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Massage-a-Trois Ch. 02

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After their wild little encounter together, though Anna hadn’t certainly planned it, or ever thought herself capable of going through with it, the one thing that had come of all this, was that her sex-life with Richard had suddenly, and dramatically improved. And as it had, whatever secret little fantasies and desires she’d privately enjoyed before, sometimes thinking about Tony doing what he eventually had done to her, had become nothing more than a pleasant memory.

She’d even shied away from her at least monthly massage, deciding to give it a month, let the dust settle as it were just in case Richard suddenly had any misgivings about what had happened. In the meantime, her husband was being even more attentive to her needs anyway. Another month passed, and as it did, she considered calling Tony for an appointment, and then dismissed it out of hand. To her surprise however, it was Richard that brought the subject up again, quite unexpectedly, and in a very unusual way.

Anna was standing in the kitchen preparing supper when Richard arrived home from work. She’d heard the door open, heard him coming into the kitchen without turning around, and felt the sweet tender cupping of his hands upon her breasts, his lips gently kissing her neck.

“Hi baby, how was your day?” he asked pressing his obviously erect penis against her backside.

“Maybe the question should be, how was yours?” she asked pressing back against him even as she continued stirring the sauce she’d been making for pasta.

She heard him chuckle, evading her question. “Is this something that could wait? Be reheated for later maybe?” he asked.

Anna laughed back at him. “Why? You have something else in mind?”

Richard stepped back, finally releasing her now very erect nipples that he managed to pinch, rolling them with his fingers through the thin material of her blouse.

“Well, as a matter of fact yes. I called Tony this afternoon, asked him if he’d be available to give us both a massage.”

“You what?” Anna responded, turning to face him nearly flipping tomato sauce at him as she carelessly removed the wooden spoon she’d been using from the pan in doing so.

“Well you know it’s been a pretty stressful week for me this week, and I haven’t been as attentive lately as I have been. And I also knew that you passed up last month’s massage, though there was no reason for it, so I called…asked Tony if he was up to doing two massages tonight.”

“And?” Anna asked curiously.

“And…he said he would. Should be here,” Richard glanced at his watch. “Any moment now.”

He’d no sooner said that, when the doorbell rang. Before Anna could even respond, Richard turned heading back into the living room. “Grab us both some fresh towels honey, we’ll meet you in the spa area.”

Anna hurriedly retrieved a set of towels for both of them. She was also slightly confused, not sure what to make of this sudden turn of events. Richard hadn’t actually “suggested” anything. If anything, the fact he’d actually booked a massage for himself suggested otherwise. As such, Anna could only assume her husband was being serious about it, wanting…needing just that. A massage. Though it would also be interesting to see Tony’s reaction, if he might hint at a possible repeat of their last get-together. As Anna approached the sauna/spa area, she decided to play it cool, casual, and see what if anything either of them might be up to. The mere thought of a possible repeat of their last sensual encounter already sending shivers of desire up and down her spine, not to mention the sudden pooling of moisture between her legs. Still, Anna wasn’t at all sure what to expect as she entered the spa area, and found it a little surprising when she found Richard already naked, lying on the table as Tony stood over him working the muscles of his back.

“Hi Anna,” Tony said smiling at her as though they’d just met.

“Hi Tony,” she responded, feeling slightly uncomfortable, even confused as she sat the stack of soft fluffy towels down on one of the nearby chairs.

“Tony’s going to work on my back a little, then he’ll give you a full body massage,” Richard told his wife.

“OK, I’ll…I’ll go back up and finish with the sauce then,” she told them both.

“Honey?” Richard said catching her just as she turned and had begun to walk away.


“Why don’t you just sit, relax…it will only be a couple of more minutes or so anyway, then it will be your turn.”

Tony had already begun working on her husband’s lower back, his ass bare as he’d gotten onto the table as such before she’d arrived with the towels. “Mind giving those a good working over?” Richard asked. “I’ve been sitting all week it seems, and have one sore ass,” he said saying.

Seeing Tony immediately shift to kneading her husband’s ass-cheeks, Anna took another of the available chairs and sat down, mesmerized, curiously excited for no real good reason. And though it was Richard on the table getting Ankara bayan escort a massage and not her, Anna was suddenly having flash-backs about the way Tony’s hands and fingers had felt upon her when he’d been playing and massaging her ass in a similar fashion. As good as it had felt, she couldn’t help but wonder if Richard was experiencing the same thing.

