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Ma’s Secret Outings Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

Author’s note: This story includes older woman/ younger man sex and group sex/ swinging. If any of this is not your cup of tea, please find another café.


Sandra was having breakfast with her husband, Billy, on a lazy Saturday morning when she heard the front door open. A few seconds later, her brother, Santos walked into the kitchen area.

“What’s for breakfast?” Santos asked.

“Make your own. And make me some, too, while you’re at it,” Sandra barked back at her little brother.

Santos laughed as he looked in the pantry and scoured for something to eat. He knew his sister didn’t take any crap from him. They routinely gave each other a hard time, but they were close.

“When are you boys leaving?” Sandra asked.

Billy and Santos had tickets to the Michigan — Ohio State NCAA football game today.

“Game starts at 1. We’ll leave at 10 to give us some time to get in some decent tailgating,” Billy answered.

“Where’s Ma?” Santos asked.

“Still asleep.”

“What about dad?”

“I brought him eggs and toast earlier. He’s just resting now.”

Their parents lived with Sandra and Billy. Their mother, Millie, was 57 years old. She married their father, Marcos, shortly after she immigrated to the US from Costa Rica when she was 21 years old. Their father was a lot older than her. He was 40 when they married, and now he was 76 years old.

Marcos had a stroke 5 years ago, and it left him as an invalid. It was too much for Millie to care for him by herself, so they sold their home and moved in with Sandra and her husband.

“Let me go up and say hi to dad before we leave,” Santos said as he sprinted over to his father’s room.

After Santos came back, he said, “Yo, tell Ma sorry I missed her.”

Sandra just nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“Why she sleeping in, anyway? She used to be up at the crack of down when we was growing up,” Santos opined.

“Dude, she was out late last night. I don’t even know what time she came home,” Sandra complained.

“It’s like you got a teenager in the house,” laughed Santos.

“Tell me about it,” she agreed.


Sandra was 33, the same age as her husband, Billy, and they’d been married for 10 years. Her parents were both from Costa Rica, although they met in the USA. Being the older sibling, she was always the responsible one, and she took it upon herself to always take care of family. She finished high school near the top of her class, and then she graduated college and got a steady office job. While in college, she met Billy, and they married and settled into a comfortable life. They bought a house in a nice middle-class suburban neighborhood and set down roots, even if they never had kids.

After her father became invalid, it left him weakened and wheelchair bound. She saw how her mother struggled to care for him, so her parents sold their home and moved in with Sandra 5 years ago. After spending his life as a strong, independent man, Marcos felt guilty having others have to provide him so much care, so he spent most days in the bedroom, just watching tv and rarely ever coming out, so as not to be a burden to others. Her mother, on the other hand, was a social butterfly and always wanted to go out.

Sandra’s brother, Santos, was 2 years younger than Sandra, but he was the polar opposite of his sister in so many ways. Whereas she was responsible and settled down, he had dropped out of community college, was an eternal bachelor, and drifted from sales job to sales job. Santos had his own apartment nearby, but he frequently hung out at his sister’s house.

Sandra’s husband, Billy, was best friends with Santos. Both had an easy-going laid-back personality and a passion for sports. Overall, even though they were opposites in so many ways, Sandra’s marriage to Billy worked well. Being the responsible, motherly type, Sandra looked after Billy and gave him the structure and dependability otherwise lacking in his life. On the other hand, Sandra was a planner and perfectionist, and Billy helped her to be more spontaneous and adventuresome.

Friday night, Santos stopped by his sister’s house again for dinner. As Sandra, Billy, and Santos sat down to eat Thai take-out, their mother, Millie, walked by.

“Hey, make sure you bring your father some food?” Millie said hurriedly.

“We already brought a plate of drunken noodles to his room, Ma?” Santos replied.

“Ma, where are you going?” Sandra pleaded.

“I am going to your auntie’s house. I’ll eat over there.” Millie answered nonchalantly.

Sandra skeptically looked at her mother dressed in a slinky black dress, stockings and heels. Even at 57, she was still trim and fit. “Dressed like that?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Dressed like what?” Millie asked in mild exasperation.

“Like you’re not just going over to auntie’s house,” Sandra laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

“This is just how I dress,” her mother brushed bonus veren siteler her off. “Now I have to get going.” And then Millie was out the door.

