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Massage Ditz

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“Welcome in, valued customer!” That was what I heard as I stepped through the door.

It was a woman who greeted me. She was middle-aged, slightly older than me, wearing an immaculate white blouse and black skirt. She had a very dignified expression on her face. A husky voice, with a bit of an accent. Asian. Medium length black hair, perfectly straight. Very large breasts.

“Please, come in,” she continued. “My name is Sherry. I’m the manager here. What’s your name? Are you here for a massage?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I’m Tom. Um, how does this work? This is my first time.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that! We’ll take care of everything. We have a special guarantee- if you’re not completely relaxed at the end of your visit, it’s free!”

“Wow, that’s quite a promise. But uh, I have to ask… how much does it cost?”

“We can discuss that later. First, let’s introduce you to your masseuse.” She left the room.

I didn’t really like how she had dodged the question of cost. I felt like I was being scammed a bit here. I heard some whispering and giggling from behind a door- were they making fun of me? But those thoughts flew out of my head when I saw the masseuse.

She was young, maybe 20 years old. Long, wavy blonde hair, and wide, innocent blue eyes. Slender, but with very wide hips. And she was wearing just a thin white t-shirt and tight grey yoga pants that hugged the outline of her body so closely it was almost obscene.

“Please meet our newest masseuse, Kelly. She’ll be taking care of you today.”

I gulped and tried to stay calm. “Hi Kelly. I’m Tom. Please… take good care of me.”

Kelly pounded her chest. “I will! even though it’s my first day, I won’t let you down!”

“First day?” I asked, looking at Sherry.

“Yes, this is Kelly’s first day. In fact, you’re her first customer ever. But I promise, she will still give you an extremely pleasurable massage. I guarantee it!”

“Hmm, OK. By the way, how much was the cost again…?” I tried to ask, but they didn’t answer. Instead, Kelly grabbed my hand. “This way!” she said cheerfully, and led me down a hallway further into the store. Sherry followed behind me.

Kelly was leading me one-handed, and almost skipping her way forward. She seemed very happy to be getting her first customer. And with the way she was skipping, and the tight yoga pants she wore, I had an amazing view of her bouncing bubble butt. I tried not to stare too obviously since the manager was right behind me, but I had a hard time looking at anything else.

We entered into a small, private room. There wasn’t much there, just a small padded table. A wooden bowl and some colored bottles of oil were on the floor next to it. The walls were a pale blue with no decorations at all.

Kelly gestured to the table. “OK, up you go! Let’s get started!”

“Um… shouldn’t I get undressed first?” I was still wearing my regular clothes- jeans and a button-down shirt.

“Oh, right! Whoops! Yeah, you gotta take those off, first.”

I paused for a second. “Uh… right here, in front of both of you?”

She curled her lips and scoffed. “Sheesh, if you’re that shy about it, I’ll look away, OK? And Sherry will leave. There’s a towel on the table. Get undressed and get under the towel.

I glanced at Sherry. I didn’t really mind getting naked in front of two gorgeous women, but this all felt weird.

Sherry nodded at me.”Yes, I will leave you two alone. But first let me say one thing to Kelly.”

She walked over and whispered something in Kelly’s ear. I couldn’t hear everything, but I did hear “Do that move you practiced, he’ll like it.” Kelly giggled and blushed, then nodded.

Sherry turned back to me and said in a sultry voice: “enjoy the massage, I’m sure it will be very pleasurable for both of you.” Then she walked out of the room and closed the door.

Kelly turned around to face the wall and said, “Ready now? Is your precious privacy protected now, little boy?”

This all felt weird, but she said it in such a cute voice that I couldn’t be too mad at her. I did as she asked, removing first my shirt, then jeans, and finally my underwear. I kept my eyes fixed on Kelly, but she stayed facing the wall while I got naked and lay face down on the table.

Finally I covered the towel up to cover myself. “OK, I’m ready!” I called out to her.

“Finally! Took long enough!” She twirled around and walked over to me. Without any warning, she started kneading my back very roughly. It was more like jabbing than a massage.

“Ow!” I said. “That, uh, kinda hurts.”


“Shouldn’t you, eyüp escort um,… use some of the oil? That might help.”