“Why don’t you go ahead and get undressed?” he told her.

Anna once again looked at him curiously, wondering. If there was a hint of anything in that, she hadn’t caught it. Even Tony hadn’t lifted an eyebrow, or even glanced in her direction, continuing on with the deep-tissue massage, working the muscles of her husband’s ass expertly, efficiently.

“Well, ok,” she said though rather than actually undress in front of either of them, she grabbed one of the towels she’d brought with her from off of the chair and retreated into the small little dressing room that they’d purposely built right next to the sauna. She emerged moments later wearing nothing but her towel, retaking her seat.

When she returned, Tony was now working the calves and upper thigh muscles of her husband’s legs. She continued to watch, relaxing now as any thought of something else going on, suddenly evaporating as she merely prepared herself for nothing more than a genuine massage. Smiling now, grateful to her husband for calling Tony as he had. She really could use one as well, and it would be a nice way to relax having been on her feet most of the day.

She watched as Tony ran his strong firm hands up between her husbands legs, each gliding stroke upon his thigh seemingly deeper, firmer, but of even more interest, as Tony leaned over, he slid his hands up and beneath, far beyond her husbands upper thigh even as he lay still face down on the table. As he did, Richard seemed to ‘lift’ himself ever so slightly, allowing Tony to reach even higher on the next massaging pass of his hands.

Anna still wasn’t sure if she’d seen what she thought she’d saw, then Richard groaned, not just groaned, but actually moaned as once again Tony slid his hands between the table he was laying on, and her husbands upper thigh, high upper thigh!

“That feel good?” Tony questioned.

“Have to admit, it does. Certainly different in an odd sort of way, but yes…it does Tony, it does!”

Now Anna really was confused. Was she really hearing what she thought she was hearing? Or was it some trick of the mind, some decadent subconscious fantasy of hers suddenly coming to the surface without reason or real justification for it. Then, Richard looked towards her smiling, turned slightly as he did. Tony’s hand was definitely massaging her husband’s rock-hard cock.

“Let me see you,” Richard said speaking to his wife. “Remove your towel so I can get a good look at those luscious tits of yours!”

As though hypnotized, still as yet speechless, she did so. The fact that she was actually watching Tony now openly masturbating her husband’s prick was mind-numbing. Long ago, when once enjoying one of their very open, very aroused sessions of sexy pillow talk, they had agreed to share one of their most secret, most decadent fantasies with one another. At first, Anna wasn’t sure if she should tell Richard one that she thought he’d want to hear, or one that was genuinely one of hers. She’d asked him to go first, which he had. In doing so, truthfully, honestly with her, she decided to throw caution to the wind, and tell Richard of her fantasy and desire to be with two men, and yes…doing the obvious with both, which as it had now turned out, she’d actually experienced, but with one minor exception. She’d confessed in the telling of her curiosity in seeing two men pleasuring one another as well. She wasn’t worried about her husband’s reaction necessarily to her in telling him that; Richard always had been open-minded and non-judgmental about such things. And he of course had already spoken to her about his desire to see her with another woman. And though they hadn’t discussed either of their respective fantasy’s any further, their lovemaking that night had been amongst one of the wildest, most passionate either one of them had ever experienced.

“Oh baby, you really do have gorgeous tits,” Richard told her. “Don’t you think so Tony?” he now asked.

“Oh yeah, Anna’s got great tits, beautiful in fact!”

“Looking at my wife’s body making you horny yet Tony?” Richard pressed, much to the disbelieving expression on Anna’s face as he did.

“Very!” Tony near whispered, his hands now slowly, though still firmly applying an up and down twisting motion on her husbands swollen, angry looking shaft.

“Oh? Well lets see then,” Richard stated, and to Anna’s shock and surprise, she watched as her husbands hand lifted, pulling down the front of Tony’s massage shorts, not too surprised to discover that he hadn’t been wearing anything else beneath them. What was a surprise however, was seeing her husband’s hand now fisting, now Escort bayan Ankara pumping in a likewise slow up and down motion, Tony’s stiff hard cock.