“Dude, why is Ma acting suspicious?” Santos asked.

“I don’t know, but I think she’s hiding something from us. She’s been going out a lot lately. And coming back like hella late,” Sandra said as she watched her mother’s car pull back from the driveway.

“Yo, what’s ma doing?” Santos wondered.

“I wish I knew.”


Millie left her sister’s house after less than an hour. Her sister and cousins begged her to stay longer, but she said she needed to get back home to take care of her husband.

Millie was a small 5’2″ firecracker, always lively and wanting to go out. Still youthful looking, she colored her greying hair a light brown, and this, coupled with her youthful complexion and trim body, was enough to have strangers often ask if she was Sandra’s older sister.

Instead of heading home, however, she went the opposite direction, driving for 15 minutes until she entered a small townhome community. She parked in a visitor’s parking spot in front of a row of nondescript townhouses and confidently made her way to the middle townhouse in the row and rang the bell. A much younger man opened the front door, and she slid inside. Before the door even closed behind her, they embraced in a lustful kiss.

Within seconds, they made their way to the bedroom where Millie was quickly stripped down. Her lover pulled her short black dress over her head, leaving her standing in black thigh high stockings and matching black panties and bra. She fell backward on the bed, her lover climbing on top of her as she raised his tee shirt off and felt his chiseled muscles underneath.

He was much bigger than her, and she loved how his hulking figure enveloped her whole body. His chest and arms were well developed as a result of his regular gym routine, and Millie loved the solid feel of his muscles. She ran her hands over his arms and chest and back. He was 5’10” and 220 pounds of almost pure muscle. She marveled at how firm his ass felt and felt guilty knowing, though she was skinny, her own body wasn’t toned in any way.

Still, that seemed to matter little to her lover. He buried his head in her chest. Soon her bra straps were lowered, and her breasts released from the cups. He suckled on her breasts as she wrapped her legs around him, the spikes of her 4-inch heels lightly jabbing into his back.

Consumed with lust, she undid his buckle and slid off his pants and underwear, inserting her heels under the waistband to slide them off her lover. His already rock-hard cock lowered and tapped against her leg. She moaned in excitement and anticipation. His hands didn’t even bother trying to take off her panties. He just pulled them to the side and stuffed himself inside her.

His cock filled her throbbing pussy as she dug her nails into his back. She screamed in carnal lust, begging him to fuck her. Begging him to treat her like a slut and whore. Promising to be his bitch.

He rammed his cock into her, pounding her sopping wet pussy. She begged him to cum inside her, and he obliged.

After they both climaxed, she fell asleep in his arms, but 30 minutes later, he awakened her for round two.

Round two went very similarly to round one, except by now, her bra and panties were completely removed, leaving Millie in just her stockings and heels. But the results were the same. Millie was on her back with her legs wrapped around her lover as he deposited another load of cum deep into her pussy.

Afterward, as she lay on his bed and felt the cum oozing out of her slit, she saw a sliver of streetlight come through the slats on the window blinds. She felt a pang of guilt for her husband sitting invalid at home. She knew she was cheating on him, but he could no longer provide for her in his current condition. For years, theirs had been a loveless marriage, and only now did she feel free enough to fulfill her own desires. She had married at a young age, and she married for money. Back then, she hoped that love would come, but Marcos was cold and aloof, and even though he was a good father, he was a cold and controlling husband. Millie wanted to travel on vacations; she wanted to make friends; she wanted to go to parties, but Marcos always wanted to stay at home, so they eschewed vacations and avoided most get togethers, save for major family birthdays or holiday celebrations.

Now she was making up for lost time. She was no longer young, but she wanted to feel young. She wanted the youthful freedom and opportunities that she passed on years ago. She longed for passion and lust.

Seeking that fulfillment, she downloaded the tinder app onto her phone a few months ago, and she was initially overwhelmed by the selection of men. Having already spent decades with a man significantly older than herself, she only reviewed profiles for men her age or younger. When she saw her lover’s profile, bedava bahis his shirtless well sculpted body immediately caught her attention. She swiped right, although she was disbelieving that someone with his looks would have any interest in an old hag like herself. But he swiped right, also, and, soon, they met up, and immediately sparked a furiously passionate no strings attached relationship.

