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Marie’s Perfect Breasts Ch. 02

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3D Porn

Marie had just ended a relationship with a man. Raul hadn’t been a boyfriend; rather, he’d been the controlling figure in an unusual relationship focused on Marie’s beautiful “DD” breasts. He’d seen her in her tight tee shirt at the bar where she was a waitress and bluntly told her how he wanted to both abuse and worship her breasts. In just a few meetings he’d bound her breasts, whipped them, applied nipple clamps to them, and fucked them.

Raul had experimented with two kinds of suction devices on her nipples and had Marie using them on herself in between their encounters. She’d been a willing participant since it fed her own obsession with her breasts. She’d also enjoyed numerous intense orgasms.

It had ended when Raul had sought to bring in a black friend to tit fuck her- apparently because Raul found the image of his black cock sliding between her large pale breasts very appealing. She had refused- feeling that it was beyond an unspoken exclusive bond she had with Raul. Obviously, he hadn’t shared the bond. Her refusal had prompted him to immediately send her on her way.

Marie had no regrets. Raul had introduced her to several new ways to enjoy her breasts. For some unknown reason she’d submitted to his control immediately and without question; his attention to her breasts had been intense- not always pleasurable but appealing because she often obsessed about her breasts. She’d read about some of the breast centric things he did to her but she’d never experienced them before. She’d needed a teacher who wasn’t burdened by romance or social correctness.

Most recently, he’d intrigued her with the thought of using repeated suction as a means to make her nipples stand out permanently- not just when she was aroused. It had started when he’d put small vinyl suction cups on her nipples for about 15 minutes and she’d watched her nipples expand to gradually to fill the cups. Each cup was transparent and just large enough to envelope a nipple- providing suction as the pinched vinyl cup sought to return to its normal shape. The suction was relatively mild but the constant suction drew the nipple out to about ¾”. He’d correctly predicted that her nipples would remain somewhat enlarged and highly sensitive for upwards of an hour.

She had a violent orgasm when, after the suction session, he’d ravished her nipples with his hands and mouth. He’d said that repeated suction would produce some permanent enlargement of her nipples. Under Raul’s direction she’d begun a daily training regimen using the suction cups with self pleasuring at the end of each session.

Later, she’d started using a serious nipple pump. It consisted of a bulb and flexible tubing. The working end was a separate 3″ hard vinyl cylinder with an inside diameter of about ½”. One end connected to the tube on the pump and had a one-way valve. The other end slipped over the nipple. When the desired level of suction was reached with the bulb, the cylinder was detached and left sticking out obscenely from the nipple. They’d only used the pump a few times but he’d told her she’d be using it regularly. He’d given her the pump when he’d dismissed her.

Since their breakup a week ago she’d used the nipple pump each morning in the privacy of her bedroom. It was hard to handle the pump at first but she was becoming more adept. She’d get both nipples under suction and then set a timer for 15 minutes. As she’d done under Raul’s direction, she’d tease her pussy with her fingers while her nipples stretched. When the timer expired she’d remove the cylinders and could then devote herself to self pleasure through playing with her nipples and pussy. A great orgasm was the inevitable result.

Marie examined her nipples each morning and was excited by a visible increase in their “at rest” size. She envisioned wearing sheer bras and allowing her nipples to make distinct bumps in her tight tops. The guys would be drooling. This spurred her on the next morning to continue her nipple training and to pump just a little more firmly than she had the first week. Her nipples ached but as she played with her pussy she felt the ache was more lust than pain.

She was slightly concerned about damaging her nipples and decided a visit to her OB/GYN was prudent. Dr. Paul was a 35 year old male who was married to his nurse, Nancy. Marie thought he was sexy but he’d always been nothing less than professional with her and, of course, he was married.

Marie was sitting on the exam table when the Doctor came into the exam room with his nurse. He greeted her and asked the purpose of her visit. She was embarrassed but blurted out, “I’ve been pumping my nipples to make them more prominent. I wanted to ask if that works and also if I’m damaging them.”

The doctor replied, “Well, I don’t think there’s ever been a medical study published on that issue but, yes, repeated suction can make nipples larger. The suction breaks down some of the internal connective tissue that would normally cause the Anadolu Yakası Escort nipple to flatten. In other words, pumping won’t cause an erection like arousal does but they’ll probably remain more pronounced.”