“Whoops! Yeah, you’re right, I can’t believe I forgot! Don’t tell the manager OK?

I was feeling a strange mix of emotions. On the one hand, my back was in pain, and Kelly didn’t seem very good at this. Very annoying, and I was worried she might cause an injury. On the other hand, with her smoking body and cute mannerisms, I couldn’t help but forgive her. While she was turning away to prepare the oil I took the opportunity to stare more at her butt, which was framed perfectly in her tight yoga pants. Each cheek stood out like a melon, and I longed to squeeze them and check their ripeness.

She returned, carrying the bowl full of oil, and set it down on the floor next to me.

“Now don’t move, OK? I don’t want to spill any of this stuff on my shirt.”

“Maybe you should take it off?” I suggested helpfully. Well, 50% helpfully, 50% hopefully.

To my surprise, she agreed. “Good idea!” And without hesitation she whipped it off. I watched shamelessly, and enjoyed the view of her perky medium size breasts covered by a tight black sports bra.

Then she slammed by head down on the table. “BUT that means don’t look, got it!?”

“Ah, right. Sorry!” I mumbled my apology into the table.

She began rubbing the oil over my back. It did feel much better this way. She still wasn’t very skillful, but I could feel my muscles start to relax. And to be honest, I was starting to get quite excited. The sight of her body, even just the brief glimpse of her cleavage, and now this physical contact… well, let’s just say that all the tension leaving my back muscles was going straight to my dick.

I lay there for a while, not saying anything, just enjoying the sensation of her hands moving all around my back. At one point, she leaned over to touch my shoulders, and I could feel her breasts lightly touching my back. I knew I shouldn’t be enjoying it this way- she was a professional, after all! This massage was just for health reasons. But it was becoming quite difficult to keep the horny thoughts out of my brain. I no longer noticed any pain in my back, all I could think about now was:

(1) seeing this girl naked

(2) touching her naked body

(3) sinking my hard cock into her warm, wet pussy

As i was thinking that, she turned away to get more oil from the bowl she had left on the ground. As she bent down to reach the bowl, those perky melon butt cheeks were presented perfectly in front of me.

She took her time, too. She seemed to be taunting me, swaying her bottom back and forth right in front of me, while she slowly stirred the oil. I knew I shouldn’t but… I just couldn’t stand it anymore! I reached out and gave her a little squeeze on her right butt cheek.

She squealed very cutely “EEK!” and then she stood up and moved away from me. I felt terrible. I would never touch a woman without her permission! Of course I still felt horny as hell.

“Manager!” Kelly screamed. “I need you!”

Almost immediately, the door opened and Sherry, the manager, entered the room. Had she been waiting outside?

“What is it?”

“He… he assaulted me!” Kelly squeaked.

“I did not!” I tried to defend myself. “I just… touched her a little.”

“Where did he touch you?” asked Sherry.

“I was bending over for more oil and he… grabbed my rear end.” Kelly whimpered.

“Hmm, I see.” Sherry paused to ponder this. “Were you doing the move I told you?”

“You mean, shaking my hips for him like this?” Kelly demonstrated, shaking her booty at me lewdly.

“Yes, that’s the one.” Sherry said in a sultry voice. “It’s understandable, isn’t it? You were waving it in his face, bending over like that. And you’re wearing those extra tight yoga pants that show off your ass. I noticed him staring at your ass the whole way in, so I was pretty sure he’d like it. And to be honest, I quite enjoy the view myself.”

That was… not the reaction I had expected. An interesting woman!

“You… you what?” Kelly blushed bright red.

“Just take it as a compliment, Kelly. You have a charming bottom. Now be a good girl and finish the massage, OK? I will stay here to observe.”

“What!” Kelly blushed. “Do you really want to watch us.? Well, I guess that’s OK…”

“Yes, please let me watch your massage,” said Sherry. “I believe that’s enough for the back side. Now for the front!”

“The front?” I asked, nervously.

“Yep!” said Kelly. “Turn over so I can massage your front side. chest, stomach, and legs. esenler escort We gotta get this done, you jerk.”

I was both excited and nervous. I did as she asked, turning myself over to lie on my stomach.

