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Mark , Chris: Where The Chips…

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She stood at her back door, looking across the slight roll of the hills that made up her neighborhood. Or development, whatever they where called nowadays. That was the problem, he had claimed last night, that they where changing what everything was called, and fucking it up in the process. What a interesting choice of words, considering what they had been doing.

Sylvia looked at the clock on the microwave in her kitchen, and had to remind herself that her daughter was safely in school. Her husband was god only knew where on some business trip, trying to earn “just one more contract, then we’ll go on vacation, you have to understand…” She understood. He wouldn’t fuck around on her, he didn’t have the imagination for that, but she was still a bored housewife. A mischievous grin snuck onto her face. And that determined her actions, at least in this regard.

Her hand drifted down across the lacy teddy she was wearing. It was see-through, and her full breasts stood from her small frame, her nipples at attention, seemingly straining in the direction he would be coming from. The warm morning wind played through it, and whispered around her shaven cunt. Long dancers legs completed the picture begun by her long brown hair, and hazel eyes, set in the middle of a face that had once been voted Ms Dancer here in the southeast. A finger crossed her nipple, playing with it through the lingerie. He had gotten it for her, as a surprise gift, for their one month anniversary. It was rather ironic that the day was only one day after her daughters same celebration. But then again, it was the same guy.

Marks feet tapped out a steady rhythm on the pavement, as he pushed himself over the hill, and began to let himself go on the down side. It was rather fun, he thought, to not have class. It was some holiday that college got off, but High School did not, which the girls had made a huge stink about last night. In return, Chris and him had cooked for them, always a ordeal certain to invoke laughter hard enough to cause tears. Their respective mothers had worried that when they moved into a apartment together, they might survive on only MRE’s. A evil grin crossed his lips, as he thought of the more tasty sustenance he had been living on. Two women, and both of them loved to be eaten. Live did not get much better then this, he realized.

He rounded the corner, and his eyes swept across the street ahead of him. It was a cul-de-sac, and his target was at the end of it. He had to pass between those two houses, to approach the rear of Sylvias Castle, as she liked to call it. The people that lived here seemed to be never home, but they had a dog that once in a while would roam the yard, instead of being locked in the house. No dog today. Mark dipped, leaning forward, and raced forward, pounding out the last bit of his daily run in a mad dash towards his lover.

Sylvia saw him coming, and pushed open the screen door, just as he cleared the two houses that faced her backyard. He saw her as well, and pushed himself up the hill in a final burst of speed. With three long leaps, he approached the fence, and cleared it with one jump. He slowed down, and walked up the hill.

“That’s a macho thing, ain’t it. You don’t want to be seen running up to me, do you?”

“You want people to see me running up to your house at 0730 in the morning, with you dressed in that?”

She laughed, and he followed her inside, wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck gently.

“Can’t wait, can you,” she moaned, as the sweat of his chest glued them together. Her hands reached back, and long fingers dragged up a dripping back. She loved the way he drove sweat. By the time he got to her house, he would be dripping, and just ready to pound her. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her ass. And that is where she wanted it.

Mark knew what she wanted, his body pressing her forward against the counter, moving his hands up, and cupping her breasts. His fingers began to roll her nipples, massaging and caressing as he nibbled on her ear.

“Is all that for me?” She giggled as she reached between his legs, and began to stroke him through his shorts.

Mark moaned, and bent at the waist, bending her over the counter, kissing from her neck down her back. Slowly, his head pushed the teddy aside, and his tongue found first her ass, then her sweet, dripping cunt. One hand caressed her full, round cheeks, the other still playing with her tits, as he began to suck on her pussy. His tongue slipped across her lips, teasing them, finding her clit, and caressing it, before he pushed in further, then pulled back.

Carefully, he sucked her lips into his mouth, and gently bit them, until he could feel her squirming. His tongue began to flick and tease them, as he moved his hand, so that he could flick her clit while he toyed with her lips.

Her hands grabbed the counter, her knuckles turning white, as he released her lips, and sucked her clit in. Flicking and licking it, he wrapped it up, and began to suck. Şanlıurfa Escort His hand returned to her ass, and slowly he pushed a single finger into her. Gently he moved it in and out, while he pinched and pulled her nipple.