The doctor then said, “On the other question, yes, you can do harm if you apply too much suction. I’ll have to examine you to see if what you’re doing is okay. Please open your shirt. You can probably just pull down your bra rather than having to remove it.”

Marie unbuttoned her shirt and said, “My bra hooks in front; I might as well just open it.”

She unclasped the bra and pushed the shirt and bra to her sides leaving her chest fully exposed.

Dr. Paul moved closer to Marie and stared closely at Marie’s nipples which he could see were getting erect. He calmly observed, “I don’t see any evidence of tissue damage. Your nipples are getting erect so I can’t say whether pumping has changed their passive state.” He then reached out and grabbed Marie’s left nipple and rubbed it gently between his fingers. Marie stifled a gasp as she could feel her pussy contract.

The doctor then moved his fingers to her right nipple. He then said, “Everything seems to be fine. Don’t use more suction than you’ve been using. That might cause damage. Remember that the enlargement is gradual.”

Moving away, the doctor told her she could restore her bra and blouse. He then seemed to look at his nurse for a moment before continuing, “As you know Nancy is my wife so with what I’m about to say I’m not sneaking around or being unfaithful. Forget for a moment that I’m your doctor; this is personal. Nancy and I have pumped her nipples in the past. We share a certain obsession with her nipples and it sounds like you might have something in common with us. Perhaps you’d like to come to our condo this evening and the three of us could discuss what we might have in common.”

Marie was a little taken aback but recovered and said, “That sounds very interesting. Give me a time and your address and I’ll be there.”

Arriving at the doctor’s condo at the appointed time, Marie was greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek by Nancy wearing a silk robe and high heels. Nancy seemed much sexier than Marie had ever noticed in the office. Her hair was down and Marie could see that she had a great figure. Paul offered Marie a glass of wine and urged Marie and Nancy to sit next to each other on the couch.

Paulthen said, “Marie, here I’m not a doctor. I’m Paul. I’m a man in the privacy of his home. Nancy and I enjoy our intimacy and our privacy. We trust we can all rely on each other’s total discretion about anything we say or do here.”

Marie nodded her assent and said, “Of course.”

Paul then continued, “As I told you earlier, about 5 years ago Nancy used a nipple pump every day for about a month. Her nipples definitely got larger. She now pumps them once a week. I don’t think it’s necessary but we both enjoy the ritual and her nipples are incredibly sensitive after she pumps. Nancy, why don’t you show Marie your nipples?”

Nancy opened her robe and Marie saw two surgically enhanced breasts with huge nipples. The nipples were pierced with large gold rings. Nancy was obviously proud of her chest- pushing it out toward Marie and saying, “As you can see my natural breasts weren’t as perfect as yours but I had a great surgeon who I think made mine pretty nice. Paul didn’t mention my rings. We added those about a year ago. You can touch if you want to.”

Marie tentatively fingered the rings and said, “These are fascinating but I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

Nancy seemed to enjoy Marie’s touch. She said, “I love my rings but Paul says sometimes he enjoys feeling my nipples with his mouth without the rings. I think he’s just greedy.” After a minute Nancy said, “May I see your nipples, Marie? At the office we had to be very clinical and I wasn’t very close to you. I’d love to see them up close and I’d love to suck on them.” As she spoke Nancy reached toward Marie’s top blouse button. Marie twisted toward Nancy in acquiescence. When the buttons were all open Marie shrugged off her blouse and removed her bra.

Nancy first stared at Marie’s chest and said simply, “Beautiful.” She then lowered her face closer to Marie and said, “Your breasts are beautiful. I don’t know what your nipples looked like before but they look great right now.” With that she took Marie’s right nipple into her mouth and gently explored it with her lips and tongue. Marie gasped with excitement. She placed her hands on Nancy’s shoulders but didn’t push her away. Nancy moved to her other nipple and made gentle love to it with her mouth. Marie squirmed in her seat with arousal.

As she fondled both breasts, Nancy returned her mouth to Marie’s right nipple. Nancy withdrew slightly and said, “Paul and I were talking earlier. We don’t want to overwhelm you. If we go too far, just tell us to stop.” Marie nodded. Nancy then added, Pendik Escort “You have the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen. I’m not a lesbian or anything but I am in love with my own breasts and Paul is obsessed with them. They’re a pretty central part of our sex life. I’m guessing your tits are the focus of your sex life, too. Can Paul suck on your other nipple? We’ve both been thinking about them ever since your office visit today.”

