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Mary Tagert Pt. 02

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This is an original work by Zeb_Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.


Mary was happy. No, she was ecstatic. After her first time with John, she felt different. Before that night she was still that timid young girl being watched over by a sweet, kind, yet gruff older man. Even though they lived in a loft, in an old decrepit abandoned building, she was happy. Between John and her they had enough food or money enough to buy food to keep them alive and well. They also had enough to keep the dogs well fed. Rudy and Sunny, along with John were part of her family now. They were her family. She would do anything to protect them. The two dogs would do anything to protect her, as would John.

About two weeks after her first encounter with John, they were scuttling down a dark alley in search of things that they could sell. Junk. Metal and such that they could sell at the recycle center not far away. Mary had just picked up a fairly long piece of pipe when three men came around the corner up ahead. Mary froze. John was behind her in the shadows. The dogs were back away and split up. Mary could hear the soft scratching of Rudy’s nails on the concrete as he hurried forward.

Mary hefted the pipe. It would do a lot a damage in the right hands. In hers, it would probably only make someone angry. She held on to it anyway. It took the three men a couple of steps to notice her. She stood staring at them as they took notice.

“Hey, what do we have here?” The biggest of the three said, turning toward her.

“Hey it’s a girl,” another said.

“A girl! Ugh, that’s a girl,” the third said.

Mary was glad she was in her oldest clothes. They were her dirtiest and grimiest. She was sure they smelled to high heaven. She stood still, the pipe still touching the ground.

“Hey girly, get over here,” the tall one ordered.

Mary just looked at him. Then laughed. She didn’t know why she was laughing, but the whole situation just struck her funny. There were these three guys coming toward her. There was a big black dog just out of sight behind her, along with a mountain of man. And she now saw Sunny had circled around behind the three men.

“What’s so funny girly?” the tall one asked, anger turning his face red.

“Funny?” Mary said. “You. You are funny.”

“Why you…”

Mary felt Rudy brush her leg as he moved in front of her and sat, staring at the three men. Mary laughed all the more at the expressions on their faces. Then Sunny growled. A deep, low growl, from her chest. The three turned at the sound.

“What the fuck,” one of them said, Mary couldn’t tell which.

“You might want to leave. Walk slowly toward the building to your left and out into the street. The dog won’t attack, unless you don’t walk away from us.

The three slowly moved toward the building, then out into the street. Mary felt John now standing behind her. Mary lifted the pipe and handed it to John.

“Nice pipe,” John said, sliding it into the bag he held.

“Do you know them?” Mary asked.

“They are some of the lowlife that live around here. They prey on the homeless. I’ve had a few run ins with them. They have always left with their tails between their legs.”

Mary laughed again. John shook his head, sank to his knee and praised Rudy. Sunny came running to them and John praised her also. Mary knelt and hugged Rudy’s huge head in her arms as he tried to lick her face. Then John stood. Sunny sat calmly. Rudy slipped from Mary’s grasp and sat. Mary stayed next to him as both dogs watched John. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out two milk bones. Both dogs tails were wagging wildly. It was rare that they would receive a treat. John held out one for Sunny who took it gently from his hand. Then for Rudy, who just as gently took it from him.

Several hours later they were at the scrap yard having their collection of odds and ends weighed. They made ten dollars. Enough for a meal tonight and breakfast tomorrow. On the way home, Mary detoured them by the pawn shop. She had found some costume jewelry she could turn into cash at Meyers pawn shop.

“Ah, Mary, my favorite customer. How are you today young lady?” Meyer asked as always winkling his nose as she came closer.

“Just fine, just fine. Sorry for the odor…”

“Think nothing of it,” Meyer told her. “And what have you got for me today young lady?”

“I have these,” Mary said spreading the pieces she had found in dumpsters and on the ground, on the counter top. Twenty pieces altogether.

“Ah, let’s have a look,” Meyer took his loupe from where it hung around his neck to check the jewelry before him.

He did that every time, even though they both knew what she brought in really wasn’t worth all that much.

“And how much do you want poor old Meyer to pay you this time dear girl?”

“Twenty dollars. That’s a buck a piece.”

