don’t understand.”

They hugged me even tighter, rubbing their heads against my legs. Crap, this was too much. I had to do something for them.

“So, you really liked using the computer?” They all looked up for me. “I taught you three how to make spaghetti and meatballs, remember? So, if you three make dinner, I’ll show you how to use my computer properly.” Wide grins crossed their faces, once again making me want to pat their heads. They rushed into the kitchen while I collapsed on the couch.

“Ok, so I’ll start by making you girls your own account. That way you won’t go digging around in my bookmarks.” The girls were crowded around me on the couch. I had Chloe on one side and Sonja on the other, with Momo lying above us on the top of the couch, purring in my ear.

I brought them onto their new account, with a blank desktop and generic galaxy background. All the girls awed at the picture.

“You like it? Well, if you want, I can show you how to get a different background. But we’ll do that later. Ok, now what do you want to learn how to do first?”

“Can we watch porn?” Momo asked.

I gave a deep sigh. “You’ve all had more than enough porn for one day. What ELSE do you want to do?”

“We used that Google thing to look at pictures,” Chloe said.

“Well then I’ll show you what else Google can do.” I brought up a browser window, showing them Google. “Ok, what do you girls want to know about?”

“You mean with pictures?” Sonja asked.

“No, I mean actually learn about. It’s why I’m teaching you how to read. What interests you?”

“Playing,” said Momo.

“We’re not watching any more porn. Ok, since you love cake so much…” I typed it in and showed them the results.

“We can do that,” said Sonja.

“Yeah, but you just looked at pictures. Here, you can read about it.” I brought up the Wikipedia page. “See, this is called Wikipedia. It’s like Google, it will tell you everything you want to know about whatever you’re interested in. See, look at all this information.” I scrolled through the page, and while the huge wall of words intimidated them, they were also interested. I then bookmarked the main page and showed them how to get to it.

“Ok, now you’ve been using YouTube for your reading lessons, but you can watch plenty of other movies.”

“You mean like-“

“Momo, if you keep asking for porn, I won’t give you any head pats tomorrow either.” That shut her up. “Ok, I’ll show you Kartal Escort some things you might like.” I showed them cat videos, dog videos, and mouse videos, each of them making the girls wiggle in excitement.

After that, I showed them a couple flash games websites, mainly old arcade games. Wikipedia, YouTube, and games, that’s all I trusted them with as far as the Internet was concerned. I then showed them some applications like Photo Booth, Microsoft, and a few other things. Finally, I set up some strict parental controls.

“Ok, girls, that’s all you need to know about the computer and you’re now free to use it. However, I have rules. First rule: you are not allowed to eat or drink and use it. Second rule: no bringing it into the bathroom.”

“But you do both those things,” said Sonja.

“Because I know what I’m doing, you three don’t. Third rule: no going outside with it. Fourth rule: You have to be ridiculously careful with it. Always carry it with both hands, keep it on the table, keep it charged, and close it if you’re not using it. If it breaks or gets any damage, I’ll give each of you a hard spanking.”

“A spanking?” Chloe asked.

I clapped my hands together as loud as I could. “I’ll do that to your butt, several times.” Now that scared them. “Fifth and final rule: Unless you’re all using it together, you’re each limited to an hour use every day. If you behave well, I’ll let you use it longer. Understood?” All the girls nodded. “Good, now let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.”

I woke up the next morning being head-butted by three naked girls. Even Chloe had slithered under the covers and was lying on my chest. Since it was a new day, their punishment was over and they wanted to make up for lost time. I pulled them in close and rubbed their heads like I was trying to polish them, making the girls whimper in bliss. With only two hands and three girls to satisfy, I had to add my mouth to the equation, nibbling the ears of whichever girl I wasn’t able to pet. Of course, it had been a strain for me to resist petting them last night, and with three naked girls rubbing up against me, my morning wood was getting an extra charge.

Feeling my erection between her legs, Chloe’s porcelain face became flushed and she moved aside in embarrassment. I had managed to resist temptation these past few days, but this month was really dragging on. Another few weeks would tell me whether or not she had a menstrual cycle, as well as solidify her trust in me. As such, she had already seen me play with Momo and Sonja, but her nervousness had yet to ease. Oh well, my balls wouldn’t be turning blue anytime soon.

Seeing my hard-on like the dot of a laser pointer, Momo pounced. She straddled my lap and stuck herself on my dick like a marker top. Sonja followed suit, joining her lips with mine. Luckily, I always set my alarm extra early so we’d have time for some morning coitus. After emptying myself into Momo and playing Sonja like a harmonica, I went downstairs with the girls cheering for breakfast. I no longer needed to prepare it for them. I had taught Momo and Sonja how to use the stove (but only when I’m home so I could turn it off if they forgot) and to cook eggs and sausages, and Chloe was a simple breakfast girl.

I had a well-established morning routine. I would eat at the table, watching the girls eat on the floor in their usual bowed posture. I had my laptop with me, checking my email, the news, and of course, dank memes. After eating, I’d brush, shave, finish getting dressed, and then give the girls a kiss goodbye as they crawled back into bed for a nap.