“Surprised?” Richard questioned turning back to face his wife, hand still playfully working Tony’s prick, which by the expression on his face, he was thoroughly enjoying as well.

“I don’t think that surprised is quite the word I’d use,” Anna began. “More like stunned, shocked, and bewildered in fact.”

Richard laughed. “Well baby, I have to admit. This isn’t exactly something I would normally have thought about doing either. But your naughty little surprise for me last time, has kept me thinking, wondering what I could do that would surprise you. I didn’t think you’d necessarily buy, or even go along with me finding a female massage therapist, certainly one who might be willing to go along with one of my fantasies, but since we’d already established some trust with Tony here, I thought it might be worth mentioning, questioning him about.”

Anna still wasn’t sure what to say, though she now realized one hand was gently fingering the nipple on her left breast, and the other was softly stroking the now very wet furrow of her split. For the first real time perhaps, Anna grinned. “You remembered,” she told him feeling her face flush. “You’re doing this for me?”

“Well, partially yes. Like I said, at first it wasn’t something I would have normally given any thought too, but after the last time we were together, I began thinking, wondering about everything else you had said. Anyway, I finally got up enough courage to call and question Tony about it, not that his being a massage therapist made him more likely to do it than not…”

“But I am bisexual,” he admitted, interrupting briefly. “So when Richard told me the rest of your naughty little fantasy, I sort of figured out where Richard’s phone call was really going.”

“Fuck,” Anna moaned, unabashedly, unashamedly playing with her self openly now, still watching as the two men continued to playfully fondle one another.

“Listen, this is a bit awkward though,” Richard stated releasing Tony’s cock, now turning more fully onto his back. “Baby? Why don’t you step around here behind Tony, I think he’d enjoy feeling those cute tits of yours pressing against his back, and maybe, he’d also enjoy feeling your hand, rather than mine, working his prick while he continues working mine. Unless of course you don’t want to see another man jacking your husband off,” he told her.

As though still in a fugue, still hypnotized, Anna stood strolling back around to stand behind Tony just as her husband had suggested. She stood off to one side, her eyes glued to the scene taking place before her as Tony began to methodically work her husband’s penis in a myriad of differing strokes, differing twists of the hand. To her surprise, he didn’t merely just jack her husbands prick up and down as she might otherwise have expected, but instead found herself in awe and wonder as Tony manipulated her husband’s cock in ways she’d never even imagined. As she watched, she found herself emulating Tony’s movements, working his cock in much the same way, the same fashion as he continued to play, explore and tease her husband’s cock in ways she’d not thought of even doing herself.

“You like?” Richard asked, his breath raspy, obviously filled with lustful, unexpected excitement.

“Fuck yes!” Anna admitted as she continued stroking Tony’s cock, though one hand busily fingering herself as she continued to look on, continued to memorize each and every motion of Tony’s hands still working, still stroking, teasing the very tip of Richard’s swollen, almost purplish looking cock-head.

“This what you thought it would be like?” he asked once again. Anna could barely mumble a reply, then found her voice, asking.

“All of that and more. You doing ok?” she asked curiously, somewhat nervously. And nervously, Richard laughed, answering.

“Well to be honest honey, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but my initial thought was, if this was something that would turn you on, especially as you were honest enough to really tell me about it, then I thought I could at least go through with doing it, and see for myself.”


“And…it feels good, damn fucking good!” Richard admitted.

Anna shuddered, audibly sighing her excitement. She could never have guessed that seeing something so simple as this, so simple as merely seeing another man jacking her husbands cock off, would have such a profound, such a decadently erotic affect on her as this was.

“And besides…”

“Besides?” Anna repeated.

“Seeing you…masturbating Tony’s cock, while he’s masturbating me, while you’re masturbating yourself…is pretty fucking hot too!” Richard finished.

Even Tony laughed at that one. “And the feel of your wife’s tits pressing against my back feels pretty good too!” he added.

“I wanna do something,” Anna said a moment later. “Something Bayan escort Ankara in my fantasy that just came to mind.”

“Be my guest,” Richard told her. “What ever you want honey, just ask.”

