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Marina and Russell Pt. 22

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Angela White

“Russell is… impotent?!!”

(All characters are over 18 years old)


I had a morning dream, where me and Russell took up the “68” position, I lay on my back and bent my legs in my knees, and he lay his back on me, his head is between my legs. I caressed his penis with my hands, lips and tongue, his testicles were in my hands and I gently massaged them… I was so embarrassed that we took up such a position, but I’m so pleased that I do him pleasant, and he enjoys it…

This ended my dream. I woke up, and everything happened as usual: breakfast, Russell went to work, I was doing the housework, cooked dinner, and throughout the day I was excited and sexually aroused because of this morning dream. Of course, I could masturbate, but I want to save this sexual arousal for the passionate hours with Russell, so, I have only to wait for him to come from work.

Russell returned home, we had dinner and he lay down on the bed and started reading the book. Okay, I’ll have to wait for him to finish reading, and then we’ll have sex.

An hour later. He finished reading, stretched and yawned. Will he offer us to sleep at once? But… I want sex… and then I had to be impudent a little bit, and I started stroking his penis through his pants and I said quietly, half-whispered:

“Russell… I want you…”

Judging by his look, he was a little excited, but not as usual… maybe he’s just tired? And then I undo his pants, slightly took off his underpants and began to caress his penis. it… doesn’t became erect???!!

“Ah? … what’s going on? why it… doesn’t became erect??”

Is Russell impotent?

He was very upset and he said loudly:

“Oh, I knew it would happen to me sooner or later! After all, I’m an old man!”

He was silent for a long time… and then I asked:

“Maybe there are any medication for… this?”

He answered with an upset voice:

“Oh, yeah, I know about them, and I know what side effects because of them, the effects of this medicine are not enough for a long time, erection is too regular because of them and men at my age in general, this is contraindicated!!!”

He was very silent for a long time again, and then he said:

“All right, I’ll sleep.”

And we went to bed. I cried, Russell hugged me and said:

“Please don’t cry. I’m also very sad…”

Will we don’t have sex anymore? … How sad I am!!!

And then we fell asleep.

Morning. I made breakfast. When Russell woke up, I tried to make my facial expression more optimistic, but I’m still sad.

“Good morning, Russell…”

I said, and he answered:

“Morning… I’ll have only coffee, I won’t eat.”

He drank coffee and went to work. I’m gonna have to eat all this alone?

Russell is already in the office. When all the employees greeted him, he answered them reluctantly and without a smile. One of the employees said a whisper to the other:

“Why is Russell so sad today? usually he is so cheerful, even shining, and today he is some kind of… dull.”

Evening. Russell is at home, in the living room, he’s drinking a bunch of beer cans and watching TV. He shouted:

“Marina, bonus veren siteler bring the salted nuts!”

I came with a packet of nuts in my hands and said:

“Ah? you’re very drunk!”

He said:

“So what? after all, now I’m nothing!”

He started crying. I asked:

“Russell… you cry?”

He said loudly:

“Don’t watch me cry! men don’t cry!”

I said:

“But you’re always a man!”

And he said:

“Why am I man if I’m a pathetic impotent?!!”

I tried to cheer him up:

“You’re still a man for me, Russell…”

I stroke his head and tell him:

“Don’t cry, please…”

And he said loudly:

“Leave me alone! Don’t you dare feel sorry for me!!”

And I left.

Russell switches channels, on one channel is beauty contest, where girls in a bikini stroll. He thought: previously it sexually aroused me… It hurt so much… I need to turn on another channel.

On another channel, an opinion poll – what sexually arouses you the most? He thought: Is that on purpose or what?

And the third channel shows erotic movie. He thought: I’m tired! stop!! television rubs salt in my wound!!!

He turned on the fourth channel, and there is a cooking show: So, today we will cook fried mackerel!

Russell thought: Good, at least they don’t talk about sex here.

He continues to watch the cooking show, and the cook said: They say that seafood increases male potency!

Russell thought irritated: you too, cook…

And he fell asleep. Later I come to the living room, and I see that he is sleeping. I went to get a sheet and covered him with it. There is an hour of video clips on TV and there is someone singing about sex. I lower the sound and left.

I went to visit Mina.


I said and cried. And Mina asked:

“What happened?”

I cried louder and answered:

“Russell is impotent!”

Mina said:

“What???!! … Look, I can help you! My stepdad is an urologist, and he recently created excellent potency pills that have no unwanted effects and are long enough! But they have not yet gone on sale, so tomorrow you can bring Russell with you to the clinic and my stepdad will give him this medicine.”

I said:

“But Russell said that men in old age should not take such medicine…”

Mina answered:

“My stepdaddy thought it through, and these medicines can even be taken by old men!”

I was delighted and said:

“Mina, thank you very much!!!”

I hugged her with joy. And Mina answered:

“Oh, I’m always glad to help you, after all, for me you’re like a little sister.”

Morning. Today I have a better mood than yesterday, and I said:

“Good morning, Russell!”

He answered with a false smile:


We’re having breakfast. I said:

“Russell, I have a surprise for you!”

He asked:

“And what?”

I answered with a light smile:

“It’s a surprise that can make you happy! and me too.”

Russell thinks: maybe it has something to do with getting rid of impotence? no, hardly…

“Let’s go, Russell! surprise is bedava bahis on the street!”