“Ok, girls, I’m trusting you with my laptop. But first, you have to tell me the rules. I want to make sure you remember them.”

“No using it around food,” said Momo.

I nodded. “Good. And?”

“No bringing it into the bathroom when we use the toilet,” said Sonja.

“That’s right. Chloe?”

“I’m sorry!” she squealed under the bed.

“Do you remember the third rule?”

Her white head poked out. “No bringing it outside?”

“Good girl. And the fourth rule is that you have to be careful with it. I want to be able to trust you with it, trust that you can keep it safe. Don’t make me regret it.”

Momo sat up in the bed. “Can we watch porn?”

Hearing porn mentioned excited Sonja. “Yeah! Can we? Can we?”

My palms met my face.

Dear Vetquestions.com, my humanoid cat and dog are obsessed with watching pornography. Please advise.

“No, you cannot watch porn. You watch porn and I’ll give you a spanking. Understand? Good, then I’ll see you tonight.”

I gave them all a kiss and left them sound asleep in (and under) the bed.

Hours later, the girls all woke up, though not quite at the same time. First was Momo, who first thing upon waking crawled under the bed to bully Chloe. The unwanted fingering awoke Chloe, whose whimpers of embarrassment and nervousness woke of Sonja. Then they all got dressed and went down for lunch.

“So Yakacık Escort who gets to use the computer first?” Chloe asked after they ate.

Sonja stretched. “I’m gonna go play outside for a while.”

“Momo wants to look for something on the computer. Does Chloe want to do something?”

“No! No! That’s ok! I don’t need to use it!” her shy nature revealed itself, afraid of getting in anyone’s way.

“Ok, then Chloe, come outside and play with me! Let’s go look for firewood!”

Before Chloe could object, Sonja pulled her outside. Momo sat down at the kitchen table and logged on to the girls’ shared account. From there, the search was on.

Sonja and Chloe returned after half an hour, dirty from carrying sticks. They found Momo with her head on the table, a true image of a broken soul.

“Momo, what’s wrong?” Sonja asked.

“Momo can’t find the toy,” she groaned.

“What toy?” asked Chloe.

“The toy from the porn yesterday, remember? Those two girls used it? It buzzed like a bee. Buzz! Buzz! They seemed to like it.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. Google isn’t helping?”

“No, Google is too dumb to get it.”

“Well maybe Master will know what you’re looking for,” said Chloe.

The feline’s ears perked up. “Momo will draw Master a picture!” she declared.

She ran off to find her crayons, leaving the computer with Sonja and Chloe.

“Do you want to use it?” asked Sonja.

“I’m sorry! It’s ok! I don’t want it!” she squealed instinctively.

“Let’s play a game!”

Taking the computer, Sonja brought up the bookmarked game website, showing classic games like Pong and Space Invader. For hours they played together, taking turns or using games that allowed for two people to share the keyboard. True, they were breaking the time limit rule, but hopefully they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Momo being Momo, she finished her drawing and went upstairs to spend the day napping and masturbating.

“Please tell me you girls haven’t been on that thing all day,” I said, coming through the front door. All the girls had greeted me as usual, but I could see a paused game on the open laptop.

Sonja and Chloe exchanged guilty looks. “Not ALL day,” said Sonja.

“Bad girls,” I said, making the dog and mouse shy away. Momo came up, holding a piece of paper and looking very eager to tell me something.

“Momo, did you make another picture for me?”

“Master, can Momo please have one of these?”

She handed me the picture but I was unsure what she was trying to show me. It looked almost like an ice cream cone.

“What is it?”

“Momo saw it used in one of the porns yesterday. Two girls were playing with it.”

Jesus, she was asking for a vibrator! It was one of those big neck massager ones, which normally had to be plugged into the wall.

“First of all, it’s pornOs. Porn is the subject, porno is the object. Second, no, I will not get this for you. This is exactly why I didn’t want you watching these videos!”

“Pleeeeeeeeease, Master? Momo will be really good!” she begged.

Both Sonja and Chloe were looking at us, curious as to the outcome. I really didn’t like the idea of Momo having a sex toy. For one thing, she spent enough time playing with herself already. Plus, I was afraid of further stimulating her curiosity. First she would ask for a vibrator and then who knows what. But on the other hand, it might be fun if I used it on the girls. I could see them now, moaning and squirming in bliss, calling me again and again. Hell, they might end up squirting like fire hydrants.

“I’ll tell you what, if you make dinner for all of us for seven nights, I’ll get you a vibrator.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Really?”

“Yep, but they have to be good. You’ll have to remember everything I taught you. I’ll make plans for dinners this week and get the ingredients, and it will be up to you to prepare them. That also includes washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.”

“Momo will do it!”

“Ok, but I’m trusting you with this, just like I’m trusting you with a computer. You have to share with Sonja and Chloe, and if you misbehave, I’ll take it away. Deal?”