“Twenty Şanlıurfa Escort is not unreasonable…sure…wait a minute,” Meyer said and hurriedly picked up one of the necklaces. “This could be something…”

He was examining the locket Mary had found on the playground. She had opened it and found nothing inside. It was gold in color with what she assumed was a cheap stone in the right hand side of the heart. Meyer was now looking at the clasp closely. Then he was examining the gemstone.

“What?” Mary asked a little exasperated.

“Well, well…it would seem you have a find here. This locket and the chain are twenty-four caret gold. The weight alone…” he paused as he set the necklace on a scale to his right. “…yes, in weight alone you have two-hundred and fifty dollars in scrap price.”


“Two hundred and fifty,” Meyer told her again.

“It’s yours…”

“Ah, but then there is the gemstone. It’s a diamond.”


“A diamond. An eighth of a caret. It’s of good quality, a little smoky, but no occlusions. I’d say around two-twenty-five…”

“What?” Mary was excited, she was speechless.

“Yes, yes…the piece is really nicely made. The clasp is quality work. Whoever lost this is probably very sad at its loss…for this alone I will give you five hundred and sixty dollars.”

Mary stood there with her mouth open, eyes bugging out of her head. Five hundred and sixty dollars. Five hundred and sixty dollars. That would keep them fed for months. It would even let them spend a few night in the hotel where her and John could once again enjoy each other.

“For the whole lot you have here, we’ll call it and even six hundred,” Meyer was smiling widely.

Now usually Mary wasn’t one to dicker with Meyer. He had always been fair with her paying her asking price even when what she had wasn’t worth what he paid.

“How much will you sell that necklace for?” Mary asked out of the blue.

Meyer looked at her scrunching up his eyes and stroking his chin.

“I will ask for a thousand, but settle for eight hundred,” he told her.

“I see…” Mary said thinking over his offer. “Six hundred it is then.” She put out her hand and they shook on the deal.

Meyer opened a drawer and counted out six hundred dollars in a mix of bills, mostly twenties and tens. He knew she would have a hard time breaking fifties and hundreds. Mary’s eye were wide as she watched Meyer count out the bills on the counter. As he finished she scooped them up and counted them again. Meyer stood there smiling at her. He wasn’t offended. It was part of doing business. Mary finished counting and looked up at Meyer and smiled. He winked at her as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Then and only then did Meyer make the jewelry disappear from the countertop.

“Thank you Meyer,” Mary told him as she split the pile of bills in two. One she made disappear so quick that even Meyer didn’t know where it went. The other she stuffed in a front pocket.

“You be careful my dear young lady,” Meyer told her as she turned to leave.

“Oh I will and thank you again.”

She was out the door in an instant. John and the dogs were waiting.

“So how did you do?” John asked casually.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“Six hundred dollars…”

“For those trinkets…”

“One of those trinkets was a solid gold necklace and locket with a real diamond in it,” Mary whispered.

“What?” John croaked.

“Come on, let’s get the dogs bedded down and fed, tonight we sleep in a real bed, again,” Mary said winking at John.

John stuttered as she spun away down the street, the dogs giving chase. John walked fast to catch up.

* * * *

This time they showered together. Mary let John go first, then followed him in once he had the water running. He was surprised, but didn’t object when Mary soaped up his hard cock. She turned and let him lather her up. She moaned as his strong hands slipped around and squeezed her breasts. When his fingers slipped across her clit she had her first orgasm.

After the last…first time, they had made a pact. No sex between them in the loft. The place was just a place to sleep and eat, not a place to make love. Mary had agreed and started to save for another night here at the hotel. Finished soaping up John, she pushed him under the spray to rinse him off. Then she backed under and let the warm water cascade down her body. John stood there, awe in his eyes, watching her every move. Mary could tell he was lusting after her.

Shutting the water off, John gently dried her. He let her take over to dry her hair. John grabbed the other towel and dried himself. Once dry, they tumbled into bed, lips pressed together kissing. Mary was so excited to be with John again. She pushed his shoulders down onto the mattress. Slipped over him, her breast grazing his chest as she continued their kiss. John sighed as her Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan pussy pressed against his hard cock. His hands went to her butt and squeezed. Sitting up, Mary took a condom from her pack beside the bed and ripped the package open. She slipped it down John’s hard cock.