Whereas her marriage to Marcos had been purely functional and transactional, this new relationship was all fire and lust. Millie was a tiny woman, and she felt so slight in his strong arms. She loved how he was everything her husband had never been. Their lovemaking was raw and carnal, and he made her feel sexy and desirable. He encouraged her to dress provocatively, and she enjoyed putting herself on display for him.

She saw him most weekends and sometimes wondered if he had other women he saw during the week, but she decided not to concern herself with that. She was happy with how things were in her life; work and her family filled her time during the week, and the time she spent with her lover on the weekends satisfied her sexual urges. For the first time ever, she wasn’t just going through the motions. No, for the first time ever, Millie felt alive.


Saturday morning, Santos came back over to Sandra’s house.

“Where’s mom and dad?”

“Dad’s just watching tv in his room. Ma is still sleeping.”

Since Millie and Marcos moved in, they slept in separate rooms. Marcos was an invalid, too weak to do much more than move from the bed to the wheelchair and vice versa. Prior to his stroke, he had been a proudly independent individual, and, even as an invalid, he resented having to be so reliant on others. So, he remained mostly in his room, not wanting to be a burden on anyone else.

Sandra strongly suspected her mother married Marcos for his money. He was so much older than her, and though her parents remained friendly, they were also far from loving and affectionate to one another. She could only imagine the struggles her mother had coming to the USA, with no education and no other family in the country at the time. Though Marcos was also born in Costa Rica, he had lived in the USA since grade school, and he had a solid career as an engineer. He offered her familiarity with a common Costa Rican heritage as well as financial security, and her mother must’ve calculated that it was enough to make up for the 19-year age gap between them.

After Marcos’ stroke, however, the age gap felt like it increased exponentially. Marcos had already been retired for several years before his stroke whereas Millie still worked for a medical device manufacturer. After the stroke, it was like Marcos aged 20 years over night, whereas Millie could still pass for someone 15 years younger than her 57 years.

When they moved in, Marcos stayed in the guest room on the ground floor, which made sense given his lack of mobility. Millie took up residence in a spare bedroom in the finished basement. She frequently checked on her husband when she was at home, but lately, it seemed she was rarely home, content to let Sandra and Billy care for him while she went out and about.

“Did you pick up these donuts?” Billy asked his wife, eyeing the box on the counter.

“No, I think Ma must’ve picked them up,” Sandra replied.

“How the hell late did Ma stay out,” Santos asked.

“Daylight Donuts opens at 4 AM, I think,” Billy piped in.

“Damn!” Santos shook his head.

“They’re a little stale. She must’ve hit them up as soon as they opened back,” Billy said with a laugh.

“Yo, we’ve got to figure out what’s up with Ma,” Santos demanded.

“You got a bright idea, Einstein,” Sandra answered. “She ain’t telling me, and I keep asking.”

“Can you track her iPhone? Look up that find my iPhone website,” Santos stated.

“I tried. She changed her damn password.”

“What the hell? She barely even knows how to use her phone. She used to ask us all the time to set things up for her on it. Now she’s keeping it locked up,” Santos complained.

“You’ve got any other ideas, bro?”

Santos sat back for a minute, and then he snapped his fingers. “Got it!” he exclaimed.

“We’re listening,” Sandra said, her eyes staring at her brother.

“I’ve got a work cell and a personal cell. It’s the weekend, so I don’t need my work cell right now. Where’s her keys? I drop my work cell in her car where she won’t look. Under her seat or the seatback pocket behind her driver’s seat. Now she’s been going out at night every weekend, right? If she goes out tonight, I look up where my cell phone is while she’s out, and voila, we’ve got our answer.”

Sandra’s face broke into a smile. “Brother, you’re a genius. Is your cell charged?”

“100 fucking percent!” he shouted.

“Ya’ll snooping on your mama. This is messed up,” Billy said, shaking his head.

“Ma’s keys are right there on the counter,” Sandra said, ignoring her husband. “You’d deneme bonus better sneak that phone out there before she wakes up.”

Santos snuck off to complete his covert mission and quickly returned. “The bug is planted,” he said with a gap-toothed grin. “And now the waiting game begins.”