Reluctantly, she released Tony’s prick walking around to the opposite side of the table. She leaned over making her intentions known. “Feed me his cock,” she told Tony. “Make me suck it, force-feed it to me,” she demanded in a tone of voice that had suddenly become more than mere sultry, or even wanton. It had turned wickedly urgent as she leaned forward ready to accept her husband’s penis while Tony continued holding on to it, now slapping it against her face.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it!” she demanded wildly now. “Finger fuck me baby, finger-fuck my cunt for me!”

Standing the way that she was, it was easy for Richard to slip his middle finger up and inside his wife’s deliciously wet cunt. He began to work it inside her, using his thumb to further stimulate the pearly nub of her precious button with. With his free hand, he couldn’t help but reach for, finding one of her full swaying breasts, now capturing it so that he rolled the nipple of her left breast between his fingers, simultaneously working and rolling her clit-nipple in much the same fashion.

“Oh fuck!” Anna moaned as Tony now force-fed her, her husbands prick. His fist still wrapped around her husbands stiff shaft, he would shove it into her face, moments later yanking it back out, then rubbing it against her face wildly, down the side of her nose, across her chin, then back and forth across her lips before allowing her to capture it, once again sucking, then fucking it with her face.

Before she even knew what was happening, she felt the torrent of cream suddenly explode from her pussy, running down her legs in a cascade of pearly-white female nectar. Her orgasm so intense, so overwhelming that she had to grab onto the table to balance herself as her husband’s fingers continued to pummel the inside of her cunt, walking themselves internally, caressing the deepest recess of her pleasured passage as the palm of his hand expertly teased, and so methodically caressed her swollen clit.

On still unsteadied legs, she glanced up spotting Tony’s own magnificent erection, a dew-drop of precum oozing from within the tiny eye-slit of his exposed head.

“I have another idea,” she said then, that same wicked naughty tone of voice suddenly finding itself.

“Ah oh…” Richard stated with another nervous little laugh. “Now what do you have in mind?”

Seconds later, they found out.

Tony’s massage table was just long enough to accommodate them both, but certainly not in the way it was obviously designed for. Had it not been for the headrest that would normally be used for a ‘face-down’ position, they might not have even managed it. Now however, Richard rested his head upon it backwards, though it affectively allowed him a bird’s eye view, something he was most grateful for moments later. Anna had positioned herself on the table as well, sliding her self on her back, though facing in the opposite direction, her pussy about as close to her husbands cock as was possible, feet up spread to either side of his head. Curious, Tony stood watching, unsure of just where any of this was headed until Anna explained it to them.

“Suck my husbands cock…while I suck yours!” she informed them both. It was awkward at first, but doable. With Anna’s head just off the edge, Tony slipped his prick deep into her mouth, and then leaned forward across her body. Normally, with her pussy just inches away, they’d have been in an easy ’69’ together. As it was however, he needed to stand slightly on tippy-toe, though Richard’s cock was certainly long enough to easily access, especially as he reached out, bending it downwards. Richard felt Tony’s mouth suddenly surround him, just as he knew his wife’s mouth was now surrounding Tony. He could hear the sounds she made as she hungrily worked him, the moist sounds of saliva, the occasional gasp for breath as she alternated between merely sucking, then deep-throating the man’s prick. Surprisingly, Richard found himself enjoying the feel of another man’s mouth sucking his own, the occasional licks and flick’s of Anna’s pussy, too convenient, too accessible to ignore as Tony periodically paid attention to her obscenely displayed cunt. He loved hearing her occasional intake of breath whenever Tony did, knowing her sensitive clit had to be on fire, but it was quickly escalating his own need to climax, his balls now tight, begging for release.

“I need to cum!” he exclaimed unashamedly. “Tony! Stand next to us, rub my cock against my wife’s cunt until I do!”

Richard sat up slightly, affording a better angle for what he had in mind. Likewise so did Anna, now crawling almost up and into his lap, not quite cunting him, but close. Tony stood off to once side between them, now taking Richard’s prick once again in hand, using it to tease the delicate silken folds of Anna’s quim, teasing her exposed clit as she reached down spreading her puffy swollen lips with her own fingers, once again mesmerized at watching, feeling…the pure unbridled lust, joy and pleasure as Tony now masturbated them both against one another.

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