Marie said, “Yes, I’d like that.”

Paul moved to sit on the other side of Marie. Nancy and Paul each fondled one of Marie’s breasts and she basked in the attention. Paul then asked, “How did you get into breast pumping?” Marie told them briefly about Raul. They were both intrigued and pushed for more details. Marie described the various things she’d done with him. Paul finally said, “I can’t resist anymore. I need to suck on you.”

Nancy added, “Me, too.”

They attacked Marie’s nipples. There was probably more teasing and biting than sucking but all of them were enjoying the experience. They soon had Marie lifting her hips off the couch in arousal. This led to a crashing orgasm and she pushed her new friends away saying she was too sensitive to continue. Nancy and Paul sat up- each taking a deep breath.

Paul said, “I’ll give you a rest but I definitely need more of your breasts.” Paul then said, “Nancy, I think you should tell Marie a bit about what you’ve been doing with your breasts. She might like to join you- perhaps not today but soon”

Nancy smiled and told Marie that she pumped her nipples for 15 minutes every Sunday morning. Paul helped with the needed removal of her rings. After the 15 minutes Paul also helped by playing with her nipples and then fucking her. Nancy said that was what they did on most Sundays. On an occasional Sunday, Nancy said she’d tell Paul he had to wait to fuck her. On those days after the pumping session he’d replace her rings with another set of rings that had weights attached. She’d wear the weighted rings all day without a bra. Her tits would ache but the weights would also make her incredibly horny. Before dinner Paul would remove the rings and bind her wrists behind her back. He’d suck on her nipples gently until she orgasmed. His reward for waiting all day was their agreement that he didn’t have to stop when she’d cum. He would frequently keep sucking on her or playing with her nipples as she thrashed through several orgasms. She’d then let him fuck her or give him a blow job.

Nancy continued that that they had also discovered breast bondage. Paul had learned several Japanese rope patterns that they’d tried. The rope bondage had also led them to discover a “bondage bra” which was essentially a set of leather straps that Paul could use to bind Nancy’s breasts. After experimenting with one such bra, they’d found a leather working shop and had a bondage bra custom made for Nancy using the softest leather available. Nancy told Marie that she should get one of these made for her. Nancy smiled and said, “I’m sure Paul would love to measure you and arrange for the bra to be made if you’d let him bind your breasts when it arrives.” Nancy then said, “In fact, if you get a bra made, Perhaps we can go to lunch someday- We can bind each others’ breasts more loosely than Paul does mine and then go to lunch- secretly wearing our bondage bras under heavy sweaters. After lunch we can come back here and play with each other. ” Marie laughed softly but was silently very excited at the thoughts that Nancy was expressing.

She replied, “I can’t wait.”

Nancy said, “You’ll have to come with me to the leather shop. It’s run by a woman named Mary who does all of her own leather work. She’s very nice but let me tell you how I first met her. Two years ago Paul told me he wanted to get me a custom made body harness. He’d been able to measure me for the bra and call in the info, but Mary, the shop owner, said she’d need to measure me herself for the harness. We went to the shop and I had to stand there naked as Mary measured me all over and discussed alternative designs with Paul as if I wasn’t there. The thing that made it even sexier was that Paul had made me wear tall high heeled boots to the shop. I didn’t know that being naked and wearing boots was needed but Mary insisted that I strip and leave the boots on. I had to stand there naked in my boots while a stranger commented on my body and measured me. Mary is the one who gave us the idea of piercing my nipples. She told Paul my breasts would look even better in the harness with piercings. She said if I had nipple rings she would modify the harness to connect to the rings.

It was very hot to know that the leather harness would be customized to my body and even hotter to think of the harness fastened to my nipples. It made me feel like a “pony girl” in a porn novel.

A week later we repeated the whole scene so that I could have a final fitting. Mary later told me that she insists on the Kurtköy Escort nudity and boots for the measuring and fitting sessions.

Apparently as I was thinking of myself as a pony girl, she was too. She says she fantasizes about designing and crafting “tack” for ponies like me and really enjoys subjecting the pony to a little humiliation!”