Sliding a little forward, Mary leaned down until John’s cock was pressing against her opening. Slowly she moved back until he popped inside her. She shook with the pleasure that coursed through her. Slowly she moved until he was in her all the way. When he was she was finally full, she just sat there, feeling his cock pulse inside her. Then slowly, she started to move her hips back and forth, gripping him as hard as she could with her kegals.

John gasped watching her breasts sway with her movements on him. She was so hot inside. His cock felt like it was in an oven, cranked up full. As she rocked on him, he could feel his balls tighten in preparation to filling the condom. He tried, he really tried not to come too quick. He did try, but he was yelling his pleasure to the room, bucking his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Mary.

Smiling Mary just watched the orgasm flash across John’s face. She felt the warmth of his come as it filled the condom. She felt that warmth flood her heart as she looked down at his handsome face. Leaning down, she kissed him as he continued to grunt with his pleasure.

“Don’t worry dear John, we have all night,” Mary whispered.

John groaned. Mary felt his cock pulse. She slipped off him and gently removed the condom. She had him in her mouth, reveling at his taste, before he could stop her. She sucked. She licked. She took him deep into her mouth, until he was pressed against the back of her throat.

“Oh god,” John croaked.

Mary started to bob her mouth up and down John’s lovely cock. John started to buck his hips forcing his cock up into Mary’s mouth.

“Oh Mary,” John said as he started to come again.

Mary groaned as she stared to swallow and swallow, John’s wonderful gift. John grunted one final time, arching his back as he bucked up into Mary’s mouth. Mary squeezed his balls and got one final squirt out of his cock. Then John collapsed back to the bed. Licking John clean, Mary watched his face. He was smiling at the feel of her tongue on him. Mary smiled, glad that she could give this wonderful man pleasure.

The rest of the night was spend exploring each other’s bodies. John fucked Mary two more times. Then he started to eat her pussy. He wouldn’t let her suck him. So she lay back and just enjoyed his talented tongue. They finally fell asleep about four in the morning.

* * * *

Over the next few months Mary and John did pretty well. The junk they gathered made them enough money to keep them in food and other necessities, that they didn’t need to touch the money Mary had made from the jewelry. She had found several more pieces, yet none as valuable as the locket. Mary was actually happy as her and John accompanied by the dogs, made their way through the alleys and streets of the inner city.

John seemed a little happier as he opened up more, telling Mary more stories about his life before his wife and children were killed. Mary too, opened up to him about her brothers. She had kept in touch with them after her father had left, but found they wanted her to come home. She found out they were also trying to get her father into rehab so he could come home too. Mary wouldn’t stay in a house where he was living, so she cut her ties to her brothers.

Once a month, Mary delved into her stash of cash and got a room for them at the flop house. Each time, they had beautiful, wonderful sex. John was becoming more relaxed with Mary during these occasions. Mary was learning from him. Several times, he had her in different positions where she found it much more exciting to have him take her. They were good together. They would lay in the bed after coupling and talk about what they would like their lives to really be like.

Mary wanted a place of her own. She was old enough that she could get a job, but because she never finished school, it would be a menial position not paying enough to get even the cheapest apartments in the inner city. John had had all that and run away from it because it reminded him of his wife Ruth and their two children. Mary had seen a picture of Ruth that John kept in his wallet. She had been a very pretty woman. Red hair, green eyes, fair complexion. The shot was only of her face, so Mary didn’t know what she looked like below the neck.

One night John came back to the loft late in the night. The dogs had joined Mary and were on alert when John came stumbling in. He was drunk.

“Oh John, what happened?” Mary asked.

In all the years they had been together, she had never seen John touch alcohol. And now here he was falling down drunk.

“I found him,” John said slurring his words.

“God your breath stinks,” Mary said, waving her hand Escort Şanlıurfa in front of her face. “Found who?”

“Him…,” John flopped down on the cardboard bed.

“Him, who?”

“Him…,” John muttered, closing his eyes and snoring as he dropped off.

“Well crap,” Mary muttered.

