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By the time I turned eighteen I was freshly single and entirely free of any power beyond the law. My fathers disappointment was the only repercussion I had to answer to on account of not being able to scrounge up any shame of my own. I was having fun, smoking weed, drinking until I passed out, crashing wherever, getting on first name basis with the owners of strip clubs, and kissing anyone who was clean and willing.

I had no real friends and no real morals on top of that, and it was a wild train ride of fun with a brick wall waiting for me at the end. My general manager began asking around to see if I’d gotten addicted to any hard drugs, and while I always gave it my all while I was at work, actually getting there on time was beginning to prove a difficult task.

However, I don’t regret anything about those reckless months. I got it out of my system fast and hard and had irreplaceable adventures along the way.

It was an ongoing joke in my circle of friends that I had a fondness for women. It wasn’t the sort of fondness that some of my female friends pretended to have when I took them to the strip club; talking it up how hot the girls were but never actually touching them because “she wasn’t really my type”. They all knew I’d do any single one of them.

Maria was my silivri escort favorite of our group because although she was completely whacked out in the head, she was hot and she didn’t have much shame either. She had no problem leering at me under her thick fake lashes and proclaiming “I’m going to get you drunk so that you’ll fuck me.” to which I’d respond by throwing my head back in laughter and letting her kiss me.

Finally one night Maria’s fairy godmother came in the form of weed laced with cocaine, seven jell-o shots, a shot of gummy bears, two beers, and a bottle of UV. Yes, I took all of those. No, not in that order. To be fair, I didn’t know the weed was laced when I smoked it, and I’d never tried

jell-o or gummy anything so I didn’t understand how it worked and decided to fill up on it.

After I’d gotten myself good and destroyed, we ended up sitting in someone’s living room eating carne asada fries and playing some stupid drinking game. I can’t remember what the rules of the game were, but I remember one of my coworkers declaring that if I lost something or other, I’d have to be locked in the bedroom with Maria for five minutes. Obviously I lost whatever it was (I think it had something to do with counting?) and she ran to bakırköy escort the bedroom with excitement.

By the time I got to the bedroom she already had her pants and shirt off. She was thick but in that way that maintained an hourglass shape to it, and short in the way latinas tend to be. Long fountains of black hair draped over her shoulders and kissed her lower back and she had two piercings in one of her overly arched brows and one lip ring settled on the bottom of her mouth. I closed the door behind me and walked to the bed with what was probably the stalest sexual desire I’ve ever felt. We started to kiss and I will admit she was good at that, and I ran my hands over her incredibly soft, incredibly great smelling skin. My fingers found their way to the clasp on her bra and I skillfully clipped it open and let it fall.

Her wonderfully plump, soft breasts clung to the cups of her bra for a moment before she ripped it off of her and it was at this time that I felt cheated. I’d always admired her chest because it was full and round, but the minute I saw them without their covers, the first thing that popped in my head was “banana breasts”. This term is one I frequent often and if you ever wonder where it comes from, this is the moment halkalı escort that generated those words. Slender shoulders set a frame for a pair of long, wild knockers that hung in whatever direction they wanted without breaking the shape of a banana.

Regardless of my disappointment, I climbed on top of her and played with them like a lady. I let her squish them against my face and I used my mouth on her nipples in ways that I knew felt good on me. She was loud and excited, flailing her limbs like she was being attacked and I was at least glad that when her panties came off, there weren’t any banana shaped surprises in there. Best one out of three, right?

I slid my finger inside of her and made a come hither motion, and the minute I entered her I saw why she was a catch despite having fruit shaped tits. Never in my life have I found a woman so tight! She is my inspiration when I do my kegels because it was a damn struggle getting anything inside of her, especially with her dramatically kicking about. My tongue traced a line from my finger along her folds until I found the magic button, and I used my mouth on it furiously along with my hands working inside of her trying to get her to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible. Thankfully it worked and in moments she reached full seizure and shook like the exorcist. As she lay there panting, I got up fully clothed and walked casually to the door. The words “I think that’s been about five minutes.” flowed out of my mouth calmly and I left back to the party.

Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever given someone an orgasm with such a straight face before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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