And then Kelly squealed again. “Eek!”

I guess I should have seen that coming. My erection was jutting up tall and proud, and the thin little bath towel did nothing to hide it. I think it actually looked more obscene covered in the towel than naked, since it was making such an obvious tent.

I tried to explain. “Uh… sorry. It’s just… you know.”

“No need to apologize!” said Sherry. “You’re a healthy young man, and Kelly here is a very attractive young girl. With her touching you, working on you, and flaunting her hot body in front of you, it’s only natural that you’d become… ” she paused and glanced meaningfully at my crotch “… excited, like that.”

Kelly blushed even brighter. “Please make him leave! I can’t deal with him like this!”

But Sherry shook her head. “No, you need to learn. This is an important part of your job. He came here to relieve his tension, and right now there’s a lot of tension in one particular part of his body. You need to relieve him of it.”

Damn, this was one cool place! I felt a little bad for Kelly, but not bad enough to say no.

“Besides,” the manager continued, “When he came in, weren’t you telling me how cute you thought he was?”

Kelly blushed. “Well, yeah… he is pretty cute.”

“Come on, be honest. You want this too. Now go massage his cock.”

“You mean, I have to… touch it…?” Kelly asked.

Sherry smiled. “That would be a good start.”

Kelly stepped forward. She stood at arms length, and slowly, gently put her hand on the head of my cock. “Like this?”

“No. You’ll need to touch it directly.”

Kelly reached her hand under the towel, gripping my shaft directly. I gasped. With her cute appearance and the whole situation, I was erotically amped up to 11.

For a while, I don’t know how long, we stayed like that. She simply held my cock without moving, while I reveled in the warmth of her hand.

But Sherry intervened again! “I think you need some lubrication,” she suggested, smugly.

“Oh… you mean, I should use the massage oil on his… thing?” asked Kelly. So cute. And she moved her hand a little while asking that.

“That’s one way… but how about something more personal. Use your mouth, girl.”

I was starting to feel bad for her. “Uh, you don’t really have to do that if you don’t want to…”

“Nonsense! This is just another part of her job. Don’t you want to give a proper massage, Kelly?”

“If… if I must!” She said. And then she winked at me. With no further hesitation she whipped off my towel, and knelt on the floor. Her head was directly in front of my crotch. I felt her warm breath on my dick as she came closer… and then her tongue as she gave it a lick.

I shuddered in pleasure.

“Good job Kelly! I think he likes it!” The manager encouraged her.

“Should I… suck on it now?”

“Yes! Take it all in!”

Boy did she. The warmth and wetness on my cock felt incredible. I groaned, as she swallowed me. Her head started bobbing up and down as she got into it, her eyes closed.

Sherry watched us quite intensely, with a perverted look on her face.

As much as I wanted to cum, I couldn’t. Not like this.

Sherry seemed to notice. “Is something wrong? Is this not to your liking?”

“No, she’s… amazing!” I groaned. “She’s incredible! It’s just… I can’t cum from just a blowjob.”

“Oh? Then she’ll have to give you more. Kelly, up!” I was a bit disappointed as she stopped sucking my dick, but only for a second. “Kelly, strip and get up on the table!”

“Yes ma’am!” She really wasn’t hesitating at all anymore. She removed her bra and yoga pants- no panties, I noticed, and her pussy was puffy and glistening. Amazing.

“What position would you like her in? Missionary, so that you can bury your manhood in her as deeply as possible? Doggy, so that you can enjoy the cushion of her tight young ass? Or cowgirl, so that you can relax and enjoy the view?”

Those all sounded pretty good to me! “Doggy style,” I answered.

“Kelly! You heard him. Bend over the table and stick your butt out! That’s an order!”

“Ugh… yes!” Kelly blushed, but did as she commanded. Her tanned butt was waving directly in front of me, and I could smell her arousal.

I wanted to stick it in more than anything, but I still had some doubts. I glanced at the manager. “Is this really OK?”

“Yes! şişli escort It’s fine. She wants it too, she just won’t admit it.” As she said that, she reached her hand down under her skirt, and began brazenly masturbating. “Isn’t that right, Kelly?”