Sylvia moaned out loud, as his finger began to move in and out of her. Her fingers relaxed slightly, and she began to wiggle her hips in his face, dragging her tits across the cold kitchen counter.

Mark slowly introduced another finger into her ass, as he massaged her clit with his tongue and teeth. Pumping in the same rhythm that his finger was using, he pushed her higher and higher, then suddenly pulled away, pushing his tongue deep up her ass, then inhaling her clit again, and driving his tongue across her clit. Sylvia screamed out when his tongue pushed into her ass. She couldn’t even breath as he took control of her clit again. Her legs buckled, and then he wrapped her clit up again and squeezed. She was not able to hold it back anymore, cumming in one torrent into his mouth. Breath came short and sharp, as he tried to stand on her own, but he would not allow it. His tongue never let go, and his fingers kept spreading, then closing, her ass.

The woman came again, again, and again, her clit spasming into her lovers mouth, as he nibbled on it, sucking and flicking it.

“Ohhhh, god, MARK!” Before she could react, he stood up, slamming himself deep up into her pussy, the force of his entry almost lifting her off her feat. She cried out with each thrust, as his hips slammed into her from behind, his cock almost slipping out as he pulled out, then rammed forward again. Her clit could not take it, and came again, feeling tender from the massive abuse. But Mark did not stop, he kept going, until she cried out in one long scream, his fingers holding her ass open for just that opportunity.

Sweat was now dripping of both their bodies, as she tried to hold on to the countertop, his teeth back on her neck. She loved the way he would bite her during sex.

She had learned from her daughter that he did the same thing to her. He claimed he was marking his territory, and she wanted to be marked by him.

The second she screamed, Mark dropped at the knees, his cock slipping out of her. Then he pushed back and up, before dipping into her ass from above, like a sword sliding into a sheath. Lubricated with her own cum, his cock filled her all the way up her tight, sweet ass.

Mark groaned out loud as he slipped into her.

Sylvia moaned out in one, long, drawn out explosion of air, as she got what she had been delirious waiting for all morning.

With long, strong strokes, Mark began to pump in and out of her ass. He was now standing fully erect behind the bent over woman, one hand wrapped up in her long hair, holding her down, the other on her hips. His balls kept smacking into her from below, as he fucked into her harder and harder. Sylvia could do nothing but cry out with each violent entry, like a piston driving a engine, a engine that was racing faster and faster.

Mark loved how tight she was. Not even her daughters ass compared with this. His cock pumped in and out, harder and faster, as he drove himself crazy in her tight box. The familiar tightness was building in his cock, growing out of his balls like the mercury in a bomb timer, rising to a explosion.

Pulling back, so far that he almost popped out, his back arched, he rammed it home into her ass with one final thrust, his head throwing back, and a fierce scream exploding out of his lungs. His cock exploded in her, shooting wave after wave of cum into her ass. Sylvia knew it would happen, and was waiting for it. The second he came in her, she did as well, loving the feeling of his cum splashing off her insides. Their screams mingled in her kitchen, as he once again showed her why out of all the men ever, he was the only one she had a affair with.

Their breathing calmed down, and he gently pulled out of her, sitting her on the counter.

“Hmmmmm, you are delicious.”

“Far from as sweet tasting as you are though, baby.”

“Do you call my daughter that as well?”

“Don’t ask me those questions.” He dropped to the floor, and finished of the exercises begun by his run with series of push ups.

“What are you doing this afternoon, Cassie was complaining that she didn’t get to see you until late.”

“Going to the gym with Chris, he thinks he needs to work out more. She’s upset because we are taking Reba, and not her. Not my fault she has debate practice.”

Sylvia nodded and poured both of them a glass of orange juice.

“What are you doing Thursday, I don’t have my first class again.”

“Naah, I have a doctors appointment that morning, time for my annual check up.” Mark stood up, rolling his neck, and checking the clock before he picked up the glass, and downed it in one swig. She watched, and let him step up to her, their lips locking, and he sharing his juice with her, her own taste mixing with it. She moaned Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan once it cleared her mouth, his body pressing into her, she could feel the wetness between her legs.