John stank so bad, that she dragged some cardboard boxes across the loft and made a separate bed for herself. It was late spring, so the nights were not too cold. She lay, watching John as he muttered in his sleep. The dogs didn’t even want to be near John and huddled around Mary for the night.

“Stinks, doesn’t he?” Mary asked Rudy and Sunny.

Both dogs looked at her when she spoke. She reached out and ruffled their ears, then closed her eyes and dropped off into the darkness that was sleep.

* * * *

When John woke, his bleary eyes saw Mary sitting next to him watching him. He smiled weakly and waved her off rolling over to face the wall. Mary reached out and pulled him back to face her. She held out the cup for him. His eyes widened as he watched the steam rise from the opening in the cover of the coffee she offered him.

“You didn’t have to…,” he croaked, taking the cup from her.

“You need it, so I got it,” Mary answered.

“Thank you. I’m sorry.”

“No need, if I understand what happened.”

“What did I say last night. I didn’t try anything…”

“NO! Nothing like that. You said you found him. I have to assume you mean the man who…”

“Yes.” John took a sip of the hot coffee. It was black, strong and hot. It burned his tongue. “It all seems like a dream, now.”


“No need for you to know. It was a chance encounter. He stumbled into me rounding a corner. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then it hit me, it was him. I turned around to give chase, but he was gone. He must have ducked into one of the doorways. I couldn’t find him. That’s when I went to Casey’s…”

“Where?” Mary said loudly.

“I said you don’t…”

“Where?” Mary shouted.

“Park at Main, alley running parallel to Main from Park…” John said with a grimace.

“Rudy, come,” Mary said to the dog. “Sunny, stay.” Mary was up and running down the stairs.

“NO Mary, no,” John yelled, but he was too late. She was gone.

John hurried down the stairs to give chase, but his hangover left his legs wobbly and his breath short. Sunny was right beside him looking up at her master.

“I guess we’ll find her later,” John said taking another sip of the coffee. He knew where she was going, he would finish his coffee and he really needed to take a leak.

* * * *

Mary found a little cubbyhole where she could see the street and the alley and sat waiting. Of course she had no idea what the man looked like. She had rushed off without getting a description from John. Rudy snorted as if reading her mind. She was being stubborn by staying, but she was damn if she would go running back to the loft.

Then she saw John and Sunny walking toward them. She cussed, but was actually glad to see them. John sat down next to her, Sunny sat next to Rudy.

“Well did you see him yet?” John asked with a grin on his handsome face.

“You know I couldn’t have,” Mary retorted, slapping John on the arm.

John wrapped his arm around Mary and leaned in to give her head a kiss. Mary leaned into John as they both sat watching.

“How’s your head?” Mary asked, chuckling at John’s discomfort.

“It’s killing me.”

“Well, I hope you have learned your lesson,” Mary told him.

“Probably not,” John croaked, rubbing his throbbing temples.

For the next three days they sat in the little cubby and watched the street. At the end of each day they both, feeling dejected, made their way back to the loft. They ate, then slept, starting all over again in the morning.

It was on the morning of the fourth day, the two had just settled in the cubby with Rudy. They had Sunny stay in the loft to keep out intruders. Not that there was anything there to steal. As the two sat, watching, John’s sharp intake of breath, alerted Mary that he had seen the man.

“Where?” she croaked.

“He’s gone now, but he came around the corner from Main and ducked down the alley. He ducked into one of the doorways, just like last time,” John said.

“Well do we wait here or move to the mouth of the alley?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know,” John said, rage tinting his words.

“We move,” Mary said rising and heading for the mouth of the alley.

John was quick to move with her. Rudy followed them both. Once across Park, John squatted at the alley mouth on the Main side. Mary and Rudy took the other side. They sat waiting.

* * * *

Two hours passed by. Then he was coming down the alley toward them. John rose just as the man turned the corner causing the man to walk into John. John grabbed both the man’s arms and pushed him back into the alley. Mary was there beside John as was Rudy, growling. John let the man go and punched him as hard as he could. The man fell backward to the ground. John was on him in an instant. Mary was there looking down at them both. John was slamming his fist into the man’s face, crying out with rage and anguish. Then Mary realized who John was hitting.

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