“It’s… yeah… don’t make me say it…”

“You heard her. Now FUCK her!”

Good enough for me! I gripped Kelly’s slim waist in both hands, and nudged the head of my cock against her pussy. She squeaked. Then I found the entrance and pushed in. She squealed, and I roared, both of us voicing our pleasure.

I was so aroused that I couldn’t hold back, I immediately began thrusting at a frantic pace. Sherry was also fingering herself shamelessly, her skirt flipped up and her underwear now down at her knees. I tried to go slow and enjoy the situation as long as possible, but I couldn’t. Very quickly, I reached climax, and roared my pleasure as I spurted deep inside of her. Kelly moaned.

“Good boy” said Sherry. She was still touching herself. “May I see?”

“Um, ok…” My mind was in a fog of pleasure so I could hardly understand anything. I pulled my cock out of Kerry’s pussy and stepped aside. Sherry walked up and took my place! She removed her skirt and panties, knelt where I had been standing, and stuck her face directly in Kelly’s ass and pussy.

“Oh, well done! You really put quite the load in her. You must have been quite backed up down there…” she purred.

“Uh, yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had sex.” I couldn’t believe this woman’s behavior. But I still enjoyed her praise, weird as it was. I also enjoyed the view of her slim Asian ass as she squatted in front of Kelly’s crotch.

“Manager, can I get up now? This is pretty embarrassing…”

“Not quiet yet. You didn’t reach orgasm yet, did you?”

“Um, I dunno. It felt really good though…”

“Not good enough! Don’t worry, I’ll care of you.”

Sherry began tonguing Kelly’s clit with gusto, while rubbing her own vagina. A mixture of my cum and Kelly’s juices was leaking out of her pussy. The smell was quite pungent.

After a few minutes of this (which I watched with great interest), Kelly moaned louder than ever and bucked wildly.

Sherry stood up. “Did you enjoy the show? That’s how it’s done.” She gave a long, slow wink at me, while various fluids dripped down her face.

I struggled to think of what to say in response. “Hell yes! This is the best massage ever!”

“Good, good. Now there’s just the matter of payment…”

Oh, right. I had forgotten about that. I had an ominous feeling. “How much?”

“Normally it would be $5000.”

Oh shit. “$5000! I can’t afford that!”

“But we’ll say it’s on the house, if you do me a little favor…”

“Oh? Do you want me to lick you like you were licking Kelly?” I asked, hopefully.

Sherry shook her head. “Thanks for the offer but… I’m the type who prefers to take care of myself. No, just give me another show by fucking Kelly again. Do it longer this time, and give her another nice, big load.”

Thanks to their show I was more than ready. “Looks like you’re up for it!” she said, and put her hand on my dick, causing me another burst of pleasure.

I laughed. “No worries there. Is she, though?”

“Kelly, what do you think? Do you want more of his man-meat in your pussy?”

Kelly flipped over onto her back, and spread her legs wide. “Yes!”

“Well, there’s your answer!”

Sherry was still holding my cock. I stepped closer, following her lead, and allowed her to guide it towards Kelly’s pussy. Sherry held it open with her other hand, and I penetrated her.

Once again, I was in heaven. Kelly’s pussy felt like a perfect sleeve of warmth and pressure on my cock, and this new angle made it feel just slightly different. I was thrusting and grunting, Kelly was moaning, and Sherry was watching from just a few inches away while fingering herself.

This time, thanks to my earlier release, I was able to last longer. I fully enjoyed the slow build-up of pleasure, and tried to time my thrusts to Kelly’s moans. Finally, I burst, cumming inside her with another huge orgasm. Both of them did too, and their moaning became almost a scream.

I couldn’t think any more. I just stood there, with my cock still buried inside of Kelly. She was also not saying anything, just lying there with her legs wide open.

The manager was the first to recover. She reached down between my thighs and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. “Good, good. You emptied these all into her, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… I’m totally empty and relaxed now.”

“Good! Then our job is complete. Good work Kelly!” The manager stood up and whispered into my ear. “Come back any time, I know both of us will be looking forward to it.”

I walked out of there a very happy man. I would definitely be returning there again!

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