That evening, Millie fixed herself up to go out. She checked herself in the mirror as she applied her make-up and liked what she saw. She knew her youthful beauty had faded, but, in its place, a more mature and confident face stared back at her. She was no longer the shy, timid soul she was when she first came to the USA, too scared to venture on her own. Back then, she sought safety in others, namely Marcos. And though he provided well for her and gave her a beautiful family, she always regretted not being able to live independently before being tied down with marriage and a family. She spent her whole life being the good wife and mother for her husband, and he provided a comfortable life. Marcos, however, could be controlling, and he disdained going out a lot. But since Marcos became invalid, he was powerless to stop her from going out when she wanted. Stubborn old mule that he was, he refused anything beyond the most basic help, and Millie wasn’t going to waste her time waiting on someone who didn’t want to be helped. So, that freed her to do as she pleased, and now she knew what she wanted in life, and she finally pursued her own desires and interests.

She stopped in her husband’s room where he laid on the bed, slumped over in a nap while the tv blared at an obscenely high volume. “Just rest up, honey,” she whispered, as she lightly kissed him on the forehead. She left his room and rushed out the door, glad the kids didn’t give her a hard time tonight. She knew they were becoming suspicious of her behavior, but she knew they would disapprove, so there was no use trying to explain it to them.

She pushed the button to start her car and drove away, unaware of the cell phone switched on silent that lay tucked away behind her driver’s seat.


“Go ahead, pull up the phone tracker,” Sandra demanded to her brother.

“Patience, my dear,” Santos replied, trying to calm his sister down. “I’m anxious too, but wait an hour. Let her get where’s she going, then I’ll head out wherever she’s at and figure out what’s going on.”

Ohio State had a primetime football game against Wisconsin, and all three impatiently watched the tv screen and an eye on the clock till it was time to check the phone location again.

“10 pm. Pull that bad boy up,” Sandra declared.

Santos pulled up the website on his sister’s laptop and then struck a confused look.

“Christ. It’s some residential area,” Santos said as he stared at the map. “I know that neighborhood. It’s swanky.”

“Ok, Billy, you go with Santos and see if you can figure out what she’s up to,” Sandra ordered.

“Christ, I don’t want to get caught up in this,” Billy complained. “What if she comes home early? If Santos isn’t here, he just went home. If I’m not here, what’s my excuse?”

“And when was the last time she came home early,” Sandra countered matter of factly.

“Alright, let’s go,” Santos said confidently. “Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery.”


A half hour later, Santos and Billy stepped out of Billy’s F-150. They parked around the corner from the location where Santos’ phone pinged its location.

“Yo, what’s your mom up to? You got any relatives or family friends in this neck of the woods?” Billy asked as he looked over the row of mansions stretched in front of them, all with expensive sports cars and luxury SUV’s in the driveway. Santos shook his head no.

As they approached their destination, Santos looked in dismay as he spotted his mom’s late model Toyota RAV4 parked in a long circular driveway, along with a dozen other cars. The lights were on throughout the house, and there seemed to be some type of get-together in progress.

“What now? Walk up and knock on the door? Say yo, is my mom here?” Santos wondered aloud.

“Maybe we can sneak up and get a look in the windows, see what’s going on.”

“You don’t think they got security?”

“I didn’t say break in. I said just take a look,” Billy said. “This many folks over, someone walking up ain’t raising any alarms. They’ll assume it’s just another guest.”

“Ok, let’s go check it out,” Santos agreed. “I hope you’re right.”

They made their way up the long driveway. Halfway up, they heard dogs barking close by, and then a floodlight came on that must’ve been tripped by a motion sensor.

“Oh shit, this was a bad idea!” Santos cried as he and Billy quickly hightailed it out of there, jumped in the truck and headed back home.


Millie was in the den of the mansion, six hard cocks surrounding her. She had arrived almost an hour earlier, following her phone’s GPS directions to the address her lover had given her. She had initially been apprehensive when he explained this was a swinging and group sex party, but she trusted her lover, and she wanted to be open to new experiences, so she agreed to meet him there. He explained that they just needed test results from that week confirming no STD’s then they would be good so play.

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