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Massage Therapy

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“Oh baby, you over did it again,” I scold as I see you coming into the house moving stiffly. “Jump into the shower and I will get my lotions to massage out the aches and pains.”

You do as I request and jump into the shower. I help you dry off and have you go up to the bedroom and lay down naked on the bed. I gather my stuff and meet you in the bedroom just as you are settling face down on the bed. What a view I have, I love the look of a nice ass, and yours certainly fits that description.

I get rid of my clothes as I love the feel of skin against skin when I massage away your aches and pains. The room is a little chilly but I know that soon I won’t notice the chill as I start to work your aching muscles. I climb onto the bed and straddle your ass. I reach over and grab the lotion and warm it in my hands before reaching for your shoulders.

I move my hands scross your shoulders and around your shoulder blades feeling for any hard spots that need special attention. I manage to find a few and work the knots loose as my fingers knead deeply. I continue to run my hands over your shoulders and upper back for many minutes letting you enjoy the good feeling.

Soon I move down to your lower back, moving my fingers in circles to relax those very tight muscles. Using my thumbs to get the deeper knots. I then use the palms of my hands to stretch the muscles across your back, strecthing and pulling in all directions, working your muscles over well.

“MMMMMMMMMM you always know just where the sore spots are.” I hear you moan as I work my way lower. Soon my fingers are working the line just above your ass. I am just craving the feel of your ass in my hands as you have such a nice ass. Once I am done stretching and soothing the muscles in your back, I slide my hands over your ass, squeezing gently. I slip my finger in the crack of your ass, swirling my finger at the point of your tight Bursa Escort little hole. You raise your hips up trying to meet my finger wanting more than just this tease. But I am not buying into it I have a lot of area to massage yet.

I slip off so that I am no longer straddling you but kneeling next to you on one side. I reach out and start to rub the back of your thigh, working out all the tension and kneading the flesh. You can’t help but moan with the sensations. I reach further to the inside of your thigh and you spread your legs a little. I can see the tip of your cock between your legs and I run my finger across the sensitive head. I move my hands back to work your thigh muscles some more. Next I continue down to your knee and calf.

Once I am done with your calf muscles, I move to the other side of the bed to work your other leg. As I settle myself into place you adjust yourself so you are more comfortable. I reach over and start working the muscles in your leg, as I slide my hands to the inside of your thigh you spread your legs again so I can reach all the spots easier. Once again I can see the head of your cock as it peeks between your legs. Only I can see more of it now as you start to harden. I just can’t resist so I lean over, place my head betwewen your legs and lick the head of your cock with my tongue. This causes me to want more of it so I take the head into my mouth gently sucking on it. I stop myself when you raise your hips from the bed wanting more from me, but I have a lot of work to do yet.

I continue with the slow massage as I work your thigh and then down your calf. When I finish with this leg I stand up next to the bed, lean over and bite you on the ass, give it a slap and tell you it’s time to turn over.

One you are turned over your erection now stands tall and proud as you lay there spread eagled, aching for my touch. I walk to the foot Bursa Bayan of the bed and sit down between your feet. I grab each foot one at a time and massage the heels, the arches, the ankles, between your toes and over the top, moving my hands slowly but firmly, causing the aches and pains to melt away.

I move around the bed to sit on the side next to your hips. I reach out and place one hand on each hip and start to move them in a cicular motion. Your hard cock is staring me in the face as I work your hips. I move my hands to run through your pubic hair. I am ever so careful to come close but to not actually touch yor cock. You raise your hips trying to get me to touch it and ease the ache setled there. I wave my finger at you with a coy little smile.

I slide up the side of the bed a little more so I am sitting at your chest. Your arms are the next target I have in mind. I start up at the shoulder and work my way down to the hand. Once at your hand I trace my finger lightly over your palm, before pressing frimly, working your sore hands.

Once both arms are done i kneel next to your chest and reach forward to the back of your neck and rub the back and the sides. Moving my hands across the tops of your shoulders, stretching sore muscles as I go. Down your chest, teasing and tweaking your nipples as I pass over them. You are feeling good and loosened up but far from relaxed, You are wanting more than just a massage.

I have you scoot down the bed just a little and I position your head in my lap facing upward. I start to massage your neck using a firm pressure removing all the tension stored there. A light gentle touch over your head makes you feel wonderful and then I trace my hands over your face and along your jawline, making the stress disappear from your face.

I reach forward and run my hands over your chest and across your stomach. My breasts are dangling Escort Bursa in your face, so tempting! You reach up with your mouth catching a nipple in your teeth, you gently start to nibble. I can feel the sensations all through my body, deep in the center of my being. I love having my nipples played with especially when you are a little rough and then soothing afterward. You know just how ro make me hot for you!

I get up onto my knees and move into a 69 position, wanting to feel your tongue slide across my clit. Wanting to feel the sensations ripple through my body as you scuk and nibble my pussy. Wanting to feel your cock as it slides into my mouth. Wanting to drive you wild with my mouth on your cock as I suck and lick and devour you.

Soon you can’t take anymore of this and you flip me over onto my back, rearrange your self so that we are now face to face, kiss me hard and deep, wanting my surrender. I spread my legs wide for you and you enter me in one smooth, hard, thrust, almost causing me to orgasm instantly. With my pussy clamped tight around your cock you start to move, thrusting in and out. It is only a matter of a few seconds when you feel my pussy getting even tighter and then pulsate with my orgasm. You grab my nipple and pinch it hard, You know how much I love that as it only make my orgasm more intense. The feel of your fingers pinching my nipple sends shockwaves to my pussy making it even wetter and hotter for your cock. Now you can’t hold back any longer as you feel your orgasm start in your balls and rise up your shaft. As you feel these sensations you pull your cock out of my pussy to watch as youor cum explodes out of your cock and shoots all over my stomach and breasts.

I run my fingers and then my hands through your cum rubbing it all over my body and then licking my fingers clean. You watch this with lust filled eyes, you can’t believe that I am doing this, It just isn’t something you thought I would like. Now that you see I enjoy it, you are thinking that maybe we wil have to do it again. Soon.

“Well it looks like your back is feeling better,” I sayand with a wink I add, “and now I need a shower.”

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