I said and we went outside. He thinks: she probably wants to bring me to the shop…

He sees the clinic. And he thinks: clinic? maybe, they will solve my problem with impotence?

And then he was excited and filled with hope.

We’re at the clinic. We approached the urologist’s cabinet. He thinks: urologist?! so I guessed it right! after all, that’s what I was hoping for!!

“Honey, really…”

He didn’t finish speaking and he was with a smile and an excited look.

“That’s right, Russell! Mina’s stepfather works as an… urologist, and he created p… p… p-potency-returning pills… but they are not yet in pharmacies, only he has them, so we are here!”

I said. And then he went into the urologist’s cabinet, and he got this medicine.

An hour later, me and Russell returned home, and he quickly took one pill, he can’t wait for the moment when he finds out whether this medicine helps or not.

Another hour passed, and Russell said:

“I’m so worried… well, let’s try…”

I misunderstood and asked:

“Try what?”

He answered:

“To have sex.”

I got embarrassed and decided to try to turn Russell on. I leisurely unbutton my blouse, and he looked at me with excited eyes… sometimes I look him in the eye and gradually take off my skirt, and now I’m slowly taking off my panties… and he said:

“You’re so sexy…”

And he began to undress quickly. I looked at him and I saw a big bulge between his legs, as before, but I wanted to make sure it was really an erection, and when he took off his underpants, I saw that his penis became erect! I was very delighted, sexually aroused and said with a light and shy smile, which I slightly covered with my hand:

“It became e… ere… erect…!”

He answered with a smile:

“Yeah! And I feel it! What a happiness!!!”

Russell quickly and passionately leaned on me, hugged me and we started kissing… we passionately caressed each other, and he said:

“Kneel and lean on your elbows”

I took up this position. Does he want us to have sex in the doggy style position? But I don’t like this position… it’s all right, the main thing is that we have the possibility to have sex… he knelt, inserted his penis into me and began to make frictions, holding me by my hips…


Russell’s penis penetrates so deeply… oh, how good I feel, I experience sweet and hot orgasm… and at this time I reach Russell’s penis and testicles and stroke them… I really want to look him in the eye, and I turned to him and looked at him with a gentle and shy look…

“ah… aaah!!! Russell, I love you!! aah…!!”

He holds me by my buttocks and strokes my hair and my back… continuing to make frictions, he caresses my clitoris…

“I feel so good!! ah!! aaaah!! aaah!!!”

My moans were getting louder… and later he ejaculated into me…

And then we went to bed with a happy mood.

Morning came, Russell was going to go to work, and suddenly he accidentally met Mina on the street. He said:

“Hi, deneme bonus Mina!”

She answered:

“Hi, Russell!”

He said:

“Mina, thank you for helping me regain my potency!”

She answered:

“You’re welcome. I’m always glad to help you because you are my friend’s lover, and…”

Mina looks at Russell with a flirty and lustful look, putting her hands in his pants and rubbing his penis, and it becomes erect.

“What’re you doing?!! stop it now!!!”

He said, and Mina answered:

“I’m just checking to see how much this medicine has helped you. … mmm, it’s so hard… and yummy…”

He got sexually aroused and said with a lustful mood:

“You’re a naughty girl, Mina…”

She stopped touching his penis and said:

“Russell… maybe I wouldn’t behave like that if I knew you’d be mine… but I won’t get you… and I’m not going to take you away from Marina, because I love her very much. We have been friends since the beginning of school times. and I think I like you… I love both of you!!!”

And after that, Mina cried. He got a little sad and he says:

“Forgive me if you’re crying because of me…”

And she answered with a slight smile:

“That’s all right… I’ll be cheerful soon… I know this!”

He said, smiling:


And then Mina left.

Mina is a gerontophile, she is sexually aroused by every elderly and old men, sometimes she has sex with her stepfather since the beginning of adulthood, but Russell turned out to be special for her. Of course, she doesn’t feel love for him, but he excited her heart a little, and it saddens her a little…

Russell was trying to think about something that didn’t sexually arouse him, but his head was filled with sexual thoughts, and about how happy he is that he can have sex with me again, and about how Mina just caressed his penis, he experiences something like erotic happiness, he couldn’t help but think about it. And so he had to look for some park to quickly masturbate by hiding in a bush, and he went into the bush and began to masturbate. He is forced to do this because he is in a hurry to work. When he ejaculated, he got out of the bush and started running forward so as not to be late for work.

Russell went into the office. His employees noticed him.

“Hi, everybody!”

He said with a big smile and sat down at the desk. One of the employees said to him:

“Hi, Russ! I see you’re cheerful again, today even too cheerful! Something happened?”

He answered:

“Yes! The problem resolved!”

Another employee said to another:

“This is our Russell we know! Cheerful, responsive, always smiling… optimist!”

Yes, Russell is always like the sun after cloudy weather for workers in this office…

When the working day ended, Russell left the building in which he works, he walked with a quick gait and thought how happy he is, because he has a beloved girl who loves him, takes care of him and gives him sensual pleasure. He thought: before I met Marina, I was very upset because I’m old, but now I’m happy that I’m old! Old age is wonderful!!

And he remembered the words “it’s no fun to be old”, he grinned and thought: maybe old age is the happiest period just in my life, or I’m just very lucky!

And then he decided to buy candy and flowers for me, and he did it and continued to go ahead. Home.

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