Rather than wait for Momo to prove herself, I decided to have faith in her and order the vibrator that night. It would arrive in the mail sometime that week, and hopefully the girls wouldn’t notice and Momo wouldn’t screw up. As much as I liked the idea of giving the girls vibrator reach-arounds, I couldn’t break the rules I had established. I had to be careful about spoiling the girls, making sure that rewards only came with responsibilities.

For the rest of that week, Momo cooked everything I had taught her. She spent the evenings in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, and had a look of almost predatory focus. Whenever I taught the girls how to prepare meals, I made sure to write it down in a notebook for them. Hearing her sounding out words and seeing her stare Kadıköy Escort at the pages as she worked, I was filled with pride. She really had matured since she became like this. And best of all, her meals came out perfectly.

At the end of the week, I gathered all the girls at the table, having just finished eating some particularly good chicken nuggets (it’s not like I was teaching the girls how to make soufflés).

“Momo, I’m very proud of you. I gave you a challenge and you passed with flying colors.” Momo purred at the praise, an adorable smile on her face and her tail twisting. “A deal’s a deal. Momo, have fun.”

I reached under the table and pulled out the vibrator, handing it to her like the Olympic torch. It was a smaller version of the neck massager model, battery powered rather than needing an outlet. Knowing Momo, I made sure to stock up on batteries. She took it gratefully, her eyes wide as dinner plates. She pressed the button on the side and the toy activated, a low hum echoing through the kitchen with the rubber head clearly shaking. Not only Momo, Sonja was gazing at the toy with a hungry expression. While she didn’t play with herself as much as Momo did, she couldn’t wait to try it herself. Chloe, on the other hand, shied away, as usual. Even a low buzzing enough to scare her.

I had never heard Momo cry out so loud. She was on her back, legs spread. I was kneeling perpendicular to her, giving steady thrusts while Sonja held the vibrator to her clitoris. Momo’s cheeks were wet with tears and her tongue swept across her lips. One might think she was in pain (sitting in the corner, Chloe certainly thought so), but if I stopped my thrusts or Sonja stopped the toy, Momo would beg to have them returned.

I leaned over Momo and nibbled on her ears, the last bit of stimulation needed for her to cry out from a tidal wave of orgasms. Her voice echoed through the house, until at last, she lay limp, glistening with sweat. She might be out for the count.

“Sonja, are you ready?”

The blonde pup bounced on her knees, shaking the bed with her big yellow ears flopping. “I wanna try! I wanna try!”

Without me needing to tell her, she got on all fours, shaking her butt at me. How surprising that her favorite position is doggy-style. I mounted her from behind, her tail falling slack and an erotic smile on her face as she felt me penetrate her. As I started slamming into her, she brought the vibrator to her clit, starting her own choir of sexual bliss. Normally, she would stay on her hands and knees, letting her breasts clap together like a Newton’s cradle. This time, however, the stimulation was too much for her to stay upright. She was face down, her rear end sticking up, her drool damping the sheets as bliss overwhelmed her.

“Mmmmmasterrrrr… this feels soooooo gooooooood,” she groaned, looking like she had just taken a hit of acid.

“I can actually feel the vibrations through you, and I’m enjoying it as well.”

Sonja didn’t even give any warning, she just howled when she came. I pulled out of her, still full of stamina. Hopefully Momo was up for Round 2.

For several days, buzzing and moaning could be heard almost nonstop. Momo spent even more of the daylight hours in the bedroom than before, putting the vibrator through its paces and switching out batteries like they were shotgun shells. Her masturbation habit had gone from being cute and sexy to being rather concerning. At this point, it was more of an addiction. And while I had originally gotten the smaller vibrator because it was cheaper than the plug-in model, the cost of batteries was burning through the savings like thermite.

One night, upon coming home, only Sonja and Chloe greeted me. Momo was absent. I sighed loudly and moved upstairs, finding her on top of some tangled and damp sheets. Whether it was the sound of the vibrator or her own moaning, she hadn’t heard me come up the driveway. I stood over her, her back to me and her butt in the air, completely unaware that I was there. This was actually the same way I had found her and she first started flicking her bean.

Listening to her moans, a peculiar idea came to me. A catgirl pleasuring herself would probably attract a lot of fetishists, fetishists with money. Maybe she could become one of those webcam girls with the premium sites, pay to watch. Hell, her cutesy way of talking might drive some people wild, and if I put some tape on her butt and gave her some realistic-looking fake human ears, viewers would just assume that her ears and tail were just some really well-made props. Sonja and maybe even Chloe could also get involved.

I immediately shot the idea down. For one thing, all my effort had to be put into hiding the girls rather than exposing him, plus… it felt like I would be taking advantage of them. They were in my care, so while having sex with them was one thing, putting them on the Internet to make money was approaching pimp levels. And they didn’t know any better, so I didn’t like the idea of making them do this when they couldn’t comprehend it and understand the meaning and consequences. Oh well, the idea was always there.


She spun around, nearly falling off the bed as if she had just seen a cucumber. (Look it up.)

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