“Tell me how bad you want it, and I just might give it to you again, baby…”


“I know you can do at least five more.” Chris voice was cold, taunting his friend, as he stood behind and below Mark, who was suspended from the pull-up bark in the corner of their local Y. The black youth had just completed his 23rd wide-grip pull-up, which was a above perfect score on the Marine Corps. PFT. But obviously, it did not satisfy his ambitious friend.

“Fuck you.” Mark spit the words out between breath, before he crossed his legs again, and pulled himself up, his chin clearing the bar, and his arms dropping him back down. The second his arms locked, he pulled again, his face a mask of anguish as his arms burnt from the exertion. “Now, now, now, you know just as well as I do that cursing is not allowed in here.” Chris was smiling now, enjoying the fun he got to have this time round, after Mark had poked fun at him while he was pulling. He knew he was not as strong as Mark, but he could outrun his best-friend without breaking a sweat. Which was why he claimed he was running extra here lately, even though both of them knew where that little run ended.

“Whatever.” Mark exhaled with a sharp breath, pulling again, and clearing the bar. Once again, his body was propelled down by gravity, stopped by his arms, and went up again by sheer force of his will. But that was it, and he stayed down upon his return, his arms telling him that they where done. Dropping of the bar, he turned around, shaking his arms to clear the lactic acid that was causing them to burn, and breathing hard.

“I need to ask you something.”

“What’s that?”

“You know how we had our little anniversary thing last week?”

Chris looked at his friend with open suspicion. Whenever Mark asked about anything that included “we” and “our” here lately, it meant the two of them, and their respective girlfriends. Which was OK, until you remembered that Reba was Chris girl, as well as Marks sister.


“And you remember how me and Cassie left early…”


Mark turned back around, and started doing dips, his arms burning, but he worked through it, his mind focused again.

“Well, what did ya’ll do after we left.”

“You sure you wanna know all the explicit details of your sister relationship with your best friend?”

“If it was up to me, my sister wouldn’t have a relationship with you, but since she does, you’re no longer my best friend.”

“Fuck you.”

“Hey now, no cursing in here, you know that.”

Chris gave his friend the finger, then turned as Reba approached, his mouth instantly watering, and his dick growing hard in his shorts. She was wearing a pair of biker shorts that her brother would probably have a fit about, he thought, since they covered virtually nothing of her thighs, and only because of the way they where cut were able to contain her ass, as she wiggled it over towards them. A tank-top covered her chest, but not her mid-rift, and he could see that there was a sport-bra underneath, yet her nipples could be seen. He wanted to just bend her over one of the weight benches, grab her long brown hair, and make her scream.

“You gonna say hi, or just drool over me?”

“Drooling sounds kinda good.”

“I”ll shove this bar up your ass, too, if you don’t stop looking at my sister like that.”

“Mark, they’ll kick your ass out again.”

“What is it with everybody and this cursing thing today…” Marks voice trailed off, as his eyes began to track something behind Chris and Reba.

“I think we’ll be going now.”

“Why’s that.”

“Just trust me.” Mark picked up his towel, and began to walk towards the door, as Chris turned, and searched the room behind him. His eyes feel on a tall blond woman, her hair halfway down her back, and glimmering in the sun falling through the windows on the west wall. Her legs were tanned from a long stay in Texas in the spring, and toned from a lifetime of swim competitions. The same held true for her graceful hands and arms, which attached to a body with a chest slightly to large for its frame, something that had driven him crazy for a long time. Atop it all sat a head with a large ego, but with a beautiful face, with lively green eyes, and passionate red lips.

He knew all that, because she was his other girlfriend, and the thought of a showdown in the middle of the gym did nothing for his mood.

“Fuck, lets roll.” Picking up the gym bag at his feet, he grabbed Reba’s hand, and followed Mark. He made it all the way into the hallway towards the locker room, when he could just feel her behind him. He turned before she could address him, and found himself face to face with Claudia for the first time in 2 months.

“Long time no see. I was starting to think Escort Şanlıurfa you where avoiding me.”

“What would make you think that?”