Nancy then added, “Actually, I should tell you that while I’m not a pony girl, I love my harness. It’s super soft and is similar to the bondage bra on top. It has lots of buckles and two straps that run through my crotch.

I sometimes wear it to the office under my nurse’s uniform. It’s a tease for both Paul and me. For most of the day, I wear it loosely but about an hour before the last patient, Paul tightens the crotch straps to excite me. We then have wild sex right after we close the office.”

Finally, Nancy said, she’d also discovered a product called a “breast cuff” and bought a pair on the Internet. Rather than try to describe them, Nancy said, “Wait here and I’ll show you.” Nancy left the room and returned in a minute carrying some latex and leather dangling from her hand. She dropped the leather next to Paul and handed him the latex.

Moving close to Paul Nancy said, “Put the cuffs on me so Marie can see how perverted we are.” Paul took the latex from Nancy and separated one circular piece from another. As he stretched one over Nancy’s right breast, Marie could see it was similar to a two inch wide rubber band with a diameter -as he stretched it- large enough to pass around her breast. After reaching Nancy’s chest wall, Paul began to extract his fingers which allowed the band to shrink. Nancy gasped as the band squeezed around the base of her breast. Paul then repeated the application on her other breast. Marie soon saw Nancy’s breasts swell and turn color as hers had done under Raul’s rope bondage.

Nancy’s breasts looked lewd and Marie couldn’t help herself. She caressed Nancy’s breasts- feeling their heat and the pressure that the bands had created. Marie was jealous that her breasts weren’t suffering like Nancy’s and vowed to herself that she’d buy a set of these cuffs the next day.

Paul interrupted her train of thought saying, “These leather straps are also very effective for breast bondage. May I show you?”

Marie turned to him and pushed out her chest saying, “Yes; watching Nancy has made me very horny.”

Paul encircled Marie’s right breast with a soft 1″ wide leather strap. Pushing it against the wall of her chest, he lifted her breast with one hand while pulling the end of the strap through the buckle and closing the clasp. It was just beyond snug and caused her breast to bulge outward.

He then put the other strap around her left breast and repeated the process while saying, “Why don’t you enjoy each other. Touching someone’s bound tits while your own are bound would seem to be a pretty unique experience. I’ll tell you when it’s been 10 minutes and we should loosen the cuffs.”

Marie and Nancy didn’t need Paul to direct them. They moved closer and fondled each others’ swollen breasts and kissed passionately. Their breasts hurt but the pressure was highly sexual. Their arousal fed on the discomfort of their swollen breasts pushing into each other.

Marie whispered to Nancy, “My breasts feel like they’re on fire and I can feel the heat from yours.” Marie let her hand explore Nancy’s pussy and said, “I’ve never touched another woman’s pussy before. I’m so excited by your breasts, I can’t help it.”

Nancy had some difficulty reaching under Marie’s skirt and then found her tight panties limited her ability to play with Marie but even the indirect touch of Nancy’s fingers had Marie writhing with passion.

Paul announced that ten minutes had elapsed and it was time to free their breasts. Marie and Paul worked together to remove the latex cuffs from Nancy. Nancy cringed when her breasts were squeezed even more as they tried to stretch the latex and slide it over her swollen tits. Marie’s leather cuffs were much easier. Paul directed Marie to re-position herself so that Nancy could suck on her newly freed breasts while he did the same to Nancy’s. Both women were soon crying out with passion and then shaking from violent orgasms.

After a minute, Nancy asked Marie, “Can Paul fuck your tits? The one negative of implants is that they aren’t as soft and pliable as natural tits. Yours look perfect for tit fucking and I’m excited to think of how much Paul’s cock will enjoy your big soft pillows.”

Marie stood to shed her skirt and panties. She then locked eyes with Paul. Confident that he was watching her, she lewdly reached between her legs and brought her juices up to smear the inner slope of her breasts. She repeated the process making her breasts glisten with lubrication in the soft light of the room. Paul watched every move with his cock jerking up and down in the air. Marie then knelt on the couch so Paul could stand in front of her. His cock seemed larger than Raul’s and Marie found it thrilling to watch as it slid between her breasts.

She squeezed her breasts tightly together and Paul murmured, “Oh… God that feels good…” He didn’t last long. Marie’s neck was soon covered by his cum.

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