“Ohh…lets see, I’ve been back from Texas for a month, you have called twice, you don’t return my pages or emails, you don’t come over anymore, you don’t write me, and you are never in the same spot I am in, except for now.” A soft smile was on her lips, and her hands on her hips, in a pose that he knew spelled trouble. There was a reason that Mark had compared her to a rattle snake before.

“I had my reasons.” He stepped forward, putting himself between Reba and Claudia, his hand waving behind his back for her to go. And he knew that she would not move.

“It wouldn’t just so be that you are screwing your buddies sister, would it?”

“That is none of your business.”

“The fact that my boyfriend of 15 months is fucking around on me is none of my business?” Her voice almost raised itself, but they where both conscious of the people around them, and neither of them did.

“Listen Claudia, before you left, we talked about us having problems…”

“And said we would work them out when I come back.”

“But while you where gone…”

“You decided to take matters in your own hand, and do this to me.”

“Do I get to finish a sentence her for once?”

Claudia looked at him, and actually teared up. He felt bad at once, but before he could say anything, she turned, and stormed out the building.

“Bitch.” He spun around, and looked at Reba. She was in a similar pose to what Claudia had just been in, hands on her hips, body slightly tilted to the side, with a condescending look on her face.

“Don’t call her that.” His voice had a tired sound to it, as he walked down the hall.

“Well, she is!” Chris wanted to yell at her, but he didn’t, just walked into the locker room, and sat down on the bench, just as Mark walked out of the shower.

“I guess you got caught.”

“Not now, Mark.” His friend nodded, and began to get dressed as Chris headed into the shower, still thinking about what he would do with this.

**** The room was lit by nothing but two scented candles, flickering light into the corners of the room in a random pattern. The bed was where the two streams of light intercepted, and the crackle of yellow splashed across Cassies skin, as she rode up and down, her body meeting Marks at the hips, sitting atop his laying down form.

His hands where under her ass, squeezing and massaging, as the beautiful young girl fucked herself on his hard rod.

“Ohhh god baby, ohhhhh!” Her hips began to move faster, but he controlled her with one hand, keeping her pace down, reaching around with the other, and flicking his thumb across her clit. She moaned out louder, and he sat up, sucking her nipple into his mouth, and biting it gently.

His sitting form gave him more control over what he wanted to do, and he began to bounce her on his hips, fucking her up and down like a rag doll.

Sliding both hands under her ass again, he began to tease her, sliding one or two fingers across her, or sliding them in and out in the same rhythm that his cock was driving in and out of her. Their moans meet, as their lips locked, their tongues dancing with each other.

Her breath came in short, sharp bursts, punctuated by moaning, as he drove her higher and higher. His teeth returned to her nipples, as he lifted her slightly, then dropped her down onto him, his cock driving her crazy. He held back slightly, then rammed it up into her, pushing her over the edge.

“OHHHHHH GOD!” She screamed out loud, as her eyes rolled back in her head, and her clit sent her into orbit.

Mark did not stop, instead, he began to fuck her harder, ramming it home, and pushing her orgasm even higher. She came again, again, then he filled her with his own cum, his explosion rivaling hers in intensity, as they screamed together, then locked their lips, collapsing onto the bed.

“You trying to kill me?” Her words came as short bursts, between gasps of air.

“I can think of worse ways to die.” He rolled her off of him, and wrapped her up in his arms, kissing her gently and caressing her body.

“So what happened today at the gym?”

“We ran into Claudia.”

“He should just tell her to fuck off.”

“He’s not like that, he actually cares about people. He don’t want to hurt her like that.”

“Well, he should.”

“He has no reason to.”

“Mark, this is your sister we are talking about.”

“No, you’re talking about Claudia, and what my friend should do with her. Personally, I don’t think he should have fucked around on Claudia with Reba. I mean, I don’t like Claudia, but still. Yes, he should break up with her, but he should do it friendly. “

“Have you ever cheated on anybody?” Cassie rolled over, her naked body pressing against his, the sweat from their last session of lovemaking mixing. Mark looked up over her, the digital readout on his stereo telling him that it was only 9:11 p.m.. Damn, he would have to answer the question.


“I think you’re lying.”

“And how can you tell?”

“Because you have that look in your eyes, like you just said something that was painful for you to say, because you where lying.”

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